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How to see videos from Tesla Sentry Mode on your phone

July 12, 2019

Sentry Mode is great and it’s already proving its high value by recording accidents that wouldn’t otherwise have been available. Here’s a recent example...

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2019.24.4 Dashcam USB notification

With 2019.24.4 Tesla introduced a couple of useful notifications for the Dashcam USB.

  • Your call will tell you when your USB is full:
  • If your USB is too slow to use this feature- this is somewhat common because we all have old USB drives sitting around- it’ll show the following message:

BTW If you are shopping for a new USB for your Tesla, maybe because you just learnt that yours is slow or because you need more space, I would recommend you to use the drives from PureTesla - they come pre-formatted and with the necessary folder- and I personally wouldn’t buy anything that is less than 128Gb.

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Blackvue DR900S 4k UHD is now available for pre-order

One of Tesla owners’ favorite dash cams is releasing its 4k version and it is now available to pre-order. Expected shipping date: April 24.

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Convert Tesla dash cam movie files into one movie

Really handy scripts to stitch together the Tesla dash cam files into one. Thanks ehendrix23!

See code

Dash cam capacity and storage guide

The dash cam feature stores data in one minute clips of ~30 megabytes each. However, FAT32 has a limit of 32GB, so that’s the maximum you can plug in without partition it.

Desktop apps to view your Sentry / Dashcam videos

We are sharing with you two cool apps to view and manage your Sentry / Dashcam videos on your computer.

  • Windows: Nate McComb - known for his purple Model 3 - has spent over 100 hours working on this great app. Its main features include: adjustable playback speed, exporting, trimming video clips before saving, and many others. Definitely, check it out and donate if you find it useful.
  • Mac: Pretty basic one but the author is working on more features like exporting and deleting.

Here’s how Tesla’s new dash cam feature using Autopilot cameras works

The leaked images of v9 don’t have any trace of the promised dashcam. However, according to Electrek’s source, there are two versions of the new update rolling out. Here are some details:

  • This feature would only be available in vehicles with AP2.5
  • You need a small USB flash drive and it needs to be formatted in FAT32
  • When recording, it seems it records for an hour before overwriting old videos

Reading the notes my take is this is an MVP, in the future I’d assume that they’ll include things like cloud storage, more than one hour of video, recording when the car is in park, etc. As a software person myself I like iterative development and I hope they keep on adding to it in the near future.

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How to turn on your dash cam from the app

The current version of the dash cam only records when the car is on but beastpilot has found and shared a workaround that would let you trigger the recording from your app. The dash cam would start recording by just turning on the climate control from the app. According to greentheonly (vergreen on TMC) turning on the A/C usually keeps the rest of the car on as well.

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MicroSD card and USB configured for TeslaCam

Jeff from PureTesla - Tesletter subscriber - is selling a pre-configured MicroSD card with a USB stick that you can just plug and use for the Tesla dash cam and Sentry features. This setup is actually pretty similar to the one that we use and since I know that people have had problems with crapy USBs and formatting, etc. I think this will be pretty useful to some of you.

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Model 3 v9 dash cam footage

The dash cam feature includes one camera and no sound but the quality of the image in the video is pretty good. Some people say it’s using the narrow camera to compensate for the lack of definition on the other cameras. The narrow camera has better quality but it lacks some wider angle. Judge it yourself.

Recovering deleted TeslaCam videos

TeslaCam keeps only the last hour of video unless you store the video or Sentry is enabled and gets into alert state. Well, Chris Brown wrote a script to recover a lot of those temporary videos that Tesla records but decides not to keep after an hour of recording. In situations where Sentry may miss recording the key part of the video, like when the license plate would be visible, this script might code super handy.

The instructions are pretty technical and detailed, but if you try it and have problems with it, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help you.

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Sandisk connect wireless drive ready for TeslaCam

A couple of weeks ago we featured another product from PureTesla to power your TeslaCam. This time, this USB comes with WiFi and you can connect directly to it and watch the videos on your smartphone right when you get back to your car. And this is not all, if you want a better app to watch these videos and manage them (delete/share/store) you can use the SentryView app created by the same person who does «Stats for Tesla» (this app is for iOS and the Sandisk USB only).

If you are interested in this drive but don’t want to get it pre-formated with the TeslaCam directory, you can get it from Sandisk directly. Cheaper than on Amazon, but currently out of stock.

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Tesla Cam browsers

How painful is it to review the videos from your cameras? We recently shared a tool to stich them together, today we bring you a couple of options to browse the files in an eaiser way:

Watch dash cam v9 footage directly on your iPhone / iPad

Looking for a simple way to copy footage from the dash cam to your iPhone or iPad? Look no more! The SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive does the trick, and it’s only $26 for the 32GB, which right now is more than enough.

Win one of PureTesla's USBs and don't miss a Sentry report never again

For our second contest of the month, we’ll pick TWO winners who will receive a FREE USB by PureTesla. They will be able to choose between the iXpand and the USB/MicroSD one (both 128GB). They come formatted and ready to record your dash cam and Sentry videos.

All you need to do is retweet and follow on Twitter, check out our pinned tweet here https://twitter.com/tesletter. We’ll announce the winner next Wednesday. Good luck everyone!

v9 is coming and has a bunch of features

A recent tweetstorm from Elon talked about the following being included on the v9 of the firmware: