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The Model Y comes in two main configurations, both of which are all-wheel drive. The Long Range, which starts at $49,990 and offers 316 miles of range, and the Performance, which starts at $59,990 and offers 291 miles of range. The Model Y is bigger, heavier, and less aerodynamic than the Model 3 so it's a little bit slower.

If you're a Model Y owner, check out our list of top accessories for the Model Y. To learn more about Tesla's Model Y, visit their website here.

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Model Y at the Shareholders event

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Top accessories for your Model Y

September 10, 2020

If you’ve just got delivery of your Model Y and are looking for some of the best accessories to consider buying, you’ve reached the right place. Also, congratulations on your new Model Y! The following are products that we recommend because we really like them.

Model Y tow hitch options

July 6, 2020

You're a Model Y owner and are considering a tow hitch for carrying bikes, camping gear, coolers, snow equipment, and even towing a trailer. Should you go with the $300 aftermarket option or with Tesla's $1,000 package? Learn more about both.

Model Y deliveries

January 29, 2020

UPDATE: It's been a couple of weeks since Tesla started sending out delivery confirmation emails to Model y reservation holders (both with Performance and LR AWD configurations). No dates have been shared yet for the first deliveries, but Model Ys have already been spotted on the road.

Tesla Shareholders Meeting 2019

June 12, 2019

Last Tuesday I was able to attend the Tesla Shareholders Meeting for the first time. It was an incredible experience and I feel blessed I got to meet so many great folks in real life.

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[Pics] Model Y computer upgrades

Greentheonly has been tinkering with a Model Y computer and shared on Twitter that it’s actually different than the Model 3. For example, the autopilot-infotainment link got upgraded to 1GB from 100mbps. Some pretty in-depth details being discussed in this Reddit thread.

From issue #108

[Pics] Tesla Model Y vs Model S heated seats: Thermal imaging temperature test

DAErik, a well known Tesla Youtuber who owns a Model Y and a Model S, has used a FLIR thermal camera to check out the differences between the Model Y and the Model S in-heat heater’s layout:

  • The Model Y front seats reached temperatures consistently throughout the seats while the Model S the backrest warmers reached lower temperatures than the ‘but warmers’
  • The Model Y back middle seat doesn’t have full heating, the Model S does

Ok, the first one explains a lot… 😂

From issue #108

[Rumor] Model Y with more range might be coming in 2021

@greentheonly has shared on Twitter that the 2020.44.15 firmware reveals that the Model Y is also getting a new efficiency package in 2021 and that might mean the Model Y 2021 may also come with more range.

From issue #139

[Video] Model Y review by Edmunds

Model Y AWD Performance with 21" wheels review by Edmunds’ Carlos Lago: “A taller, more accommodating, and powerful version of the Model 3.”

From issue #107

[Video] Model Y Teardown: Front of the Vehicle (New Aeroshield, Crash Safety Design)

Aeroshields between the Model Y and Model 3 comparison, hood alignment, and more detail on engine bay rail reinforcements catered toward Small Offset Rigid Barrier (SORB) impact testing.

From issue #106

[Video] Sandy Munro talks about the Model Y Octovalve and the Heat Pump system

What are the Octovalve and Heat Pump components of a Model Y? What functions do they perform?

From issue #111

$60k Model Y AWD with 279-mile range

According to a few reports on Twitter, Tesla seems to have just started offering a Model Y AWD with 279 miles of range for $60k in the Austin area. This version of the car was before limited to Tesla employees. In my opinion, those 40 miles in rage aren’t worth saving $3k.

From issue #216

2021 American-Made Index: Which Cars Are the Most American?

In this year’s list, Model 3 is #1 and Model Y #3. Not bad for a car that a lot of Americans don’t even think is made in the USA.

From issue #170

2021 vs 2020 Model Y road and wind noise

Is the double-paned window Model Y quieter than the 2020 model? I probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference but here’s a great comparison by our friends at EveryAmp and their conclusion is there is actually some noticeable difference. Judge by yourself. In our case, we don’t feel our Y noisier than our previous Model S.

From issue #154

2022 Made In Austin Tesla Model Y

Here is a walkaround of one of the first customer-owned Standard Range AWD Model Y.

From issue #220

2023.2.0.5 Tesla Release Notes

These are the notes provided by Greentheonly:

  • Sentry mode will pulse headlamps on Model 3 and Model Y when a threat is detected.
  • Model 3 and Model Y will have heated steering wheels with the option for high and low settings, as discussed previously.
  • Speed sign recognition will be available for Model 3 and Model Y vehicles equipped with HW3 in Germany and Spain.
From issue #251

4680 2022 Model Y now has the 0-60 upgrade available in the app

The upgrade improves the 0-60 from 5 seconds to 4.2, or at least that is what the app says, for $2,000.

From issue #221

A more affordable Model Y?

Tesla might be close to making the Model Y decidedly more affordable. Electrek sources claim the automaker has begun trial production of a Model Y RWD LR version that would lower the price compared to the AWD models. Production trial is one of the last steps toward bringing a new version of a vehicle to market.

From issue #123

About the new, thicker, Model Y glass

By this point, we know the new Model Y came with thicker glass to help reduce noise. According to Tony (@tonytesla4life), creator of The Bandit, the newer Model Y (12/22/2020) comes with laminated glass- not a double plane- and it is approximately .04" thicker than the previous version.

From issue #144

Adding FSD accelerates your delivery estimate for non-performance 3s and Ys

The rumor is that Tesla is working on their very own App Store, I can’t wait to see what developers would do with something like that.

From issue #207

Battery degradation: Effects of temperature on battery (Model 3/Y)

Interested in real-world data to determine the impact of the temperature in battery degradation? This is your video. As you will see, the improvements introduced in the Model Y 2020 are great and battery degradation in this car is even less than in previous Model 3 models. Shoutout to @teslagong and @kkvr2823 for this new YouTube series.

From issue #137

Ben sat on a Model Y

Twitter user macbentosh was able to sit on a Model Y, here are his observations:

  • Rear seats collapsed with buttons on the left side
  • Rear seats appeared to slide forwards and back
  • Headspace is 1-2” less than the X
  • The second room as wide as a Model S

Read more: Twitter

From issue #95

Berlin model Y with structural pack and 4680s

In the recent Giga Berlin tour, people were able to see the structural pack with the new batteries 4680s in a Model Y.

From issue #185

Blue Tesla Model Y walks around, glimpse at the 3rd-row seats

The 3rd row in the video looks tiny, we’ve reserved a Model Y with a 3rd row this would work for us since we only need it to occasionally transport a kid or two. From the video it doesn’t seem like the 3rd-row seats would be able to comfortably fit an adult. What do you think?

From issue #88

Car carrier full of Tesla Model Ys spotted leaving Giga Texas

A recent picture of a car carrier full of Performance Model Ys leaving Giga Tesla, with 4680s, might be a sign that the first deliveries from it can be happening soon.

From issue #203

Changes in the Model Y configurator

Two big changes this week:

  • The Model Y SR disappeared from the configurator after having been available for only a few weeks. Elon said on Twitter that it is available off-menu, but he also mentioned that the range (244 miles) doesn’t meet Tesla’s standard of excellence. As a person with a Model S 75 with 230 miles of range, I personally want something with 300+ miles of range as my next EV. Not that I need it regularly but it’s going to be really convenient when traveling.
  • The Model Y LR AWD price went down $1K to $48,990 before incentives.

