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Future feature: WiFi garage door opening

A few months ago, Tesla stopped including Homelink in all their cars and made it available to purchase after delivery. Just this week, Elon said on Twitter that soon the car will be able to open a WiFi garage door- obviously for ‘smart’ garage doors. This seems great given that Homelink costs $300 on the Tesla store. WiFi remote openers sell for about $40 and full on WiFi garage door openers for $200.

From issue #106

Open your garage door using Summon on the mobile app

If your car has HomeLink configured and the geolocation is properly set to your driveway, you can use use HomeLink form the Tesla mobile app to open and close your garage door, directly from the Summon screen. There is a catch tho, you need to be within certain distance of your car - the same distance to actually use Summon - for the icon to be active.

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From issue #67