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Tesla rolls out new software updates pretty frequently. Major releases are only once a year or so, new minor releases include both new features, enhnacements, and bug fixes. Here you can find some details about Tesla’s latest software updates and how to get them faster.

Tesla latest software updates

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What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.48.5

December 1, 2020

Tesla is rolling out the latest software update 2020.48.5 which introduces great improvements in Sentry Mode, text messaging, and navigation. Keep reading to see the 2020.48.5 release notes and 'Who gets what' table.

New eMMC failure warning in 2020.40.9.2

November 30, 2020

Tesla software update 2020.40.9.2 introduces an eMMC failure warning message before it's too late so Model S and Model X owners with this problem still would have time to get the touchscreen fixed.

What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.44

November 3, 2020

Tesla's latest update 2020.44 is out and it contains quite a few new things regarding audio streaming available to all Tesla models, as well as an enhancement to voice commands and a Launch Mode improvement for Raven Model S and Model X.

What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.40.8

October 21, 2020

Tesla 2020.40.7 and 2020.40.8 introduce 'Improved Efficiency'. Model Y owners are seeing a ~10 mile increase in range.

What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.40.3

October 7, 2020

Tesla's software update 2020.40.3 contains: Speed Assist, Glovebox PIN, Priority Bluetooth, and more. Tesla 2020.40.* started rolling out to owners a few days ago. Since yesterday, 2020.40.3 seems to be arriving to more owners in the US, Canada, and Australia.

What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.36.10

September 11, 2020

Tesla is rolling out a new software update, version 2020.36.10, which brings improvements to 'Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control' to Tesla owners in Australia and Europe. The 'go-on-green' feature has been available in the US since version 2020.24.6.

5 things to know before buying a Tesla

September 1, 2020

When I took delivery of my Model S the staff member who helped me said: Remember, a Tesla is still a car. Every time I talk to someone new to Tesla I use that piece of advice. This post is about things that are fundamentally different in a Tesla, about both the car and the experience of buying one.

What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.36

August 31, 2020

Tesla is rolling out update 2020.36 introducing 'Green Traffic Light Chime' and 'Speed Assist Improvements' (speed limit recognition with cameras), amongst others. See both in action, check out the videos.

What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.32.2

August 19, 2020

Tesla's latest software update, 2020.32.2 introduces notifications (via mobile app) when the car is left open for over 10 minutes and brings follow-up improvements on the Suspension changes introduced in 2020.28 amongst other things. Read more and find out which Tesla models are getting which features.

What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.28.5

July 29, 2020

Tesla's latest software update, 2020.28.5, introduces some nice changes in the Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control feature in the US. The feature won't be available in Europe until 2020.28.10. Keep reading to learn more about 2020.28.5 and which Tesla models get which features.

What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.24.6

June 22, 2020

As of June 22, 2020, Tesla has started rolling out a new software update, 2020.24.6, which introduces a new cabin camera and green lights follow to all Teslas (not Early Access only anymore). See the release notes and read more about 2020.24.6 here.

What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.20.1

June 2, 2020

Tesla's latest software update, 2020.20.1, is being rolled out and brings the 'Fallout Shelter' game to your car. It also introduces improvements to Tesla Theater and TRAX. This is all for cars with MCU2 only (Model 3/Y and Model S/X built after end of March 2018).

[New feature] How to format a USB drive in a Tesla

May 7, 2020

Tesla's latest software update, 2020.16, introduces the ability to format a USB drive in the car. In this article we're going to show you how to do that step by step.

What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.16

May 6, 2020

Tesla has started rolling a out a new version, 2020.16, which introduces the ability to format a USB drive in the car (for Sentry Mode/Dashcam videos) and a redesign of the toy box UI (see video), amongst other improvements.

What's in Tesla's software update 2020.12.6

April 24, 2020

Tesla's latest software update, 2020.12.6 brings everyone a new and very much expected feature: Traffic and Stop sign control. This new feature requires Autopilot HW3 (Full Self-Driving) and enables the car to stop at traffic lights and stop signs by itself. Read more and see release notes here.

What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.12.10

April 22, 2020

Tesla latest software update 2020.12.10 cojntains minor improvements and bug fixes only, It DOES NOT introduce the new Traffic light and stop sign detection yet (still for Early Access Program only).

[New feature] Tesla's Traffic Light and Stop Sign Detection

April 16, 2020

Tesla has started rolling out an Early Access only version, 2020.12.5.6, which introduces Traffic Light and Stop Sign Dection in beta. I've had access to a few videos source of a Model 3 running 2020.12.5.6 from an anonymous and I want to share with you what I think is interesting.

What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.12.5

April 7, 2020

Tesla has started rolling out the latest software update, 2020.12.5, to owners outside the private Beta. As anticipated last week, the main new feature introduced in 2020.12.5 is the 'Dashcam Viewer' which allows to view Sentry Mode and Dashcam videos directly in your car's main screen.

What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.12

March 13, 2020

Update 3/27: 2020.12.1 started rolling out on March 25th. Our Model S just finished downloading version 2020.12, which means we're officially skipping the update 2020.8.1. Here's what's new and who gets what.

What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.8.1

March 5, 2020

Tesla is rolling out update version 2020.8.1 with third-party charging stations in the in-car navigation system, track mode v2 for the Performance Model 2, regen braking for the newer Raven models, and more.

MCU1 owners are finally getting software updates with 2020.4

January 25, 2020

After a month without any updates, Tesla owners with MCU1 have finally started getting them again. 2020.4 comes with 'Additional Vehicle Information' and most of the missed features released in the 'holiday update'. Here are all the details.

What's in Tesla's software update 2020.4

January 24, 2020

Tesla has started rolling out version 2020.4. Check out the release notes and what's new since the last update. UPDATE Jan. 28th: 2020.4.1 has started rolling out- no feature changes compared to the previous update.

How to enable Tesla's text message integration

December 28, 2019

Tesla's latest software update 2019.40.50.1 (also known as 'FSD sneak preview') introduces the ability to listen and send text messages via built-in command. Here's how to enable it and how it works.

What's in Tesla's software update 2019.40.50.1

December 24, 2019

2019.40.50.1 is out and it comes full of goodies just in time for the Holiday season: Driving visualizatioin improvements, voice commands, phone improvements, camp mode, voice keyboard, TRAX v0.1, driver profiles, Smart Summon in Europe and more.

What's in Tesla's software update 2019.40.2

December 5, 2019

2019.40.2.1 update started rolling out to the masses today, December 10, 2019. On top of fixing what made Tesla stop the previous rollout, it brings two new features: Adjacent Lane Speeds and Autosteer Stop Sign Warning.

What's in Tesla's software update 2019.40.1.1

November 28, 2019

Last updated: Dec. 3rd, 2019. 2019.40.1.1 started rolling out on November 27th and brings back the Supercharging improvements briefly introduced with the previous update. It also introduces new Auto Wiper and Lane Change improvements. As of Dec. 3rd, 2019.40.1.1 rollout has stopped.

How to get Tesla's latest software update

November 12, 2019

Over-the-air software updates are great, but you never know when you’re going to get them. We’ve all been there waiting for the latest software update while others are already talking and sharing pictures about it on Twitter. Here's a few things to make sure your car is ready for new Tesla updates.

Tesla 2019.36.2.1 Update

November 11, 2019

Version 2019.36.2.1 started being rolled out again on Friday, Nov. 10th. 2019.36.1 had been stopped shortly after being released. Here you can read the main differences between the two versions and an updated chart with which models are getting what features.

What to do if Tesla update release notes are blank

November 10, 2019

It's been a while since, every time there's a new software update, I get blank release notes. I've seen quite a few people asking about this on social media, so I wanted to share how I do it to see the release notes after a software update.

What's in Tesla's software update 2019.36.1

November 5, 2019

Tesla has started rolling out the software update 36.1. We’re not amongst the lucky ones who got it and it seems like now they’ve stopped distributing it. My guess is that they have found a bug and that we’ll see a .2 or .3 version being released in the next few days. 36.1 introduces...

Videos about Software updates

Past Tesletter articles

'Autopilot speed limited for emergency lights' in 2021.24.12

It looks much better and includes a couple of improvements that I think are really well received: being able to send commands to the car without having to wait for your car to wake you (e.g. turning on the AC when leaving the store), and for folks with 2+ Teslas, now the phone-as-key works without having to select the appropriate car on the app beforehand. Have you updated yet? Anything else that you like? Something that you are missing?

From issue #183

'Green traffic light chime' and 'Visual speed limits recognition' in 2020.36

A new software update is coming soon with more improvements on Autopilot and FSD. Check out the videos in the link to see the new features in action. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Green traffic light chime (video)
  • Speed assist improvements, or introducing the usage of the cameras to detect speed limit signs (video)
  • Cruise set speed improvements
  • Autosteer stop sign and stop light warning
From issue #127

(Actually) Smart Summon and Autopark incoming

As we experienced the first rain of the season last weekend here in the Bay Area, I was thinking about Smart Summon and how it isn’t something that I try to use ever, I just can’t trust it enough, and it’s too slow. Elon said on Twitter that the team is working on an (actually) smart summon and auto park, and that they have a deadline by the end of the month. Look, I’m not going to hold my breath on this one given past experiences, but it would be great to have a good smart summon and auto park.

From issue #234

[Video] Cheetah Launch Mode Testing and Dashcam Viewer in action

DragTimes has tested the new Cheetah Launch Mode with a Raven Model S and shared their impressions in this video: “Easier to engage launch mode and stays on longer before disengaging (~10seconds vs ~5seconds previously); can do more 1/4 mile consecutive runs before it starts to have overheating issues”. See it in action!

From issue #107

2018.21.9 release notes and video

See release notes below. The improvement showing the adjacent lanes’ cars is new in AP2 and AP2.5.

The following video shows the adjacent lanes' cars:
From issue #11

2018.24.1 brings summon, WiFi, and cabin overheat protection to the Model 3

The latest software update brings these long-waited features to the M3 in addition to speed limit mode and TACC on-ramp off-ramp released for MX and MS as well.

Read more about 2018.24.1

From issue #14

2019.12 - Updated browser, software on demand, new games and more

2019.12 has been released to a few cars - surprisingly 2018.8.X is still releasing - and it brings a tesla browser, more Atari games, and the highly expected feature to download new software on demand. Honestly, reading the release notes we can’t tell if going forward we are going to be able to ask our car to download the newest software or if it would need Tesla to stage it as they do now. If is the later, I guess this is useful for folks not always on wifi or to know if something is wrong with your car and you should call your SC, but if is the former, we are really looking forward to it!

Read more: TMC Forum

From issue #54

2019.16 is scheduled to be pushed on today (Thursday May 16th)

According to a support representative, 2019.16.1 should start releasing by the time you get this newsletter. Thanks to our great verygreen we know what is coming with 2019.16.1, and while it brings a lot of good stuff, it’s introducing some limitations for Tesla owners in Europe. According to the release notes:

  • Due to new local regulations, the limit of how far the steering wheel can turn while Autosteer is active has been adjusted. This may reduce Autosteer’s ability to complete sharp turns.
  • To initiate Auto Lane Change, the turn signal must be engaged to the first detent (held partially up or down) and the lane change must start within 5 seconds of engaging the turn signal.
  • Your phone must be actively connected to your car via Bluetooth while using Summon.

You can release the rest of the release notes here. Honestly, if I were in Europe I would wait to see what great things 2019.16.1 brings before updating.