If you are considering purchasing a new Tesla and Tesletter has been helpful to you in any way, please consider using our referral code to earn 1,000 miles of free Supercharging

From issue #152

Congratulations Tesla team on making the 1 millionth car

It took Tesla 12 years to produce 1,000,000 cars (1st Roadster was built in 2008) but is going to take them less than 2 years to produce the second million. 👏💪🙌

Read more: Twitter

From issue #102

Crash test: Tesla Model Y vs. Model X

Disclaimer: This video contains images of Teslas going through crash tests, watch it under your own responsibility 😉 Of course, this video compares a car that was designed 10 years ago vs. a newer one.

From issue #203

Deep Blue Metallic from GigaBerlin

Take a first look at the Deep Blue Metallic from Giga Berlin, deliveries of which are expected in July/August. Honestly, these new colors from Giga Berlin look fantastic!

From issue #253

Details about Model Y

Unannounced details about the upcoming Model Y from a little birdie:

  • AWD only
  • $35-$40k base price
  • 250+ mile base model
  • Autopilot HW 3.5 (with the possibility of a Tesla-designed Radar system, more cameras than current AP, no LIDAR)
  • L4 FSD-ready from launch

Still some risk these change, but apparently these are the engineering targets.

Read more: Twitter

From issue #41

Drag Race: Putting Tesla's acceleration boost to the test

New(ish) Model 3s and Model Ys can get faster via software updates 🤯🤯. Here is a video comparing two Model Ys, one with and one without the acceleration boost. I didn’t know that after purchasing the boost the labels in the acceleration options change to chill and sport, cool!

From issue #155

Elon Musk says Tesla Model 3 and Model Y do not have plans for an air suspension

Earlier this week we got news that Tesla leaked a new air suspension coming for the Model 3. Soon after, Elon Musk denied the news and said on Twitter that only the Model S/X and Cybertruck have/will have air suspension.

Read more: Twitter

From issue #98

Elon talks about a possible 'radical redesign of the Model Y in Berlin'

A few days ago, Elon Musk visited the Giga Berlin and, amongst other things, he shared that the Model Y made in Berlin won’t simply be a copy of the one made in the US or in China but instead, “it will be a radical redesign of the core technology of building a car”. More info is going to be revealed at the Battery Day (Sep. 22nd). I wonder if we’ll see a European Model Y slightly smaller than the US one. I think even though the Model Y is smaller than the Model X, it’s still a tad big for the European market.

From issue #128

Fastest SUV in the world

FromWhereICharge’ took Unplugged Performance’s Model Y for a spin and broke the old lap record at Buttonwillow Raceway by 2 secs with a 1:59.9. Well done!

From issue #130

Fiber cables installed on a Model Y Performance

I really like the appearance at night. Perhaps I should consider doing the same to my Model Y. The accessory is priced at just $37 and the owner mentioned that the installation wasn’t too difficult, although he had to disassemble some panels to complete it.

From issue #252

Final update: '21 Model Y Tesla HEPA retrofit

We talked about this retrofit a few newsletters ago, now this is the final update of the DIY Model Y HEPA Retrofit. Honestly, if someone offers this at a decent price, I will most likely get it for my Model Y.

From issue #222

First Giga Austin Model Y deliveries going out today

This Twitter user will be taking delivery of their Model Y made in Austin today (4/7) at the Cyber Rodeo.

From issue #210

First Giga Texas VIN assigned to Model Y Performance reservation holder with March delivery date

First report of someone with a Model Y Performance made in Giga Texas, exciting!

From issue #205

First look at Model Y Quicksilver

This Youtuber just stumbled on a Model Y from Gigaberlin with the new (not even out yet) Quicksilver color. Take a look at the video for a full review. The paint and the quality look amazing!

From issue #242

First look at Tesla Model Y power liftgate in action

As a Model S owner with power liftgate, I’m really pleased to see the Model Y comes with this feature. Believe it or not, thanks to this video I discovered that I can adjust the height of my powered liftgate 😊. Very cool that you can set the height to anything you like!

Read more: Teslarati

From issue #103

First look at the Model Y HEPA filter for Bioweapon Defense Mode

More updates coming to the Model Y? Maybe, here is the first look at the Hepa filter in a MIC Model Y with Bioweapon Defense Mode. Living in a place that suffers from wildfires every year, this is great news!

From issue #145

First Model 3 and Y with MCU3

New Model 3 and Ys with MCU3 starting to be built and delivered in North America. And they come with a few other new and exciting things:

  • MCU3, Infotainment Computer with AMD Ryzen
  • 12v battery
  • Brand new front camera housing
From issue #196

First Model Y delivery in Canada

The Model Y was delivered on Jun 6th, a deep blue metallic Performance version (without the added Performance Upgrade) in Vancouver. It seems like more and more Model Y reservation holders in Canada are being contacted by Tesla asking for registration, trade-in, and payment details. We’re keeping our 🤞f or you!

Read more: TeslaNorth

From issue #115

Fremont made 17 Model Ys with 4680 Tech

According to Twitter user @bburnworth, Tesla has been making the 4680 cells for many months and now they are ramping up prototype production of Model Ys with 4680 Tech. This prototyping will allow Tesla to refine the equipment and methods to hit the ground running fast in Berlin in early 2021!

From issue #142

Fremont Tesla Model Y gets new door panels, matrix headlights on long-range

We’ve seen this before in the Model Ys from Berlin and Shangai, the interior panels of the door come with Alcantara, as well as adding new wood panels along the front doors. They also include the matrix LED headlights, something that we saw before in the Performance version.

From issue #229

Fremont-made Tesla Model Y now equipped with HEPA filters and Bioweapon Defense Mode

All Model Ys built starting on July 1st come with a HEPA filter and Bioweapon mode. According to a tweet from @SawterMerritt, Tesla will also offer an option to retrofit it into existing Model Ys soon. Living in California, where we get more and more wildfires every year, this is great news!

From issue #172

FSD BETA 10 over the Model Y limits in San Francisco

FSD Beta v10 dropped last Friday. Here is a great drive pushing the limits (of the driver) in SF.

From issue #181

FSD Beta in Ukraine

This hacker was able to install and activate FSD Beta in the Ukraine. Considering this shouldn’t be done, Tesla hasn’t done specific training for their set of traffic signs and I’m sure maps aren’t the best, I think it isn’t half bad!

From issue #180

FSD+MCU1 displays stop signs and stoplights 📷

FSD with MCU1 doesn’t display cones or trash cans but it does display stop signs and stoplights. I personally didn’t know that, I thought it would stop at stop signs and traffic lights but just not display the icons in my MCU1 screen. Good to know, and thanks for sharing Zack! I’m next! I got the FSD retrofit in my Model S 2017 with AP2.5 and MCU1 on Tuesday and I almost cried when I saw my first stop sign 😉

Read more: Twitter

From issue #115

Giga Berlin Paint Shop produces the first Model Ys in Mercury Silver Metallic and Deep Crimson Multicoat

When Tesla was planning Giga Berlin, Elon said that it will have the most advanced paint shop in the world, and a bit after we discovered that two exclusive colors will be available there. According to a report from Drive Tesla Canada, this week two Model Y Performances in Mercury Silver Metallic and Deep Crimson Multicoat were produced. It appears that these vehicles will be sent to the USA for validation.

From issue #226

Giga Texas structural battery pack cover

Munro got their hands on a Made in Texas Model Y and started tearing it down to analyze the changes involved in the structural battery pack. A lot of simplification in these packs compared to before.

From issue #224

Giveaway Alert: Win a Jeda USB Hub Console

This week, we’re partnering with Jeda to give away one of their new USB Hub Console, designed for the newer console in the Model 3 and Y, and with the ability to charge AirPods, the Apple Watch, and many more gadgets. Check out our pinned tweet to participate, good luck!

From issue #170

Go on an adventure with your Model Y

Who wants to go on an adventure with their Tesla? I mean, what’s not to like about going on a road trip in the safety of your car, especially in these crazy times. And if you do, you may want to consider adding a hitch to your Model Y (or Model 3).

