What's in Tesla's software update 2019.40.50.1

What's in Tesla's software update 2019.40.50.1

2019.40.50.1 is out and it comes full of goodies just in time for the Holiday season. Thanks Elon!

Driving visualization improvements

It now displays additional objects which includes stop lights, stop signs and select road markings. We imagine that this is only available for Hardware 3, and the visuals are great.

Tesla has taken a huge leap forward in terms of driving visualzition by adding all kinds of details from trash cans (which are important for Full-Self Driving) to traffic lights and stop signs, includng where to stop. In my opinion, this is the biggest jump on Tesla’s driving visualization in the two years that we’ve had our Model S.

Traffic lights
Train crossing
Trash cans

Voice commands

They have been rebuilt to understand natural language. Here’re a few ones that are already available even though they are not mentioned in the release notes (source Reddit):

Mentioned the release notes
  • Set the temperature to 70
  • Turn on the passenger seat heater
  • Let's go to work
  • Where are the nearby supercharging stations
  • Play the Beatles
  • Search for Joe Rogan podcast
  • Call David Lewis
  • Send a text message to Evan
  • Show me the rear camera
  • Open Autopilot settings
NOT mentioned the release notes but reported by folks
  • Unfold mirrors
  • Show software
  • Let's go to work
  • Where are the nearby supercharging stations
  • Play the Beatles
  • Search for Joe Rogan podcast
  • Call David Lewis
  • Send a text message to Evan
  • Show me the rear camera
  • Open Autopilot settings

Updated list of voice commands:

Phone Improvements

You can now read and respond to text messages using your right scroll wheel button.

In order to be able to use this feature, make sure that notifications are enabled on your mobile device. In case you are wondering, as the release notes say, this works on a message by message case for those of you who don’t want certain messages to be read out loud when others are in the car.

Camp Mode

You can now maintain air flow, temperature, interior lightning, as well as play music, and power devices when Camp Mode is enabled.

I love the idea of my car playing some tunes when mour family is are around the campfire.

Voice Keyboard

You can now use dictation to input text in your car.

More awesomeness hands free while driving.

TRAX v0.1

I have to admit that I’m not the target audience for this feature, but for all the DJ’s out there, you can now make audio masterpieces with TRAX.

Save Dashcam Clips on Honk

Wish that ‘incidents’ were recorded when they happen without having to tap on Dashcam icon? Dashcam now automatically saves clips whenever you honk your car horn. As we’ve heard from our followers in Itally, depending on where you live this might be too much, luckily you can enable/disable this feature.

Driver Profiles

Save additional driver settings such as volume levels for navigation voice guidance and traffic display settings. This is a nice-to-have but I’m really happy that it’s available since we switch profiles pretty often and have very different preferences ;)

Smart Summon in Europe

The 2019.40.50.1 also brings Smart Summon for European Tesla owners. Smart Summon was only available in the US up until now. Due to European regulations, it comes with the following limitations:
  • You must be within 6 meters of your car
  • It can travel up to 20 meters for each summon drive

This release also introduces support for Danish, new video games (Stardew Valley and Backgamon) and support for Twitch. Note that Premium Connectivity is required to stream videos over cell.

Do you want more 2019.40.50? Our friend TeslaRaj has a first look at this new version:

You can read the full read notes here: 2019.40.50.1 release notes.

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