Read more: Reddit

From issue #59

2019.16 release notes

The release includes several goodies, I would recommend you to read the whole thing, but here are a few highlights:

  • Sentry mode has a new setting to keep it always on and exclude places
  • Set your software update preference and let Tesla know that you want them to send new software updates to your car as soon as they become available for your car and region
  • Conditional Speed Limits are now displayed - if they apply to your current road - under the regular speed limit sign. I assume this still doesn’t include cameras recognizing the speed limits but who knows
From issue #58

2020.16.2.1 and Pedestrian animations

The latest software update 2020.16.2.1 brings some UI changes to the Tesla Toybox and filters for charging but it also brings pedestrian animations. @blktsla shows us it all in his new video.

From issue #113

2020.40.4 introduces maps version and speed download

As of 2020.40.4, Tesla now shows you two new pieces of information: maps firmware and download speed. A lot has happened since the times without even a progress bar. Maybe the size of the download could be next? 😅

From issue #133

2020.48.10 comes with an improved notifications menu

Look at the improved ‘floating’ notifications menu under ‘Service’- very cool, since it still allows you to use the rest of the screen while open. It can also be accessed when you receive an alert at the top of the touchscreen (red triangle). And finally, there’s also a new fade in/out animation.

From issue #142

2021.24.1 release is here

What was initially released as 2024.24.1 and soon after corrected to 2021.24.1 contains some cool new features:

  • Active noise cancellation for refreshed S and X
  • New dashcam improvements
  • Nav improvements for China

And a few other things.

From issue #176

2021.4.15.5 the auto wiper code is now using all cameras as input

According to Greentheonly, the new software is using all the cameras for its auto wiper function. Up until now, the car only used the cameras behind the windshield for this function but given the area, the aerodynamics of the car, and the fact that it’s heated, Tesla seems to need more input to correctly decide when to turn on the wipers. Greentheonly also mentioned that the neural net looks for a lot of stuff such as “ice, rain, foggy, sun-blinded, wet road, tire spray, tunnel, indoors, …. to name just a few”.

From issue #162

2021.4.15.8 adds code to detect when the driver vacates their seat

Tesla takes safety very seriously. It only takes one irresponsible driver to accelerate updates like this one detected by @greentheonly in the software update 2021.4.15.8. It identifies when the driver vacates their seat and a couple of other safety limitations. 🙏

From issue #164

2021.4.18 brings animal assets to the masses

The latest software update also brings cats and dogs visualizations to our cars. Some owners also claim to have seen colored cars for a split second. Or maybe it was a dream about the future?

From issue #164

2021.4.18.3 reduces the nags

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, the new firmware is now using the internal camera to know if the driver is paying attention. Well, it seems that if you are wearing sunglasses you will see a bigger gap between nags, 41 nags without sunglasses to 13 with them on. As Tesla improves the eye and attention detection, we should see the normal nag also getting longer and for the car to almost only nag if we aren’t paying attention.

From issue #170

2021.40 brings 'vehicle sync' to profiles

It isn’t clear how this is going to work, but it is great to see that it is already in progress!

From issue #188

2021.40 comes with Supercharging tips

I assume this will only be shown once, or maybe more, but Tesla’s now show Supercharging tips for new owners to learn the ropes.

From issue #189

2022.12.1 release notes

2022.12.1 is bringing additional button bar customizations. In this new firmware, you can add vehicle controls such as defrost, windshield wipers, and seat heaters to the bottom bar.

From issue #211

2022.16.0.2 Release notes

Greentheonly is bringing us the release notes of this new version, some of the updates are:

  • Media Player accounts (e.g. Spotify) are now linked to your driver profile
  • Remote camera view for legacy S/X (not sure if activated yet)
  • New ‘congestion at Supercharger’, trip reroute and ‘wind on route’ icons
From issue #217

2022.20 Release notes

Small but interesting improvements:

  • Tesla is expanding Green Traffic Light Chime to all owners with HW3, no need to purchase EAP or FSD for it. To activate it go to Controls > Autopilot > Green Traffic Light Chime.
  • Your car will now be using the cameras for earlier tightening of the seat belt and to protect properly restrained occupants better.
From issue #223

2022.20.7 improves range prediction

According to Greentheonly, the new firmware uses an insane amount of details to improve range predictions. In the list of things now taken into account we can find, the tire pressure, air density, battery heat/cool, and the amount of energy loss to phone charging and 12V accessories 😱.

From issue #226

2022.24 allows you to reposition the Blind Spot Camera display

With the new 2022.24 firmware, you can now choose the top left corner, the top left corner of the map area, as well as the original bottom left corner. In the video we can see how repositioning the camera window is as easy as a drag and drop.

From issue #227

2022.24 Release Notes

Apart from the repositioning of the Blind Spot Camera, the 2022.24 brings some highly anticipated features:

  • Tesla profiles will keep your setting and preferences synchronized across all vehicles using your Tesla account.
  • Traffic Along Route: The route blue line will now change colors, to clearly highlight slowdowns along your route.
  • Disable Sentry Sounds: In case you want Sentry on but not loud music in case Sentry triggers by mistake.
  • Driver Profiles: Navigation recent and favorites will be saved to the active driver profile.

I’m not sure I like the last two, my wife and I use the car at times, and I like sharing favorites, and recent, for Sentry, I was hoping they would disable turning on the flashlights when someone walks by, as I think it brings in unnecessary attention to the car.

From issue #227

2022.28.1 to include 'Alternate Routes'

According to a tweet from Greentheony, the next version of the firmware will include up to 3 alternate routes for those with premium connectivity, and a few other small things.

From issue #233

2022.36.1 shows navigation ETA on the app

Have you ever been waiting for your loved one or someone to pick you up in your car? The location feature is super useful to know which side they are coming from, etc. In this future version, it will become even more useful to show you where the car is navigating, how far away it is, and its ETA. Cool new feature.

From issue #237

2022.4.5 brings back the ability to show/hide media sources

Really glad to see some of the features that went away with v11 slowly coming back 🙂

From issue #203

2022.45.11 includes the new vision auto park for cars without Ultrasonic Sensors

This information comes from Greentheonly, which essentially is a guarantee of what is coming to the cars soon. I know many of you purchased the car after Tesla removed the Ultrasonic Sensors and will be really happy to know this is finally coming!

From issue #259

2022.8.3 Tesla release notes

Probably the most important change/fix in this version is that, now, opening a door won’t stop the preconditioning.

From issue #210

2023.12 is going out to employees

The new release, currently being rolled out to employees, includes several UI changes, such as:

  • An option for larger text size, which many people had requested
  • Improved banners for points of interest, which now feature images
  • Customizable scroll wheel
  • Gear chimes and other changes.
From issue #262

2023.12.1 gear chime

Tesla’s latest update includes a new feature that allows the car to chime when switching gears. For those who prefer not to have this feature, you can easily toggle it off by going to Controls > Safety > Gear Chimes.

From issue #264

2023.12.1 wiper speed toggle

Tesla owners can now toggle the wiper speed using the left-side scroll wheel by moving it left and right. This new feature has been very well-received, as it allows drivers to adjust the wiper speed without taking their eyes off the road.

From issue #264

2023.2.0.5 Tesla Release Notes

These are the notes provided by Greentheonly:

  • Sentry mode will pulse headlamps on Model 3 and Model Y when a threat is detected.
  • Model 3 and Model Y will have heated steering wheels with the option for high and low settings, as discussed previously.
  • Speed sign recognition will be available for Model 3 and Model Y vehicles equipped with HW3 in Germany and Spain.
From issue #251

2023.20 Software Update includes Tesla tire safety

We’ve mentioned this feature before, but now it’s finally here. Starting with version 2023.20, Tesla will now alert you when it believes it’s time to rotate or replace your tires. When your tires have been rotated or replaced, head to Controls > Service to reset the counter.

From issue #270


According to Greentheonly, this new version brings speed cam and red light camera awareness, and a way to avoid construction on route.

From issue #294

2023.31.600 Release Notes

Tesla’s 2023.31.600 software update includes minor fixes and a drowsiness warning. Now your vehicle will warn you if it detects signs of drowsiness based on factors like yawning, driving patterns, and more.

From issue #290

2023.44.1 - Front camera washer, new JS player, and interior camera-activated HOV

Green poked around the new 2023.44.1 firmware (as always) and discovered a few really interesting details:

  • Not only will some models carry a front camera, but there will also be a button to wash it.
  • Addition of Shaka Player, an open-source JS player for different media.
  • Enabling the use of the cabin camera to turn on and off the HOV lane use.
  • Media playback speeds added (1.25x and 1.5x) that will be useful when listening to podcasts.
From issue #293

2024.14 (Spring Release) Release Notes

Tesla’s 2024.14 update is packed with features: a revamped UI experience, hands-free trunk opening for iPhone users, Sentry Mode event preview on your phone, auto-adjusting high beams, and more. New gameplay options like Beach Buggy Racing 2 and audible book streaming via Audible, alongside improved Cybertruck steering and cabin temperature maintenance during hot days.

From issue #314

2024.8.3 Release Notes

Tesla’s update 2024.8.3 introduces two notable features for various models. The “One-Time Charge Limit” allows setting a higher charging limit for road trips, automatically reverting to the regular limit afterward. Additionally, “Adaptive High Beams,” which improve night visibility by adjusting beams to reduce glare for others using matrix headlight technology, is now available for Model S, 3, X, and Y in Europe.

From issue #308

85mph Autopilot 2022.12.3.4

Finally, the max speed of Autopilot for cars without radar to 85mph.

From issue #217

A behind-the-scenes look at the new holiday release

The holiday release from Tesla is jam-packed with exciting new features, and the engineers who built them gave us an in-depth rundown of each one! We were blown away by the innovation and thought that went into each and every feature, and we couldn’t wait to try them out for ourselves. Great job, Tesla team!

From issue #247

A closer look at steering wheel customization and text size adjustments

As mentioned earlier, the software update 2023.12 comes with a range of new features and improvements, including the option to customize the steering wheel controls and adjust text size in the vehicle’s user interface. With the new update, drivers can now personalize the functions of the scroll buttons on the steering wheel, providing greater control over the vehicle’s various systems. Moreover, the update also allows adjusting text size in different parts of the vehicle’s UI, such as the instrument cluster and infotainment display. It’s exciting to see new ways of personalizing menus being introduced.

From issue #262

A possible look at what V11 could bring

The former Head of UI Design at Tesla recently left the company and uploaded a pretty cool animation to his online portfolio. Will this be in a future new UI? We don’t know but the UI and the animations look 🔥🔥🔥

From issue #162

Acceleration Boost Upgrade

Want faster acceleration 0-60 mph? No problem. Tesla has confirmed that all AWD Model 3s with version 2019.40.2 or newer can now upgrade to improve their acceleration from 4.4 to 3.9 seconds. Just wow.

Read more: Reddit

From issue #90

Adjusting the screen layout in the S and X with 2023.20.4.1

Tesla introduced a simple but nice feature with 2023.20.4.1 for the Model S and X, with a simple icon on the left side, the entire layout of the screen changes, to accommodate the passenger controlling it, instead of just the driver.

From issue #271

Advanced air suspension settings and visualization

The latest software update, 2020.32.1, introduces some advanced configuration settings for air suspension to the Raven Model S and Model X. No more randomly saving settings by default and other enhancements. Check it out!

From issue #124

Alternate routes are here

Seems that the software has had this ability for some time now, it is available in China - but Greentheonly discovered that he could activate it outside of China. C’mon Tesla, release it for everyone!

From issue #223

An in-depth breakdown of features added in the Holiday update

The “Holiday update” introduced a bunch of new features and updates. Tesla owners everywhere are excited. We are excited. We were also a bit lost with so many goodies. Luckily for us, here’s a table with the breakdown changes by model, including the legacy Model S/X.