Check out this Model Y tow hitch with 3,500 lbs of towing capacity, lightweight, made in the US, and very affordable (save over $600 compared to Tesla’s). Start your adventure today!

From issue #114

Great Model Y thrid row review

Comprehensive and very informative, this review shows how the third row of the Model Y can a 5’ 8" person sitting in the third row with all of the other seats in normal position. I’m looking forward to seeing it in person, but after all the reviews, I honestly think it’s more spacious than it seems.

From issue #148

Has Model Y quality improved?

We all have heard stories of unhappy Model Y owners when deliveries started. Now that it’s been a few months, has the quality of the Model Y improved? Trevor from Tesla Owners Online shares his impressions on a Model Y from September 2020. You’ll be surprised!

From issue #136

Heated steering wheel will be standard in all Model Ys

You’ve heard it right, and this includes the Model Y Standard Range! I know folks who drive a Model 3 have been asking for this upgrade for a while. Great to have it in the Model Y- especially for those living in areas with cold winters!- hopefully it will arrive at other models soon.

Thanks to @Yelloe1213 we know that if your Model Y has the silver scroll wheels that means you have the heated steering wheel as well.

From issue #146

Heated wipers coming soon to the Tesla Model 3/Y in China

A feature that used to be exclusive to the Model S is about to make its way to the 2022 Model 3 and Model Y in China – heated wipers. If the past is a window into the future, we should expect to see this in a few months in the US-made Model 3s and Ys.

From issue #197

Hidden Features of the Model 3/Y

After 2.5 years of Tesla ownership, Andy Slye shares his ultimate list of top 30 Tesla tips and tricks for the Model 3 and the Model Y. Here’s some of them (check out the full list in the description of the video):

  • How to watch streaming in full-screen mode (apart from the built-in streaming services like Netflix or Hulu)
  • Priority device - no more reading your partner’s text messages when you’re the one driving! :P
  • What are the best voice commands
  • Some great accessories
  • … and the list goes on and on"
From issue #146

Homelink button area is now transparent in reverse

Several Model 3/Y owners had complained that their Homelink menu kind of got in the way while backing up into the garage. In 2020.32.2, Tesla has introduced a small but important change, the Homelink button area is now transparent when in reverse so it doesn’t block the rear-view camera.

From issue #126

How is the paint in a brand new Model Y?

In this video, Out of Spec Detailing, takes a deep dive at the paint quality of a Model Y Performance built in Freemont. The verdict? Tesla is improving their paint quality!

From issue #240

How long does it take for a Tesla Gigafactory to build a Model Y?

It seems that Tesla China can produce one Model 3 every 44.3 seconds with probably ~10 hours for the entire process. Pretty impressive speed here!

From issue #199

How Much Is My Tesla Worth in 2021?

Interesting article comparing the different models over time. It seems that the delays with the Model S refresh and the novelty of the Y are still holding those two pretty well. The article contains some pretty graphs as well as detailed information.

From issue #166

How the Model Y outperforms the Model 3 on IIHS crash tests

It is well known that Tesla focuses on safety. Could Tesla create an even safer car? Apparently yes. See it with your eyes. Disclaimer: Many cars were hurt in this video.

From issue #196

Illuminated door sills

Tesla just released really cool illuminated door sills for the Model 3 and Model Y. I really like these! If you want to send me a gift, here’s an idea 😉

From issue #181

Infographic with main differences between Model 3 and Model Y 📷

Very nice and clean infographic showing the main differences between the performance versions of the Model 3 and the Model Y.

From issue #105

Jeda USB Hub Console

Up until now, Jeda’s accessories were for Model 3 and Model Y with the old console, well, not anymore! Jeda announced this week their new USB Hub Console, designed for the newer console and with the ability to charge AirPods, the Apple Watch, and many more gadgets!

From issue #167

Jeda's Model Y/3 new console tray

Really cool new accessory from our friends at Jeda. This new console tray, for the pre 2021 interior, not only holds all your belongings but also charges your Apple Watch and/or Airpods. Use the code “tesletter” to get $20 off. Enjoy!

From issue #155

Last chance: Win a Tesla Model Y Performance and $10k

Visit, enter the sweepstakes now, and get 1,000 free entries with promo code TESLETTER. Donations will support the Jamie Kimble Foundations for Courage’s mission to end intimate partner violence.

From issue #193

Leaked images from Giga Texas show Model Y production progress

Leaked photos show some calibrations of the production line. According to the person who published the pictures, the target date to start the production of the Model Y in Giga Texas is early October.

From issue #176

Long Range Model 3 and Y price increased (again)

Another $1k increase for both the LR Model 3 and Model Y. They start at $49,990 and $53,990 respectively. To put this in perspective, we bought our Model Y LR back in March priced at $49,990, $4k less than its price today 😱

From issue #174

MagSafe Compatible Dual Wireless Charger for 2017-2020 Tesla Model 3/Y

[Sponsored] We’re excited to share that our friends at TWRAPS have just launched a dual wireless charger designed specifically for the 2017-2020 Tesla Model 3 and Y, and it’s compatible with MagSafe iPhones. This charger features a design that ensures your phone stays in place, thanks to its MagSafe compatibility. Its two-level design can accommodate newer iPhones with larger cameras and ensures your device stays charged at all times. I’ve personally found that my iPhone 14 Pro barely charges on the stock wireless charger that came with my Tesla, so this new product is a game-changer.

If you’ve been looking for a wireless charger for your Tesla, today is your lucky day! You can get a 20% discount on this product by using the code RECHARGE.

From issue #264

Matrix LED now fully operational in 2022 Model Y Performance

The Matrix LED headlights have become fully functional in the 2022 Model Y Performance, which is great news for those owners who had purchased a Model Y and a Model 3 in the last ~2 years. I have to admit, I love to see them in action!

From issue #309

MIC Tesla Model Y now comes standard with cargo cover

As an owner of a Model Y, I have to say I really like Tesla adding that. If you have a Model Y and want a cargo cover our friends at Evannex sell one, use the code TESLETTER to get a $10 discount.

From issue #190

Mini Model Y limited edition

Mini Model Y version for kids, limited-edition Signature Red. How come I didn’t know about this? My kids are going to need one.

From issue #130

Model 3 and Y to lose steering wheel stalks; gain touch-sensitive wheel a la Model S

According to @ChrisZheng001, Model 3 and Model Y will be releasing a new steering wheel. According to him, the new steering wheel will remove the stalks and incorporate touch-sensitive controls, like the refreshed Model S and Model X. Personally, unless they improve the buttons, by giving them haptic feedback and probably some physical indicator that allows me to find them without looking, this isn’t great news. Let’s see if this rumor actually becomes true.

From issue #231

Model Y $1000 tow package vs $300 aftermarket hitch 📹

Is the factory tow package worth the extra $700? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. Our friends at LivingTesla do a great job of explaining it all in this video.

If you decide to go with the aftermarket tow hitch for your Model Y, here’s the one we recommend.

From issue #118

Model Y 2020 AC compressor retrofit 📷

Tesla Mobile Service is already performing the retrofit to early Model Y with AC problems which were causing a shroud when the air gets stuck inside. Newer Model Y should not have this problem and already come with an acoustic blanket. Thank you @hwfeinstein for sharing the pics!

From issue #119

Model Y 5 vs 7 seat video comparison

Probably. Said Elon Musk on Twitter. The focus right now is on making progress with the actual Giga Texas, which is where the awaited Cybertruck will be built.

From issue #155

Model Y 7-seater with 3 car seats

Depending on your family this configuration might work for you. In the picture, we can see two seats in the third row and an infant seat in the middle row. Thank you u/Cessna172Pilot for sharing!

