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The Model S is Tesla's all-electric sedan introduced in 2012. All Model S have Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive, adaptive air suspension, premium interior and sound. The Long Range version starts at $74,990 and offers 402 miles of range. The Performance version starts at $94,990 and offers 348 miles of range.

If you're a Model S owner, check out our list of top accessories for the Model S. To learn more about Tesla's Model S, visit their website here.

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2017 Model S 75

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How much does it cost to fix a Model S door handle?

October 12, 2020

After almost three years of ownership, the door handle of my Model S (driver's door) recently broke. Here's how much it cost to fix it and how much it can cost if you're no longer covered by Tesla's basic warranty.

Tesla Model S Plaid

September 23, 2020

The Tesla Model S Plaid comes equipped with a tri-motor powertrain, 200 mph of top speed, over 520 miles of range, and able to go from 0 to 60 mph in less than 2 seconds. Available to pre-order since Sep. 22nd. Deliveries to start in late 2021. Starting at $139,990.

What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.12

March 13, 2020

Update 3/27: 2020.12.1 started rolling out on March 25th. Our Model S just finished downloading version 2020.12, which means we're officially skipping the update 2020.8.1. Here's what's new and who gets what.

All about the Model S and Model X Long Range Plus versions

March 6, 2020

The Tesla Model S and Model X Long Range Plus come with a range boost that gets them up to 390 miles and 351 miles on a single charge respectively.

Top accessories for your Model S

October 29, 2019

If you just got delivery of your Model S you may be asking yourself what are the best accessories to get for your Tesla. As a Model S owner, I’m going to share the most useful accessories to get you started with.

Tesla Raven Model S and Model X

October 22, 2019

What is Tesla Raven? In April 2019 Tesla introduced new versions of both Model S and Model X- codenamed as 'Raven'- which included a new adaptative suspension system and an overall increase in range. In February 2020, Tesla announced new EPA range estimates for the Raven Long Range Plus versions.

I hit a pole with my Tesla Model S. Here's how much it cost to fix it

April 21, 2019

Hitting a pole with our Tesla Model S ended up costing around $5,800. The two quotes that we got were very different: from our insurance company ($2,600) and from a Tesla certified body shop ($6,200).

Videos about Model s

Past Tesletter articles

“going to plaid” animation?

Thanks, Trevor, for publishing this. We, in fact, saw that when they first introduced the new Roadster and gave folks test rides.

From issue #165

[Pics] Tesla Model Y vs Model S heated seats: Thermal imaging temperature test

DAErik, a well known Tesla Youtuber who owns a Model Y and a Model S, has used a FLIR thermal camera to check out the differences between the Model Y and the Model S in-heat heater’s layout:

  • The Model Y front seats reached temperatures consistently throughout the seats while the Model S the backrest warmers reached lower temperatures than the ‘but warmers’
  • The Model Y back middle seat doesn’t have full heating, the Model S does

Ok, the first one explains a lot… 😂

From issue #108

[Video] Upgrading a Model S 75D

Rich Rebuilds swaps the battery, the motor, and the computer of a Model S 75D and replaces it from the ones from a P100D. Pretty insane.

From issue #108

110 kWh packs and 400+ range coming for S and X?

Jason Hughes discovered some interesting bits buried inside the Tesla BMS firmware. Tesla has made changes to fit 108 cell groups and there is a ‘packid’ that states that the pack can be ~109 kWh.

Potentially, these changes come from removing the modules that as Elon stated, make an enclosure, in an enclosure, in an enclosure, and get back some space.

Read more: Twitter

From issue #99

2018.24.1 brings summon, WiFi, and cabin overheat protection to the Model 3

The latest software update brings these long-waited features to the M3 in addition to speed limit mode and TACC on-ramp off-ramp released for MX and MS as well.

Read more about 2018.24.1

From issue #14

2018.32.2.1 introduced lane departure avoidance and emergency lane departure avoidance for Model S and Model X

This has been out for several weeks for Model 3 but just got released for Model S and Model X. Thanks Sofiaan!

Read more: Twitter

From issue #77

2019 Tesla Model S LR review: Looks can be deceiving

Good summary about the new goodies in the new 2019 Tesla Model S (Raven). Even though I’d recommend you to skip to 1:30 and to ignore the comments about how outdated the interior looks, I still think it’s a good video about the new features added to the car.

From issue #66

2022 Tesla Model S Plaid First Test: 0–60 MPH in 1.98 seconds

Following Tesla’s instructions, using a prepped surface, MotorTrend was able to get a stunning 1.98 seconds in the 0-60mph. MotorTrend usually measures all their cars in normal conditions, in those the Tesla Plaid S did 0 to 60 mph in just 2.07 seconds, not bad!

From issue #169

2024.3.15 brings FSD v12 to the new Model 3 and Legacy Model S and X

Tesla’s latest software update, 2024.3.15, is expanding FSD v12 to include legacy Models S and X, along with the new Model 3. v12 replaces 300k+ lines of explicit C++ for a single end-to-end neural network.

From issue #312

All Model X and Model S will soon work with no key if your phone pairs with Bluetooth

It seems like the actual key fob also uses Bluetooth since September 2016 (see Electrek’s post about this), so I assume both the S and the X have the appropriate antennas to power using the phone as the key.

Read more: Twitter

From issue #7

Apple Music integration confirmed

The Model S Long Range at the Petersen Museum running 2022.40.50 comes with Apple Music. Those of you who’ve been waiting for it should expect it as part of the holiday release around the end of the year.

From issue #243

Beast Mode: Model S Track Pack

Tesla has released a video showcasing the “Beast Mode” of the Model S Plaid Track Pack. This pack unlocks a top speed of 200 mph and provides high-speed stability, maximum cornering force, and repeatable stopping power.

While I don’t own a Model S Plaid and probably won’t ever opt for the track pack, I absolutely enjoy watching these amazing videos.

