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Tesla’s official mobile app is available for iOS and Android. The Tesla mobile app allows you to remotely control your car allowing you to lock and unlock it, set the right temperature, check charging progress, operate windows, track software update downloads and installations, and much more.

The Tesla app is also the place where to go to schedule service appointments and purchase hardware and software upgrades. The Tesla mobile app can be used as your car key and it can also be in multiple devices allowing multiple people to be logged in at the same time.

If what you're looking for are third party Tesla apps, there are a few ones that we like. Some of the most popular ones include: Teslafi, StatsApp, A Better Route Planner, and Teslascope.

Pics of Tesla's Mobile App

Tesla's Mobile App. Photo source: Teslarati.
Tesla service via Mobile app. Photo source: Electrek.

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5 things to know before buying a Tesla

September 1, 2020

When I took delivery of my Model S the staff member who helped me said: Remember, a Tesla is still a car. Every time I talk to someone new to Tesla I use that piece of advice. This post is about things that are fundamentally different in a Tesla, about both the car and the experience of buying one.

What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.32.2

August 19, 2020

Tesla's latest software update, 2020.32.2 introduces notifications (via mobile app) when the car is left open for over 10 minutes and brings follow-up improvements on the Suspension changes introduced in 2020.28 amongst other things. Read more and find out which Tesla models are getting which features.

Tesla maintenance costs and service frequency

February 10, 2020

There isn’t a one-year or a two-year service as such, but Tesla recommends checking quite a few things at the two-year mark. Here’s a list, the cost, and how to schedule an appointment via Tesla's mobile app.

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Past Tesletter articles

'Autopilot speed limited for emergency lights' in 2021.24.12

It looks much better and includes a couple of improvements that I think are really well received: being able to send commands to the car without having to wait for your car to wake you (e.g. turning on the AC when leaving the store), and for folks with 2+ Teslas, now the phone-as-key works without having to select the appropriate car on the app beforehand. Have you updated yet? Anything else that you like? Something that you are missing?

From issue #183

2FA confirmed in Tesla Accounts (still being tested)

Our friend Tyler from @teslascope has shared an interesting finding regarding Tesla’s 2FA. We knew it was coming (and just recently Elon tweeted about this being tested), but we now have unofficial confirmation that 2FA has been implemented on Tesla Accounts. The image shared shows a valid API call using the new authentication method. I personally hope that Tesla helps owners setting 2FA when is out since it’s a great way of protecting our Teslas.

Unsolicited advice, 2FA is highly recommended in all online accounts. If you don’t have 2FA in places like Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I suggest that you set it up, hit me if you need help!

From issue #128

A Rewarding Companion App For Your Tesla

[Sponsored] DIMO is a simple, beautiful app that allows you to collect and store all the data from your Tesla for free. We’re building an ecosystem of services to help you save money and get the most out of your car, and early adopters can earn rewards just for contributing data. Download DIMO - it takes less than 1 minute to get started!

From issue #236

Ability to limit speed from mobile app coming up soon?

It seems like the release notes of the mobile app contain a spoiler of what’s coming up in release 2018.24 :-O

Read more: Reddit

From issue #13

Accept a loaner car in the Tesla mobile app during warranty repairs

As a way of expediting service and improving the experience, the Tesla app now lets you, in some cases, accept the loaner car that you will get (if you are lucky to get one) when you bring in your car for service under warranty.

From issue #213

All Hertz rentals in the US now allow full Tesla app access

By providing an easy-to-scan QR code on the screen, Hertz Tesla rentals now allow for full Tesla app access. The Tesla app is useful for various reasons, including knowing when the charging session will end, sending addresses from your phone, and activating the HVAC system as you approach your car.

In addition, if you enable cloud profiles on your Tesla, your settings will automatically be accessible in the rental car. This is fantastic!

From issue #284

All settings will be in your Tesla app and the car will auto adjust

Wouldn’t it be great that your phone identifies you with any Tesla that you drive/ride and adjusts your preferences accordingly? That seems to be the vision that Elon shares as well, he said that in the longer term that is what will happen.

From issue #171

Android App now showing estimated completion of service

Tesla has been working on making improvements to the service side of the house. A couple of months ago they started sending service updates via text message and push notifications, now they have started showing the estimated completion time of service directly in the app, as well as intermediate steps like ‘waiting for parts’, or ‘service scheduled on [date]’. I really like seeing improvements in this area, it’s always stressful to not have your car and not knowing when you are going to get it back.