From issue #163

Model Y acceleration boost upgrade experience

A few days ago Tesla announced a new acceleration boost available via a paid software upgrade for the Model Y dual motor. In this video, @klwtts puts it to test in their non-performance Model Y to see if the difference is really noticeable.

From issue #132

Model Y at Jay Leno's Garage 📹

Jay reviews the new Model Y and checks out its full self-driving capability. In a nutshell, he says “The gas car is not going anywhere, but in terms of efficiency and (avoiding) pollution, electric vehicles are the way to go.”

See more: YouTube

From issue #117

Model Y AWD is the most efficient electric SUV on the market

When it comes to small SUVs, the Tesla Model Y reigns supreme as the most efficient electric SUV with 4 miles per kWh. The Volkswagen ID.4 comes in second with 3.2 miles per kWh. Efficiency is a key factor in electric cars as it allows for smaller batteries, cheaper cars, and greater range.

From issue #265

Model Y AWD with 4680 cells supercharging

With the battery at 9% it was pulling over 200 kW but went down fast and it kept at 80kW when the battery was at 50%. The Twitter speculation says that Tesla is testing where the limits of the 4680 are and, as they understand more, they will unlock faster charging via software.

From issue #220

Model Y Bio Defense Mode

Another Reddit post to explain how to retrofit the Y to get the Bio Defense Mode. The total cost is only $110 and about 15 minutes. The post includes how to order the parts, which parts and numbers, and how this owner got Tesla to software enable the Bio Defense Mode.

From issue #223

Model Y Car Seat Comparison

Ji and his wife, Annalee, from Tesbros, are expecting their first baby and as a result, they have done a bunch of research on the best car seat options for their Model Y. Here’s a great video and article they’ve published comparing car seats for the Model Y. Congrats Ji and Annalee on the baby 👶, I hope everything goes great!

From issue #173

Model Y deliveries starting soon

Last week we shared some news about the Model Y CARB certificate being published. Since then we’ve learned about some people ‘confirming’ from Tesla employees (both on Twitter and Reddit) that Tesla will start delivering Model Y in two weeks. Here’s what we know.

Read more: Tesletter

From issue #95

Model Y deliveries to start on March 15th

Tesla has just started sending out delivery confirmation emails to Model Y reservation holders (both with Performance and LR AWD configurations). Deliveries will start on March 15th, just a year and a day after the Model Y unveiling. Will there be a delivery event on March 14th?

Read more: Teslarati

From issue #100

Model Y door labels

Have you ever had to explain a passenger in your Model 3 how to open the door? Did you end up getting a door label kit like this one? No more! Tesla has started properly labeling the door handles in the Model Y, hoping they will make this change in Model 3 as well. 

From issue #123

Model Y durability test (off-roading on artic ice) 📹

Tesla invited JerryRigEverything out to Alaska to see how they test their electric vehicles in extreme temperatures. Most people aren’t going to take their new vehicles offroading through the Alaskan Tundra, but… it’s good to know the Model Y can handle it. Check out the video!

From issue #114

Model Y gets auto-dimming side mirrors, USB in the glovebox, and metal scroll wheels

More surprises in the shape of upgrades seem to be coming to the Model Y. Auto-dimming side mirrors, USB in the glovebox, and metal scroll wheels, have been found in a new Model Y delivered in Fremont just this month.

From issue #139

Model Y has powered liftgate buttons and a new 12V socket in the back

More news about the Model Y confirmed this week. It comes with power liftgate buttons, something that most Model 3 owners wish their Tesla had (we love it in our Model S), and an extra 12V socket in the back. Nice to see these in the latest Tesla Model that is starting deliveries this month.

Read more: Twitter

From issue #101

Model Y images discovered in the latest update of Tesla's mobile app

Nothing very surprising here, just Tesla getting ready for the Model Y deliveries this month disovered by user matt687 on Reddit after decompiling the latest Android package and comparing it to the previous version. Everything seems to indicate that Model Y owners will have the same functionality available in the mobile app than the rest of the fleet.

Read more: Teslarati

From issue #102

Model Y LR price increased another $500

The price of the Model Y LR AWD keeps increasing. 3 months ago, we paid $3,000 less than what it costs today. Its current price is $51,490.

If you’re planning on buying a Tesla, please consider using our code for 1,000 miles of free Supercharging

From issue #163

Model Y Made in Giga Berlin start delivering on 2022-03-22

Really exciting news! For those of you in Europe, we should expect a gradual increase in the % of Model Ys produced in Giga Berlin through the year.

From issue #207

Model Y matrix headlights demonstration

These matrix headlights consist of 100 individually addressable pixels that are smaller and more efficient than traditional headlamp LEDs. It’s cool to see how accurate they can be.

From issue #214

Model Y MIB improvements in soundproofing

In the pictures, we can observe how the Made in Berlin Model Y added more foam compared to the MIC one. They discovered these changes when replacing the headliner.

From issue #212

Model Y MIC ahead of schedule

The first Model Y made in China has been spotted. Tesla started taking Model Y orders in China just three months ago and deliveries were supposed to start, at the earliest, the first few months of 2021. This may be changing now? Incredible that the Giga 3 started construction just at the beginning of 2019.

From issue #127

Model Y MIC announced

Elon flew to China for the first Model 3 deliveries to public customers but before that he announced the beginning of the Model Y project in China. What we understand is that Tesla is now going to start building the production lines and all the stuff needed to produce Model Y MIC as they do with Model 3s right now.

Read more: Teslarati

From issue #93

Model Y MIC introduces two major updates

According to this report on Twitter, the model Y from China comes with a longer rear seat, 30mm, for better leg support. It also has an emergency mechanical door handle, probably similar to what the doors in the front have, although I wish they did it a bit less obvious so folks don’t use it accidentally. Based on past changes, we will probably see these changes in other Model Ys in a few months.

From issue #238

Model Y new center console

It seems that some new Model Ys are now delivered in the US with the new center console that was first seen in China. Neat!

From issue #151

Model Y now comes with double pane windows

Right when Tesla announced that “better soundproofing” was coming to the Model 3, it seems like they have also started delivering Model Ys with double pane windows. Shout out to Tesla Raj for sharing the pics!

From issue #135

Model Y now eligible for the referral program

If you are thinking about ordering a new Model Y, you can now use someone’s referral link and get $1,000 of free Supercharging. If you are in need of a referral code and we have been helpful to you, please consider using ours

From issue #115

Model Y parcel shelf

This finally made it into Fremont builds. for Model Ys built in California on or after October 20th, 2022.

From issue #239

Model Y Performance 1/4 mile run 📹

Brian from i1Tesla puts a Model Y Performance against a Model 3 Performance and a Model X Performance and here’s what he has found out.

From issue #105

Model Y pop open mount for the tow hitch

I thought this was a really ingenious idea and wanted to share it (sorry, you need to be a member of the Facebook group to be able to watch this video). This Tesla owner used the cover of the tow hitch to be able to remove it without the tools. The mount is held by two magnets and pops out when you press it.

From issue #155

Model Y power frunk

One of the best places to transport food in your Tesla is the frunk because it contains odors. And one of the best ways to avoid getting your dirty fingers all over your frunk is with this power frunk accessory. This is a very popular accessory amongst Tesla owners and now it’s available for the Model Y as well.

From issue #148

Model Y price increase again

There have been several adjustments to the price of the Model Y in recent weeks, with the latest being an increase from $53,500 to $54,990 for the Long Range version, and from $56,990 to $57,990 for the Performance version. Congratulations to those who made their purchase while prices were more favorable!

From issue #253

Model Y price reduction

Tesla lowered the price of the Model Y Long Range AWD by $3,000 on Saturday, July 11th. The other current version offered, the Model Y Performance, received a $1,000 price drop. If you’re purchasing a Model Y soon and we have been helpful to you in any way, please use our referral code to get 1,000 miles of free Supercharging.