From issue #270

Biggest Announcements from Battery Day

Tesla did not disappoint. Plans are aggressive, but realistic IMO. A good and short summary from The Verge: “The company’s moves toward eliminating cobalt in its batteries, a new Plaid powertrain for the Model S that could get to speeds of 200 mph, and a new cathode plant to streamline its battery production. And, with the new battery technology, Musk has said Tesla will make a $25,000 car.” Very proud to be a stockholder!

From issue #130

Calculate your loan (M3 vs. MS)

Model S or Model 3, which one should you get? Use this comparison spreadsheet to compare costs. Thanks nberardi!

Read more: Spreadsheet - Reddit

From issue #11

Cars made after November also have a push center for horn

Many refreshed S and X owners have complained about the horn and how difficult it was to activate it during an emergency (although you can smash the right side as the video above shows). This is changing for newer owners, all owners of refreshed S and X made after November will be able to just push the center for horn, Tesla just needs to send the update.

From issue #206

Comparing side mirrors blind spots - American vs European Tesla MS

This video is an oldie but goodie. As Europeans driving in the US we thought that blind spots in the US were bigger because lanes are wider. It turns out that there is a pretty big difference between the side mirrors in the American and European Tesla Model S too.

From issue #21

Cyberpunk and the Witcher are still coming to the refreshed S and X

Tesla showcased the Cyberpunk at the Model S delivery event, but it wasn’t until this week that we heard an update about it. Elon confirmed he is hoping they get released next quarter. According to Elon, the team is debating between making individual games work well or directing those efforts towards generalized gaming simulation.

From issue #195

Delivery estimate from Model S Plaid+ changes to mid 2022

It used to say end of 2021 and now it’s mid 2022. I’m not sure if demand is really high or if they are just delaying it, interesting nonetheless.

From issue #155

Don't forget to change your cabin filter

Tesla recommends replacing your cabin filters after 2 years of use. However, sometimes it needs to be replaced earlier due to a nasty smell (I’ve heard people refer to it both as a vinegar smell and a stinky sock) that is known to appear in the Model 3. And if you happen to be in the market for new filters, I recommend these HEPA cabin filters with activated charcoal to combat bad odors.

From issue #121

Driving 1000 miles in 3 cars: Gas vs. electric

A Tesla, a Mustang Mach-E, and a gas car, go on 1000 miles loop. Which one do you think will be the fastest? I agree with the top comment on the video, they should have charged the EVs overnight when they stopped at the hotel, it is part of the benefits.

From issue #181

Efficiency package and mechanical horn

According to findings in the source code by Greentheonly, we can expect the Model Y, S, and X to have an “efficiency package” in 2024 and the Model S and X to get a new steering wheel, as well as the yoke featuring a mechanical horn, instead of the button one that it currently has.

From issue #299

Everything you need to know about Model S wheels

Base model, upgrades, prices, and colors. Which ones are you getting next?

Read more: Tsportline

From issue #23

FeynLab Self Heal Lite & PPF install in a Model S Plaid

[Sponsored] In case you missed this, check out a brand new Model S Plaid getting the best protection with a PPF front coverage and FeynLab Self Heal Lite ceramic coating installs to keep its dark paint looking its absolute best– long-term. (Pst! Check out Feynlab’s Self Heal Plus).

From issue #229

First impressions about ventilated seats

Thank you HandleX for sharing!

  • The perforations are only in the middle of the seats and not on the side bolsters.
  • The perforation (hole) design has been totally reworked (according to OA). New design pictures below.
  • The 2nd and 3rd rows will also have perforations to match the fronts, but with no air flow mechanism.
  • The design draws (sucks) heat away. Two other people could also feel the difference
From issue #14

First known photos of the Model S Plaid and the refreshed Model X

This week it’s all about the Model S and X refresh. Lots of videos and pictures being shared online. Here are some of the refreshed Model X. Can’t see much but… I’m excited, what can I say?

From issue #153

First look at Tesla’s adaptive suspension for the Model S and X refresh

One of the recent additions for the Model S and X is the adaptive suspension. According to Tesla, this new suspension uses a predictive model to anticipate how the damping will need to be adjusted based on the road, speed, and other vehicle and driver inputs. Now that new owners are getting their hands on these new cars, greater information about it is going out. Here is a table of how the new suspension compares in terms of efficiency to the old one.

One of the recent additions for the Model S and X is the adaptive suspension. According to Tesla, this new suspension uses a predictive model to anticipate how the damping will need to be adjusted based on the road, speed, and other vehicle and driver inputs. Now that new owners are getting their hands on these new cars, greater information about it is going out. Here is a table of how the new suspension compares in terms of efficiency to the old one. [Watch the video on Youtube]

Read more: Teslarati

From issue #61

Free unlimited Supercharging for new Model S and Model X

Tesla is giving people an incentive to get a new Model S / X over a new Model 3 by throwing unlimited Supercharging in the mix. We have no idea how long this offer is going to last but if we use the past to predict the future it’s probably going to be there at least for the rest of Q3.

If you are purchasing a new Tesla and need a referral code, we would be honored if you use ours

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From issue #71

Fremont Police Dept. releases uplifting EV pilot program results

In March 2019, the Fremont Police Department began testing a Tesla Model S 85 that was customized for patrol operations. Testing ended one year later and just this week the test results were released. Here’s a quick summary of the most relevant results:

  • It exceeded performance and operational objectives
  • It withstood the rigors of police use requiring minimal maintenance
  • Although the cost was higher than conventional police vehicles, maintenance/repair and fuel savings appears to balance or slightly reduce the overall operating cost
From issue #139

FSD subscription will require HW3

Up until now, you could purchase FSD and the price would include the hardware upgrade. However, it looks like the subscription won’t behave the same way and it will require HW3. We’ve also seen folks getting the HW3 upgrade ‘for free’ when purchasing the MCU 2 retrofit so… who knows? We can only wait and see.

