Tesla Superchargers enable long distance travel and charging in urban areas. Superchargers located in urban areas are called 'Urban Superchargers'. In addition, there are also 'Destination Superchagers' located at hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers.

One of the things which makes Tesla be ahead of its competition is their Supercharger network. Tesla hasn't stopped investing in it since the beginning, building more and more Superchargers around the world every day. Today, Tesla has over 16,000 Supercharger installations and last year launched the new version of its Supercharger (V3) to enable a new top charge rate of 250kW.

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What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.12.10

April 22, 2020

Tesla latest software update 2020.12.10 cojntains minor improvements and bug fixes only, It DOES NOT introduce the new Traffic light and stop sign detection yet (still for Early Access Program only).

What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.12.5

April 7, 2020

Tesla has started rolling out the latest software update, 2020.12.5, to owners outside the private Beta. As anticipated last week, the main new feature introduced in 2020.12.5 is the 'Dashcam Viewer' which allows to view Sentry Mode and Dashcam videos directly in your car's main screen.

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Past Tesletter articles

150kW Supercharger mega test

They took 6 cars to the Supercharger in the middle of the night to do a 5% to 90% charge test with the new 2019.12 software that unlocks 150kW peak rate.

From issue #58

200 stall Supercharger Mega Site coming to Florida

Tesla is gearing up to establish the world’s largest Supercharger site in Yeehaw Junction, featuring 200 stalls, including 160 PSU and 40 standalone stalls, plus 8 dedicated for trailers. This ‘Mega Site’ at Exit 193 on the Florida Turnpike will undoubtedly be a game-changer for EV travel in the region. One can only hope they build a lounge as in Kettleman City, but that isn’t at least listed in the plans they filed for the permit.

From issue #312

2021.40 comes with Supercharging tips

I assume this will only be shown once, or maybe more, but Tesla’s now show Supercharging tips for new owners to learn the ropes.

From issue #189

26-stall Santa Monica Supercharger permit is ready to issue

We have talked about this location in the past, Tesla has had a few problems with the permit, but it seems to be now ready to issue, Tesla just has to pay the fees.

From issue #192

75+ Superchargers opening in Vegas

Just a simple sign with a powerful message: Tesla is opening over 75 Superchargers in Vegas by the end of the year.

From issue #285

A massive new Supercharger is coming soon to the California Grapevine

Earlier this month, Tesla filed permits to build a 63-stall Supercharger with a drive-thru café in Lebec, California. I like big Supercharger stations, but more so, I like it when they include more amenities, like the one in Kettleman or this future one. Awesome!

From issue #239

Advocates band together to clean up Tesla’s Supercharging stations

If you follow us on Twitter you probably saw us tweeting about this. After a few people tweeted pictures of Superchargers with a lot of trash laying around, a few owners have organized themselves and decided to take care of their local Superchargers. Great initiative!

Read more: CleanTechnica

From issue #71

Another end-of-quarter means referral program updates

We are in the last month of Q3 and Tesla - as always - is trying to add incentives for folks to get a new Tesla. This means you and anyone using your referral link can now earn 2,000 miles of free Supercharging when purchasing a new Tesla car or solar panels as long as this happens before October 1st. If you are in the market for a new Tesla and need a code to get this free Supercharging ,you can use our referral code

Read more: Tesla

From issue #76

Another tryout of Tesla Supercharger v3

9% - 50% 12 min
9% - 60% 15 min
9% - 70% 19 min
9% - 80% 25 min
9% - 90% 35 min

Read more: Twitter

From issue #52

Changes to Supercharging billing

California is introducing a new law to regulate how EV chargers should be billed and with it, Tesla is about to change the calculation they use to bill for Supercharging. Owners will also be billed for kWh consumed by the car going towards the HVAC system, battery heater, etc. If you ask me, this makes a lot of sense ( I wasn’t even aware this wasn’t the case).

Read more: Twitter

From issue #94

Charging costs of a Model 3 traveling between states

Last week we highlighted a story about road trips and Tesla, this week I wanted to highlight charging during a road trip. According to this Model 3 owner who recently traveled between Maryland and Washington state and back (6,300 miles!), he only spent ~$350 in charging the car. This same trip would’ve cost about ~$586 with a mid-size gas car in the US. If you’re curious to know the rest of the trip conditions and facts, check out the post.

From issue #127

Cybertruck at the 50,000th Supercharger

We recently discussed the 50,000th Supercharger. The news about this Supercharger drew many Tesla enthusiasts. A Twitter user visited the site and spotted a Cybertruck charging at the 50,000th stall.