From issue #120

Model Y produced in Austin will come with the new 4680 batteries

Or so has shared Elon on Twitter. Pretty cool to see all the battery innovation arriving to the production lines already. I wonder what’s going to happen in Freemont and the new models being delivered in the US west coast. 🤔

From issue #164

Model Y range increase in 2020.40.7

2020.40.7 has introduced an improved efficiency change that gives Model Y owners ~10 extra miles after installing this version (without being plugged) just because of the update. That’s my kind of update 😉

From issue #134

Model Y reservation holders in Europe might start taking deliveries earlier than expected

According to Teslarati, Tesla could already start deliveries of the Model Y made in Berlin early in 2021. This would be quite a surprise, since the plan was to begin producing the Model Y in Germany in July 2021 after Giga Berlin’s production lines were installed.

From issue #135

Model Y Standard Range with 4680s

Tons of pictures of a Standard Range Made in Austin. The new Standard Range should have an approximate range of 270 miles. For comparison, the previous Standard Range, not with 4680s, had a range of 230 miles. I wonder if this means that a future Long-Range with 4680s can be above 400 miles of range.

From issue #211

Model Y structural battery pack is next level though

Responding to a video from Munro & Associates talking about the plaid pack, Elon Musk mentioned that the Plaid pack was tough, but that the Model Y structural pack is next level. I can’t wait to see it analyzed when people get it.

From issue #203

Model Y tow hitch for $1k

Last week, Tesla introduced a new add on to the Model Y: a tow hitch with a 3500 pound capacity. This seems to be an overnight and unannounced change and is for now available in the US and in Europe. Thank you @tesla_unplugged for the tip!

From issue #107

Model Y towing a 20 ft, 4,300 lbs Airstream

At 65mph on the interstate, they averaged about 600 Wh/mile and about 650 Wh/mile at 70mph. At those consumption rates, a full charge will only last for125 miles. Notice: the 4,300 lbs is more than what Tesla says you can town with a Y.

From issue #216

Model Y unveil event on March 14th

Model Y is about 10% bigger than Model 3, and it will cost about 10% more, and have slightly less range for the same battery. We are excited about Model Y, Vanessa and I think that there is a high chance it is our next vehicle.

See more: Twitter

From issue #49

Model Y unveiling Thursday 3 / 14 at 8pm

If you are one of the lucky ones who got invited and you are currently in LA there is a meetup at noon at 3200 N Sepulveda Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266.

If you are going to be home and want to watch the event live you can sign up for the live stream here

Read more: Tesla

From issue #50

Model Y versus RAV4 Moose test

The Model Y passes the test at ~49 mi/h (80 km/h) and the RAV4 doesn’t pass the test even at a slower speed (~43 mi/h or ~70km/h). Two different drivers do the test with each car achieving similar results. Pretty amazing.

From issue #182

Model Y with a heat pump vs Model 3 without it

Both cars were driven on the same commute, in similar temperatures, one day apart. In the graph, the Y’s efficiency shows up at 101% vs. the 3 at 73%

From issue #147

Model Y XPEL PPF and Feynlab ceramic coating

Check out this Model Y transformation video with full XPEL Paint Protection Film and Feynlab ceramic coating to really keep this fresh off the lot Model Y clean and protected. Looking for a Feynlab installer in your area?

From issue #122

Model Y, Peformance or LR AWD? 📹

The Model Y with the Performance upgrade adds $8,000 to the cost of a LR AWD Model Y with 19” Gemini or $6,000 if you compare it to a LR AWD with 20” Induction wheels. But… is it worth the investment? I guess the answer is it depends on what you’re looking for but according to this comparison by ‘The Kilowatts’, if you’re looking for the extra performance, it’s totally worth it since the two are not that different in terms of range.

See more: YouTube

From issue #116

Model Y's secret trick

Uncle Trevor is going to tell us a secret that is going to make the Model Y perform much better in cold weather.

From issue #103

Model Ys are coming

A bunch of Model Y reservation holders have been reporting receiving their VIN numbers at the same time earlier this week. According to this post on Reddit, the specific configuration for this batch is:

  • AWD Long range
  • 20 inch wheels
  • Black interior
  • White exterior

We also got an email from Tesla saying “Model Y test drives are around the corner” 😬More and more Model Ys are coming!

From issue #114

Model Ys in Europe will come from Giga Berlin

A couple of weeks ago, we were speculating about this with Lars (@TeslaParaTodos) and Rafael (@TesLatino) in our weekly podcast in Spanish (Es Tesla). Our take was that Model Ys in Europe would probably come from the Giga 4 to avoid delaying production of Model Ys for the US in Fremont, apart from the obvious factors of cost and the fact that the cars will probably be slightly different due to legal regulations in the US and in Europe. Well, now we know for sure.

And we also know that Giga Berlin will “have world’s most advanced paint shop, with more layers of stunning colors that subtly change with curvature”.

From issue #107

Model Ys in route to South Korea

A few Model Ys have been seen entering Pier 80 in San Franciso and seem to be going to South Korea. At first, Twitter user @leon2555, who snapped the pictures, thought these were going to Europe, but thanks to an emissions sticker visible in the cars in the picture it’s been pointed out that these are actually going to South Korea. It was only in February that Tesla opened up the Model Y Design Studio in South Korea.

From issue #158

More details about the third row in the Model Y

More people checking out the third row. A 5’ 4" woman fits well there, her 6’ husband touches the roof with his head. Another couple, 5’6 and wife 5’2”, tried it with a 6’ tall passenger in the 2nd row, and a 6’ tall driver and felt they had adequate legroom. See pictures in the tweets!

From issue #147

MY detected deer and slowed down before the driver could

The title says it all. It is great to have a second pair of eyes, technically 8 cameras, looking at the road as well.

From issue #192

New doors on Giga Berlin Model Y

Cloth-covered cup holders and the wood grain on the doors that we’ve seen in MIC Ys before.

From issue #210

New Jeda Wireless Pad V3 (Model 3/Y)

In case you missed this or you’re new to Tesla, a few weeks ago Jeda launched a new version of their wireless pad, both for the Model 3 and the Model Y. There are cheaper wireless pads for your Tesla in the market, but there aren’t better ones. The new capabilities of the V3 include:

  • Increased charing area
  • Fastest charging speeds
  • Three way charging (1 horizontal and 2 portrait positions)
  • Wired charging option
From issue #119

New lease option on the Model Y

This Reddit user has spotted a new lease option on the Model Y which was previously not available. Just remember that Tesla’s Model Y lease (as it does for the Model 3) doesn’t offer a buy-out option.

Remember that if you order a new Tesla you can use our referral code and get $1k of free Supercharging

From issue #121

New Long Range RWD Model Y Launched in the U.S

Tesla is adding a cheaper variant of the Model Y to the mix, the Long Range RWD Model Y, offering a notable 320 miles of range. Priced at $44,990—or effectively $37,490 after the Federal EV credit—this variant replaces the previous 260-mile Model Y RWD. A boost in range at a competitive price makes it an even more appealing choice for families like ours needing the extra mileage for those weekend getaways. Tesla also confirmed that there will be extra range available via a software upgrade in the near future.

From issue #316

New Model Y acceleration boost upgrade

Tesla has released an acceleration boost upgrade for the Model Y. From 0-60 mph from 4.8 seconds to 4.3 seconds. Available for purchase on the Tesla mobile app. Would you pay $2,000 for the extra boost?

