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Heated wipers coming soon to the Tesla Model 3/Y in China

A feature that used to be exclusive to the Model S is about to make its way to the 2022 Model 3 and Model Y in China – heated wipers. If the past is a window into the future, we should expect to see this in a few months in the US-made Model 3s and Ys.

From issue #197

MIC Model 3 will soon come from the factory with 'Full Chrome Delete'

According to some docs filed by Tesla China, the Model 3 will soon come with full a black trim. This is exactly how the Model Y comes here in North America, maybe Tesla will make modifications to the Model 3 here in NA to be like that too. If you ask me, I think the black trim makes it look sportier and I really like it.

From issue #126

MIC Tesla Model Y now comes standard with cargo cover

As an owner of a Model Y, I have to say I really like Tesla adding that. If you have a Model Y and want a cargo cover our friends at Evannex sell one, use the code TESLETTER to get a $10 discount.

From issue #190

Model 3 MIC LR AWD and Performance announced

Tesla has announced the prices for the new MIC Model 3 AWD LR and Performance models (prices below are before subsidies):

  • LR AWD - RMB 366,550 (52,000 USD)
  • Performance - RMB 419,800 (59,500 USD)

This seems to be a good move to make the Model 3 MIC more competitive, since the price of the Long Range version is ‘only’ 13% more than the Standard Range version. In the US, the cost of the Model 3 LR is 25% more than the SR+ version.

From issue #107

Model Y MIC ahead of schedule

The first Model Y made in China has been spotted. Tesla started taking Model Y orders in China just three months ago and deliveries were supposed to start, at the earliest, the first few months of 2021. This may be changing now? Incredible that the Giga 3 started construction just at the beginning of 2019.

From issue #127

Model Y MIC announced

Elon flew to China for the first Model 3 deliveries to public customers but before that he announced the beginning of the Model Y project in China. What we understand is that Tesla is now going to start building the production lines and all the stuff needed to produce Model Y MIC as they do with Model 3s right now.

Read more: Teslarati

From issue #93

Model Y MIC introduces two major updates

According to this report on Twitter, the model Y from China comes with a longer rear seat, 30mm, for better leg support. It also has an emergency mechanical door handle, probably similar to what the doors in the front have, although I wish they did it a bit less obvious so folks don’t use it accidentally. Based on past changes, we will probably see these changes in other Model Ys in a few months.

From issue #238

MY MIC now with the MCU 3

This is the first time we see a Model 3 or Y with the new MCU and it is MIC. The previous MCU, aka MUC2, came with an Intel Atom A3950, while the MCU3 is an AMD Ryzen. There is a side-by-side comparison in the next article below.

From issue #192

Software Update 2020.48.10 in China

New map visualizations spotted after Tesla’s latest software update in China (2020.48.10). The exit visualization looks really similar to the navigation when I got my Model S, before Tesla decided to implement their own. I wonder if this is going to be China-only or rollout to the rest. What do you think, yay or nay?

From issue #141

Some new photos of the new wooden trim on the door panels from the 2021 MIC M3

Here there are new photos of the 2021 MIC M3 with the wooden trims on the doors, I’m personally not sure if I like it or not, what do you think?

From issue #152

Tesla adds cargo hooks to the rear trunk of Made-in-China Model Y, Parcel Shelf added to owner’s manual

Recently, some folks in the Tesla community in Spain were asking about cargo hooks in the Y. According to them, those are required when the trunk doesn’t have a shelf or any other separation from the cabin. A recent update to the owner’s manual now states that the rear trunk area in the Model Y includes four hooks as well as a cargo cover.

From issue #199

Tesla China design team recruit video

In the video, we can see Franz von Holzhausen approached by a person who shows him a design while he replies ‘who did this?’. It is known that Tesla wants to design at least one car in each new factory (at least in Giga Shanghai and in Giga Berlin) and, of course, they need to recruit the best talent to achieve this. Is this going to be the team designing the new $25k Tesla?

From issue #159

Tesla China is subtly flexing the MIC Model 3's stellar build quality

Cool closeup pictures showing how good the quality of the Model 3 MIC is.

From issue #95

Tesla China-designed new model from Giga Shanghai is moving forward, gov doc shows

Tesmanian reports that Tesla got the permit for a “new model early launch project”, maybe the compact Tesla MIC is closer to be a reality than what we think.

From issue #150

Tesla equips China-made Model Y with a new airbag for extra safety

Tesla is continuously iterating on all fronts, but one of the most important ones for the company is safety. This week, Tesla China introduced a new airbag for extra safety in their Model Y, and as with other changes before, we can assume we will see something similar in cars from the other factories.

From issue #228

Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai

Cool video from Tesla China showing the factory producing a car from start to finish.

From issue #179

Tesla obtains approval on Model Y Made in China

Tesla has received approval from the Chinese government to register its new Model Y made in China, which means they are ready to start production soon. Deliveries of the Model Y MIC are planned for early 2021.

From issue #137

Tesla plans to build original cars both in Berlin and Shanghai

It’s not the first time that Elon Musk shares on social media their plans to build a new Model Y in Berlin different than the one being built in the US. It seems Berlin is not the only Giga where Tesla plans to build original cars, what I wonder is if he was referring to the new compact model announced at the Battery Day, something else, or maybe both?

From issue #131

Tesla removes the daily/trip charging recommendation to 80% in the Model 3 MIC

The first Model 3 MIC has been delivered in Europe and, since you can always charge it to 100%, Tesla removed the daily/trip recommendation.

From issue #141

Tesla reverts some V11 UI changes in the latest software update in China

In the newest software update in China (2022.2.1), Tesla reverted some of the UI changes introduced with v11. In the new version the driver profile, dashcam, and sentry mode are back on the top dock and the Supercharger icon is back on the main navigation screen. Good to see some of these already trickling down.

From issue #201

USA Model 3 interior now matches the MIC Model 3 interior with an updated door design

Tesla has updated its configurator to reflect on the new Model 3 interior with the white trim. I personally like it with the white panel better, what do you think?

From issue #159