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What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.24.6

June 22, 2020

As of June 22, 2020, Tesla has started rolling out a new software update, 2020.24.6, which introduces a new cabin camera and green lights follow to all Teslas (not Early Access only anymore). See the release notes and read more about 2020.24.6 here.

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360 surround view + HDMI kit testing

For $775 this kit from BearBu would give you a 360 view of your car. It took LowTech two days to install it but the result are pretty cool. I would recommend you to watch the video and look at how the cameras look from outside.

From issue #55

Blackvue DR900S 4k UHD is now available for pre-order

One of Tesla owners’ favorite dash cams is releasing its 4k version and it is now available to pre-order. Expected shipping date: April 24.

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From issue #4

Image quality is so much better with HW3

Look at the differences of the Dashcam images from with HW2.5 and HW3, the new computer is powerful enough to be able to process uncompressed (minimally compressed) video. Some folks are saying the image got worst with HW2.5 when the fourth camera was introduced. In any case, it’s only looking better and I can’t wait to get my upgrade!

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From issue #101

Model S modified to show a 360º view

Our Teslas don’t offer a 360º view. It’s well know that the reason why is that while it has cameras in all directions it lacks a forward camera low enough to see what it’s directly in front of the car. The pilar cameras also don’t show what it’s in the ground right next to the car. Having said that, some folks in China modded their Model S to have a 360º view and looks really good!

From issue #33

Tesla cameras may be reading speed limits soon

For a long time, the theory behind Tesla’s AP2+ not recognizing speed limit signs was the existence of a patent by Mobileeye. It seems like Tesla has been able to get around it since Elon Musk has recently said that it’s coming soon in a reply to Everyday Astronaut (@Erdayastronaut) on Twitter. Hopefully, Tesla will roll out a hybrid solution, we will see!

From issue #111

Tesla does video production in-house

Tesla built a custom camera car utilizing an engineering Model S and a Motocrane V1 + Movi Pro. The crane, wireless video, and 4x Small HD monitors are fully powered by the Model S battery pack.

From issue #54

Tesla to enable access to B pillar and repeater cameras from the car

In some situations, e.g. while parking, having access to the cameras from within the car would be pretty helpful. Elon said on Twitter that Tesla can enable access to these views.

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From issue #92

The cabin camera is officially on (update 2020.24.6)

A few weeks ago @greentheonly revealed some unknowns about the cabin-camera. Now, with the latest software update 2020.24.6, Tesla has officially told us about it and they’re planning on using it to build safety features. In case you have privacy concerns, know that you can opt-in/out to share your cabin videos with Tesla.

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From issue #117

Thinkware F770 Dash Camera ($244.99)

An updated version the Thinkware F750, the F770 is less imposing and easier to use than its predecessor. It not only features a slimmer form factor but also a new matte black look, larger buttons, and a wire management flap.

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From issue #12

[Pics] About the mystery of the Model 3 in-cabin 'selfie' cam

For the first time, @greentheonly and @davidhooperr have managed to get footage of the interior camera of the Model 3. The sensor and the resolution seem to be the same of the rest of the cameras. This camera, located in the rearview mirror, is there for future Robotaxi usage and for now it isn’t active. Thank you both for sharing your findings!

From issue #107