From issue #284

Cybertruck spotted at Supercharger

Great photo of a Cybertruck at a Supercharger. In it, we can observe two details: this one boasts a black dashboard, and we can spot the frunk tub in the bed of the truck. Thanks to @greggertruck for sharing!

From issue #279

Destination Superchargers locations

Have you ever stayed at a hotel and didn’t realize there was a Supercharger? How many are there and where? Here’s a spreadsheet with some numbers. “Looking at the numbers it seems that destination chargers are distributed in proportion to the total population of a country rather than by the number of tesla owners of a country.”- says Arxcis.

See more: Google doc

From issue #18

Experience Free Supercharging

The Thanksgiving holiday traveling can cause big lines at certain Supercharger routes in the USA, to try to avoid that, Tesla is incentivizing free Supercharging by giving free Supercharging at several locations (complete list in the article) if you charge after 8 pm and before 9 am from November 23 to November 27.

From issue #243

Extra Supercharging information on 2023.26

The charging screen will now display the following information:

  • Supercharger location
  • Price per kWh
  • Charging session cost
  • kWh added
From issue #277

Factors that can influence Superchargers speeds

Outside temperature, battery pack temperature, battery state of charge when you plug in, sharing stalls, etc. are some of the reasons that may cause different charge rates at Superchargers. Check out the complete list.

Read more: Reddit

From issue #16

Find the most affordable Supercharging rates

Tesla has started a pilot to share when charging rates are lower according to demand and electricity rates in your area. Smart move since it’s a big win for Tesla owners but, in addition, it should be able to reduce waiting times at busy Superchargers, especially during peak hours.

From issue #111

First CCS Supercharger in Norway

In Homestrand (Norway), 4 of 16 stalls have now dual chargers. First M3’s are expected in February.

Read more: Reddit

From issue #41

First known Tesla V4 Supercharger location was revealed to be in Arizona

According to the information from the permits, we can see that the station will have two 4,500 square-foot solar arrays, a Megapack, and Superchargers with the new design.

From issue #233

First Supercharger in Morocco (and Africa)

I love to see the Supercharging network expanding to new countries and continents, woohoo!

From issue #184

First-ever Supercharger station, Hawthorne, just permanently closed

It is sad to see the first Supercharger station ever built gone, especially at such an iconic location (the Tesla studio at Hawthorne). I’ve heard that one of the reasons for it is that Space X, next door from Tesla there, got a few secrets exposed by curious folks at the Supercharger, and this way Space X should be able to have tighter security in the area. I guess I will never get to see it, at least Vanessa was able to.

From issue #173

Free off-peak Supercharging hours during Thanksgiving

The SF - LA corridor is always under stress during the US Holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas). To help with that, Tesla is incentivizing charging during off-peak hours (Before 10 AM and after 7 PM) from Wednesday, November 24 until Sunday, November 28 by offering free charging in several of stations in California. If you are traveling in California and can take advantage, take a look!

From issue #191

Free unlimited Supercharging extended for MS and MX with referral program

The latest round of Tesla’s referral program for owners was supposed to end on July 15th, but the automaker has extended it for two more weeks – maintaining the opportunity for new buyers to get free unlimited Supercharging for Model S and Model X vehicles a little longer.

Why only two weeks? Is Tesla preparing something else?

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From issue #17

FSD Beta avoids opening car doors

Super quick reflexes by FSD Beta, the driver didn’t notice it until the car already avoided it.

From issue #227

Half (28 of 56) of the Superchargers at the new location across from Tejon Ranch (between LA & SF) are open

More and more Superchargers keep popping up between San Francisco and Los Angeles. I hope that helps during the times there is heavy traffic and long waiting times at chargers in that corridor.

From issue #180

Harris Ranch V3 expansion

More than 100 stalls coming to Harris Ranch. It currently has 13 stalls and this change will make this Supercharger the world’s largest one. Is it me or every couple of months or so we get a new world largest Supercharger now?
Several folks have reported this at the same time. According to some sources (or maybe only one?), Tesla is building the production line in Fremont and plans to ship it to Giga Texas, and start production sometime in Q3. Do you think is possible?

From issue #158

How it started vs. How it's going

It’s amazing to think that when Tesla first announced its Supercharging network, it had only 8 stations. Today, Tesla operates more than 5,000 Supercharging sites across the world.

From issue #265

How pairing at Supercharging works

This isn’t new content but it’s usually not clear how Superchargers work, so here it comes. Two stalls at Superchargers share one charger. For example, 2A and 2B are connected to charger #2 and sharing power. As a rule of thumb, when you are at a Supercharger try to pick stalls that have both A and B stations open, that way you won’t be penalized as much.