Read more: Reddit

From issue #68

Apple Music integration confirmed

The Model S Long Range at the Petersen Museum running 2022.40.50 comes with Apple Music. Those of you who’ve been waiting for it should expect it as part of the holiday release around the end of the year.

From issue #243

At Tesla Design Studio

Insightful interview with Tesla’s Pawel Pietryka, product designer and lead on company’s mobile UI team. The interview covers his role, his motivation to join Tesla, and how the team works.

Read more: Work With Us

From issue #62

Auto cooled seats in the Tesla app

Not that long ago, Tesla introduced auto-heated seats on the mobile app. Now, for folks with cooled seats (new Model S and X), you can use the same functionality to set them to auto cool.

From issue #213

Automatically open your trunk when you get close to it

If you own an iPhone and an Apple Watch, you can now use Stats App for Tesla to enable a watch face complication and automatically open the trunk or frunk when you approach your car. This will be especially useful when you head to the car with your hands full after groceries. Cool addition!

From issue #285

Controlling the media from the app

Last week we talked about one of the new additions to v9 which is controlling the media from the mobile app. BigD0g shows us the controls from the app that make that possible.

Read more: TMC Forum

From issue #27

DIMO: The Best Digital Companion for your Tesla

DIMO is a secure connected vehicle app specifically for Tesla owners, built by top engineers and designers. It allows you to collect, store, and visualize the data from your vehicle for free - nothing is shared without your permission and they’re working with an active community of developers to build the best apps and services on top of it. They’re building the world’s biggest connected car club - allowing users to pool their data and access better mobility apps, services, and ownership in the network as a whole through the $DIMO token. Join the revolution and connect your vehicle to DIMO!

From issue #217

Driver profiles attached to phones

The last software update introduces Bluetooth improvements to detect the driver in the seat and connect to their phone. Well, this is only the beginning since Elon said it will also connect to your driver profile preferences and apply those when the driver seat is detected. This makes more and more sense as the number of households with two or more Teslas increases, assuming this means your diver settings are stored in the cloud and used in different cars. Very cool.

Read more: Twitter

From issue #103

Folks in the Early Acess program can now operate their windows from the mobile app

A new version of the mobile app just introduced the ability to operate the windows from it. The app now shows the option “vent” and when you tap on it the car drops all four windows about 3 inches. When the windows aren’t completely closed the label on the button changes to “close”, and tapping it closes all four windows." It’s great to see this new functionality added to the app!

From issue #78

Giveaway Alert: Win a code to download Stats for Tesla App for free

This week we’re partnering with Stats for Tesla App, one of the most popular and complete apps for Tesla owners out there. We’ve been fans for a long time, and if you’re not familiar with this popular app for Tesla owners, it gives you a bunch of cool stats about your car such as battery status and range estimates, driving efficiency, phantom drain, safety score, and much much more.

We’re giving away 3 free licenses. Head out to Twitter to participate in the giveaway!

From issue #189

How to add more than one user to the Tesla App

Ville Nahkuri shared these instructions on the Tesla Slack Community:

If you would like to add an additional user to your Tesla mobile app, with their own unique login details, you should first create a Tesla Account in their name. Then email us at [email protected] with the following information:

  • Full VIN of the car
  • First and last name of the user
  • Their Tesla-registered email address
  • Their phone number
  • Their mailing address

The user will receive an email to validate their access. This can take up to 3-5 business days. Please keep in mind that this will grant the additional user access only to the Tesla mobile app, and allow them to monitor and control the vehicle.

You can find the intructions on the Tesla support site too.

Read more: Tesla Support

From issue #41

How to set charging limits on your Tesla

We’ve started a Youtube channel with videos explaining the coolest features of our Model S in a simple way. Subscribe to the channel to get updates.

From issue #57

Introducing Software Version 10.0

We’ve been talking about V10 for a few weeks now and we had a good idea of what was coming but, apart from the highly expected addintion of YouTube, Netflix, Caraoke, Smart Summon, etc. Tesla kept a few secrets until the final release. These are some of the things in the final GA that we hadn’t heard about before:

  • Spotify: Probably one of the highests expected features for non-European Tesla owners. As a premium subscriber of Spotify for 10 years, I couldn’t be happier
  • Crack all your windows 3 inches to vent or close them. Only available for Model 3 and X
  • Model 3 SR+ and SR now get browser access as well as YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, TuneIn, and Slacker while connected to Wi-Fi

Read more: Tesla

From issue #79

iOS app update v.4.11.0 now shows work charging rates as well

If you pay to charge at work and you use iOS, not Android yet, you can now configure the rate at your work location and the charge stats will count those accordingly.