From issue #154

Giveaway Alert: Win a Frunk Cooler for your Tesla

It’s giveaway week again! Going out and about with your Tesla? Need a cooler to take snacks and drinks with you while keeping them at the right temperature? Participate in this week’s giveaway (on Twitter) and win this awesome frunk cooler by Evannex.

From issue #156

Hidden energy chart for refresh S/X

Thanks to DayTrippin from TMC: By using the voice commands and saying “open energy” you will be able to see the energy chart in the refresh S/X.

From issue #213

How does the resale value of Tesla's Model S hold up?

A recent report from venture capital firm Loup Ventures found that the depreciation of Tesla’s MS compares quite favorably with that of other vehicles in its class (Tesla Model S loses 28% of its value vs. Mercedes S-class ~36%, and BMW 7 Series 40%). Not that we’re planning on selling our MS any time soon, but lucky us :)

Read more: Evannex

From issue #37

How Much Is My Tesla Worth in 2021?

Interesting article comparing the different models over time. It seems that the delays with the Model S refresh and the novelty of the Y are still holding those two pretty well. The article contains some pretty graphs as well as detailed information.

From issue #166

Impossible: Tesla Model S does 400,000km on one set of brake pads

If you are a master of regen braking, the lifespan of your brake can easily last over 100,000 miles. In this case, this Model S owner is now on 400,000 km (~250k miles) and still hasn’t replaced their brake pads 😱

From issue #171

Infotainment Upgrade now scheduling for Model S/X built March 2018 or earlier

Owners of Model S and Model X built March 2018 or earlier are now eligible to purchase an Infotainment Upgrade. We published an article when the MCU 2 retrofit first became available with information about features, cost, and reasons to upgrade.

From issue #136

Introducing Ultra Red paint for Model S & X

Tesla has launched a new paint color for the Model S and Model X, built at the Fremont factory. The new color, called “Ultra Red,” appears to be a shade between the Red Multicoat (which it replaces) and the Midnight Cherry Red produced in Berlin. The new color is priced at $3,000. The video showcases the paint shop, as well as how the new color appears on the Model S and X. Personally, I think it looks fantastic!

From issue #258

Is the redesigned 2021 Tesla Model S all that different?

The refreshed Model S isn’t that different on the outside, but the inside has completely being reimagined. This article goes through all the differences, take a look!

From issue #160

Latest software improves Tesla Supercharger times by up to 25%

Good news for owners that have a Model S or X, the latest software - thanks to warming up battery when you head to a Supercharger - improves supercharging times by up to 25%. It is pretty amazing that cars from 2012 are still getting better! For now if you use the navigation when heading to a Supercharger, that way your car will charge faster.

According to Elon, between the software update, the new v3, and the increase in power in v2, Superchargers charge time will drop by a factor of 2 for the whole Tesla fleet and a factor of 4 for Model 3s. These changes more than double total Supercharger system throughput worldwide.

Read more: Twitter

From issue #50

Launching in a Plaid Model S

Fun animation on the screen! In case you don’t know, the term ‘Plaid speed’ comes from the movie Space Balls, they say the only thing faster than Ludicrous Speed is Plaid.

From issue #168

MagSafe dock for the new iPhone 12 Pro (Model S/X)

This Tesla owner was looking for a MagSafe for his Model X and, after not being able to find a solution he liked, he built his own. Here’s a short demo and here’s a detailed explanation of the hack and all the pieces needed. The DIY has become so popular that the creator is 3D printing them and selling them on Etsy. He plans on donating the proceeds to clean energy non-profit to help further the Tesla mission.

From issue #146

Many interior configurations for Model S and X will be gone after November 1st

Elon announced on Twitter that to simplify the production many of the current interiors for the Model S and the Model X are going to disappear after November 1st. If you were thinking about getting a Model S or X it may be time to do it now so you can get the configuration that you wanted and still take advantage of the full tax credit.

Read more: Twitter

From issue #30

Marques Brownlee claims he's totally gotten used to the use of the yoke

“To the point where if given an option to switch to a normal wheel, I wouldn’t take it.”- he shared on Twitter. Would you?

From issue #184

Model S 70D and a Model S P85+ comparison and battery degradation 📹

Both Model S have over 100,000 miles in the odometer and their battery degradation is only 3-4% in the case of the 70D and around 8% in the case of the P85+. Not bad! The video compares these two ‘vintage’ models in terms of how well they’ve aged.

Read more: InsideEVs

From issue #115

Model S and Model X cars built now have the center-screen tilting functionality

Ryan McCaffrey mentioned that he got rock-solid confirmation that the new Model S and Model X are now built with the center-screen tilting functionality. As shown in previous videos, past cars had the physical parts but were missing motors to actually move them.

From issue #214

Model S and Model X price reductions

  • Model S AWD: $89,990, down 5.2% from $94,990
  • Model S Plaid: $109,990, down 4.3% from $114,990
  • Model X AWD: $99,990, down 9.09% from $109,990
  • Model X Plaid: $109,990, down 8.33% from $119,990
From issue #257

Model S and X 75kWh are going away

Sunday night is the last chance to order the 75kWh Model S or X. Would it be because they are releasing new packs? We don’t know but if you were thinking about getting one of them hurry up and if you need a referral code remember that we have one ;)

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From issue #41

Model S and X add a front bumper camera and ambient lighting

Tesla is going to introduce the front bumper camera that we’ve seen in the Cybertruck already to the Model S and Model X. The front bumper camera is great for seeing what is right in front of the car, and one can think it will help increase parking visualizations and other functions by addressing a critical blind spot. Another addition is the elegant interior ambient lighting, which I personally really enjoy in the new 3.