From issue #196

AP improvements on residential roads with 2020.28.5 update

Cool video by ‘Black Tesla’ showing Autopilot on residential roads with the latest update 2020.28.5. The update introduces the ability to increase the speed limit up to +5 mph when ‘Traffic and Stop sign detection’ is enabled to make the driving experience more natural. And looking at this video, it seems like it does the job!

From issue #122

Apple AirPlay?

In a recent update, the Twitter account Tesla App iOS found some evidence that Tesla might be working on AirPlay support. AirPlat is Apple’s protocol that allows streaming music and video, it’s quite possible that Apple is introducing it as a way to stream higher quality music to your car, even maybe video.

From issue #276

Apple announces support for EV routing in Maps & new Car Key NFC unlock feature in iOS 14

Apple just announced a couple of interesting features for EV cars at the WWDC20, good to see Apple moving in this direction. The first one is support for EV routing in Apple Maps. The second one is Car Key, which will allow to wirelessly unlock your car with your iPhone and iWatch. The feature is part of the newly revealed iOS 14 and it will work over NFC. The advantage is that it would allow NFC car unlock up to 5 hours after your phone battery dies. Great backup to using Bluetooth as a primary key. No news about if Tesla is going to integrate with it or not, since they have their own system to use as your Tesla Key.

Read more: The Verge

From issue #117

Auto wipers are still using a single camera, single frame

Responding to tweets from my buddies Teslalino and Lars from TodosElectricos, who voiced complaints about the unreliable automatic wipers, Elon stated that this is one of the last neural nets that need to be updated to surround video. I hope Tesla implements this soon, or at least allows us to disable auto-wipers while on Autopilot.

From issue #269

Autopilot 2020.36.11

Testing the latest Autopilot update 2020.36.11. Chime on green, stopping for red lights and challenges with lightning, beeps when driving by people, smoother freeway exiting, keeping in the center of the lane in city roads without lights, and in the freeway with blinding lights, and more! Overall, 💪 progress.

From issue #131

Autopilot HW4 will be coming next year in the Cybertruck

As someone who has driven on the hills of Berkeley, it is amazing to see the car handling these situations!

From issue #178

Birdseye view coming soon

Birdseye view, please? Coming right up if you have FSD, or so said Elon Musk on Twitter this week after being asked by @teslaownerssv. This is a pretty standard feature in other vehicles, so the community has been asking about this for a while now.

From issue #132

Bluetooth connections for wireless controllers

This is something that many owners have been waiting for, more so since they remove the data from the USB ports in the center console. Seems that starting in 2022.20.5, you will be able to connect your game controllers using Bluetooth.

From issue #224

Changes to the referral program?

This Redittor found text in the new Tesla App (v4) that hints to a future where referrals could be used for Supercharging, merchandise, or vehicle software upgrades.

From issue #179

Custom Light Show

As part of the Holiday update, Tesla has opened Light Show as a new Toybox feature for all cars (it was a Model X exclusive until now) and has open-sourced a tool for creating custom light shows. People have started building their own light shows and sharing their marvelous creations. This is one of my favs so far 🤘🤘🤘

From issue #196

Custom sounds, now that is possible

Now that Teslas with the external speaker allow custom sounds we are probably going to see a bunch of these but… Here is a first video showing some custom sounds with the Holiday update.

From issue #144

Customized horn & movement sounds

Tesla started shipping new cars with the pedestrian warning sound in September, and now Elon has announced that they will add custom horns and movement sounds to the vehicles. I love how Elon finds the way of creating something fun out of something that nobody wanted to have in the first place, to the point that folks are asking him how hard would it be to add the speaker to older cars (not easy).

Read more: Twitter

From issue #80

Cybertruck to get faster charging curve via OTA

Drew Baglino, SVP of Powertrain and Energy Engineering at Tesla, confirmed that the Cybertruck’s charging capabilities are set to improve with an OTA update later this quarter, promising up to 154 miles recovered in a swift 15 minutes. Many Cybertruck owners have experienced what seems to be artificially limited charging, which hopefully will keep improving even further as Tesla learns more from Cybertrucks out in the real world.

From issue #312

Definitely feel the boost with the 'acceleration upgrade'

Folks who have already purchased the ‘acceleration upgrade’ seem to be happy with it. ‘Chill’ and ‘Standard’ modes are now ‘Chill’ and ‘Sport’. A few owners are saying they wish they’d be an option in the middle (like chill, standard, sport) since ‘Chill’ is just too slow.

Read more: Reddit

From issue #91

Developer hack puts CarPlay on Tesla using a Raspberry Pi

I personally don’t miss CarPlay in my Tesla, but if you do, a developer has come up with a way to get CarPlay running on a Tesla, with a workaround allowing drivers access to their iPhones while behind the wheel. The author, Michał Gapiński, says that the project is currently in its early stages and he plans to release it to the public “when it’s polished”.

From issue #199

Do you need wi-fi for downloading new firmware?

There are a bunch of theories about what is necessary and what is not to download new software. Thanks to dennis_d and XXX - who have root access to their cars - we got some insights about how downloading new firmware works. Here are some of the details:

  • Tesla pushes a job ’ firmware update’ to your car, the job says that it needs to wait for wifi to start the download process, the job usually says for how long it needs to wait for the wifi to start the download. After that date, the firmware can download over LTE.
  • If ‘Energy Saving Mode’ is enabled the car needs to be charging - maybe plugged does the trick? - or it would only download data 1 hour at the time, we assume to let the car sleep in between downloads.

Note: Map updates are different, they require wifi.

Read more: TMC Forum thread and thread

From issue #27

Door unlatch with 2022.36

If your car is in 2022.36 or later, make sure you update your app to have the door unlatch feature. Now that winter is close, I’m sure this feature is really appreciated by those of you in colder climates, if the drivers handle freezes, you can unlatch the door from the app and open the rest from the inside.

From issue #238

Double programmed Tesla light show

Love seeing these two Teslas doing a choreography together 😊

From issue #197

Driver profiles attached to phones

The last software update introduces Bluetooth improvements to detect the driver in the seat and connect to their phone. Well, this is only the beginning since Elon said it will also connect to your driver profile preferences and apply those when the driver seat is detected. This makes more and more sense as the number of households with two or more Teslas increases, assuming this means your diver settings are stored in the cloud and used in different cars. Very cool.

Read more: Twitter

From issue #103

Drivers profiles being sent to the cloud

According to @greentheonly, the latest software update introduces the ability to send driver profiles to the cloud, which would make it easier for drivers to access their profiles from multiple vehicles. Users could essentially access any Tesla and have their customized profiles, such as game and app settings, migrate with them.

From issue #153

Easy access app menu

V11 allows the customization of the menu bar, here is a video showing how you can drag and drop your favorite apps for easy access. Easy peasy.

From issue #196

Elon answers questions about FSD beta updates

Once more, not only Tesla but Elon Musk himself is listeting to what participants of the FSD beta are sharing after experiencing the beta and he’s highly engaged answering questions.

  • Builts being rolled out every 5-10 days
  • Focus is on minimizing number of interventions
From issue #136

Elon confirms Tesla FSD v12 is rolling out to employees

Tesla’s FSD version 12 (v12) is now being internally rolled out to employees, as part of the update 2023.38.10. This version is expected to remove the “beta” label from FSD. The rollout coincides with upcoming major Tesla events, potentially showcasing v12’s improvements. A key change in v12 is the elimination of over 300,000 lines of code, replaced by a greater reliance on neural networks for vehicle control, marking a significant shift in Tesla’s approach to autonomous driving technology. v12 aims at taking a big step forward in FSD, having a system that is more human-like and can adapt better to all driving conditions.

From issue #293

Elon Musk announces auto wiper fix in FSD v12.3.3

Elon Musk acknowledged the improvement of the auto wiper function in the latest FSD software version v12.3.3, following feedback from some owners reporting better performance. However, other Tesla drivers are still encountering the same problems, suggesting that the fix may not be fully effective or consistent across all vehicles or situations. As someone with v12.3.4, I can tell you that the auto wiper issues aren’t fixed yet.

From issue #314

Elon Musk hints at lossless audio improvements, and maybe Apple Airplay?

It’s well known that the quality of audio over Bluetooth isn’t the best. The Twitter user @ShibaDoge asked Elon about alternatives, like Airplay, and Elon said he will discuss it with the team.

From issue #218

Elon Musk says Tesla's software needs work

In an interview, Elon admitted that the Tesla software needs work, especially the web browser. This said, Tesla is still ahead in terms of software in comparison to the other automakers, but I hope he prioritizes getting even further ahead of the competition.

From issue #221

Elon Musk teases 'cool stuff' slated for release

In a reply to a tweet showing Autopark in a pre-vision only version, Elon mentioned there is ‘really cool stuff’ scheduled for release in March and April. Could it be the Actually Smart Summon? Maybe parking features for the vision-only Teslas? Something else?

From issue #308

Exclusive first glimpse of MyQ garage door integration for Tesla vehicles

Our friends at Teslascope were able to capture a few images of the MyQ garage update that is part of Tesla’s holiday software update. To set it up, simply download the MyQ mobile app, click “Connect Account” via Settings > Locks, generate a QR code, and you’re all set. This update allows you to open and close your garage door as you arive and leave your home.

From issue #245

Exploring the latest features in Tesla's v12 update

The recent Tesla version 12.14.3 software release delivers an assortment of enhancements. This tweet includes a pretty nice video that goes through all of the features one by one.

From issue #316

Extra Supercharging information on 2023.26

The charging screen will now display the following information:

  • Supercharger location
  • Price per kWh
  • Charging session cost
  • kWh added
From issue #277

First glimpse at the new car color customizer feature

Good to see it in action, in the car, and in the app!

From issue #201

First look at I'm hungry and I'm feeling lucky

Greentheonly shared a first look at these two features. His videos show us that they are presented as two new shortcuts next to home and work.

From issue #75

First Look at New UI and Capabilities of Auto Shift in Tesla Update 2024.14.3

Tesla’s 2024.14.3 update enhances the Auto Shift feature, now available for Model S, Model X, the new Model 3, and the Cybertruck. This update introduces a more compact user interface on the new Model

From issue #315

First view at Sentry Model Live View

We advanced that this was coming and now there is finally a video of how it looks like in the app. My guess is that this is someone with early access and that it will take a few weeks until we see it in our cars. Still pretty cool!

From issue #187

Fleet Telemetry

Tesla has developed and open-sourced ‘Fleet Telemetry,’ a decentralized framework that allows customers to share data from their Tesla vehicles securely with authorized providers. This framework can be leveraged by fleet operators, such as rental companies, ride-sharing services like Uber, and others, to monitor the real-time status of their vehicle fleet.

From issue #274

FSD 10.16 is on track for 8/20

At least that is what Elon said on Monday in a response to our friend John. 10.69 is what it was supposed to be 10.13, but according to Elon will be so much better that will be worth the .69 name.

From issue #229

FSD 10.69.3 coming out this week?

In a response to our friend John, Elon said that 10.69.3 is a major release and they need more internal testing. Let’s see if it actually starts going out this week, I hope so.

From issue #239

FSD Beta release notes

Tesla keeps iterating on their version 10.69 and they just dropped a few days ago. At this time, I’m still waitting to get 10.69.X, but many folks on Twitter area really happy with the improvements.

From issue #232

FSD Beta 10.11.12 Autopilot max speed increased to 90mph

Since Tesla shifted to a pure vision system, they reduced their AP max speed to 80 mph from 90 mph from the previous system. Well, it seems that the newer version just got it increased back to 90 mph.