From issue #225

Is this the end of 'where is my software update' obsession?

Many of us feel FOMO every time that we get the notification that there is a new software version out. However, it seems like Elon wants to finally help us with it: “We will add a feature to allow request of latest software version”.

When will we have it? Only Elon knows :P

Read more:

From issue #3

Live camera screen on the Tesla app

By looking at the screen, it seems that we should be able to change the camera that we are viewing by tapping on the dots on the screen. Cool!

From issue #186

Live interior camera viewing coming to Tesla App

Some more improvements in the new version of the app are:

  • Live interior camera viewing
  • Remote farting
  • Remote boombox
  • Setting a climate temp for co-pilot
From issue #244

Managing contacts, drivers and other users on My Tesla account

I’m not sure when Tesla released this but you can now add a secondary user from the “My Tesla” page. From there you can also grant them access to one or more of the cars via the app.

Read more: Tesla

From issue #88

Mobile app now offers nearby charging options

We wished for it last week and it’s become a reality. Tesla’s mobile app now offers nearby charging options including stalls available and nearby destination charging. Beautiful!

Read more: TMC Forum

From issue #37

Model Y images discovered in the latest update of Tesla's mobile app

Nothing very surprising here, just Tesla getting ready for the Model Y deliveries this month disovered by user matt687 on Reddit after decompiling the latest Android package and comparing it to the previous version. Everything seems to indicate that Model Y owners will have the same functionality available in the mobile app than the rest of the fleet.

Read more: Teslarati

From issue #102

Multi-factor authentication is now available

Multi-factor authentication is now available on your Tesla account. Once configured, you can see the list of all devices you have authorized on your Tesla account page. I use Google Authenticator for 2FA but you can use any third-party authenticator out there. Log into your Tesla account, go to Account > Multi-factor authentication > Manage, and scan the QR code. Easy, right? If you haven’t done it yet don’t leave it for later and do it right away!

From issue #132

New Charging Features in the Tesla app with 2021.36

With the Tesla app 4.1 and firmware 2021.36 you can adjust the charge limit as well as schedule charger and departure from the app. Take a look at the menus.

From issue #185

New mobile app new features!

There are being a bunch of new additions to the mobile app recently. The version released last week allows to schedule service appointments from the app as well as turning on seat and steering wheel heating.

From issue #39

New Tesla app design coming soon

It seems that Tesla is working on a redesign of their Tesla app. In the images, it looks much cleaner. Other than being able to buy hardware upgrades, no new features appear to come with it, or they weren’t leaked.

From issue #175

New Tesla app update adds tire pressure measurements and power wall tutorials

Small additions but very helpful. You can now find your car’s tire pressure measurements in the Tesla app and, if you’re a Powerwall owner, the tutorials will be available in the app as well.

From issue #231

New Tesla mobile app update

A new version has been pushed to both the App Store and Google Play. The release notes reveal that the new app in combination with 2018.48 would show nearby charging options in the charging screen adding the option to send the location of the charger to the car. We are wondering if the nearby charger info would include realtime information about open stalls, that would be great!

Read more: Reddit

From issue #36

New version of iOS app includes charging stats for the past 31 days

Tesla has been storing charge stats and in the last iOS, they added a tab called ‘charge stats’ in the main menu. The new tab contains the estimated money spent, gas savings, and a break out of home, Supercharger, and others. Now, can Android users have it? Please, please!

From issue #201

New version of the Tesla mobile app

In the new app version, you can see the release notes directly from your smartphone as well as see the live cameras directly from the main menu.

From issue #244

New window animations, it's the little things!

New animation in the mobile app in which the preview of the vehicle has changed when rolling down the windows and now shows a lot more detail. Love these little touches!

From issue #144

Open your garage door using Summon on the mobile app

If your car has HomeLink configured and the geolocation is properly set to your driveway, you can use use HomeLink form the Tesla mobile app to open and close your garage door, directly from the Summon screen. There is a catch tho, you need to be within certain distance of your car - the same distance to actually use Summon - for the icon to be active.

