Tesla Arcade lets you play video games in your car. It is only available in Tesla cars with MCU 2. Tesla Mode X and S owners who purchased their cars before March 2018 are looking forward to an MCU 2 retrofit in order to be able to play games and watch Netflix in their cars, however, this has only been confirmed by Elon Musk on Twitter for now.

Tesla Arcade includes popular video games loved by all such as «Super Breakout», «Cuphead», «Centipede», «Missile Command», «Lunar Lander», «Beach Buggy Racing 2», «Fallout Shelter», «Asteroids», and «Tempest».

Past Tesletter articles

2019.12 - Updated browser, software on demand, new games and more

2019.12 has been released to a few cars - surprisingly 2018.8.X is still releasing - and it brings a tesla browser, more Atari games, and the highly expected feature to download new software on demand. Honestly, reading the release notes we can’t tell if going forward we are going to be able to ask our car to download the newest software or if it would need Tesla to stage it as they do now. If is the later, I guess this is useful for folks not always on wifi or to know if something is wrong with your car and you should call your SC, but if is the former, we are really looking forward to it!

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From issue #54

First look at Tesla v10 release notes: Here’s what’s coming

v10 got released to folks in the Early Access Program a few days ago, here’s what’s new:

  • Tesla Theater: As Elon advanced on Twitter, Tesla are getting Netflix and YouTube through dedicated apps
  • Caraoke: Card + Karaoke = Caraoke. This feature allows users to sign along their favorite tracks. According to the release notes, this feature is only available while in park. We think it’d be fun to have it while driving too, for passengers only of course
  • Cuphead: Tesla Arcade is getting some serious games, Cuphead was announced a while ago and now is hitting the cars
  • I’m feeling lucky / I’m feeling hungry: As we advanced a few weeks ago thanks to greentheonly, these two options are now part of the navigation
  • Maps improvements: When searching for a destination the autocomplete now shows the distance to the place
  • Sentry mode improvements: Sentry mode now records videos in a new folder to easily distinguish between Sentry recorded videos and Dashcam videos that you saved. It also overrides older Sentry videos when full
  • Joe Mode: Quieter chimes to avoid waking up your Joe’s family
  • Driving visuals: Additional objects, lane lines, and adjust the zoom and viewing angle
  • Automatic lane change: The visualization now displays where the car is going

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From issue #77

Interview to Elon Musk and Todd Howard

Interesting interview to Elon and Todd Howard (The Elder Scrolls, Fallout) about games and Tesla. This interview includes a first look at Cuphead and Beach Buggy Racing 2 running on a Model 3. If you are into games at all, I recommend you to check it out!

BTW, Tesla just announced their event ‘Experience the Tesla Arcade’ in all showroooms from now until the end of the month. You can bring your friends and family to a Tesla showroom to experience the new Tesla Arcade by RSVPing here.

From issue #64

Play every PC game in your Tesla

RainwayApp brings you the joy of being able to play any PC game you want in your Tesla (while parked). You’ll need to create a ‘Dashboard’ in a PC (just once) to be able to access the games from any browser. Including your Tesla’s.

From issue #102

Tesla Arcade wireless controller

These two work great for the games and you don’t have to have wires all over:

From issue #82

Tesla is porting Unity into their cars

Elon tweeted that Tesla is actually porting Unity and seems it’s in the plans to port the Unreal Engine too. Unity is a popular game engine, a piece of software that game creators use to build their games on top of it. Some of the most popular games built on Unity are Kerbal Space Program, Wasteland 2, and Assassin’s Creed: Identity. This would open the door to many more games to reach our cars - assuming that Tesla lets other people release games - or at least would make it easier for Tesla to develop or port many more games.

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From issue #60

Tesla is pressing full steam ahead on a number of high priority features

According to greentheonly and after him taking a look at 2019.32, «feeling lucky» nav mode and «downloadable game packs» are nearly complete. According to the code that he saw there is also a new feature called «Smart AC Charging» coming soon too!

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From issue #74

Tesla to add chess to Tesla Arcade

According to Tesla’s Twitter account, last week they started rolling out chess to their Arcade Games. The new firmware also adds support for two controllers to Beach Buggy Racing.

From issue #70

v9 is coming and has a bunch of features

A recent tweetstorm from Elon talked about the following being included on the v9 of the firmware:

From issue #19