From issue #210

FSD Beta 10.12 release notes

Finally, FSD Beta 10.12 is here, and with it a long list of improvements. A few highlights:

  • Increased safety of turns with crossing traffic by improving the architecture of the lanes neural network which greatly boosted recall and geometric accuracy of crossing lanes.
  • Added 180k video clips to the training set to improve the recall and geometric accuracy of lane predictions.
  • Solved 48% of failure ‘is parked’ cases captured by our telemetry of 10.11.
  • The car will now render vehicles with open doors and it has improved its behaviors when maneuvering around them.
From issue #217

FSD Beta 10.3 release notes

I love seeing pretty extensive release notes for the new firmware. Hopefully, the team does that for public releases as well.

From issue #187

FSD Beta 10.3 releasing to all cars with 99 and 100 scores

This Friday, Tesla plans to extend the FSD Beta to all cars with 99 and 100 safety scores. From what I’ve seen this week, if you get 100, Tesla send you FSD Beta soon after.

From issue #186

FSD Beta 10.69 release notes

The initial release of FSD beta 10.69 is here and it comes with very rich release notes, as Tesla has been doing lately, some interesting bits are:

  • Added a new “deep lane guidance” to achieve a 44% lower error on lane topology and enable smoother control.
  • Improved overall driving smoothness.
  • Improved unprotected left turns, including “Chuck Cook style”.
  • Updated to a new two-stage architecture, achieving improvements of velocity estimates for far away crossing vehicles by 20%, while using one-tenth of the compute.
  • Reduced false slowdowns near crosswalks.
From issue #230

FSD Beta 10.69.3 release notes

FSD beta 10.69.3 is now going to Tesla employees for testing, here are some interesting bits from the release notes:

  • Reduced false slowdowns for pedestrians near crosswalks.
  • Improved decision-making for short-deadline lane changes.
  • New “road markings” module which improves the topology error at intersections.
  • Reduced incorrect lane assignment of crossing vehicles by 45% and reduced incorrect parked predictions by 15%.
From issue #240

FSD Beta 10.9 (2021.44.30.10) release notes

FSD beta v10.9 is here and it comes with a decent number of updates. As someone who got their Beta access recently, I really want to see it improving on unprotected left turns by proceeding straight while yielding. Again, I love these detailed release notes, thank you Tesla team!

From issue #199

FSD Beta finally arrives in Canada with the 2022.4.5.20 software update

Seems that (at least some) Canadians with a Safety Score of 99+ got FSD Beta this week. Nice work Tesla team!

From issue #209

FSD Beta going wide very soon

In reply to @dburkland on Twitter, Elon Musk shared that Tesla’s FSD Beta might be going to a wider audience in two weeks.

I know that multiple Tesla employees receive this letter, maybe you can help us to be on the list of testers, pretty please!?!?! 🙏

From issue #140

FSD Beta is to go out to everyone in about a month

Elon announced this during the earnings call, everyone in North America who has ordered FSD will have access to the program this year, in theory, in about a month.

From issue #239

FSD Beta v10.12 will include many improvements

Elon mentioned complex left turns and heavy traffic. I, personally, wish that it is more assertive at stop signs, stops trying to go around vehicles that it shouldn’t, and becomes a bit smoother.

From issue #213

FSD Beta v11.4.1 release notes

Tesla has rolled out a new version of its Full Self-Driving (Beta) software, v11.4.1. This update brings a host of improvements to driving visualization, including enhanced lane detection and more precise object recognition. Some of the notable enhancements include:

  • An 8% improvement in motorcycle recognition and increased vehicle detection precision to reduce false-positive detections.
  • A 43% reduction in interventions caused by other vehicles cutting into the vehicle’s lane.
  • Enhanced control through turns and overall smoother driving experience through improvements in the geometry, curvature, position, type, and topology of lanes, lines, road edges, and restricted spaces.
From issue #267

FSD Beta v11.4.2

Some improvements are:

  • Improved control and smoothness: Enhanced geometry and topology of lanes and road edges have improved road feature perception, aided by a larger training set and an updated lane guidance module.
  • Enhanced detection and assertiveness: Lane-guidance inputs now improve long-range roadway feature detection, while assertiveness in safely crossing pedestrians and precision in vehicle detection has been increased.
  • Reduction in interventions and errors: A new framework reduces interventions by anticipating lane intrusions, while more training videos have lessened false slowdowns and improved recall for object partial lane encroachment, high yaw-rate cut-in, and cut-out.
From issue #269

FSD Beta v9.1 coming on Friday at midnight

That is all, prepare yourself for another round of great videos showcasing it. FYI, Tesla, if you are there, I volunteer to test the FSD Beta, just let me know 😉

From issue #174

FSD Subscription and Beta this week?

We send this newsletter on Thursday, maybe we will still see the FSD Subscription and Beta this week? Maybe not? Let’s hope we see it soon 😊

From issue #170

FSD Subscription is here

I’ve been waiting for the FSD Subscription since I got my new Model Y in March and here it is, finally!

  • $199/month for those with only basic Autopilot
  • $99/month for those with Enhanced Autopilot

If your car needs to update to HW3, you are going to need to pay $1,500 before you can subscribe. Similarly, if you don’t have basic Autopilot, you are going to need to buy that as well.

Does it make more sense to subscribe or to fully buy FSD for $10k? The answer to this question is very personal. For how long do you plan to keep your car? Do you value the flexibility to stop paying depending on your plans? At the current price, paying for the subscription for 4 years and 3 months would equal the cost of paying it in full in advance. If you need to upgrade your hardware, I would say it is better to pay $10k and get the upgrade. If you have Enhanced on Autopilot, stoplight and stop sign control aren’t worth $99/month in my opinion.

Note: The FSD Subscription doesn’t include the FSD Beta (at least for now).

From issue #173

FSD Visuals in Europe

Recently, we mentioned that cars without FSD would also receive the FSD visualizations. This week, we learned that all cars worldwide, including those in Europe, are getting the FSD visuals with the 2023.38.6 update. The FSD visuals are much more detailed than the previous ones.

From issue #290

Full wiper controls without touching the screen or the stall

In version 2023.20, Tesla Model 3 and Model Y owners can now change the speed of the wipers without touching the stalk. This update allows them to customize the left steering wheel button to adjust the wiper speed, turn them off, or set them to auto.

From issue #276

Future feature: WiFi garage door opening

A few months ago, Tesla stopped including Homelink in all their cars and made it available to purchase after delivery. Just this week, Elon said on Twitter that soon the car will be able to open a WiFi garage door- obviously for ‘smart’ garage doors. This seems great given that Homelink costs $300 on the Tesla store. WiFi remote openers sell for about $40 and full on WiFi garage door openers for $200.

From issue #106

Highway stack still not unified in v10

Elon said the highway stack will be unified with the one for city driving. According to his recent tweet, this has been delayed until v10.1. From what they showed during AI Day, this unification will be a very big deal in highway driving and will bring many improvements. Looking forward to it 👌

From issue #181

Holiday Update (2020.48.26)

Trevor from Tesla Owners Online walks us through Tesla’s Holiday Update.

  • New UI (like the one in the FSD Beta version)
  • Polytopia, Cat Quest, and a bunch of other new cool games
  • Boombox - Or how to personalize external/horn sounds (needs external speakers)
  • Driving visualization improvements
  • Scheduled departure improvements
  • Emission testing mode improvements
  • Supercharging display improvements
  • Release notes are easier to navigate with categories
From issue #144

Hot weather improvements coming soon to enable a custom Cabin Overheat Protection threshold

With record heatwaves mainly everywhere, Tesla’s Cabin Overheat Protection should now more than ever protect your electronics from too much heat. According to a tweet from Elon, Tesla is adding the ability to adjust its activation temperature, currently, it activates when the car is above 104F (40C).

From issue #224

How (non)-linear is the pedal-acceleration relationship in Teslas?

Join the conversation about the relationship between acceleration and pedal travel. Which mode is your favorite “Chill, Sport, Ludicrous”?

Read more: Reddit

From issue #4

How many miles have you driven in AP?

Another Twitter promise, this time about a section to know how many miles have you driven with AP. It would be even cooler if they expose this via their API, I’m sure some folks would do cool things with that info!

From issue #111

How Tesla releases software updates and when you will get an update

This article on Not a Tesla App outlines Tesla’s innovative approach to software updates. Distinguishing itself from other automakers, Tesla employs a system of extensive testing, staged rollouts, and real-world fleet testing. Larger rollouts occur when changes reach the ‘master’ stage, while smaller ones are used to test fixes.

From issue #266

How to tell your car to check if there’s an update available

Some people say it’s a coincidence, but hundreds of people have reported this tip from Zack to actually work. If you want to help your car checking if there is a pending update, just tap a few times on the ‘Advanced’ button in the software menu. This only checks if the update is there, which in theory the car should be checking anyway. However, I’ve seen that not being really accurate, instead Tesla has to have approved your car configuration and region to get the update.

Read more: Twitter

From issue #85

HW4 made an official appearance in the production code with FSD Beta 10.11

According to Greentheonly, there is some code for the first time referencing FSD HW4. According to his findings, the differences seem to be more than just faster / more RAM, this change seems to indicate that we will see HW4 launching soon.

From issue #207

Improved message for the 12V battery warning

Tesla seems to be working on improving its warning messages on the car’s UI. This one used to be a very short message without much context, but now with version 2020.40.* really provides the context needed, no need to freak out.

From issue #140

Improvements around the life of the 12 V battery are coming

In reply to @teslavibes on Twitter, where the user was inquiring about warnings for the 12 V battery when it’s about to die, Elon Musk has shared that software improvements to actually extend its life and other improvements- unclear what those are- are coming soon. The 12V battery is one of the most common failures for Tesla’s, especially for early Model S and Model X.

From issue #129

Improvements in the latest app update

Tesla’s latest app update adds Waypoint support, enabling users to plan trips with multiple stops and send the route to their car. The update improves the phone key feature, using recent motion activity to decide if it should allow unlocking the car or not. Additionally, it introduces user-submitted photos of Supercharger stations for easier location and hints at an upcoming Octa-View live camera feature with feeds from eight car cameras.

From issue #294

Improvements on the software update process

The Tesla app now shows the software version your car will update to and the percentage of its download.

In the car, you can see the version being installed on the screen as well.

Read more: Twitter

From issue #79

Increasing the max speed limit for AP Vision only

According to Elon, the next production version is going out next week and is changing the 75mph limit while on AP to 80 mph. Personally, I rarely go above 80mph when using AP, I assume this would be enough for most.

From issue #170

Is this the end of 'where is my software update' obsession?

Many of us feel FOMO every time that we get the notification that there is a new software version out. However, it seems like Elon wants to finally help us with it: “We will add a feature to allow request of latest software version”.

When will we have it? Only Elon knows :P

Read more:

From issue #3

Keeping the car 'on' for entertainment and comfort if the camera detects occupants

After a request on Twitter, Elon mentioned that Tesla will be making a change to keep the car on (HVAC, entertainment, etc.) if the cameras detect an occupant in the car. Currently, occupants need to touch the screen to turn everything back on, which isn’t as convenient as keeping it on automatically, but it’s not too bad either.

From issue #261

Lane selection issues are gone in

Great to see improvements in this area, I’ve suffered the same issues as well.

From issue #232

Latest app 4.32 decompiled with new features

Decompiling of Tesla’s recent app update, version 4.32.0, reveals exciting new features in the works. Users can look forward to accessing remote Sentry Mode clips directly from the app, a paint color customizer, enhancements to Summon, and something for Cybertruck enthusiasts – code related to its unique light bar. Plus, there are hints at a new ‘Poppyseed Performance’ option for the Model 3.

From issue #313

Live camera on 2023.26.1

We’ve discussed this feature before: as of version 2023.26, you can now view all camera feeds live simultaneously, without the need to individually select and wait for each camera. Additionally, in this update, your Tesla will also record any attempts to open a door or trunk when the vehicle is locked.

From issue #277

Mad Max mode is real

Elon’s screenshot has revealed not only blind spot detection with different modes when changing lanes including Mad Max mode (woot?!) but also:

  • Follow nav: The car would follow the navigation directions
  • Blinker to fork: some people seem to think that this is the possibility of telling the car where to go on a fork by using the blinker
  • ULC: maybe Unassisted Lane Change?

Read more: Twitter

From issue #14

Matrix LED now fully operational in 2022 Model Y Performance

The Matrix LED headlights have become fully functional in the 2022 Model Y Performance, which is great news for those owners who had purchased a Model Y and a Model 3 in the last ~2 years. I have to admit, I love to see them in action!

From issue #309

Model 3 44.2 software contains cold weather improvements

According to the release notes: Window position and charge connector locking behaviours have been optimized for cold weather.

People are reporting that the Model 3 doesn’t roll the windows all the way up and the charger is ulocked by default - both only during really low temperatures - to avoid problems in very cold weather.

Read more: Reddit

From issue #35

Model 3 software update

Two additions in this release:

  • Your M3 now supports key fobs (available to purchase in the Tesla store)
  • Regenerative braking has been improved (only for M3 RWD)
From issue #31

Model S software update

Here’s what’s new in the latest software update for Model S:

  • Navigate on Autopilot (Beta)
  • Viewing Application with Media Player Open
From issue #31

Model Y acceleration boost upgrade experience

A few days ago Tesla announced a new acceleration boost available via a paid software upgrade for the Model Y dual motor. In this video, @klwtts puts it to test in their non-performance Model Y to see if the difference is really noticeable.

From issue #132

Model Y range increase in 2020.40.7

2020.40.7 has introduced an improved efficiency change that gives Model Y owners ~10 extra miles after installing this version (without being plugged) just because of the update. That’s my kind of update 😉

From issue #134

More 'Additional Vehicle Information'

One thing that seems to have gone unnoticed is that the latest update brings two new fields in the ‘Additional Vehicle Information’ section recently introduced:

  • Infotainment processor - This makes sense with the MCU2 upgrade announcement earlier in March
  • WiFi Mac Address

Read more: Reddit

From issue #103

More custom lock sounds is adding custom lock sounds to their website, although it’s a bit confusing because they call them light shows as well. However, there is a handy checkbox on their list page to filter just the lock sound. Take a look!

From issue #299

More FSD Beta videos [2020.40.8.12]

A new recap of short FSD Beta videos running the latest update 2020.40.8.12:

  • Roundabout testing. Still not perfect but doing a pretty good job, all things considered!
  • Avoiding road debris. I feel like FSD is definitely getting better at avoiding objects in the middle of the road. What do you think?
  • Charging port open & close FSD beta new UI. The new UI changes coming with the FSD beta make the user experience more intuitive, for example, when opening and closing the charging port.
From issue #136

More release notes for 2022.40.1

These come from Greentheonly and complement the ones above:

  • Regen brakes blending for all cars.
  • Hebrew voice navigation in the ME region.
  • A bunch of changes in service/service plus modes.
  • Paired Bluetooth devices are now limited to 10.
From issue #239

Multi-Camera View

The latest version of the Tesla App, 4.22.5, introduces a multi-camera view feature. Now, when monitoring your vehicle’s surroundings through the app, you can observe multiple camera feeds simultaneously - a fantastic addition! Some Redditors have speculated about the prospect of Tesla creating a stitched view from their various cameras, which would certainly be a great improvement.

The timeline and method of the new Model 3’s launch remain unclear.

From issue #274

New 'Passenger Face Vent' in 2020.28.5

Another goodie of the latest software update, 2020.28.5, is the ‘Passenger Face Vent’ feature. In an effort to make the car more efficient, this feature automatically disables the passenger face vents when no passenger is detected, lowering energy consumption in hot weather. This enhancement seems to require a physical component that is only present in the Model Y, this doesn’t mean that Tesla can’t introduce it in future Model 3s, but we doubt this will be available for the Model 3s already out there.

From issue #122

New blind spot visualizations

They could be better, but at least they are present now. Little steps. I hope Tesla keeps improving this functionality, they could really step up the game with all the cameras and screens that other cars don’t have. BTW, seems like in pre-2021 cars the blinker light makes the blind spot camera unstable at night.

From issue #196

New California rule will cut costs of home EV charging

Great news for not only for Tesla owners but also for all EV owners in California. Up until now, having a second meter to measure EV electricity was required in order to be able to get different rates for EV charging and for the house. Well, now this is changing which opens up options for better rates and vehicle-to-everything charging.

From issue #231

New FSD Beta 10.3 Driving Profile Options

One of the biggest changes in FSD Beta 10.3 is the ability to select driving profile options, similar to the preference for NoAP. This indicates to FSD Beta what is your tolerance when it comes down to following the distance and speed lane changes.

From issue #187

New FSD Beta dropping this week (probably)

Elon said, “this is a big one”. He has reiterated multiple times that the next version will include many improvements, like complex left turns and heavy traffic, as well as better visualizations. Can’t wait!

From issue #214

New in 2019.8.3 - Autosteer stop light warning

Although no one seems to have been able to trigger that and record it into a video, it is in the release notes. Thanks Earl for sharing it!

From issue #52

New Model Y acceleration boost upgrade

Tesla has released an acceleration boost upgrade for the Model Y. From 0-60 mph from 4.8 seconds to 4.3 seconds. Available for purchase on the Tesla mobile app. Would you pay $2,000 for the extra boost?

From issue #131

New Software Update 2018.28.1

The release notes don’t include anything exciting but according to dennis_d - who is famous for seeing release notes that people can’t see - it includes the AP trial that Elon mentioned a couple of months ago, fixes traffic rendering on MCU1 as well, and seems to be unlocking the new navigation for all remaning MCU1 cars.

We assume Tesla is keeping the big guns for v9 we don’t expect the versions between now and the release of v9 to have many big improvements but even the small updates are welcome!

Read more: TMC Forum

From issue #20

New software update 2020.44

Tesla’s latest update 2020.44 is out and it contains quite a few new things regarding audio streaming available to all Tesla models, as well as an enhancement to voice commands and a Launch Mode improvement for Raven Model S and Model X. Thank you @sofiaan for sharing the release notes on Twitter 😊

From issue #136

New software update 2020.48.5

Tesla is rolling out the latest software update 2020.48.5 which introduces great improvements in Sentry Mode, text messaging, and navigation improvements, amongst others. Interestingly enough, I have received the maps update that enables the navigation improvements but not the 2020.48.5 update.

From issue #140

New UI coming to Model 3 and Y

Elon confirmed it on Twitter: “updated UI coming with FSD wide release”. Whenever this release arrives, and know we have been waiting for it for a while, it will also include the new visualizations to understand what the car is seeing and what it plans to do a bit better.

From issue #171

New update 2020.16 with ability to format a USB drive in the car, new Toy Box UI, and more

Tesla has started rolling a out a new version, 2020.16. This is not the update of the Traffic lights and stop sign detection, but a newer one which has barely started getting to people just yet. The main changes introduced in this version are:

  • Dashcam Viewer improvements: ability to format a USB drive in the car
  • Redesigned UI of the toy box (see video below)
  • Ability to filter charging stations by power
  • Improvements to Backgammon Game

See 2020.16 release notes

From issue #110

New V11 photos reveal blind spot camera, new speedometer layout, more

I have to say that the blind spot camera shows up in a bit of an odd place, but I can’t think of a better option, to be honest, and it is a great addition! Thank you John TOSV for requesting this one a long time ago 🙂

From issue #195

New V3 actively being worked on in Silverthorne

Beautiful beautiful location in Colorado! The last picture shows a stall specifically designed for Teslas that are towing. With the Cybertuck coming soon, I hope to see more Superchargers offering these types of stalls.

From issue #169

New version of iOS app includes charging stats for the past 31 days

Tesla has been storing charge stats and in the last iOS, they added a tab called ‘charge stats’ in the main menu. The new tab contains the estimated money spent, gas savings, and a break out of home, Supercharger, and others. Now, can Android users have it? Please, please!

From issue #201

New version of the Tesla mobile app

In the new app version, you can see the release notes directly from your smartphone as well as see the live cameras directly from the main menu.

From issue #244

No more 'Roll' or 'Creep'

Newly manufactured Model Y and 3 are removing the Roll and Creep options and will only feature Hold. This is the mode that maximizes range and reduces brake wear by applying regenerative braking all the way to zero without the driver needing to use the brake pedal. I’ve personally only been using this mode since we got our Model Y. I hope new owners can adapt to that quickly and happily.

From issue #299

No more unassisted operated windows

According to our friends at Teslascope, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has made a new requirement that Tesla must remove several features that allow for the unassisted operation of windows. The remote features that will be removed include:

  • The ability to vent and close the windows from the Tesla App.
  • The feature to automatically close the windows upon locking the car
  • The automated closure with the car wash mode

I’m going to miss the ability to close the windows upon locking the car.

From issue #249

Notification history now available 📷

Notifications can be found under the service menu and show all active and past alerts. Or when you tap a new alert, you’re able to see past ones. This seems to be a new enhancement, or I personally had not seen it until now.

Read more: Reddit

From issue #115

OS app shows FSD Beta eligibility

Or at least it does for this owner. Take a look if you have the latest firmware and iOS app.

From issue #240

Other music streaming services are coming to our Teslas

A while ago, @greentheonly found a bunch of music streaming services in the code. Not all of them work but we can expect Apple Music, Amazon Music, and others to become available at some point. Tidal seems to be the next one that Tesla will actually release.

From issue #144

PIN to drive released in software update 2018.34

As we anticipated last week, the new PIN to drive feature has been released in version 2018.34. Photos courtesy of Philippe DeRuyter.

Read more: TMC Forum

From issue #24

Pin-to-open the glovebox available in China

Pin-to-open the glovebox just became available in China after the latest software update. It seems it may be coming to the US with version 2020.40.* which doesn’t seem to have started rolling out to the fleet just yet.

From issue #132

Play 'Fallout Shelter' in your Tesla 🎮

A new software update is rolling out and it brings Model 3/Y owners (and everyone else with MCU2) a new videogame to play in your car: Fallout Shelter. 2020.20.1 also brings Theater and TRAX improvements (let your creativity run wild!).

We installed 2020.20.1 earlier this week and, unfortunately, for our Model S with MCU1 and AP2.5, it does not bring any new features 😢

From issue #114

Portable driving profiles

It isn’t the first time that someone asks Elon about the ability to bring their driver profiles with them when they driver another Tesla. It seems more important now that Hertz will be offering to rent them. If I can ask for other stuff, I hope things like your favorites and your music go with you as well, that would be cool.

From issue #187

Pro Tip: You can fix trunk alignment and gaps yourself

Do you have small trunk panel gaps? If so, there are 4 rubber bumpers on the trunk itself, and you can adjust them by either tightening or loosening each one until the trunk is aligned when closed.

From issue #197

Refreshed Tesla app

It looks much better and includes a couple of improvements that I think are really well received: being able to send commands to the car without having to wait for your car to wake you (e.g. turning on the AC when leaving the store), and for folks with 2+ Teslas, now the phone-as-key works without having to select the appropriate car on the app beforehand. Have you updated yet? Anything else that you like? Something that you are missing?

From issue #179

Regen to a stop regenerates power down to 5kph/3mph

With the introduction of hold in stopping mode Tesla released improvements in their regeneration braking for all Model 3s and Raven Model X and S. Before this update, regenerative braking stopped at 15kph/10mph but now it goes all the way to 5kph/3mph.