From issue #307

Model S and X maintenance costs

Have you ever wondered what’s the average maintenance cost of a Tesla? It surely varies from one model to another, this thread from Reddit contains some useful information contributed by the community.

Read more: Reddit

From issue #5

Model S and X to get upgrades

The Model S and X are going to get several upgrades this year, on top of the ones listed above. It is expected that the S and X will get a front camera, similar to the one seen in the Cybertruck. Another anticipated addition is the Ambient lighting that we have seen in the new Model 3, as well as newer seats that were released a few months ago in the parts catalog. As is typical with Tesla, these changes will come when they come, maybe simultaneously, but probably not.

From issue #299

Model S battery degradation data

According to data published by Marteen Steinburg the degradation rate is 1% / 50.000km and on average, the batteries have 91% remaining at 270.000 km (170,000 miles).

Read more: Blog post

From issue #4

Model S enhanced anti-theft

For Model S build after September 2016 and for $350 (including installation at a Service Center), Tesla is offering enhanced anti-theft system on their website. It consists of active sensor technology designed to detect motion inside the cabin as well as sense if the vehicle is moved or tilted.

See more: Tesla Shop

From issue #33

Model S estimated EPA range above 390 miles (~630 km)

Elon announced on Twitter that, with some recent modifications, the EPA of the Model S is now above 390 miles. With the same improvements, the Model X’s EPA went up to 350 miles.

He also that all Model S/X made in recent months will be unlocked more range for free via software update. It turns out they already have the components that made these improvements possible. How cool is that?

Read more: Twitter

From issue #99

Model S Long Range comes with Insane Mode and Drag Strip Mode

Last week, I had the privilege of joining my friend when he was taking delivery of the new Model S Long Range. Going through the menu, I discovered that the Long Range version comes with Insane Mode and Drag Strip Mode. BTW, this car is beautiful!

From issue #171

Model S modified to show a 360º view

Our Teslas don’t offer a 360º view. It’s well know that the reason why is that while it has cameras in all directions it lacks a forward camera low enough to see what it’s directly in front of the car. The pilar cameras also don’t show what it’s in the ground right next to the car. Having said that, some folks in China modded their Model S to have a 360º view and looks really good!

From issue #33

Model S Plaid can achive 7:20 at Nürburgring

This isn’t an official time, but if it’s true, it’s pretty impresive. For context, the 7:20 time is 20 seconds faster than the Taycan, the fastest 4-door EV at Nürburgring. But this isn’t only about EVs, at 7:20 the Tesla Model S would be 15 seconds faster than the 2019 BMW M5 and 5 seconds faster than the 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT, and could take the title of the fastest 4-door sedan at Nürburgring when they do an official timed lap.

In the same tweet, Tesla announced that they will be coming back at Nürburgring next month and they believe they can achieve 7:05. Take a look at the initial Model S data on the track:

Read more: Twitter

From issue #78

Model S Plaid delivery event on 6/10 (today!)

Really excited to see what Tesla was able to achieve with this car. There is a live stream today, June 10th, at 8.30 pm Pacific Time.

From issue #167

Model S Plaid production ramping up

More Model S Plaid have been spotted near the Fremont Factory in California. Some have the Yoke steering wheel and others don’t. In any case, it’s looking like vehicles are getting ready to be hauled to their owners and deliveries could start soon (they were initially supposed to start in February). Keeping our fingers crossed for those of you who are waiting.

From issue #154

Model S Plaid vs. Model 3 Performance - 1/4 mile visualized

Great visualization, compared to the Model S Plaid the Model 3 Personance seems slow. P.S. This is from before Tesla announced the refresh, it’s even faster now!

From issue #148

Model S Receives 5-Star Euro NCAP Safety Rating

The Tesla Model S was, in 2014, one of the first few vehicles to achieve a 5-star Euro NCAP rating and 5 stars in every NHTSA category. The latest Model S, received a 5-star safety rating and the highest overall score from Euro NCAP among any vehicle tested under the current protocol again. You can read a more detailed list of the scores in the article.

From issue #243

Model S refresh spotted in Toledo, OH

First time that someone captures the interior of a refreshed Model S. In this prototype the steering wheel is the conventional round one and there seem to be some stickers indicating the gears below the phone charging area.

From issue #151

Model S Roof Rack - Glass Roof

The Roof Rack accessory used to only be available for the pano roof. But since Tesla discontinued the pano roof, they are now releasing a roof rack compatible with the all glass roof.

See more: Tesla Shop

From issue #48

Model S software update

Here’s what’s new in the latest software update for Model S:

  • Navigate on Autopilot (Beta)
  • Viewing Application with Media Player Open
From issue #31

Model S/X - 8GB eMMC Tegra MCU recall

Better late than never. Tesla has decided to proactively recall the Model S and Model X vehicles to update software and to replace the 8GB embedded Multi Media Card (eMMC) in the media control unit (MCU). This applies only to Model S and Model X vehicles built before March 2018 which are equipped with an 8GB eMMC in the MCU that may experience a malfunction due to accumulated wear.

As you probably know, our 2017 Model S is in this boat but we are most likely going to trade it in and get a new Y (exciting!). If you have a Tesla affected by the voluntary recall, don’t reach out to Tesla, they will reach out to you when your time to get the replacement arrives.

From issue #149

Model S/X Steering Wheel Retrofit for $700

The owners that I know who have a Yoke steering wheel do not miss the round steering wheel at all. However, I have heard some complaints on Twitter and forums. For those of you who do not like the Yoke steering wheel, in March, you will be able to retrofit a round steering wheel for $700. Please note that this new steering wheel will still not have stalks or shifters.