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From issue #42

Hyundai Ioniq and Taycan charging at Tesla Superchargers

Good demo of how the app works for non-Tesla owners charging their EVs. Owners can pay a subscription of 13 euros per month ($15) to charge at the same price as Teslas or otherwise they are charged double, at least in the video.

From issue #188

Ideas for your next Tesla road trip

As charging infrastructure grows across the country, electric car manufacturers are reassuring owners that long road trips are just as feasible as with fossil-fuel powered vehicles.

To illustrate this, USA TODAY asked electric car maker Tesla to identify charging options on five popular long distance routes across the country.

Read more: USA TODAY

From issue #10

Internals of the v4 Supercharger

Love seeing how cleanly Tesla designs these things.

From issue #258

Invoice from Tesla technician who showed up at a Supercharger

This Redditor posted about their experience at a Supercharger where a Tesla technician showed up, Tesla sent him there to see if he could assist and he helped this owner by checking tire pressure as well as degradation, all for free 🤩

From issue #168

Kettleman City is upgrading to V3

Kettleman City is for sure at the top of my favorite Superchargers. If you happen to be in California and drive close by, stop for a quick charge and a latte. This week this Supercharger is getting even more awesome since Tesla started converting its stalls to V3. It’s great news that soon- maybe even on time for Thanksgiving?- we will have 40 V3 Superchargers between LA and SF!

Read more: Reddit

From issue #84

Kettleman Supercharger 56 stall expansion finished

Tesla has been able to open these extra 56 stalls, bringing Kettleman to a total of 96 stalls! Right on time for the holiday traveling. Careful if it rains, they haven’t had time to pave the ground yet.

From issue #191

Latest software improves Tesla Supercharger times by up to 25%

Good news for owners that have a Model S or X, the latest software - thanks to warming up battery when you head to a Supercharger - improves supercharging times by up to 25%. It is pretty amazing that cars from 2012 are still getting better! For now if you use the navigation when heading to a Supercharger, that way your car will charge faster.

According to Elon, between the software update, the new v3, and the increase in power in v2, Superchargers charge time will drop by a factor of 2 for the whole Tesla fleet and a factor of 4 for Model 3s. These changes more than double total Supercharger system throughput worldwide.

Read more: Twitter

From issue #50

Los Angeles to Las Vegas supercharger guide & review

EThe main qualities of superchargers evaluated and shared by Taxhero (thanks for that!) are:

Apart from the overall score or the supercharger, in this thread Taxhero analyzes the following qualities of the superchargers between Los Angeles and Las Vegas: availability, accessibility, amenities, restrooms, food options, and proximity to amenities.

The superchargers reviewed are Rancho Cucamonga, Yermo, Baker, and Primm.

Thank for sharing!

Read more: Reddit

From issue #2

Major new Supercharger station coming to Santa Monica soon

We talked about it a few issues ago, there is a new Supercharger coming to Santa Monica. According to Elon, it will feature a 50’s dinner and will play the 100 best movie clips. 😋

From issue #158

Model X/S specs now showing 250kW Supercharging max

Both specs of the Model S and Model X have recently been updated indicating 250kW of Supercharging. Meanwhile, Elon has shared on Twitter that ’technically, it won’t be quite 1000 mph charging’ but also ‘a Model X bought in Dec. 2019 may be able to reach 250kW at low states of charge’. Some changes in the wiring had to be done for this, thus this doesn’t seem something that is going to be possible for older Raven Model S and X.

From issue #120

Navigation now shows how many cars are in route to the Supercharger

Tesla’s navigation system now displays the number of cars headed toward a Supercharger station, providing owners with better insight into station occupancy upon arrival. This is something that I welcome, as during busy travel times it is important to understand not only the current situation but also have an idea of what it will be once you get there.

From issue #305

New supercharger locations coming in 2023

After opening the selection of new Supercharger locations to public voting, Tesla has announced the winners: five new Superchargers in Europe, five in North America, and five in Asia, chosen after a few weeks of voting.

From issue #248

New Supercharger with 56 stalls in Firebaugh, California

Tesla keeps on adding new Supercharger locations and extending current ones. Here’s an impressive new location with 56 stalls - the largest Supercharger in the world yet - in Firebaugh, California.

From issue #138

Non-Tesla Supercharger memberships launch in the U.S. ahead of network opening to other EVs

Seems that someone at Tesla published this ahead of schedule. The published membership is offered at $0.99 which, if you are going to use the chargers, is a no-brainer since it offers a lower price per kWh.