Read more: Reddit

From issue #85

Release notes for the holiday update

Hopefully, you have received the holiday update by the time you get this email, but in case you haven’t, here is a sneak peek at what the update brings to you:

  • Light Show, this was a Model X exclusive until now
  • Customizable App Launcher
  • Simplified Controls
  • Blind Spot Camera
  • Edit Waypoints
  • Sonic the Hedgehog

And many more!

From issue #195

Release notes for upcoming Tesla software update 2021.24

Some of the new features are:

  • Disney+
  • Car wash mode. Closes all the windows, locks the charge port, disables windshield wipers, and more
  • Mirror Auto Dim
  • Dashcam can now automatically save clips when the car detects a safety event (accident, airbag deployment)
From issue #175

Safety Score V2 is here

While some details of the Safety Score v2 were previously known, we now have a screenshot directly from the app showing some new factors taken into account:

  • Excessive Speeding: This measures the proportion of the trip during which the speed exceeded 85 mph.
  • Late Night Driving: This counts driving done between 10 pm and 4 am.
  • Unbuckled Driving: This only takes into account instances when the car exceeds 10 mph.
From issue #268

Saved profiles for passengers 'coming soon™'

In reply to a tweet by @jeremyjudkins, Elon hinted on Twitter that profiles for passengers may be coming soon. My wife and I switch driver and passenger roles pretty often, it would be awesome to get the passenger presets saved as well in addition to the driver ones!

From issue #166

Seamless flow of car alerts highlighted in the app and ready to be addressed

Tesla keeps adding convenience when it comes down to warn owners about problems with their car and scheduling service. This one is a clear example of it. This Reddit user u/TMahlman/ got a system fault alert on his car and when he opened the mobile app, it was right there at the top ready for him to address without any action on his part. It’s also the first time that I’ve seen this flow of car alert + highlighting in the app.

From issue #141

Service mode now has HV battery section with a battery health test function

In version 2022.36.2, the car has a battery section in the service mode. In the new screens, you can see multiple things, including the battery health and you can run a battery health test. For the battery health test, the car will discharge the battery and then charge it to full.

From issue #237

Severe weather warnings at the top of the directions box

Another small but important improvement. In 2022.16.3, if your Tesla knows that there is some severe weather in your route, it will display it at the top of the direction box.

From issue #225

Share video by URL

Seems to be China only, for now. Tesla is introducing a function in the app to allow sending a video by sharing the URL.

From issue #226

Software update 2018.24 - How is it deployed, encrypted, etc

High level explanation of how new software releases are handled by greentheonly. Pretty cool thread (for us dorks :P).

Read more: Reddit

From issue #14

Software update 2018.24 introduces the ability to limit speed both from the car and the mobile app

As spoiled by the last mobile app release notes :P, version 2018.24 -launched today- introduces the ability of limiting vehicle speed limit both from the car and the mobile app.

From issue #13

Software Update 2020.48.10 in China

New map visualizations spotted after Tesla’s latest software update in China (2020.48.10). The exit visualization looks really similar to the navigation when I got my Model S, before Tesla decided to implement their own. I wonder if this is going to be China-only or rollout to the rest. What do you think, yay or nay?

From issue #141

Software update process from the app in V9

Explained by beastpilot: “You get a normal notification, then in the app you can trigger it. Once you trigger it, you get ‘cancel update’ for 2 minutes, as well as a notification that a SW update is about to start. Once it starts the ‘cancel update’ goes away, and then you get a notification it finished once done.”

Read more: Reddit

From issue #29

Song scrubbing with time code

Tesla has added another small but useful feature - now, when you hold and slide on the song’s progress bar, it shows the minute and second, allowing you to fast-forward or rewind the track more accurately. This improvement is sure to enhance the user experience for music lovers who enjoy listening to their favorite tunes while driving.

From issue #264

Spotify redesign

It looks good, I hope it works better too :).

From issue #276

Spotify’s update for Tesla cars

Spotify has released a major update for its app in Tesla cars, addressing user requests by adding audiobooks, improving login, enhancing navigation, and refreshing the interface. This exciting update marks continued progress in improving the in-car listening experience for Tesla owners through Spotify integration.

From issue #277

Spring update brings full-screen browser while parked

The latest spring update (version 2014.14) for Tesla vehicles introduces a delightful enhancement: owners can now enjoy the car’s web browser in full-screen mode when parked. Say goodbye to third-party web apps that only allow for that functionality.

From issue #314

Steam integration coming to our Teslas

In a response to John from TOSV, Elon confirmed that there is a Steam integration in progress, and he expects a demo to be available next month.

From issue #225

Support for 'narrow spaces' on Autopilot is coming

According to Greentheonly, who has looked into the latest update 2020.36.10 a bit more in-depth than what the release notes say, support for ’narrow spaces’ in the form of mirrors auto-folding in such places is coming. Not sure about this feature while driving but useful while parking for sure!

From issue #128

Sync Light Shows with multiple cars

With the holiday update, it’s now easier than ever to synchronize the light show and create your own Light Show Orchestra. Here’s a lovely video from Tesla showcasing the feature.

From issue #247

Sync your Tesla driver profiles to the cloud

We talked about this feature last week and now a screenshot just leaked, I guess it is here before I have the need, but I’m sure many households with 2 Teslas really welcome this.

From issue #208

Tesla 2023.38 Release Notes

Not much is in this release, but it’s interesting to point out that the car will display an icon if live location data is requested while you or someone else is in the car. This feature probably helps in some creepy cases where someone is using shared access to the app to track the driver.

From issue #286

Tesla adds Steam integration in its 2022 Holiday Update

As part of the its 2022 holiday update, Tesla has integrated Steam, a gaming platform, into the newer Model S and X, refreshed Model S and X will able to retrofit the necssary ram and hardrive into their cars to enable this. The new feature will allow Tesla owners to have access to a wider collection of games to enjoy. This integration is in line with Musk’s vision for the future of Tesla, makign Tesla the most fun you could possibly have in a car.

From issue #246

Tesla adds Supercharger pricing and histograph to mobile app

Tesla has added new features to its mobile app, allowing users to view Supercharger pricing and histograph data. This update enables Tesla owners to monitor their Supercharger usage and plan their charging schedules more effectively. The histograph feature provides a visual representation of charging trends over time, while the pricing feature displays the cost of charging at different Supercharger locations. These features help enhance the overall convenience and usability of Tesla’s Supercharger network.

From issue #262

Tesla App 4.11.2 Release Notes

In this new version of the app, Tesla is expanding the auto diagnostics feature to the battery, if you report range issues through the app, Tesla’s self-diagnostics feature will now trigger.

From issue #229

Tesla App 4.20.69 includes trip planning

Tesla’s App latest software update includes a great new feature that allows you to easily plan your trip with the necessary charging stops. By selecting a destination in the location tab, you can now see the required charging stops, and even configure the starting battery percentage. This feature is incredibly useful for Tesla owners who want to plan their trips more efficiently and will surely enhance the driving experience.

From issue #264

Tesla App includes Semi Assets

The latest version of the Tesla app is getting ready for the first Semi deliveries, in December.

From issue #242

Tesla app may load vehicle data instantly in an upcoming update

A new Tesla App indicates that Tesla is opening an API end-point that will gather this data without the need to wake up your vehicle.

From issue #213

Tesla app update hints at potential 'powered frunk' feature

In a recent update for the Tesla App, tapping on closing the frunk shows animation for closing the frunk, although it doesn’t close. Is Tesla going to add a powered frunk in the future? Who knows, but this might just spoil the surprise.

From issue #233

Tesla App Version 4.21.5

It’s now expected that when Tesla releases a new version of their mobile app, the community will decompile it and investigate what’s new. Usually, we can get a sneak peek at upcoming features by examining some of the strings in the app. In this version, we’ve found strings related to ‘Release Videos’. Our speculation is that there may soon be videos included as part of the release notes.

From issue #270

Tesla App version 4.3.1 is out

By analyzing the source it seems that Tesla is preparing to add functionality to share your vehicle with others from the app. According to the strings found, we will be able to share access to our car with others and set an expiration date, perfect for those of you renting their car or just allowing someone to drive it for a bit.

From issue #193

Tesla Autopark now uses the cameras

Another discovery by Greentheonly. Only enabled by default for the refreshed Model S, although Greentheonly managed to enable it in his car. I hope Tesla releases it to the rest of the cars soon!

From issue #176

Tesla battery trip estimate is now more accurate

We talked about this a few weeks ago, but Tesla just confirmed it on Twitter. The navigation system is now predicting crosswind, headwind, humidity, and temperature for calculating energy consumption and battery percentage on arrival.

From issue #218

Tesla Bot Update

Tesla has just shared a video of the Tesla Bot walking around and learning about the real world. It’s truly impressive to see the progress Tesla has made from the announcement, where they initially had a person in a costume, to this current video. 🤖

From issue #268

Tesla brings better driving visuals, energy predictions, and driver profiles in 2022.16.0.2

We just highlighted the better navigation energy prediction above. On top of that, Tesla is bringing driver profile improvements and new driving visualization (A.K.A. FSD Beta visualizations) to 2022.16.0.2.

From issue #218

Tesla brings distance measurements to cars with no ultrasonic sensors in 2022.40.4

According to Greentheonly, 2022.40.4 now receives parking distances from Autopilot when the car doesn’t have ultrasonic sensors. If you are an owner without an ultrasonic sensor and have experienced this update, what is your feedback?

From issue #241

Tesla FSD Beta 11.3.1 rolling out to employees

This is the over-the-air update that contains more text warning the driver to not become complacent and pay extra attention.

From issue #257

Tesla FSD Beta Update v10.5

Our friend DirtyTesla recorded a great video of FSD Beta 10.5. It seems like a solid new update, especially after many testers reported 10.4 having problems. Great update right before the holidays.

From issue #191

Tesla further limits Autopilot functionality in Europe to comply with UNECE regulations

Another step back for AP in Europe. It seems that this time Tesla was requested to modify Navigate On Autopilot to require driver input before taking an exit or junction.

From issue #219

Tesla games updating independently of the firmware version

We’ve seen this before with maps and it would certainly make sense for Tesla to push more “micro-updates” for bug fixes and things like that. @alihamze98 has reported on Twitter receiving a game update after the 2020.4.1 update, and he doesn’t seem to be the only one to whom this has happened.

Read more: Twitter

From issue #97

Tesla gives customers access to Event Data Recorder to retrieve event records from the car

Many times in the past, owners in accidents requested access to this data, especially when it came down to prove that they weren’t at fault. Well, now Tesla released the software (Windows only) to retrieve the data from the car and put up a web service that generates a PDF from that information. There is one caveat tho, you need to purchase a cable that costs $1,200 😕

From issue #161

Tesla Holiday update coming soon

This year has probably been the year (in 4 since I’ve owned a Tesla) that I’ve gotten fewer software updates, so I guess that is why I didn’t even think about a ‘holiday update’. However, Elon just said there will be one soon and will come with lots of cool stuff.

From issue #193

Tesla Holiday update, what is in it?

Our friends at Tesla Scope have mentioned a few important improvements coming in the next major version of the software for our cars. These include:

  • Apple Music support.
  • An improved music player that can be customized and moved around.
  • MyQ garage support.
  • The ability to do remote light shows and remote emissions mode.
  • New games to keep you entertained while charging.
From issue #245

Tesla improves auto high beam lights in update 2022.40

I personally think the auto high beams have been working okay for quite some time, but I’ve seen many reports of folks who don’t agree with me.After 2022.40 went out, many folks (including European owners that are usually more conservative about the use of high beams) are now reporting really good improvements.

From issue #244

Tesla is brewing major hardware changes, according to Greentheonly

According to @greentheonly, the fact that Tesla suddenly froze their releases after 2019.40 just backporting essential stuff and preventing leakages, that 2020.4.1contains very limited changes, and that something similar happened before HW3 was released, make him think that Tesla is getting ready for new important hardware changes. What and when? There are many rumors but until Tesla announces them they are just that.