From issue #131

New Model Y DIY Paint Protection Film offered by Tesla

Tesla is now offering their own PPF for the Model Y. For their first product in this category, Tesla is targetting an area that suffers a lot, especially for those who live in cold climates where snow and sand can damage the car. This new accessory consists of 2x clear protective film for rear fenders and 1x squeegee. It seems like a good option if you like DIYs and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a PPF for the whole car. As someone who may get their Model Y soon, I’d like to see what folks say of its quality and how it compares to other brands that we like and trust like Tesbros.

From issue #146

New Model Y launched in China

Well, I wouldn’t call it a new version, as the article states, because Tesla keeps adding and changing things constantly in their cars. This time they added ambient lighting, like in the new Model 3, and new 19-inch wheels. As with previous changes, it’s safe to bet that we’ll see these features in the USA not too far into the future.

From issue #286

New Model Y RWD

Tesla just released a new RWD variant of their Model Y, this model has a range of 260 miles, and does 0-60 in 6.6. The prive is $43,990. If you were waiting to upgrade, and you don’t need more range, this seems like a great opportunity, specially considering the Model Y is probably the most practical of all Tesla vehicles. If you are considering purchasing a new vehicle and are in need of a referral code, you can use mine $500 off and 3 months of free FSD

From issue #286

New Model Y taillights in production cars since 8/13

Tesla has introduced a small incremental hardware change in the Model Y since deliveries started:

  • The new taillights illuminate just the outer “C” when braking
  • The horizontal turn signal in the center is now an amber (previously red)

Check out the side by side comparison pic.

From issue #125

New Model Y wood trim

Nice addition to the Model Y finishes. I personally prefer the black finish, but this seems to me like a good opportunity for Tesbros to come up with new wrap ideas 😉).

From issue #145

New rear liftgate sunshade for the Model Y

Tesla has added a rear liftgate sunshade for the Model Y. It is constructed of lightweight fabric with a collapsible rigid frame so you can fit it in the included pouch as well as Tesla says rearward visibility is not compromised but blocks 2/3 of solar thermal load. I wonder if this would be needed for the folks in the 3rd row of the Y.

From issue #143

New snake jazz/elevator music sounds

Custom sounds for external speakers are around the corner. Check out the snake jazz preview featured in this video. Fun! 🎷

From issue #126

New tires for the 2022 Model Y Performance

The 2022 Model Y Performance now comes with Michelin Pilot All Season 4 tires from the factory. Nice addition!

From issue #193

New UI coming to Model 3 and Y

Elon confirmed it on Twitter: “updated UI coming with FSD wide release”. Whenever this release arrives, and know we have been waiting for it for a while, it will also include the new visualizations to understand what the car is seeing and what it plans to do a bit better.

From issue #171

New vs old Model 3 frunk design

A few weeks ago we saw the pictures of a new frunk, there is a comparison from the Owners Manual. Will the Model 3 come with a heat pump soon?

From issue #127

Non-performance 3 & Y suspension in production now has improved comfort

Another tweet from Elon. I’ve heard multiple people complaining about the stiffness of the Model 3 and Y suspension. Seems that Tesla is working on a new suspension with improved comfort, without sacrificing handling.

From issue #238

One year of free Supercharging for new Model 3 and Model Y owners

In an effort to bump end-of-the-year sales, Tesla is offering one year of free Supercharging with Model Y and Model 3 purchases. To qualify for it, the purchase needs to be between Dec. 12th and Dec. 31st, and Standard Range Plus (SR+) variant is not included. Hope they make it to the 500,000 vehicles sold in 2020! If you are shopping for a new Tesla and we have been useful to you, please use our referral code

From issue #142

Pedestrian warning system retrofits, now available

If you own a Model 3 or Model Y from before Tesla introduced the external speaker (Sep 2020 for the Model 3 and Aug 2020 for the Y), you can now schedule a service appointment and get it retrofitted for $200. Model S and Model X owners will have to wait, at least for now.

From issue #162

Pictures and videos showing the new Model Y 7-seater

Tesla has only published one photo of the rear seats of the new Model Y 7-seater. There’s also a video which you can see here. If you ask me, the picture is not very good, it looks like there’s no leg space at all. I have reached out to Tesla to ask for more pictures of the third row without success, but here are some that have been leaked.

From issue #146

Pictures of a new Tesla Semi prototype

@klwtts spotted a new Tesla Semi in Sacramento a couple of days ago. Pictures or it didn’t happen! Apart from introducing a new color, it does look like a new prototype compared to the previous ones that had been publicly shared.

From issue #149

Protect your rockers

Rockers are one of the parts that get the most damage from chips and debris, even more so if you live in cold climates with snow and salt on the roads. Our friends from Tesbros just released their Model 3/Y PPF Rockers kits and are running a 20% sale until this Sunday 3/7 at midnight Pacific.

From issue #153

Quick bandit for Model 3/Y & HEPA filter bundle

“Quick Bandit” is a Tesla front license plate bracket that can be installed and removed in seconds. It’s been very successful with the Model 3 and now it’s also available for the Model Y. Made in California by @tonytesla4life, a member of the Tesla community who we’ve had the pleasure of meeting IRL and we love working with. If you happen to be in the market for a front license plate bracket and also need to change your cabin air filters (or are going to have to do it soon), get the bundle and save $20. (Or you can also get the HEPA cabin air filters separately and watch @Seasonedtech replace them in under 4 minutes!).

From issue #129

S3XY comparison

This article offers a unique perspective by a Tesla owner who has owned a Model S, a Model X, a Model 3, and since recently, also a Model Y. He compares each model to the Model Y and offers his verdict in terms of aesthetics, functionality, interior volume, technology, performance, and driveability.

From issue #107

SR Tesla Model Y has been added to the Quebec EV incentive list of eligible vehicles

Quebec is offering up to 8,000 CAD off the recently announced Model Y SR. If you are planning on ordering and need a code to get free Superchanging, we would be humbled if you use ours

From issue #147

Standard Range Model Y and seven-seater option available!

Tesla just launched the Standard Range Rear-Wheel drive Model Y as well as the 7 seat option, meaning Model Y now starts at $42,000 and an additional $3,000 for the third-row option. The option of the Y Standard Range was surprising since Elon said a while ago on Twitter that they were planning on releasing the LR RWD and not the Standard Range Model Y.

In case you didn’t’ t know, I placed an order for a LR AWD Model Y with the seven-seat configuration back in March 2019 when the Y was first announced. I can’t wait to drive it!

If you’re thinking about purchasing a Model Y and we have been helpful to you in any way, please consider using our referral code

From issue #146

Superchaging V3, charged 5-85% in 20 mins

Tesla is several steps ahead than its competition equipping its cars with batteries that not only have more capacity, but are also able to charge faster, and are cheaper to manufacture. Tesla’s latest effort in that direction is Model Y’s heat pump and octovalve system, that significantly shortens Supercharging times compared to the Model 3 ones. Tesla owner Zack (@BLKMDL3), featured in this article by Tesmanian, shared his recent experience charging his Model Y in a V3 Supercharger and going from 5% to 85% capacity in just 20 minutes. This is not a theory anymore, it’s real. Just wow.

From issue #114

Taking delivery of a Tesla soon? Check out our PDF for new owners

In case you haven’t come across our PDF for new Tesla owners which comes in very handy when you first get your hands on the steering wheel and realize you’re still driving a car, but a very different one from what you’re used to, here it is again. The PDF also contains some good tips that even experienced Tesla owners may not know about. Finally, check out our must-have recommended accessories for new owners (links by model can be found at the very end of the PDF) including a Model Y bundle for new owners.

From issue #140

Tesla activates Heated Wiper Park in Fremont-made Model 3/Y with 2022.4.5

Several owners with Model 3s and Model Ys delivered in January 2022 are seeing the option to activate heated wipers update updating to 2022.4.5. Cool!