From issue #249

Model X and Model S get cheaper in the newest version

Tesla has dropped the price of the Model S and tthe Model X by $8,000. Model S and Model X that were previously sold under the 100D label will now be sold as “Extended Range” vehicles, while Tesla’s top-of-the-line P100D variants will now be branded as Model S Performance and Model X Performance. If you’re tempted, order before February 1st and get 6 months of free Supercharging with our referral code

Read more: Teslarati

From issue #44

Model X/S specs now showing 250kW Supercharging max

Both specs of the Model S and Model X have recently been updated indicating 250kW of Supercharging. Meanwhile, Elon has shared on Twitter that ’technically, it won’t be quite 1000 mph charging’ but also ‘a Model X bought in Dec. 2019 may be able to reach 250kW at low states of charge’. Some changes in the wiring had to be done for this, thus this doesn’t seem something that is going to be possible for older Raven Model S and X.

From issue #120

New and improved Model S high-visibility glass roof

Tesla recently informed customers about an improved glass roof for the Model S. In the communication, Tesla mentioned that the new roof allows 5x more light to enter, providing a clearer view of the sky while maintaining the same level of heat and UV protection as before.

From issue #258

New AP update 2018.21.9 - Off ramps & interchanges

Model X

The author of the video says: “Notice the speed limit on autopilot slows down automatically. Previously, when I had the autopilot on when I was using this off ramp, it would just drop from whatever speed I was going to 45MPH very abruptly and that was it. Now it is very gradual. I tried another time with a longer ramp and it slowed down more gradually and got down to around 25MPH.”"

##### Model 3
From issue #12

New black Arachnid wheels and ventilated seats

Tesla is bringing back the previously discontinued ventilated seats and it is making new black Arachnid wheels available from the ordering process. (Previously, they were only available through the referral process). For now, they’re available both for the Model S and the Model X but only for the P100D.

Read more: Electrek

From issue #9

New eMMC failure warning message

Firmware version 2020.40.9.2 (and only this version for now), introduces a new warning message when the MCU eMMC is about to fail. You could argue Tesla should’ve done something about this earlier and I wish my MCU wouldn’t fail in the first place, but since that can’t be changed, seeing Tesla acknowledging the failure and actually doing something about it is very positive.

From issue #140

New Model S and Model X

Folks keep on speculating about a Model S and Model X refresh. Elon already said there will be no exterior refresh, but now Electrek is telling us about a ‘secret’ project called Palladium which would involve building new production lines for the Model S/X. According to this source, Tesla would be manufacturing new battery modules and drive units that would serve as the basis of the upcoming “Plaid” versions.

From issue #121

New Model S LR with 402 miles of EPA range

First, Tesla lowered the price of its Model S and X Performance and LR versions. Now, they are claiming their new Model S LR version has an EPA-rated range of 402 miles. A year ago, Elon said we’ll soon see Tesla with 400 miles of range and, soon enough, they are here. This update represents a nearly 20% increase in range when compared to a 2019 Model S 100D with the same battery pack design… just let that sink for a moment.

Read more: Tesla

From issue #116

New Model S Plaid

They did it. Yesterday, Tesla announced the new Model S Plaid with a tri-motor powertrain and the specs are even better than what we were hoping for. It can already be pre-ordered online (since yesterday) and deliveries are planned for later in 2021.

  • 520 mi range

  • 200 mph top speed
  • <2.0 seconds 0-60 mph

If Plaid is going to be so awesome, why a Roadster, you’d ask yourself. Someone also asked Elon Musk on Twitter. His answer: it’s going to be even better.

From issue #130

New Model S price reduction

Right after Tesla has cut the price of the Model S by $4,200, Elon has said on Twitter that they’re reducing its price again to $69,420 (Long Range Plus version). This would be the third time that the Model S gets a price reduction this year, bringing Model S 2020 discounts to over $10,000. Not bad!

From issue #133

New Model S refresh OS

I have to admin that I like it very much. I wonder how Tesla is going to adapt this (if at all) for the 3 and Y given that they need to leave room for the car visualization there.

From issue #156

New Tesla Model S will not have a 'normal' steering wheel option

When the new Model S was announced, there were a lot of rumors about a possible future option that would include the “normal” steering wheel and we even got to see some renders. Well, this week Elon just confirmed on Twitter that Tesla doesn’t have plans to offer that as an alternative to the Yoke. Honestly, I got to drive the new Model S with the Yoke for 20 mins this week, and I can say that I was positively surprised about it; my buddy who owns the car has already totally adapted to it.

From issue #174

News for the Model S and the Model X

Greentheonly discovered a few bits pointing to new hardware coming to the Model S and the Model X imminently:

  • Two new battery types in several configs, no word about the capacity yet
  • Integrated inductive phone charger (Qi)
  • New charge port type
  • New suspension version, not a new suspension but an iteration in the one released a few months ago
  • New lumbar support, maybe new seats?
  • Is there an interior redesign coming? Who knows 🤷‍♀️ But it seems that the S and the X are getting some love for sure!

Read more: Twitter

From issue #96

No gear stalk? No problem

I guess I wasn’t the only one wondering how shifting gears was going to work in the new S and X with no stalk. In my opinion, having to use the screen all the time was going to be too out of the way. According to Elon, the car can guess the direction based on obstacles, maps, etc. and you can always override it using the touchscreen. I’m always impressed with how much Tesla keeps innovating and how bold some of its decisions are. I assume this is something other Teslas should be able to get via software updates.

From issue #149

Picture of the Plaid Motor/ Dual Motor 📷

The image looks like the new dual-motor for the Model S Plaid version. And it seems about the same size as the current motor, which means it could fit into the present S platform without major modification. However, changes in the battery and other components might still require a change there.

From issue #120

Plaid and Plaid+ with torque vectoring

Good catch by u/AndrasHatvani, the upgrades listed on for the Plaid and Plaid+ versions include ‘Torque Vectoring’. If you don’t know what this means, and I have to confess I didn’t either before reading this, it means that it will come with a motor on each rear wheel, allowing the car to overdrive the outside wheel and pull the car when turning.

