What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.32.2

What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.32.2

Tesla’s latest software update, 2020.32.2, has been rolling out for a couple of days now. I know some Model X owners who’re going to be really happy with this update since it introduces notifications (via mobile app) when the car is left open for over 10 minutes. It also brings some follow-up improvements on the Suspension changes introduced in 2020.28. Really happy to see Model S and Model X owners are not forgotten 😀

These are the release notes from Tesla’s version 2020.32.2 in the US (Model S):

What's new in the 2020.32.2 update

Here’s what’s new compared to the previous version, 2020.28:

  • Tesla Powerwall Coordination. Your car coordinates with Powerwall for enhanced charging during a power outage. You can set up a threshold, and during a power outage, your car will charge from the Powerwall whenever it is above the threshold set.
  • Car Left Open Notifications. If any door, frunk, or trunk are left open for over 10 minutes, a notification will be sent. If all doors are locked but windows are open, a notification will be sent. As it happens with other features (e.g. Sentry Mode) you can disable notifications while at home. I’ve wanted this featutre for a long time, thank you Tesla!
  • Close Windows on Lock. Your car can now automatically roll up your windows when it is locked. So Model 3/Y owners won’t usually receive notifications on windows open, I guess 😉
  • Suspension Improvements. In addition to the improvements introduced to better support both temporary and more permanent heights, 2020.32.2 will show real-time visualizations of how the suspension system is dynamically adjusting each wheel’s damping to account for changing road conditions.
  • Notifications History. The improvements introduced make it easier to review current and past notifications in your Tesla’s screen.
  • Third-Party Charging Stations. When charging at a third-party CCS Combo 2 charging station, the charge port will now automatically unlatch once charging has stopped and your car is unlocked to allow easy removal of the charge cable.

Who gets what

Feature Model Requirements Where
Tesla Powerwall Coordination All models Offgrid charging US, Canada, Mexico, Japan
Car Left Open Notifications All models none Everywhere
Close Windows on Lock Model 3, Model Y none Everywhere
Suspension Improvements Model S, Model X Adaptive air control (Raven) Everywhere
Notifications History All models none Everywhere
Third-Party Charging Stations Model 3, Model S, Model X CCS port/adapter and/or EU chargeport Everywhere but US

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