From issue #229

Non-Tesla vehicles can now charge at all Superchargers in the Netherlands

In November, Tesla started a pilot to allow non-Tesla EVs at the Superchargers. This week, Tesla expanded the program to all the Superchargers in the Netherlands. Great news for EVs in the area! If you are a Tesla owner in the Netherlands, I would love to hear from your experience as well.

From issue #203

One year of free Supercharging for new Model 3 and Model Y owners

In an effort to bump end-of-the-year sales, Tesla is offering one year of free Supercharging with Model Y and Model 3 purchases. To qualify for it, the purchase needs to be between Dec. 12th and Dec. 31st, and Standard Range Plus (SR+) variant is not included. Hope they make it to the 500,000 vehicles sold in 2020! If you are shopping for a new Tesla and we have been useful to you, please use our referral code

From issue #142

Over 400 Supercharger locations leaked

Last week, Tesla accidentally leaked over 400 planned locations to their Supercharger network, the community was able to quickly store them, before Tesla took them down, and now they’ve put the on a Google Map, take a look.

From issue #237

Pre-fabricated concrete Tesla pedestals for Superchargers

We saw some Superchargers already mounted and ready to install the other week. Now, here are some pre-fabricated concrete pedestals. Clearly, Tesla is trying to get creative and expedite the time that it takes to build a Supercharger station.

From issue #161

Pull-through lanes in Santa Nella

With the Cybertruck starting deliveries in 2023, we will see many more Teslas with a trailer, so it’s nice to see pull-though Supercharger spots at Superchargers, we are going to be a bunch of these Elon!

From issue #230

Sneak peek at the World's First Tesla Supercharger V4 in the Netherlands

Spotted in Harderwijk, Netherlands, what seems to be one of the first V4 Superchargers in the world. Rumor says it’s to be open in Q2 2023. Credit goes to YouTube channel electricfelix, thank you for sharing!

From issue #257

Special Edition, Ultra Red Supercharger commemorates the installation of 50,000 Superchargers worldwide

This past week, Tesla achieved a new milestone with their Supercharger network: they’ve now installed over 50,000 Superchargers worldwide! The 50,000th Supercharger is Ultra Red and features a plaque marking its significance. If you’re interested in visiting or are nearby, you can find it in Roseville, California.

From issue #284

Squeegee stations being added to some Supercharger locations (finally!)

Tesla’s Supercharger network is gradually starting to replace gas stations for Tesla owners, but it has so far been missing an important tool that drivers find at gas stations: a squeegee.

Now it looks like Tesla is finally starting to add the requested feature to some Supercharger stations. Next car air pumps!

Read more: Electrek

From issue #11

Starlink seen at Supercharger

Superchargers in Lexington, Kentucky, now have a Starlink. When the owner plugged the car, it connected to the Starlink automatically.

From issue #224

Submit in-app feedback to improve Supercharging

If you experience any issues while Supercharging, you can now notify Tesla through the mobile app. To submit feedback, open the Tesla app, tap on your picture in the top right corner, select ‘account’, then choose ‘charging’ and ‘history’.

From issue #248

Supercharger 'bubble' screen shows which stalls are out of order

A great addition to the on-screen information. I hope the next step is to tell you which stall to use, when you arrive at the Supercharger, to maximize current charging. That would be neat!

From issue #191

Supercharger network is being upgraded from 250kW to 300kW

One of the concerns drivers transitioning from ICE cars to EVs have is how long it takes to charge them on the road. This is constantly getting better and better with increases in battery capacity and faster charging, and now, with new Superchargers increasing from 250kW to 300kW, the charging times will improve even more. Personally, I don’t mind the current speed of charging and battery of my Model Y, I like to stretch my legs every 3 hours of driving or so plus, when not on the road, there is the benefit of being able to charge in my garage and not having to drive to a gas station.

From issue #173

Supercharger network will open to other EVs later this year

This week Elon also confirmed on Twitter, in a reply to our friend Rafael (Teslatino), what up until now were mainly just rumors about Tesla opening their Supercharger network to other EVs. It looks like it’s going to happen later this year. While there are some mixed opinions in the community, and it seems like the majority of Tesla owners aren’t that happy about other cars taking the charging spots, in my opinion, making the Supercharger network accessible to others at a premium will not only help accelerate the world’s transition to EVs but also, hopefully, fund the opening of new Supercharging stations around the globe.