Read more: Reddit

From issue #67

Redesigning the mobile app that Tesla deserves

Interesting redesign done by Matthew Farmer. I really like the idea of using animated icons (like the fan spinning) to indicate when things are on as well as the use of the bottom row to give quick access to some of the most common functionalities. What do you think?

From issue #51

Referral program updates are now reflected in the Tesla app

If you purchase a Model S or Model X using a referral code, you will receive 3 months of Full Self-Driving (FSD) and $1,000 off. If you purchase a Model 3 or Model Y, that will give you $3,500 in credits. If someone uses your code to purchase a Model S or Model X, you will receive 20,000 credits. These credits can be redeemed for merchandise, Tesla accessories, and vehicle upgrades.

From issue #270

Refreshed Tesla app

It looks much better and includes a couple of improvements that I think are really well received: being able to send commands to the car without having to wait for your car to wake you (e.g. turning on the AC when leaving the store), and for folks with 2+ Teslas, now the phone-as-key works without having to select the appropriate car on the app beforehand. Have you updated yet? Anything else that you like? Something that you are missing?

From issue #179

Self-serve service appointments online

Tesla has opened up a new self-serve model for owners of its electric cars, giving them the ability to book service appointments online without needing to call or email the company.

Read more: Teslarati

From issue #24

Service scheduling via mobile app now allows you to attach images per each category

The latest version of Tesla’s mobile app allows you to attach images per category when opening a ticket. Will video attachments be next?

Read more: Reddit

From issue #102

Settings and upgrades (FSD subscription or premium connectivity) when you sign into a Tesla

We’ve heard rumors about being able to take your settings with you to another Tesla, probably through your profile and mobile app. But now, for the first time, Elon said yes to a tweet asking to also activate upgrades like FSD Subscription or Premium Connectivity when you sign into a Tesla. When will this happen? Only Elon knows 😁

From issue #175

Software update 2018.24 introduces the ability to limit speed both from the car and the mobile app

As spoiled by the last mobile app release notes :P, version 2018.24 -launched today- introduces the ability of limiting vehicle speed limit both from the car and the mobile app.

From issue #13

Submit in-app feedback to improve Supercharging

If you experience any issues while Supercharging, you can now notify Tesla through the mobile app. To submit feedback, open the Tesla app, tap on your picture in the top right corner, select ‘account’, then choose ‘charging’ and ‘history’.

From issue #248

Tesla adds Supercharger pricing and histograph to mobile app

Tesla has added new features to its mobile app, allowing users to view Supercharger pricing and histograph data. This update enables Tesla owners to monitor their Supercharger usage and plan their charging schedules more effectively. The histograph feature provides a visual representation of charging trends over time, while the pricing feature displays the cost of charging at different Supercharger locations. These features help enhance the overall convenience and usability of Tesla’s Supercharger network.

From issue #262

Tesla Android app decompiled to see how the the Model 3 phone key works

Doctor_McKay says the code is heavily obfuscated but he was able to obtain some useful information. Check it out!

Read more: TMC Forum

From issue #11

Tesla App and 2021.44.5 show Cabin Overheat Protection

It isn’t that I frequently want to change the cabin overheat protection, but it is convenient to have that available to change via the app, and that, is what’s coming up soon in future versions.

From issue #194

Tesla app to 4.6.0

From the release notes:

  • Charge Stats displays your vehicle energy-charged and estimated costs
  • Submit comprehensive claims for Tesla
  • Insurance policyholders
  • Support for actionable vehicle push notifications
From issue #204

Tesla app to display vehicle navigation routes

Tesla is preparing to introduce a new feature that will display your vehicle’s navigation route within the Tesla app. This enhancement is expected to make route planning more seamless and user-friendly for Tesla drivers. Personally, I’ve wanted to know the best route and stops directly on my phone when planning a trip multiple times, and so far, I have defaulted to apps like A Better Route Planner. This feature is very much welcome!

From issue #261

Tesla app update hints at potential 'powered frunk' feature

In a recent update for the Tesla App, tapping on closing the frunk shows animation for closing the frunk, although it doesn’t close. Is Tesla going to add a powered frunk in the future? Who knows, but this might just spoil the surprise.

From issue #233

Tesla App version 4.3.1 is out

By analyzing the source it seems that Tesla is preparing to add functionality to share your vehicle with others from the app. According to the strings found, we will be able to share access to our car with others and set an expiration date, perfect for those of you renting their car or just allowing someone to drive it for a bit.

From issue #193

Tesla Giga Berlin’s new paint colors revealed in the mobile app

The new 4.2.1 update contains three new colors: Deep Crimson Multicoat, Abyss Blue Multicoat, and Mercury Silver Metallic.

From issue #188

Tesla iOS app will have 2FA soon

It’s not the first time that Elon Musk says Tesla’s iOS app will have 2FA, this time it seems the feature it’s going through final testing so we can expect it to be available soon.

From issue #125

Tesla is enhancing its mobile app by allowing owners to request service for top issues

Elon just announced on Twitter that Tesla is adding the capability of requesting top service issues via the mobile app. According to Elon, the goal is to allow Tesla Rangers to get to you quickly with a top-of-the-line service loaner. We’re not sure if this is going to happen or when but we surely are excited about it!

Read more: Twitter

From issue #34

Tesla is piloting Mobile Service online self-scheduling

We are big fans of the mobile service, we have used it once, and it was a terrific experience. Anything that includes extending it, we support it.

Read more: Reddit

From issue #51

Tesla mobile app gets passive authentication feature

Tesla has introduced a new feature to its mobile app, allowing users to deactivate passive authentication. This is effectively the same as disabling Bluetooth, but without losing connectivity for the rest of your apps. I suspect this is a response to relay attacks, where thieves could deceive the car into thinking the phone was nearby when it wasn’t. If you park outdoors overnight and are concerned about this happening to you, you might want to utilize this feature before heading to bed.

From issue #267

Tesla owners can soon request service from their mobile app

Elon Musk said that Tesla owners would soon be able to request service through their smartphones. He also added that the use of the mobile-based service would require no paperwork on the part of the electric cars’ owners.

Learn more: Teslarati

From issue #9

Tesla re-enables remote window functions after NHTSA recall

Tesla has re-enabled remote window control functions on its vehicles after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) asked the company to disable them due to a safety concern. The issue arose from a recall related to the software controlling the window defrosting and defogging functions. Tesla has since fixed the software issue and re-enabled the remote window functions for affected vehicles through an over-the-air software update.

From issue #263

Tesla updates its mobile app to add refresh Model S

In what one would assume means the refresh Model S deliveries will start soon, Tesla just released a new version of its mobile app that contains the assets to display the new version of a car. Have you ordered one? Do you have a delivery date? Let us know!

From issue #155

Tesla updates mobile app with UI changes, adds new virtual chat assistant

Tesla updated its mobile app with a user interface refresh, streamlining navigation via a new hamburger icon and dropdown menus, making it simpler to manage your Tesla fleet and products. They’ve also rolled out a virtual chat assistant named ‘Tesla Assist,’ offering basic support within the app. It helps users with quick answers to frequently asked questions. For now, this is just done by searching the manual and related articles and is not AI-powered like ChatGPT, but one can assume it will be like that in the future.

From issue #306

Tesla's updated iPhone app finally supports actionable notifications

Also mentioned in the release notes for the Tesla App 4.6, here we can see it in action. Now, if you get a notification saying that your cabin is at the right temperature, you can turn off the climate right from there. I assume this will also work for things like trunk left open or climate running for a long time without you being in the car.

From issue #204

Upcoming software update 2020.32

While 2020.28.6 is rolling out with bug fixes, 2020.32 will be coming soon introducing some interesting new things (I’m guessing Model X owners will particularly like the first one):

  • Get notifications on your phone when your car is left open (yay!)
  • Suspension settings improvements
  • Notifications history improvements
From issue #123

v9 is coming and has a bunch of features

A recent tweetstorm from Elon talked about the following being included on the v9 of the firmware:

From issue #19

V9 Mobile app to car sharing

We find this feature super useful, so we don’t have to be creating calendar events or manually typing the address in the car. We can finally share the address via the phone, woohoo!

From issue #27

You can now order a Tesla directly from the Tesla app

Maybe a bit far-fetched, but you never know when you are going to need to order a car in a wimp, maybe when your friend challenges you late at a bar 😂 You can order it directly from your Tesla App. This might be a strategy to convert other EV owners using the app to charge at Tesla Superchargers.

From issue #234

You can now send pictures when you request service through the Tesla App

Tesla is trying to make service easier and easier, this time they’ve added the abiliity to attach up to five pictures when you schedule a service appointment. This makes it easier to report any incidents accurately. Hooray for Tesla improving and already pretty seamless process to schedule service appointments!

Read more: Twitter

From issue #75