From issue #202

Tesla adds cargo hooks to the rear trunk of Made-in-China Model Y, Parcel Shelf added to owner’s manual

Recently, some folks in the Tesla community in Spain were asking about cargo hooks in the Y. According to them, those are required when the trunk doesn’t have a shelf or any other separation from the cabin. A recent update to the owner’s manual now states that the rear trunk area in the Model Y includes four hooks as well as a cargo cover.

From issue #199

Tesla Bat Mobile! PPF + Feynlab's Ceramic coating

Check out this beautiful transformation. Model Y wrap, fully coated with Feynlab ceramic coating all over, even on the brakes, the rims, and every glass.

If you’re interested in Feynlab’s ceramic coating, find an installer in your area and get a free quote here.

From issue #152

Tesla Center Console 1.0 to 2.0 swap

Our friend Ji from Tesbros just swapped his Model Y old center console for a new one. The process seems hard and it won’t work for Model 3s manufactured before 2019, but interesting nonetheless.

From issue #158

Tesla China has launched Model Y HW4

We usually see changes first in China and then coming to the USA, but for HW4, it went the other way around. This week it was announced that Model Ys in China will now come with Autopilot HW4. Tesla’s HW4 features much higher resolution cameras than HW3, providing superior visual detail recognition. HW4 also includes a more powerful computer and additional camera ports.

From issue #303

Tesla equips China-made Model Y with a new airbag for extra safety

Tesla is continuously iterating on all fronts, but one of the most important ones for the company is safety. This week, Tesla China introduced a new airbag for extra safety in their Model Y, and as with other changes before, we can assume we will see something similar in cars from the other factories.

From issue #228

Tesla files for a near 400-mile Model Y in China

Although this would translate into 351 miles if using the EPA’s calculation, it is still a good improvement from the current 326 miles.

From issue #178

Tesla gets ready to add new Model Y version after certifying Long Range RWD

Is Tesla finally going to release the LR AWD version of their Model Y? It would make sense since they killed the SR version a month or so ago, under 250 miles of range wasn’t acceptable for Tesla, I know a bunch of people who would be extremely happy if this is true.

From issue #157

Tesla Giga Berlin’s new paint colors revealed in the mobile app

The new 4.2.1 update contains three new colors: Deep Crimson Multicoat, Abyss Blue Multicoat, and Mercury Silver Metallic.

From issue #188

Tesla has configured the Model S Plaid battery pack for speed — Sandy Munro’s teardown reveals deep insights

In the analysis, Munro placed the Model S Plaid and Model Y battery packs side-by-side to explain the differences and comparisons between both. This article does a great summary of what Sandy found in the Plaid’s battery pack, which unsurprisingly has been built to deliver a lot of power at once.

From issue #223

Tesla HEPA filter | Keeping your cabin air clean

New video from Tesla about the HEPA filter. They put a Model Y in a controlled environment with a few red smoke grenades and the HEPA filter is able to avoid the red smoke in the car, pretty impressive!

From issue #200

Tesla introduces Model Y air mattress for camping

Tesla has launched an OEM air mattress for the Model Y in North America, perfect for camping adventures. Priced at $225 USD / $310 CAD, it includes a carry bag, air pump, and repair patches, fitting within both the 5-seat and 7-seat configurations of the Model Y. Its high-density foam and waterproof polyester cover ensure comfort and durability, although it’s currently sold out, you can sign up for restock notifications.

From issue #319

Tesla is going to use factory shutdowns to do upgrades and improve production

Shutting down the Fremont and New York factories due to the Coronavirus outbreak is for sure going to affect Tesla’s Q1 and most likely also Q2 production and sales numbers. However, they are still allowed to use a small workforce at the Fremont factory and Tesla is planning on making upgrades to the production lines which would increase the Model Y production capacity.

Read more: Electrek

From issue #104

Tesla landed in Chile

Orders are now open, and Tesla has installed kiosks in Santiago where people can experience the cars. For now, only the Model 3 and the Model Y can be ordered, and the estimated delivery date is April - May. Dale, revísalo!

From issue #303

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y will likely not get their stalks deleted

According to Tesla’s Chief Designer, Franz von Holzhausen in a recent interview on Ride the Lightning mentioned above, he stated that while the company is always exploring potential improvements, there is currently no perceived need or demand for a change to the Model 3 and Model Y’s stalk controls.

From issue #250

Tesla Model Y CARB certification published, hinting at stellar range and imminent delivery

Might this mean that the first Signature Model Ys will be delivered soon?

Read more: Twitter

From issue #94

Tesla Model Y earns 2024 IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK+

The Tesla Model Y achieved the prestigious 2024 IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK+ award, standing out even amid stricter safety standards that emphasize rear-seat passenger and pedestrian protection. We know Tesla always puts the safety of their passengers first, and honestly, while I hope I never experience an accident in one, I do hope that if it has to happen, me and my family are in a Tesla.

From issue #306

Tesla Model Y first in-depth review

Great video by Tesla Raj. Tesla started delivering the first Model Ys exactly one year after the unveiling and six months ahead of schedule. The day after it the first Model Y was delivered in Fremont I had the opportunity of seeing it in real life and I have to say the car is gorgeous.

From issue #103

Tesla Model Y gets new door bin lights, carpeted rear door sills, and more

Love seeing constant changes and improvements in these cars.

From issue #212

Tesla Model Y Hardware 4 teardown

Tesla hacker @greentheonly provided unprecedented inside access to the new Model Y’s Hardware 4 computer, detailing its physical structure, components, and retrofitting viability. Key findings include cost-cutting measures like cheaper RAM, missing premium features reserved for S/X models, subtle manufacturing changes between versions, and unpopulated connectors hinting at potential future camera additions. While retrofitting older models with HW4 seems unfeasible due to required modifications, Green says a different retrofit-specific version could possibly be engineered if Tesla wanted to pursue it.

From issue #275

Tesla Model Y made at Giga Texas spotted on public roads in Austin

First sight of a made in Texas Model Y on a public road, this is exciting!

From issue #200

Tesla Model Y owner shares how to camp on top of his car

The Kilowatts writes that electric vehicles are ideal for car-camping and even short overlanding trips. Looking at the data they shared, a night spent with Camp Mode active versus driving with The Rooftop Tent has approximately the same effect on battery power. So there you go, you can choose whatever option best fits your trip and preferences.

From issue #124

Tesla Model Y spotted road testing with ‘Power Sports’ Aero Wheels

There have been several reports of spotted Model Ys around Fremont in the past couple of weeks. This is a healthy sign of Tesla working on them ahead of their planned production in fall 2020.

Read more: Teslarati

From issue #81

Tesla Model Y Standard Range AWD to be priced at $59,990 USD, set to launch in the coming weeks

If the rumors are true, the new Model Y Standard Range AWD will be priced at $59,990, $3,000 cheaper than the Long Range, for roughly 50 miles less of range. What do you think, is it worth the price difference?

From issue #211

Tesla Model Y structural battery is super rigid but has zero repairability

As Sandy Munro continued tearing down the Made in Texas Model Y, he keep being impressed by its engineering. One discovery the folks at Munro have made is that, according to him, the structural battery has zero repairability, which isn’t good.

From issue #225

Tesla Model Y Thermal management system with octovalve and heat pump

Three-part video series explaining the complete Thermal management system of Model Y with octovalve and heat pump.

From issue #122

Tesla Model Y to have third-row seat, mid-2020 production at Gigafactory 1 according to leaked docs

Business Insider claims to have access to internal Tesla docs that talk about a pilot Model Y line at Giga 1 by June 1st 2020 and ramping production up to 7,000 units per week by the end of 2020.