From issue #173

Supercharger with futuristic diner / drive-in theater planned for Hollywood area

We had heard rumors about Tesla adding a 50s dinner to a Supercharger, it seems that the concept has evolved into a futuristic diner / drive-in theater and the location is in the Hollywood area. Or that is what Elon said on Twitter this week.

From issue #204

Superchargers now show which stall is out of service

A while ago, Tesla started showing out of service stalls on the car’s screen. Just now, they also started showing which ones are the ones not working, which is great. Who hasn’t gone at least once to a Supercharger and had to change stalls because the one they picked was out of service? Really cool to see they keep improving this!

From issue #159

Superchargers, Superchargers everywhere

Even though it’s not on the site yet, it seems like Tesla is building its biggest Supercharger location yet with, wait for it, 56 stalls!! Check out the constructions pics taken in Firebaugh, (North) California. At the same time, this week we received a tip from @nwbailey with a picture of a Tesla sign taken in ROW DTLA, (South) California, saying 200+ V3 stalls are coming in 2021 in LA METRO. So much needed!

From issue #130

Supercharging - Over 99.9% Network Uptime

In a video released by Tesla, they highlighted that their charging network uptime exceeds 99.9%. Tesla also mentioned having a dedicated team tasked with addressing issues as they occur at the charging stations.

From issue #272

Supercharging goes to Alaska

Tesla opened their first Supercharger in Alaska, 4 V3 stalls in Soldotna. Woohoo!

From issue #191

Tesla adds Supercharger pricing and histograph to mobile app

Tesla has added new features to its mobile app, allowing users to view Supercharger pricing and histograph data. This update enables Tesla owners to monitor their Supercharger usage and plan their charging schedules more effectively. The histograph feature provides a visual representation of charging trends over time, while the pricing feature displays the cost of charging at different Supercharger locations. These features help enhance the overall convenience and usability of Tesla’s Supercharger network.

From issue #262

Tesla changes Supercharger prices

This is two stories in one. Last week Tesla increased the price of the kWh by almost 33% in most countries but then a few days later, and after a lot of complaints from users, it decreased the price by 10% to keep people happy. In a few days, the price of the kWh in California went from $0.26 per kWh to $0.34 per kWh and now is down to $0.28 kWh which is only about a 10% increase from the original price.

Read more: Electrek here and here

From issue #43

Tesla confirms plan to open Supercharger network to other automakers next year

Norwegian government officials confirmed that Tesla told them that it plans to open the Supercharger network to other automakers by September 2022. The Supercharger network is by far the best EV network out there, Tesla starting to open it up will contribute to accelerating the transition to sustainable energy although it might be negative for Tesla owners given that stalls will get busier with other EVs.

From issue #170

Tesla debuts massive V3 Supercharger station in the heart of Las Vegas Strip

This Supercharger station has 24 V3 charging stalls and 15 additional Tesla wall connectors. The wall connectors are powered by solar panels during the day and by power walls at night. Honestly, this Supercharger looks amazing! And on top of that, it’s great news that Tesla is already installing V3 Superchargers outside of the beta test locations and that they are using a full Tesla solar system to power them. This makes possible installing Superchargers that are independent from the electirc grid opening it up to more remote locations.

We know that Simon - the author of the article - is a susbcriber of Tesletter; Simon if you are reading 👋

From issue #69

Tesla drive-in supercharging station

As we’ve mentioned in the past, Tesla is opening a drive-in theater Supercharging station in LA. If you look it up, there are many renders. In the video, we can see a current aerial view of the site, showing how Tesla has started with the building, and they are planning on opening it up this year. So exciting!

From issue #300

Tesla expands trademark registration

Tesla expands trademark registration to cover “restaurant services, pop-up restaurant services, self-service restaurant services, take-out restaurant services”. We have talked many times in this newsletter about Tesla’s intention to open a 50’s diner in one Supercharger in LA, seems like in preparation Tesla just extended their trademark 🍔

From issue #167

Tesla has officially filed plans for the Hollywood Diner and Drive-In Theater

The project includes 29 Superchargers, approximately 3,800 square feet enclosed lower level, and a 5,500 square feet outdoor seating and enclosed food preparation area. The plans also state that the movies to be shown will be features lasting ~30 min, approximately the same amount of time as it takes to charge a vehicle.

From issue #217

Tesla is adding automatic payment at chargers to facilitate apartment charging and more

Tesla has recently been making moves to enable payments at charging stations in its Destination Charging network, but it also enables charging electric vehicles at apartments. Hopefully, this encourages more places to include chargers!

