Past Tesletter articles

Model 3 admissible for import in Canada from US

I have no idea if it even makes sense, but at least is good to know that Model 3s are admissible for import in Canada without modifications, as well as original roadsters from VIN #501 through #1420. Model S and Model X - for what I understand - require some modifications.

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From issue #75

Model 3 is already available in Canada

First Model 3 owner in Canada. Congratulations Steve!

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From issue #8

Stop and right turn on AutoPilot in Canada

Most people don’t know that after NoA takes an exit, it’d stop at the first intersection by itselft - no mater if there is a stop sign or a green or red traffic light. This Model 3 owner recorded a video of that and about how AP can then follow the turn if it has good marking by just lightly pressing the accelerator.

From issue #61