From issue #155

Plaid Model S spotted in Palo Alto 👀

Ryan, from The Kilowatts, recently ran into a wider Model S with manufacturer plates going around in Palo Alto. These are some of the things that he was able to observe: wider body, chrome delete, rear diffuser, and new wheels. What do you think?

From issue #145

Plaid Model S walk around

Really cool to see another one of these! This one has handles that are the same color as the car, I don’t think I’ve seen that in any of the other prototypes spotted in the wild, I wonder if that is going to be an option.

From issue #166

Plaid Model S: 0-60 in under 2 seconds and seven seats

Elon mentioned this many months ago and just confirmed it in another tweet: the Plaid Model S will come with seven seats. Can you imagine a seven seater doing a 0-60 in under two seconds? In Elon’s words “The new Plaid S is our best car ever”.

From issue #156

Plaid S backseat screen in action

The screen seems pretty responsive and allows the passengers in the back to control their airflow, heated seats, as well as playing multimedia. I would like to see how easy it is to reach it and if young kids can do it. Also, is it possible to control that screen from the front?

From issue #168

Plaid winter testing

🤤🤤🤤 Have I said that, for me, the Model S has the sexiest exterior of the entire Tesla lineup?

From issue #152

Plaid+ has been canceled

According to Elon, Plaid is just so good there’s no need for Plaid+. Given that Tesla just raised the price of the Model S Plaid by $10k, I wonder what the final specs are going to be. In my opinion, if the range is 500+ miles, I think there is room for another model with the extended range, what do you think?

From issue #167

Premium Package is now standard for all Model S and Model X

Woot?! We bought our Model S only a few months ago… But to be honest, we knew this could happen. And we’re happy for the new and future Model S owners. Enjoy!

Read more: TMC Forum

From issue #18

Recent Plaid Tesla Model S sighting all but confirms it will come with tow hitch

Looking at the picture it seems clear that the tow hitch will be an option. Good catch, I had no idea!

From issue #158

Redesigned Model S and Model X are here

The rumors of the Model S/X refresh finally turned into reality and were announced yesterday at Tesla’s earnings call. Here are some highlights:

  • The exterior will remain very close to the current desing, maybe a tad more aggressive with a bigger diffuser and a front vent
  • Like the other models, it includes a black trim and a heat pump
  • Horizontal 17" display, instrument cluster display, and a screen for the second row
  • A 22-speaker, 960-watt audio system with active noise canceling
  • It offers a yoke and a more traditional steering wheel option, both of them with no stalks; all controls are via buttons in the steering wheel or the screen
  • Crazy fast, the base model 0-60 is 3.1s while the Plaid version 0-60 is 1.9s and its top speed 200mph
  • The prices of the base model and Plaid-equivalent to the previous performance- are now $10k more

I thought I was going to trade in my 2017 Model S for a new Model Y, but now I’m going to need to rethink what to do. If you are thinking about ordering it and want 1,000 miles of free Supercharging, consider use my referral code

From issue #148

Refreshed Model S interior video

Check out the interior of the new Model S, this one doesn’t have the yoke but it’s equally beautiful. Looking forward to seeing it in person!

From issue #153

Refreshed Model S with stalks?

Github’s user @rawdigits doesn’t dislike the yoke, but he doesn’t like haptic controls so he embarked on the adventure of adding physical stalks to the car and document the process on Github. If you are in the same situation, take a look!

From issue #185

Refreshed Model S yoke pictures

I don’t know about the ergonomics, but the more pictures I see, the more I like it. 😍

From issue #153

Screen tilting in action

As we just mentioned, seems that Tesla is shipping new cars with the missing components. Here is a video of a refreshed Model S using the tilting functionality 😱

From issue #214

Second row screen in S/X refresh will allow watching videos while driving

I mean… taxis, kids,… I can see many use cases in which allowing watching videos while driving (in the second row) is going to be a great experience without compromising safety. What do you think?

From issue #153

Security vulnerability in Model S key fob

Tesla left its Model S cars open to a far more straightforward form of hacking: stealthily cloning the car’s key fob in seconds, opening the car door, and driving away. (…)

Just two weeks ago, Tesla rolled out new antitheft features for the Model S that include the ability to set a PIN code that someone must enter on the dashboard display to drive the car. Tesla also says that Model S units sold after June of this year aren’t vulnerable to the attack.

Read more: Wired

From issue #25

See how to change gears in the refreshed S and X

Refreshed S and X are coming without a gear stalk and instead, they have what Tesla calls ‘smart shift’. With the smart shift, the car will try to predict the gear that you want, which sounds great but, what if you want to override it? Well, it seems that you can just slide the car on the screen for it to change from D to R.

From issue #157

Selfie cam coming to Model S and X soon?

Greentheobly has found evidence of what is seems to be called HW3.2 for the Model S and X, according to his findings this will include the selfie cam and it might be yet another hit at some kind of refresh coming soon™

From issue #145

Solar batteries from recycled Model S Modules

Jason Hughes, a famous Tesla tinkerer, shared his solar batteries recycled from Tesla Model S modules. They have the equivalent cycles of driving ~250k miles and show degradation of 5.2%, with 3% of it happening in the first 2 years. Pretty good if you ask me! Note, the photo is sideways.

From issue #172

Stock Model S Plaid scored a 9.247s 152.09 mph at Bakersfield Drag Strip

First reported by Drive Tesla Canada, it’s now confirmed by Jay Leno on the Spike’s Car podcast. The new Tesla Model S Plaid has broken the quarter-mile record with an amazing time of 9.247s for what, as Jay Leno puts it, “we’re talking a four door car with the air conditioning on!

From issue #167

Tesla adding 5k to trade-in value for early S/X owners with Unlimited Supercharging

If you are thinking of purchasing a new Model X or Model S, Tesla is offering $5k in free Supercharging as an incentive.