From issue #139

Tesla is extending the time to use free Supercharging miles

Given the current events around COVID-19, Elon Musk has said on Twitter they will extend the period of time to use the free Supercharging miles earned through the referral program- which is normally 6 months. This is great news for those with one or two referrals that are expiring soon, way to go Tesla!

From issue #108

Tesla is gearing up to open the Supercharger network to all cars in the Netherlands first

It looks like Tesla might be using a separate app for these other cars and that they’ve already tested 14 different EVs. It makes sense they start this program in Europe since cars there use the CCS combo plug, which means any EVs can plug in the Superchargers without an adapter.

From issue #180

Tesla just raised Supercharger prices in California

Peak prices in California raised by about 20%, from $0.48kwh to $0.58kwh.

From issue #216

Tesla makes Supercharging free for the July 4th weekend in five states during off-peak hours

As an incentive for drivers to charge in some less busy hours, Tesla is offering free Supercharging at selected locations in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Texas. You can see the full list and times in the article.

From issue #222

Tesla Model Y becomes a hotel amenity

Thanks to ride-sharing platform Envoy, this hotel in Miami is offering a Tesla Model Y as a shared car for hotel guests. Cool perk!

From issue #212

Tesla navigation directs drivers to less crowded Superchargers

Really nice addition to the in-car navigation, which will now reroute drivers to less crowded Superchargers, trying to balance waiting time and usage.

From issue #222

Tesla now allows you to vote every 3 months on Supercharger locations

As we mentioned last week, Tesla has implemented a new system where they select new stations based on popular vote. According to “Not a Tesla App,” Tesla will be counting votes every three months to decide the best locations for the new Superchargers, in addition to the strategic locations that they choose to open.

From issue #249

Tesla offering free Supercharging on 4th of July holiday weekend (California)

As an incentive to alleviate the Superchargers during a busy weekend, Tesla is offering free Supercharging between July 2nd and July 5th for those who charge before 12 pm and after 9 pm and at 25 Superchargers, list in the article.

From issue #170

Tesla offers 10,000 Miles of free Supercharging for U.S. buyers to push December deliveries

As a way to encourage customers to take delivery of their vehicles before the end of the year, Tesla is offering a special incentive in the form of 10,000 miles of free Supercharging. This promotion is in addition to the already available discount of $3,750 on select inventory cars. If you’re in the market for a new Tesla and are able to take delivery before the end of December, it’s worth considering taking advantage of this offer to save on charging costs and potentially get a discounted price on your vehicle.

From issue #247

Tesla offers 5,000 miles of free Supercharging for March trade-ins

More incentives to pump up the Q1 numbers, Tesla’s latest incentive offers 5,000 miles of free Supercharging to U.S. and Canadian customers who trade in their vehicles and take delivery by March 31, 2024. This promotion applies to new purchases of Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X. The free Supercharging miles are valid for two years post-delivery, incentivizing quick decisions and trade-ins this month.

If you are in the market for Tesla Solar, a new Tesla car, or even scheduling a demo drive, please consider using our referral code

From issue #307

Tesla offers free off-peak Supercharging in parts of Europe

Tesla is now offering free off-peak Supercharging at select stations in Croatia and Slovenia from 10 pm - 8 am on Fridays through Mondays between July 21 and September 4, 2023.

From issue #277

Tesla opened more than one new Supercharger station every day in China in June

Only in June, Tesla added 32 stations in 25 Chinese cities, adding a total of 120 Supercharger stalls. Tesla needs to keep expanding its charging network to keep up with the volume of cars sold, and needs to do it even faster!

From issue #225

Tesla opens up the Supercharger network

We’ve talked about this in the past, and this week Tesla has finally opened at least one Supercharger station to non-Teslas – the one in Scotts Valley, California. In the video, you can see how it works: essentially, you can choose the stall from the app, which will make it compatible with the CCS Combo through a magic box, and you can plug it in right away. Thank you, John, Raj, and Tim, for recording and publishing the video!

From issue #256

Tesla original Supercharging event from 2012

Tesla had 4 Supercharger locations with 4 stalls in 2012. Fast forward to the present, Tesla has almost 1,400 locations with 11,400 stalls. Just wow.

From issue #34

Tesla partners with Target to install new/more Superchargers in major US cities

Tesla is partnering with Target to install more Superchargers all around the US. Have been wising for one in your area? See if it’s on the list? Thank you @TeslaOwnersEBay and @MontrealTesla for the tip!

From issue #127

Tesla ramps up first V3 Supercharger installations for Europe

Tesla V3 Superchargers for Europe being made in the Buffalo Gigafactory 2 are planned to arrive in Europe in early April. We’re not sure what’s going to happen with their installation due to current events, but we hope that France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Italy and the Netherlands can get their promised permanent V3 Superchargers soon.