Read more: Twitter

From issue #100

Tesla is planning a big boost to driver monitoring

In a Twitter thread by @greentheonly, he explains how Tesla is now tracking additional information such as the number of recent yawns and blinks by the driver and the duration of each blink. This data is all used to calculate the driver’s level of drowsiness or fatigue. It remains unclear how the car will utilize this information, but according to what Green has discovered, Tesla plans to apply this feature even when the car is not operating on Autopilot.

From issue #267

Tesla is pressing full steam ahead on a number of high priority features

According to greentheonly and after him taking a look at 2019.32, “feeling lucky” nav mode and “downloadable game packs” are nearly complete. According to the code that he saw there is also a new feature called “Smart AC Charging” coming soon too!

Read more: Twitter

From issue #74

Tesla is rendering speedbumps now

I haven’t seen this in action, but great to see the software rending speed bumps and reducing the speed to 15mph. According to Greentheonly, they are also working on some sort of 3d terrain visualization, maybe to render potholes and others?

From issue #202

Tesla Light Show repository

Are you creating your own light show? Do you want to find others to download to your car? A repository of all the light shows from the community. Anyone can contribute!

From issue #196

Tesla mobile app gets passive authentication feature

Tesla has introduced a new feature to its mobile app, allowing users to deactivate passive authentication. This is effectively the same as disabling Bluetooth, but without losing connectivity for the rest of your apps. I suspect this is a response to relay attacks, where thieves could deceive the car into thinking the phone was nearby when it wasn’t. If you park outdoors overnight and are concerned about this happening to you, you might want to utilize this feature before heading to bed.

From issue #267

Tesla previews upcoming ride-hailing app

Tesla gives us a sneak peek at their upcoming ride-hailing app, marking the brand’s first venture into the competitive space dominated by giants like Uber and Lyft. These are only screenshots or even mocks of the app, now Tesla has to achieve autonomous driving for this to become a reality. That being said, I have to admit the app looks cool 🙂

From issue #314

Tesla Release Notes 2021.44.30

Notes courtesy of Greentheonly:

  • Track mode for Model S Plaid.
  • The heat pump system cools more aggressively.
  • A track-focused interface for the track mode
  • Cool weather hits
From issue #197

Tesla releases FSD Beta 10.4 with improved vulnerable road user detection and more

There is a long list of improvements, although I have to say that multiple testers have reported regressions in 10.4. Be careful out there.

From issue #189

Tesla reverts some V11 UI changes in the latest software update in China

In the newest software update in China (2022.2.1), Tesla reverted some of the UI changes introduced with v11. In the new version the driver profile, dashcam, and sentry mode are back on the top dock and the Supercharger icon is back on the main navigation screen. Good to see some of these already trickling down.

From issue #201

Tesla rolls out cold weather Supercharging improvements in 2024.2.6

Tesla’s software update 2024.2.6 introduces key improvements for Supercharging in cold weather, adding automatic warming of the charge port to prevent freezing and supplementing preconditioning messages with the remaining time required for optimal battery heating. The update also includes real-time information, such as ‘accident’ and ‘closed road’ notifications on maps, enhancing the overall driving and navigation experience.

From issue #305

Tesla software update 2022.4.5.5: new Model S/X charge port animation, cabin camera analytics, more

2022.4.5.5 brings new features to the refreshed S and X, like the new charge port animation, car colorizer, and better regen braking in Autopilot for higher efficiency.

From issue #206

Tesla started rolling out 2020.12.5 earlier this week and it brings Dashcam Viewer

Tesla started rolling out 2020.12.5 in mass last Monday night (Tuesday morning in Europe) and as I read somewhere, it’s like we’re having a second Christmas update this year. Main features include:

We haven’t had a chance of trying the Dashcam Viewer ourselves but we have spoken with owners who installed the update- thank you @CodingMark- and it looks very neat. One thing we discovered is you can actually watch any movie/video from your USB drive or storage device in your Tesla’s screen now 🤯

From issue #106

Tesla starts FSD Beta v12.3 rollout

Tesla’s latest Full Self-Driving Beta v12.3 update, described by Elon Musk as a ‘big release,’ on Twitter, he mentioned it should probably be v13. Sadly for us, the release notes don’t list any improvements, so we can’t know what the improvements are until we get to see more videos.

From issue #308

Tesla starts rolling out FSD Beta 10.69 — We may now control for slow-moving UFOs

FSD needs the ability to respond to objects that can’t really identify, as humans can when they drive, the new version of FSD seems to do a reference to that, they added the line “We may now control for slow-moving UFOs” at the end of the release notes.

From issue #230

Tesla Takeover 2022

This is one of those small things that really make a difference. The few times that I’ve charged to 100% or almost 100% is really weird to not have regen braking.

From issue #230

Tesla teases features from its Spring release

Tesla’s Spring Release promises exciting updates for our Teslas. This includes visual updates for Model 3/Y with the AMD chip, such as fullscreen vehicle controls and a larger media player interface. Auto Shift Beta for the 2021+ Model S/X seems to work on situations like 3-point turns and similar maneuvers. There’s also Spotify queue & playback speed, hands-free trunk operation by just standing behind it with your phone key, the option to preview Sentry Mode if the alarm is triggered, and more! It’s like waking up to a whole new car after an overnight update—our family can’t wait to try out the ‘Are we there yet??’ feature on our next road trip!

From issue #313

Tesla to add official support for third-party services and apps

There are numerous third-party services and apps for Tesla that take advantage of mimicking what the official app is doing. This makes it challenging for us, as owners, to track which apps we’ve granted access to, what features they are using, and how to revoke access from them. Tesla has recently added a “Third Party” tab to their security settings, hinting at an official method to support these services. Hopefully, this will allow for more precise control, sharing of more data, and overall, an improved owner experience.

From issue #274

Tesla to add support for adaptive high-beams in existing vehicles

The Tesla is set to enable adaptive high-beam support in existing Model Y and Model 3 with matrix headlights. With this update, Tesla extends the functionality previously released in the new Model 3 to older models, enhancing nighttime driving visibility and safety. The approval currently covers the Model 3 and Model Y, with expectations that the Model S and Model X will receive similar updates later. This development follows Tesla’s ongoing efforts to retrofit advanced lighting technology across its vehicle lineup.
is generating as much expectation in China as it is in the USA.

From issue #303

Tesla to Introduce Apple Watch Support

Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla will be adding support for the Apple Watch, hinting at the possibility of using the watch as a car key. This update may include phone key support via Bluetooth and ultra-wideband for newer devices, enhancing convenience for Tesla owners. The integration could extend to Apple Watch widgets displaying Tesla information, reflecting Tesla’s innovative approach to vehicle access and information, despite being somewhat behind other manufacturers in smartwatch app development. Just give it to us, Elon!

From issue #307

Tesla to offer the option to have expanded visualization or not

New Expanded FSD Visualization toggle in 2020.44.10.2. It widens the visualization when FSD is active. Check out the video to see how it looks like (second 34").

From issue #138

Tesla update 2022.28 adds ability to minimize Tesla Theater

In the latests software update, you can now minimize the Tesla Theater in case you need to look at some other stuff at the same time, whithout having to fully close it.

From issue #232

Tesla update 2022.36 features a new Energy App, Supercharger popular times

2022.36 will notify you when your car has been left unlocked, historical usage of Supercharger with by the hour graph for you to know what to expect, and a brand new energy graph.

From issue #235

Tesla update 2022.44.2 release notes

Some interesting changes include the ability to select which cameras to use with Sentry Mode, as well as the option to adjust the clip length. Additionally, the new Energy app is now available in more regions.

From issue #245

Tesla update improves Automatic Emergency Braking safety

Tesla has released a new software update that improves the safety of the automatic emergency braking (AEB) system in its vehicles. The update adds the ability for the vehicle to stop when backing up and by increasing the top speed it can operate. Tesla owners can now benefit from an even safer driving experience with this new update.

From issue #265

Tesla updated the backend navigation data in the last 48-72 hours

In the videos linked by this Redditor, you can observe how their car altered its behavior without a new software update, potentially due to an update in the maps downloaded as the car drives.

From issue #265

Tesla updates Key Card access to no longer require placement on the center console to drive

All good things come in as software updates 🙂 It seems that in one of the newer releases the car doesn’t require you to put the key card on the center console to be able to turn it on. According to this article, the car has now a memory, around two minutes, and it allows you to turn on the car if you just unlocked it. Convenient!

From issue #179

Tesla updates mobile app with UI changes, adds new virtual chat assistant

Tesla updated its mobile app with a user interface refresh, streamlining navigation via a new hamburger icon and dropdown menus, making it simpler to manage your Tesla fleet and products. They’ve also rolled out a virtual chat assistant named ‘Tesla Assist,’ offering basic support within the app. It helps users with quick answers to frequently asked questions. For now, this is just done by searching the manual and related articles and is not AI-powered like ChatGPT, but one can assume it will be like that in the future.

From issue #306

Tesla vehicles are now scanning for potholes and rough roads to help avoid them

From the release notes in 2022.20 “Tesla Adaptive Suspension will now adjust ride height for an upcoming rough road section. This adjustment may occur at various locations, subject to availability, as the vehicle downloads rough road map data generated by Tesla vehicles.”

From issue #223

Tesla Vision and Cabin camera updates

Tesla started delivering the first vision only 3s and Ys and here are some interesting findings:

  • The cabin camera is also used to detect if the driver is distracted while using Autopilot
  • Autopilot hard limit is 75 for now
  • You can’t disable auto high beams while on AP
  • Summon and lane departure avoidance can’t be enabled at the moment
From issue #166

Tesla's $10B Investment in Training and In-Car Inference AI

AI training and inference is expensive. Elon mentioned on Twitter that Tesla is dedicating an impressive $10 billion this year to advance its combined training and inference. This massive investment is seen as a critical move, with Elon Musk suggesting that companies not investing at this level will struggle to stay competitive in the AI arena.

From issue #315

Tesla's 2023.26 Update: Enhanced HVAC and Camera Features

The Tesla 2023.26 update brings about several new features including improvements to the HVAC system and backup camera, discovered by user NinerByNature. The HVAC system now automatically lowers fan speed to reduce ambient noise during phone calls. The update also allows users to reposition the backup camera feed on the touchscreen based on personal preference

From issue #278

Tesla's 2023.38.8 Update: New Rear Seat Bluetooth and Easier Autosteer Activation

Tesla’s newest update, version 2023.38.8, brings two cool upgrades. First, it makes driving easier by allowing you to turn on Autosteer with just one pull of the gear stalk, matching the latest Model S and X cars. But note, that if you use this shortcut, you can’t activate cruise control with one pull. Second, backseat riders in the Model 3 get a treat—they can now pair up to two Bluetooth headphones to the rear screen for their own private audio, a feature that wasn’t there before for screens in the back.

From issue #292

Tesla's High Fidelity Vision Park Assist gains impressive accuracy

The owner just stopped when the car showed “stop,” and by measuring the distance, they found it was a bit over 12 inches from the garage door, pretty accurate!

From issue #310

Tesla's new Driver Drowsiness Warning feature counts yawns and blinks

Tesla has introduced a “Driver Drowsiness Warning” feature to assess driver fatigue by analyzing facial cues like yawning and blinking via the cabin-facing camera. The system also considers driving behavior, triggering an alert on the touchscreen and sounding an internal alarm if drowsiness indicators are detected. This feature activates when the car is driven over 40 mph without Autopilot engaged, and though it can be turned off, it reactivates with each new drive.

