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[Pics] Model Y computer upgrades

Greentheonly has been tinkering with a Model Y computer and shared on Twitter that it’s actually different than the Model 3. For example, the autopilot-infotainment link got upgraded to 1GB from 100mbps. Some pretty in-depth details being discussed in this Reddit thread.

From issue #108

[Video] Model Y - Tesla's Ventilator

Tesla Engineering has published an update on the Tesla ventilator to help hospitals taking care of patients with COVID-19. Amazing to see the Model 3 center display touchscreen, infotainment computer, and vehicle controllers, powering a ventilator. By utilizing car parts Tesla is aiming to not take away from medical supplies. Way to go, Tesla!

From issue #106

A code optimization that goes from running in 13 secs to 0.02, woot?!

Although we don’t know what it really refers to, we got really excited with this tweet by Andrej Karpathy, Tesla’s Director of AI. I guess we’re that kind of nerd.

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From issue #5

Cybertruck’s steel body can be heated to get different colors

A few days ago Elon Musk said on Twitter that Cybertruck’s cold-rolled steel body could be heated to get different colors. It’s probably a long shot and most likely Tesla won’t be offering the Cybertruck in colors (at least initially, we think), but it’s good to know the option is there and maybe at some point or someone will come up with an aftermarket solution.

From issue #122

How Tesla key cards actually work

[Nerd post alert] Have you ever asked yourself how the NFC cards for the Model 3 actually work? This Reddit user has reversed-engineered his Tesla NFC card and discovered a bunch of information about it. First and most importantly, these cards are pretty secure; the other finding that I think is interesting is that the author believes he can use the Tesla key card to authenticate in other devices, like building access.

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From issue #84

Imagining a Tesla App for iWatch

Rehan Butt has created a bunch of mockups for a possible Tesla App for the Apple Watch. Honestly it looks pretty cool, I hope someone at Tesla sees them and gets inspired to prioritize something like this!

See more: Tesla Watch App

From issue #35

Inside the Tesla Gigafactory 📹

Cool look at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada, definitely worth watching!

From issue #121

News about platform regulation in Europe

Seems that the European Commissioner and Elon had a chat, and hopefully this means that Tesla has a clear way of taking their Autopilot and FSD to Europe in the same way that it works in the US.

From issue #215

Radio station or podcast stored in your profile

Marc Benton shared that the same radio that he was listening to in his Model 3 was saved when driving his wife’s Y. If this is Tesla linking profiles to accounts maybe they do it based on the phone key paired, maybe in a different way? I have to say this is the first time I’ve heard about this, and it’s great that Tesla is starting some synchronization between cars.

From issue #156

Software update 2018.24 - How is it deployed, encrypted, etc

High level explanation of how new software releases are handled by greentheonly. Pretty cool thread (for us dorks :P).

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From issue #14

Specifications of all Teslas

Really useful if you are shopping for a used Tesla or want to know what exactly is in the Tesla that you own.

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From issue #47

Tesla and Agile Hardware

Great video, it explains how Tesla manages 27 production changes per week per model, something that has made them resilient to the chip shortage and is allowing them to continuously evolve. I have to say the video has some annoying background music and that the format is kind of weird, but the content is really good.

From issue #184

Tesla comprehensive timeline visualized

Pretty cool visalization of the different Tesla models and their updates and feature rollouts.

From issue #48

Tesla controls iOS volume

New on 2019.28, the car now controls the volume of our iPhone if connected via bluetooth. Small details that makes it more convenient.

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From issue #73

Tesla expands Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) test operator team worldwide

Tesla is looking for testers for its Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in Toronto, Barcelona, Paris, and Milan, which seems to be an effort to spend their testing in cities with heavy traffic and a variety of new situations.

From issue #168

Tesla glass

Sneak peek inside’s Tesla’s Design Studio to see how Tesla glass is made.

From issue #182

Tesla is porting Unity into their cars

Elon tweeted that Tesla is actually porting Unity and seems it’s in the plans to port the Unreal Engine too. Unity is a popular game engine, a piece of software that game creators use to build their games on top of it. Some of the most popular games built on Unity are Kerbal Space Program, Wasteland 2, and Assassin’s Creed: Identity. This would open the door to many more games to reach our cars - assuming that Tesla lets other people release games - or at least would make it easier for Tesla to develop or port many more games.

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From issue #60

Tesla patents a system to automate turn signaling

Tesla has patented a system that by using onboard sonar, cameras, and steering wheel, is capable of automatically turning on the blinkers.

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From issue #24

Tesla received approval to install short-range interactive motion-sensing radar in its vehicles

The FCC granted Tesla permission to install these radars in its cars. They could be used to know if a child is left in the car and in general, for much more detailed passenger monitoring.

From issue #161

Tesla to provide 2FA for our Tesla accounts

I use 2FA in all the accounts whenever it’s available, and you should too (at least on most important accounts like email). Security is important and even more when it can reveal your location, turn on your car, etc. Let’s hope Tesla adds 2FA soon!

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From issue #59

Upcoming network update and 2FA

It seems to me that Tesla is getting ready to enhance their security infrastructure and support 2FA. Back in November, Elon said on Twitter they were making changes to their core operating system so they could introduce 2FA. Now, they have been sending in-car notifications to owners running very old versions of the firmware so they update by May 2020. The in-car notification specifically mentions security enhancements “The Tesla network is undergoing enhancements for increased security.”

From issue #99