From issue #255

Tesla approved to sell Model S and Model X in Europe with Hardware 4 (HW4/AP4)

Tesla has been approved to sell the Model S and Model X in Europe with Hardware 4 (HW4) and Autopilot 4 (AP4). Tesla is expected to introduce the HW4 with the Cybertruck this summer, it’s unclear when that will make it to the Model S and X and to Europe, but at least they now are allowed to do it.

From issue #254

Tesla changes Model S and Model X delivery timeframes for new orders only

This only applies to new orders:

  • Model S Long Range: August – September 2021
  • Model S Plaid: June – July 2021
  • Model S Plaid+: mid-2022 (unchanged)
  • Model X Long Range: October – November
  • Model X Plaid: October – November
From issue #162

Tesla changes pricing of Model S and Model X, makes several option changes to simplify offering

Model S Changes:

  • Carbon fiber spoiler has been made standard on all the Model S P100D
  • Rear-facing child seats are gone
  • 21″ Black Arachnid Wheels are not in the config anymore
  • Panoramic Sunroof is gone

Model X Changes:

  • The 6-seat with center console configuration has been discontinued


  • 72 amp on-board charger: now only available in single phase markets. Other markets will only have the 48 amp charger"

Read more: Reddit

From issue #33

Tesla configurator shows the new Model S seats

This is not a big change visually, but a few folks said that they removed the ability to adjust the headrest 😞

Read more: Reddit

From issue #89

Tesla cuts Model S/X prices by up to $5,000

Tesla has announced a price cut for its Model S and Model X vehicles. The company has reduced the price of these vehicles by up to $5,000, making them more affordable for potential buyers. The price cut comes as Tesla aims to boost sales of its premium electric vehicles, which face stiff competition from newer electric vehicles on the market. The announcement generated significant buzz among Tesla fans and potential buyers, many of whom were excited about the prospect of purchasing a Model S or X at a reduced price point.

From issue #261

Tesla hints at Model S Plaid 'Track Package' with large Zero G wheels in the parts catalog

It just makes sense that the fastest and most performing Tesla, for now, will have a “Track Package” option in the future. I also expect Tesla to release Track Mode for the Plaid in the coming months.

From issue #169

Tesla is attempting lap records with the Model S Plaid at Laguna Seca

It seems like Tesla is attempting lap records at Laguna Seca with a couple of Model S Plaid models. According to @klwtts, they may have secured a 1:30:XX. It looks amazing with the active spoiler in the pictures.

From issue #164

Tesla is liquidating Model S and Model X inventory by the end of the month, as refresh nears

More rumors of a possible refresh- we’ve been hearing those since we bought our Model S in late 2017. Electrek is reporting that Tesla has instructed employees to sell all Model S and Model X inventory in stores across all markets. The rumor is that Tesla is going to announce the refresh during the earnings call on January 27.

From issue #147

Tesla is upgrading Model S/X with new, more efficient electric motors

Hopefully, this is one of the few steps to refresh the tech in the Model S and X and to bring it to par with the Model 3. The new electric motors, codenamed ‘Raven’, are permanent magnet reluctance motors, like the ones found in the Model 3.

From issue #54

Tesla issues a voluntary recall of 123k pre-April 2016 Model S

These are some of the details published on Electrek:

  • Recall issued over a bunch of bolts on a powering steering component made by Bosch
  • Specific bolts can suffer corrosion in regions with very cold climates and especially where they use calcium or magnesium road salts
Who’s affected
  • Tesla estimates that less than 0.02% of pre-April 2016 Model S vehicles in the U.S. have this issues
Impact on Tesla
  • Tesla expects that it will be immaterial as the supplier covers the cost of the component

Read more:

From issue #2

Tesla Model S matches gas cars by going at 320 mi at average speeds of 75 mph

Car and Driver recently conducted a highway fuel economy test run on the “Raven” Tesla Model S Long Range Plus. In the test, the car achieved 320 real miles at 75 mph, the best result of any EV yet. When we got out Model S over 3 years ago, the range was a bit over half of what is offered today, it is incredible how quickly EVs are improving, amazing!

From issue #165

Tesla Model S Plaid delivery event, June 3 at our California factory

The first Model S Plaid cars will be going to owners as soon as June 3rd and, to celebrate it, Tesla is doing a delivery event on June 3 in Fremont. If you happen to be one of the people invited to the event and want to bring me with you … I won’t say no 😉

From issue #165

Tesla Model S Plaid sets new record for fastest 1/4 mile time of any production car

Tesla has set a new official record for the fastest quarter-mile time of any production car in their new Model S Plaid. 9.23 seconds with a trap speed of 152.16mph (244.88km/h) set at the at the Autoclub Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, CA. A full half-second quicker than the second fastest car on the list, the Porsche 918 Spyder. The previous record (9.4) was held by a Bugatti Chiron Sport. Not bad!

From issue #164

Tesla Model S refresh inside look reveals V11 UI, 'Drag Strip Mode', 'Smart Shift', and more

A Tesla owner ran into a Plaid Model S at the Kettleman City and was able to sit inside and snap some pictures of the UI. In the pictures, we can see a total redesign of the software (V11 UI?) as well as some other details, for instance, the inside acceleration mode or the ability to enable and disable smart shift. In the UI, we can also find a ‘Drag Strip Mode’, can you imagine this beast in the drag strip?

From issue #156

Tesla Model S sets new record at Laguna Seca for a four-door sedan

A prototype of the Model S with a Plaid powertrain and a new chasis lapped Laguna Seca in 1:36:555, one second faster than the previous record for a four-door sedan. According to Elon, the Plaid powertrain is about a year away from production and applies to S, X, and Roadster (not to 3 or Y) and will be more expensive than the current Ludicrous option.

The name Plaid comes from the movie Spaceballs, because the only thing faster than Ludicrous is Plaid.