From issue #106

Tesla road trips: When charging gets weird

Aside from Superchargers, there are many other places to charge your car on the road, some more obvious than others.

From issue #187

Tesla says all Supercharger energy will be renewable in 2021

On Earth Day, Tesla announced that it has plans to power all Superchargers with renewable energy by the end of 2021. Awesome news!

From issue #162

Tesla Semi charger spotted in Vegas

I have the feeling that we are going to see these more and more often now.

From issue #279

Tesla shows off how they monitor their Supercharger network

Tesla’s Supercharger network is integrated with a dedicated monitoring system that tracks the real-time status of charging stations globally. This helps manage congestion and ensure the availability of charging slots for Tesla drivers. Furthermore, this system works in tandem with Tesla’s navigation, calculating the most optimal route for drivers by taking into account real-time Supercharger data and factors like battery temperature and forecasted wind. This allows the system to predict energy consumption accurately and offer the most efficient route.

From issue #272

Tesla started rolling out 2020.12.5 earlier this week and it brings Dashcam Viewer

Tesla started rolling out 2020.12.5 in mass last Monday night (Tuesday morning in Europe) and as I read somewhere, it’s like we’re having a second Christmas update this year. Main features include:

We haven’t had a chance of trying the Dashcam Viewer ourselves but we have spoken with owners who installed the update- thank you @CodingMark- and it looks very neat. One thing we discovered is you can actually watch any movie/video from your USB drive or storage device in your Tesla’s screen now 🤯

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Tesla starts deploying Starlink satellite internet systems at Supercharger stations

We know the plan is for all Supercharger stations to have wifi available. Tesla has started to deploy Starlink Antennas (A.K.A. Dishy McFlatface) at Supercharger stations.

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Tesla Supercharger capacity will double by end of next year

More and faster Superchargers coming next year, according to Elon’s Twitter: “Tesla Supercharger capacity will double by end of next year. Expect to be within range of 95% to 100% of population in all active markets.”

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Tesla Supercharger in Germany has a swimming pool

There are heatwaves all around Europe, and Tesla is surprising owners at this Supercharger in Germany with a peculiar perk, a swimming pool. To use the swimming pool you just need to show your Tesla app at the entry and you are all set. The video also shows some Tesla beach balls, will they be available in the Tesla store soon?

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Tesla Supercharger location voting coming soon

Tesla is using Twitter to collect the locations with the most suggestions, and then they will run a poll on Twitter to decide where to add Supercharging locations. If you don’t want to miss it, follow the official @TeslaCharging account on Twitter.

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Tesla Supercharger locations 2013-2018

From 68 to 1,430 in 5 years, that is impressive!

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Tesla Supercharger lounges in partnership with bk World

Tesla is partnering with bk World to deploy some prefab cubes, the first in Germany, offering things like restrooms, vending machines, and even video games next to this Supercharger. Honestly, I would love to see more Tesla lounges on the road, these ones just look fantastic and are probably cheaper than something more permanent.

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Tesla Supercharger map to be updated soon

According to a tweet by Elon Musk, Tesla is working on permits and construction of new Superchargers and the map should be updated soon. Stay tuned!

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From issue #9

Tesla Supercharger Update: V3 performance bump to 324kW

Seems like selected v3 Superchargers are being updated from 250Kw to 324Kw. At the same time, Tesla plans on expanding their non-Tesla Supercharger prior to more places.

From issue #200

Tesla Supercharger V3 factory with 10k annual capacity fully completed

For perspective, Tesla currently has around 25,000 Superchargers worldwide; this new factory allows them to keep growing their Superchargers at the same pace they increase the car production.

From issue #180

Tesla Superchargers are being made accessible to other electric cars

Tesla’s Supercharging network is not only beneficial to Tesla but also to other EVs. A true fact, although not so well known by most, is that Superchargers and in fact being made accessible to other electric vehicles.

From issue #143

Tesla Supercharging curring prices in Europe

With Spain leading the way with a substantial 25% reduction, most European countries have seen a decrease in Supercharging costs, making them highly competitive!

From issue #267

Tesla to soon open their Supercharger network to all EVs in the UK

During the first Model Y Berlin deliveries, Elon mentioned that they want to complete the development of the We have seen this in other European countries and now, according to a UK government official, seems that the UK will be next!

From issue #210

Tesla to start a test project in Norway to incentivize owners to avoid traveling on peak days

Tesla is planning on reducing Supercharging prices by 50% to see if they’re able to influence the days people travel and prevent them to do it on peak days. Nice idea, I assume the Tesla population is big enough for Tesla to try this, which is also a great thing!

