What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.20.1

What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.20.1

Tesla’s latest software update, 2020.20.1, is rolling out as we write this. In last week’s newsletter, we shared the news about an upcoming version including a new game, ‘Fallout Shelter’. This is what the new update brings us:

And here’s a link to the release notes on Teslascope, who first reached out to us about Fallout Shelter possibly being made available in 2020.20.

What's in Tesla's update 2020.20.1

Let’s see what’s in Tesla’s latest software release in more detail:

  • Fallout Shelter: This is the second time that Tesla has worked with a game studio to release a mainstream game on their cars. We knew this was coming since almost a year ago when Elon Musk and Todd Howard talked about it at E3, and it’s finally here. Looking forward to borrow someone’s car to play it!
  • Theater improvements: It is now easier to play, pause, and skip video playback when you’re watching movies/shows in your Tesla, since you can do it from the steering wheel. Nice usability improvement.
  • TRAX improvements: New piano roll view to edit and fine tune notes in a track, and new commands to create, move, or resize notes. In addition, it also introduces commands to make it easier to record at the desired time. Let your creativity run wild!

Who is getting what

Model 3/Y owners and Model S/X owners with MCU2- built after end of March 2018- are getting it all: Fallout Shelter, Theater improvements, and TRAX improvements.

Unfortunately, for the rest of us mortals, 2020.20.1 is not bringing anything new other than bug fixes and minor improvements.

Did you already receive Tesla’s latest software update 2020.20.1? What do you think?

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