From issue #289

Tesla's new scroll wheel customizations

We’re excited to share a first look at Tesla’s latest feature, which allows users to customize the action associated with the left scroll wheel. This new feature is designed to enhance convenience when adjusting certain functions, and we think it will be a great addition for Tesla owners.

From issue #264

Tesla’s Elon Musk confirms V11 UI improvements after receiving owners’ feedback

Many owners have complained about the UX of the new V11 software, especially some functions like the driver profiles, wipers, etc. that are now headers to quickly access. In a reply to our fiend TeslaRaj, Elon said that many UI improvements are coming. Seems that the Tesla team has gotten the feedback from the community, loud and clear.

From issue #197

Teslas automatically open their windows and doors when submerged under water

This isn’t a new article, but it’s something I didn’t know, so I thought it was worth adding to the newsletter. During Hurricane Ian, it was revealed that Teslas have a lifesaving feature where the windows and doors automatically open when submerged in water. This isn’t about interior aesthetics; it’s about emergency escape and saving lives, though the feature isn’t unique to Tesla, as Audi and Porsche have had similar systems.

From issue #309

Tested driver monitoring on 2021.4.5.11

As we said above, Tesla’s firmware 2021.4.5.11 is now using the cabin camera to monitor the driver’s attention. In this video, the only new behavior happens when the driver is looking at his phone, the car is on Autopilot, and the car is close to other cars. When the driver was pretending to be asleep, looking through the window, or if cars weren’t around, they didn’t observe any difference in behavior.

From issue #166

TFSD Beta 10.10 release notes

FSD Beta v10.10 is here and it is great to see some of these improvements, especially the improved smoothness when stopping for crossing objects, I’ve noticed that my car doesn’t slam the breaks anymore when a car cuts in front of you at an intersection that isn’t close. The bad news is that they eliminated the rolling stops, even though the car only did them when it was 100% safe.

From issue #202

TFSD Beta v11 Release Notes

Some Tesla employees just got the FSD Beta v11 and part of the notes become available, not much was included there, but the summary is:

  • Enabled FSD Beta on the highway. Unifying the stack.
  • Improved Occupancy Network’s recall for close-by obstacles and precision in severe weather conditions.
From issue #242

The cabin camera is officially on (update 2020.24.6)

A few weeks ago @greentheonly revealed some unknowns about the cabin-camera. Now, with the latest software update 2020.24.6, Tesla has officially told us about it and they’re planning on using it to build safety features. In case you have privacy concerns, know that you can opt-in/out to share your cabin videos with Tesla.

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From issue #117

The Holiday Update is here!

The highly anticipated 2022 software update for Tesla vehicles has arrived, bringing a range of new features and improvements. Version 2022.44.25.1 includes:

  • The addition of Apple Music
  • Track mode for the Model Y Performance
  • Integration with MyQ to open and close your garage door
  • The ability for turn signals to automatically deactivate upon completing a lane change, fork, or merge.
  • The ability to confirm phone call transfers to the car’s Bluetooth
  • Remote lightshow and fart sound effects
From issue #246

The new neural networks (really well) explained

Jimmy_d made an awesome job at explaining to us mortals how the new Neural Networks pushed on 2018.10.04 work. The three main types he observed are called main, fisheye and repeater. “I believe main is used for both the main and narrow forward facing cameras, that fisheye is used for the wide angle forward facing camera, and that repeater is used for both of the repeater cameras.”- he says.

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From issue #1

The release notes for 2022.40.1

Changes include:

  • Sentry Mode with Dog Mode: now Dog Mode keeps Sentry activated.
  • Improved charging efficiency: Improved on-route preconditioning and charging efficiency.
  • Driver door unlock mode: With this mode, long pressing the interior driver door switch will unlock all doors and the trunk.
From issue #239

Tips for Tesla V11 UI

The WholeMarsBlog goes through some of the V11 UI changes, giving some great tips, like using the stalk to bring the quick controls.

From issue #197

Track mode software update for the refreshed S

Elon didn’t specify if this will be for the Plaid only or for the LR as well. After all, the LR has both the insane and the drag strip mode. Exciting!

From issue #181

Transfer audio to vehicle

It’s annoying when calls transfer to the car when you might not want that, maybe you are still not getting into the car, maybe your significant other is taking the car somewhere, etc. In a future software update, Tesla is adding a feature that will show a prompt on the screen so you can choose to transfer the audio from your phone to your car.

From issue #243

Trip planner SoC predictions getting better

For me, the SoC predictions were a bit too conservative; for others like Greentheonly, it’s the other way around. It seems that they have gotten way more accurate in recent versions.

From issue #177

Turning biodefense mode from the app?

John from TOSV asked and Elon confirmed. In the future, it would be great if Tesla turns it on automatically based on the quality of the air. Honestly, with all these wildfires, I’m waiting for Tesla to release the retrofit to the Model Y.

From issue #179

UI for Applying the brakes when regen braking is limited

A few releases ago, Tesla introduced this setting, which allows the car to simulate regen braking when regenerative braking is limited, e.g. when it is cold, or when your battery can’t get more energy. In this image from DirtyTesla, we can see how the UI differentiates between the regen braking (green) and the brakes (darker gray).

From issue #233

Undocumented changes in 2022.20 - Return of the arrival SoC in the overview

Finally! Tesla is moving the arrival SoC back to the overview, where it belongs. No more expanding directions just to see that information. Yes!

From issue #223

Upcoming network update and 2FA

It seems to me that Tesla is getting ready to enhance their security infrastructure and support 2FA. Back in November, Elon said on Twitter they were making changes to their core operating system so they could introduce 2FA. Now, they have been sending in-car notifications to owners running very old versions of the firmware so they update by May 2020. The in-car notification specifically mentions security enhancements “The Tesla network is undergoing enhancements for increased security.”

From issue #99

Upcoming software update 2020.32

While 2020.28.6 is rolling out with bug fixes, 2020.32 will be coming soon introducing some interesting new things (I’m guessing Model X owners will particularly like the first one):

  • Get notifications on your phone when your car is left open (yay!)
  • Suspension settings improvements
  • Notifications history improvements
From issue #123

Upcoming Tesla feature: Free access to public hotspots from, AT&T, Comcast, Orange, and more

Twitter user Analytic_ETH has been able to enable this feature, which now is in the firmware but disabled. Once enabled, you can just select the relevant network and the car will connect.

From issue #213

Upcoming Tesla update will allow you to choose a custom car color

Great news for those of you out there with a wrap. In a software version released to Teslas in China, owners can now customize the color of their car and that will reflect in the mobile app and the in-car display. Now, if you have one of those changing color wraps, like my friend Rafael (aka Teslatino), I don’t think you will be able to reflect that in there.

From issue #201

Upcoming update to cut Sentry Mode power use by 40%

Tesla is planning to release a software update in Q2 to reduce the energy consumption of Sentry Mode by roughly 40%, following user concerns over the feature’s ‘vampire drain’ on batteries. Senior VP Drew Baglino affirmed the energy-saving initiative, which will help extend battery life for Tesla owners, especially when parked for long periods. Tesla and its executives keep paying close attention to user feedback and experiences and use OTA updates to refine vehicle features and functionality.

From issue #306

v11 tougher than expected

In response to John’s inquiry about FSD v11.3, Elon stated that while the development of v11 has proven to be more challenging than expected, he still anticipates shipping it by the end of the week. v11 will feature a unified stack (FSD and Autopilot), a substantial re-architecture of the NNs, and the replacement of C++ code responsible for controlling the vehicle with the NNs’ outputs. If I were to receive a dollar for every time that the release of v11 was said to be only a few days or weeks away, I would certainly have a few dollars. 😁

From issue #253

v12.3 beta introduces 'Actually Smart Summon'

Well-known Tesla hacker and tinkerer Greentheonly found that the most recent FSD beta (v12.3) introduces an ‘Actually Smart Summon’ feature, although there isn’t any announcement in the release notes, and I’m not sure it can be used yet.

From issue #309

V9 FSD Beta will come with new FSD visuals

We already knew about this, but Elon confirmed it again on Twitter. The new UI will “show actual probability distribution of objects – true mind’s eye of the neural net”. I wonder how this would look like, I believe the more that we know what the car is recognizing the more that we will be able to supervise the car, but it might be that at a certain point it is too much, at least for some. I’m excited to discover what Tesla came up with.

From issue #162

V9.2 patch notes

This is what release notes should be, and not “minor bug fixes and improvements”. Thank you, Elon, for tweeting the internal release notes.

From issue #177

Visualisation V12 - Fresh UI Update

Cool new visualization, I love that now you can pause the trunk close it midway.

From issue #314


New version 2021.40.5 comes with waypoints. I haven’t seen them in action but I’m excited, this has been one of the most requested features and Tesla finally delivered. Now, it would be amazing if they can do some predetermined routes with them, e.g. in the morning I do drop off of my two kids in two different schools, it would be great to get to my car and get the route with both stops already punched in. What do you think Tesla?

From issue #190

What is the new firmware 2021.12.25?

It seems like 2021.12.25 will bring in-car purchases for EAP, FSD, and rear-heated seats. One interesting addition is “Autoraise suspension on rough terrain”, for cars with air suspension obviously. I remember this feature mentioned in the onboarding videos when I bought my first Tesla (Model S) in 2017, and that only just now has become a reality.

From issue #173

What's in Tesla's software update 2019.36.1

Tesla started (and already stopped) releasing 2019.36.1. This release is one of the biggest in terms of excitement about the features being made available, but it’s also quite complex to understand who gets what since different motors, AP hardware, and other stuff play an important part in it. We created a comprehensive guide to summary what is in the release and what your Tesla will get, we hope you find it helpful!

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From issue #84

What's in Tesla's software update 2019.40.1.1

2019.40.1.1 started rolling out on November 27th, here are the highlights:

  • Model 3 Standard Range and Standard Range Plus have now a charging rate of up to 170 kW, while the Mid Range can go up to 200 kW
  • Automatic wiper improvements
  • Automatic lane change improvements

As of today, it seems Tesla has stopped the rollout of this version. We’ll keep updating this article as we get new information.

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From issue #88

What's in Tesla's software update 2019.40.50.1

2019.40.50.1 dropped just on time for Christmas Eve and it comes with a bunch of new stuff:

  • Driving visualization improvements (HW3 only)
  • Voice commands
  • Read and respond to text messages using the right scroll wheel button
  • Camp Mode
  • Voice Keyboard
  • TRAX v0.1
  • and more

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From issue #91

What's new in beta 2018.21

Tesla release versions odd numbers have historically been betas only pushed to a handfull number of users (3 - 5 according to Teslafi) under an NDA. Last time that a beta was rolled out was a few weeks before the NN rewrote, so we have high hopes that this one includes something big as well. The lucky ones who have rooted their Tesla are dropping some bits of info on TMC, see below (Thanks BigD0g and dennis_d for all the info!):

  • Screen showing blind spot messages and detection (read more)
  • Improvement on how AP handles road dividers (read more)
  • AP2 running 2018.21 showing cars in adjacent lanes (ala AP1) (video)
Read more: [TMC Forum]( From issue #10

With 2022.20.5 variable speed limit signs in the UK are being recognized

Tesla released the speed sign recognition a few months ago in the US, but with 2022.20.5, they introduced it in Europe. In the video, this Tesla owner shows their car changing speed accordingly to one of their variable speed limit signs.

From issue #224

You can buy upgrades now directly from your car

Be careful tho, no pin or extra confirmation is required. In this tweet, you can see it is possible to disable in-car upgrades in case you are worried about someone else purchasing them (like Turo renters or your significant other 😇).

From issue #193

Your Tesla can now self-diagnose problems while scheduling service appointments

When requesting a service appointment in certain categories, now the app triggers the car diagnostics and informs you when a fault is present and service is required.

From issue #225