Tesla has an integration with Spotify that and allows you to listen to your playlists and music from Spotify in you car. In order to make it work, a Spotify Premium account is needed.

Compared to connecting your smartphone to your car via Bluetooth and streaming music via Spotify, this integration lets you save songs and browse lists in the touchscreen, as well as to enjoy a clearer and slightly louder sound.

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Tesla and Spotify

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Tesla V10 and Spötify, all you ever wanted to know

October 8, 2019

For us leaving outside Europe, the Spotify integration for Tesla has finally arrived with V10. We’re big fans of Spotify and have been Premium users for about ten years now, so we’d like to share a trick or two.

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How to get Spotify to run in a US Tesla

US Spotify Premium users are forced to BT audio their music and use their phones to pick and switch songs. Now you can use the interface on your Tesla Touchscreen.

Spotify Pro Tip for your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y

There is an important missing feature on the Tesla Spotify app. You cannot mark a song as 'hearted'. Here is a simple work-around that applies to: Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y, as well as the Model X and Model S with the second generation MCU.

Tesla V10 and Spotify, all you ever wanted to know

In this video, we play with the new Spotify integration for Tesla and show you how to search and add music to your library. You ca also learn how to create a playlist that you can then play from your Tesla.

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Introducing Software Version 10.0

We’ve been talking about V10 for a few weeks now and we had a good idea of what was coming but, apart from the highly expected addintion of YouTube, Netflix, Caraoke, Smart Summon, etc. Tesla kept a few secrets until the final release. These are some of the things in the final GA that we hadn’t heard about before:

  • Spotify: Probably one of the highests expected features for non-European Tesla owners. As a premium subscriber of Spotify for 10 years, I couldn’t be happier
  • Crack all your windows 3 inches to vent or close them. Only available for Model 3 and X
  • Model 3 SR+ and SR now get browser access as well as YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, TuneIn, and Slacker while connected to Wi-Fi

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From issue #79

Learnings about Slacker streaming service

As you may or may not know, Tesla in the US comes with Slacker Radio. I was hoping to get integration with Spotify when we got our Model S, but it’s only available in Europe. Black/Black MS has gathered some information and shared in the TMC forum, see the highlights:

  • 4 years of free access to Slacker Radio Plus
  • If you want to use the mobile app, you can email Tesla to get your credentials (since you don’t need them otherwise)
  • Tesla Slacker accounts are not upgradeable, but you can purchase a Slacker Premium account separately and use those credentials instead
  • It has an option for High Bitrate Streaming (320kbps vs. 128kbps)
  • You can’t play the same song over and over

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From issue #22

Pro tip: Use Spotify family plan for more than one account

Vanessa and I share the Model S but I also use Spotify at work and when I commute, so I don’t want our Tesla to also use my account since when you start playing spotify in one device it pauses all other devices where the same account is playing. If this is your case, I would recommend that you get the family plan, it’s $14.99 for up to 6 accounts while the price of an individual premium account is $9.99.

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From issue #79

Spotify coming to 'more Tesla markets' soon

greentheonly saw something new that makes him think that Tesla is indeed going to give people Spotify as part of v10 🤞

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From issue #78

TesPlayer (Spotify remote for Tesla Browser) works awesome with the tesla browser

We’ve talked about TesPlayer in the past, it is a great way of controlling your Spotify and not having to pull your phone out. Well, it seems that now it just got better thanks to the tesla browser.

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From issue #58

Tesla V10 and Spotify

Vanessa and I have been Premium users of Spotify for ten years so we’re really excited about finally having Spotify in our Tesla. That is why Vanessa decided to record a video going over how to use Spotify in your Tesla with a couple of nifty tricks. Watch it and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

From issue #80