From issue #76

Tesla Model S still running with original battery and motors at 430,000 miles

A Tesla Model S 90D from Chesterfield, UK, has impressively retained its original battery pack and motors after 430,000 miles of use as an airport taxi. Despite heavy usage and daily charging to 100% at Supercharger stations, the vehicle’s range has diminished by only 65 miles. This durability highlights Tesla’s advancements in battery and motor technology over the years.

From issue #319

Tesla Model S wins MotorTrend’s ultimate car of the year award

The 2013 Model S just got named the ultimate car of the year beating all the other cars of the year that the publication has picked since 1949 when they first introduced the prize. MotorTrend wrote “No vehicle we’ve awarded, be it Car of the Year, Import Car of the Year, SUV of the Year, or Truck of the Year, can equal the impact, performance, and engineering excellence that is our Ultimate Car of the Year winner, the 2013 Tesla Model S".

Read more: Teslarati

From issue #68

Tesla offering discounts on new Model S/X cars in existing inventory in Canada

For our friends in Canada, Tesla is offering incentives to buy the new Model S and Model X. In some cases, the discount is up to $10,890 for a Model S and $10,530 for a Model X.

From issue #255

Tesla offering LHD Model S and Model X in RHD countries

Tesla has announced that they will only be delivering left-hand drive Model S and Model X cars in right-hand drive countries like Japan and the UK. This is bad news for our friends there.

From issue #267

Tesla owner hits 1 million miles (1.609 million km) in his 2013 Model S

Impressive mileage! The owner is in his fourth rear motor and fourth battery pack, still impressive tho.

From issue #221

Tesla rolls out Active Road Noise Reduction for new Model S and Model X

In the first videos, the noise reduction seems subtle but noticeably better. Since this is just the first software version of the feature, we can assume it will get better over time.

From issue #195

Tesla shuts down Model S and X production lines for 18 days, what for?

Maybe it’s just to focus all the efforts on the Model 3 and Model Y for the end-of-the-year push, but some folks believe it’s a hint that Tesla is preparing to re-tool the production lines for a refresh of the Model S and Model X. What do you think?

From issue #142

Tesla stops doing cosmetic refurbishments to its CPO cars

They keep their mechanical inspection but - in anticipation of their first batch of leased Model S ending- they have changed their CPO program and now don’t do cosmetic refurbishments.

Read more:

From issue #4

Tesla to match best rate from your bank in the US

If you’re purchasing a new Tesla soon, know that they will match your rate if you can demonstrate valid approval for a lower rate from your third-party bank. In our case, Tesla’s rate was better even though our bank turned out to be the same that Tesla was using 🤷‍♂️ Thank you @ElonAccessories for sharing this information on Twitter!

If you need a referral code when purchasing a new Tesla you can use ours

Read more: Tesla

From issue #99

The longest-range electric vehicle now goes even farther

Tesla announced several changes to the Model S and X lines:

  • The all-new drivetrain increases the range of the Model S Long Range to 370 miles and the one of the Model X Long Range to 325 miles
  • New Model S and Model X are are capable of achieving 200 kW on V3 Superchargers
  • A new air suspension that constantly adapts by sensing the road and adjusting for driver behavior, automatically softening for more pronounced road inputs and firming for aggressive driving
  • Tesla just re-introduced the SR version of both Model S and Model X that leverages the new air suspension and the new drivetrain
  • Existing owners purchasing a new Model S or Model X Performance will get the Ludicrous Mode upgrade, a $20,000 value, for free

Most people on Tesletter are owners and have their own referral code but in case you are not and want to get yourself a Tesla with 1,000 miles of free supercharging, we would be honored if you use ours

Read more: Tesla

From issue #56

The refreshed S and X, now with more storage

According to Elon, they now come with more storage and, more importantly, are easily upgradable. That has been a pet peeve, storage becomes cheaper every year, it makes a lot of sense to make it easy for the owner to upgrade the storage of the car.

From issue #149

The Tesla Model S Plaid is the world’s fastest (and coolest) sedan

A great in-depth review by Doug DeMuro. Go to 31:58 to see his reaction to the acceleration 😂 “It is nothing that I’ve ever driven, ever, ever!”

From issue #177

Time Magazine declares Tesla Model S one of the best 10 gadgets of the 2010s

One would think a car doesn’t belong in a list of gadgets, but one would be wrong. Happy to see that a publication like the Time Magazine recognizes the impact of the Model S on the last decade, and the decade to come: “The electric sedan has slowly reshaped the trajectory of the automotive industry, forcing competitors to embrace a battery-powered future instead of the gas-guzzling present, and challenging the belief that electric cars can’t be cool.”

Read more: Time Magazine

From issue #90

Track mode software update for the refreshed S

Elon didn’t specify if this will be for the Plaid only or for the LR as well. After all, the LR has both the insane and the drag strip mode. Exciting!

From issue #181

UnpluggedTesla carbon fiber front diffuser for the Tesla Model S

When it comes down to high-performance accessories for your Tesla, Unplugged Performance is a clear leader. This Carbon Fiber Front Diffuser is designed to improve performance for Model S owners. It reduces drag and adds downforce, but can also be used for daily driving with its removable carbon fiber Aero Pads. The pads protect the diffuser and can be replaced as they wear. It is designed for use with the Model S-APEX and all Model S models.

From issue #248

V3 Supercharging curve (M3LR vs. MS Plaid)

Interesting to see the Plaid Model S keeping the peak kW for 5% more SOC and having higher values for another 5%, which translates into faster charging.

From issue #170

What's your favorite 'feel good song' when you drive your Model S?

MS owners share their favorite tunes in this thread. What’s yours?

Ours are “How far I’ll go”, from Moana’s soundtrack. Our 3 year old makes us play it all the time! And “The Passenger” by Iggy Pop, but only when we’re driving with AP on ;)

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From issue #22