Past Tesletter articles

Custom sounds, now that is possible

Now that Teslas with the external speaker allow custom sounds we are probably going to see a bunch of these but… Here is a first video showing some custom sounds with the Holiday update.

From issue #144

Elon will look into retrofitting the external speakers

I’m old enough to remember when the first Model 3s started coming out of the line with the external speaker and people were really annoyed that their otherwise-extremely-silent cars were making sounds at low speeds. Now that the holiday release is out and it includes custom sounds, folks are asking for Tesla to give the option to add the external speaker, and surprise, Elon said he is going to look into it!

From issue #144

Holiday Update (2020.48.26)

Trevor from Tesla Owners Online walks us through Tesla’s Holiday Update.

  • New UI (like the one in the FSD Beta version)
  • Polytopia, Cat Quest, and a bunch of other new cool games
  • Boombox - Or how to personalize external/horn sounds (needs external speakers)
  • Driving visualization improvements
  • Scheduled departure improvements
  • Emission testing mode improvements
  • Supercharging display improvements
  • Release notes are easier to navigate with categories
From issue #144

How to setup Tesla Boombox with custom sounds

Great article by Dan Burkland describing the process. Have you added any custom sounds to your Boombox?

From issue #213

Tesla Sentry Mode Live with Boombox

Great walkthrough of this new feature. It is kind of funny how the car changes your voice to make it sound like an angry robot.

From issue #188