From issue #151

Tesla unlocks 150 kW at V2 Superchargers in Europe

I’ve heard this from a bunch of people in Spain - I’m originally from Spain but have been in the US for 8 years now - and it seems like Tesla has upgraded a log of their v2 Superchargers to 150kW. These Superchargers where at 120kW before.

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From issue #75

Tesla will be opening some Superchargers in the US to all EVs soon

There has been a rumor about Tesla opening up their Superchargers in North America to other EVs for some time now, but this week the official Tesla Charging account announced it on Twitter. They also announced that their US network will more than double by the end of 2024, which is fantastic news. Looking at how this has worked out in Europe, where the market share that Tesla has of the EV market is much smaller than in California or the US, the experience seems to be not bad for Tesla owners. Actually, my friend Lars from @TodosElectricos said, “It’s been open for nearly a year in Europe, and our Tesla to other EV ratio is much lower than in the US, and truly - it’s fine.”

From issue #254

Tesla's first V3 Supercharging stations are open to the public

Fremont’s Supercharger is open again and is on the V3 Supercharging (up to 250kWh). Don’t go there just now, you need the latest software 2019.20.1 on your car to get the higher charging rate. Anyhow, it is exciting that Tesla is starting to roll this out.

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Tesla's non-Tesla Supercharger pilot program to open in the US in 2022

We’ve seen this happening in Europe as well, Tesla is slowly but steadily opening its charging network to non-Teslas. I tend to see this as a positive thing, another source of income for Tesla to expand faster, but I understand a lot of owners have their reservations about it, especially because many EVs would have to take many stalls to be able to plug in because of the position of their charge port.

From issue #224

Tesla’s map has been updated with new upcoming Superchargers

Nice to see the expansion of the Supercharger network, it now has 2,981 Supercharger stations and 25,100 stalls. Not bad!

From issue #176

The largest American Supercharger location with solar, battery storage, lounge, and restrooms

Tesla is planning a 62 stall V3 urban location in Santa Monica. This will be the largest American Supercharger location with solar, battery storage, lounge, and restrooms. Hope this becomes a reality soon!

From issue #154

Tips for long distance trips with a Tesla

Using RV parkings (with real toilets and hot showers!), going for walks during charge stops, keeping it flexible for ‘surprise’ destinations, and having lunch at Superchargers are some of the recommendations shared by Tesla drivers.

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From issue #6

Trailer friendly Supercharger locations

Do you ever wish you’d know if a Supercharger location is trailer friendly or not? This one below in Lillesand, Norway is and has designated spots for trailers. And here’s a thread with other locations put together collaboratively by fellow Tesla owners on the TMC Forum (the thread is a bit old but still super helpful).

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From issue #18

Updated Supercharger pricing structure, new in-car payment feature

The idle fee update will impact all Model S, Model X, and Model 3 drivers, current idle fee is $0.40/minute and it was updated on Sep 19th as follows:

  • Supercharger 50% occupied: $0.50/minute idle fee
  • Supercharger 100% occupied: $1.00/minute idle fee

Additionally, Tesla has begun to roll out an over-the-air software update (not Version 9) that will include a new in-car payment feature. Please be a good citizen and move your car if the Supercharger is semi busy so other people can charge!

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From issue #26

V3 Supercharging curve (M3LR vs. MS Plaid)

Interesting to see the Plaid Model S keeping the peak kW for 5% more SOC and having higher values for another 5%, which translates into faster charging.

From issue #170

v4 Superchargers are here

The plans for new upcoming stations in Danvers, MA, reveal aspects of the future v4 Superchargers. One of the main differences seems to be they have longer cables, maybe for non-Tesla EVs?

From issue #225

V4 Superchargers will charge at 1MW

As mentioned above, the 1 MW DC charging capability will be coming to the Superchargers next year. To make this technology useful, Tesla has made some innovative changes, such as submerging the cables in coolant to enable them to transport more energy without becoming too thick. These improvements are a big step forward in EV charging and will provide an exceptional user experience.

From issue #245

West Hollywood drive in charging station progress

The original post said ‘almost ready,’ but it seems that there is still some more work to do. Either way, I’m excited to see this station finished, hopefully, I can visit it this summer! For those unaware, Tesla is building a charging station with a drive-in and a diner, isn’t that cool?

From issue #307

Whoever did this, thank you for being awesome

Nice gesture at a busy Supercharger. Thank you u/infinite-dark for sharing.

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