Read more: Electrek

From issue #36

Tesla Model Y vehicles are now shipping with Autopilot hardware 4.0

The Not a Tesla App has discovered on the inventory page that Tesla is now selling Model Y cars equipped with HW4. The main upgrades in HW4 include higher-resolution cameras and wider-angle cameras on repeaters.

From issue #269

Tesla obtains approval on Model Y Made in China

Tesla has received approval from the Chinese government to register its new Model Y made in China, which means they are ready to start production soon. Deliveries of the Model Y MIC are planned for early 2021.

From issue #137

Tesla offering a new Model Y AWD with 4680 cells, accelerated delivery

Tesla is offering reservation holders near Giga Austin to change their order to the AWD with 4680 cells Made in Giga Texas and take delivery sooner.

From issue #217

Tesla offering Complementary All-Weather kit retroactively

Tesla is sending emails to Model Y owners with coupon codes for a complimentary all-weather kit. If you haven’t seen it, maybe is in your inbox.

From issue #206

Tesla official wraps for 2023+ Model 3 and Model Y

With all the photos of the Cybertruck in different wraps, we were expecting this to be an option for it, but we weren’t expecting it to be an option for the Model 3 and Model Y. Now, on the Tesla shop, you can pick from 7 different wraps. I have to warn you, the prices are not cheap—ranging between $7,500 and $8,000. The page includes a disclaimer stating that this is only available for Teslas from 2023 or newer, and the participating Tesla Service Centers are West Covina and Carlsbad, both in California.

The page also shows a clear wrap option from $5,000, but the link doesn’t work.

From issue #287

Tesla owner’s manual hints ventilated seats may come to the Model 3/Y

The Model 3 and Y owner’s manual just got updated and it includes some language that indicates they might start offering (or including as default) ventilated seats. If this is true, that would be great, I tried the refreshed S with ventilated seats and I loved them.

From issue #198

Tesla plans to open their Terafactory in Austin, Texas

It seems like Tesla has chosen Austin, Texas, as the location for their next factory which will be producing the Cybertruck and Model Y. This information is not fully confirmed yet but Elon Musk is already planning a quite aggressive schedule for its development. We shall see.

Read more: Electrek

From issue #112

Tesla Shareholder Meeting

Here’s a summary of last Tuesday’s Tesla Shareholder Meeting with the things we got most excited about:

  • Tesla planning on opening their own body shops. First 10 to open by the end of June 2018!
  • Model Y planned for first half of 2020 (with maybe no steering wheel? :O)
    M3 test drives at some Tesla showroom locations by the end of June 2018. All stores in North America will have - M3s by the end of July 2018.
  • New Gigafactory in Shangai, the first outside the US

Read more: TMC

From issue #11

Tesla software update 2022.4.5.5: new Model S/X charge port animation, cabin camera analytics, more

2022.4.5.5 brings new features to the refreshed S and X, like the new charge port animation, car colorizer, and better regen braking in Autopilot for higher efficiency.

From issue #206

Tesla to start deliveries of the Model Y 7-seater in Q2?

User @handytsla on Twitter has been contacted by Tesla to get delivery of his Model Y Performance 7-seater in Q2. This same owner had been contacted regarding his Model Y Performance 5-seater reservation earlier this month and Tesla had said he’ll have to wait for the 7-seater.

We hold a reservation for a Model Y 7-seater too (Long Range, AWD)… Tesla if you are listening, you have my number, so call me maybe 💃

From issue #109

Tesla unveils Quicksilver paint for Model Y in the U.S for $2k

This week, Tesla has started listing Model Ys with Quicksilver paint on their inventory pages. Currently, it’s exclusive to inventory Long Range and Performance models—so if you’re looking to add a touch of sleekness to your Tesla, now’s your chance!

From issue #315

Tesla using caliper covers on the Y Performance rear brakes

According to a report from Drive Tesla Canada, Tesla has replaced the Model Y Performance rear brakes, which were larger than the LR brakes, with smaller rotors and caliper covers. This change has resulted in a decrease in braking performance and less stopping power. In my opinion, this alteration is not appropriate for a vehicle that is marketed as a high-performance car.

From issue #248

Tesla’s Model Y is the company’s latest five-star safety rated car

Another Tesla, another car that gets a five-star rating in the safety tests. Tesla has always put vehicle safety front and center while designing their vehicles. The safest car is the one that doesn’t get in an accident in the first place, and Tesla has shown repeatedly how their vehicles are not only the best at protecting the passengers during accidents but also at preventing them in the first place. I don’t know about you, but I want my family on the safest vehicle while we are on the road.

Warning: this link contains graphic images of Model Ys been hurt!

From issue #146

Texas made Model Y spotted in the wild

Car number 508, production date February 21, 2022.

From issue #209

The details of Model Y's HEPA filters

According to this Redditor the Model Y’s HEPA filter has two layers , the top layer is like the filter in Model 3 and the bottom layer is HEPA with plastic case. This is, as someone pointed out in the comments, a pretty clever idea since the first filter, most likely cheaper to replace, would clean the air before the HEPA filter, and that way I assume it will increase the lifetime of the HEPA filter.

From issue #148

The first Australian Customer Tesla Model Y has been delivered in Canberra

Great news for our Australian friends, the first Model Y has now been delivered in Australia. Model Y is selling like hotcakes in every country that is getting delivered, and we have no doubts that our Aussie friends will really like it!

From issue #228

The Gigafactory in Berlin has a target capacity of 10,000 vehicles per week

Tesla has big plans in Europe, look at this schedule and numbers:

  • Construction of the Gigafactory in Berlin happening in 2020
  • Production targeted to start in 2021
  • Phase 1 will focus on Model Y production
  • Target capacity of 10,000 vehicles per week
  • Employment of 12,000 people

Read more: Tesla

From issue #100

There won't be a Model Y SR version, but there will be a LR RWD and it'll have over 300 miles of range

According to Elon on Twitter, Tesla is doing range testing of the Model Y LR RWD at the moment and in Elon’s words, the RWD’s range will be ‘significantly higher than 300 miles’. In the same thread, he confirmed that there won’t be a SR version of the Model Y because ’the range would be under 250 miles and wouldn’t be acceptable’. Speculation (and to my friend Lars) say that the price of the LR RWD will be around $45k.

From issue #120

They won a Tesla Model Y through the referral program!

We’ve heard about a couple of winners of the Model Y via the referral program before, but this time our friend @Tesla_Raj has interviewed a couple who won and received a free Model Y, cool!

From issue #126

Track Mode in the Model Y may be coming soon

For those of you who were wondering about Track Mode being available in the Model Y, our friend John from @teslaownerssv asked about it and it seems it may become a reality! Or at least, Elon said it’s possible.

From issue #120

Track Model for Performance Model Y

Our friend John from TOSV asked Elon if Model Y performance could get Track Mode and Elon said “ok”. Thanks John!

From issue #238

Two of the first RHD Tesla Model Ys in the UK

This week Tesla started delivering Model Ys in the UK, here are some pictures of two of the first RHD spotted in the UK.

From issue #198

TWRAPS, Wraps & PPFs for your Model 3/Y

[Sponsored] A few months ago we shared with you these amazing wraps by our friends at TWRAPS. Fast forward to today, they have created a bunch more products for all Tesla vehicles, including the Model Y which they just added, and their products keep getting better and better. Why do we like them? High-quality materials, best packaging out there, all the products and colors you can think of for your Tesla, and very good and detailed installation videos. Don’t take our word for it, check them out.

From issue #233

Ultra-bright LED lights for the Model 3/Y (Sponsor)

These Ultra-bright LED lights are one of the most popular accessories for any Tesla Model. We got the ones for the trunk of our Model S and they are super easy to install. Teslarati is bringing you a full DIY kit for the  Model 3 and the Model Y which includes puddle lights, lights for the driver and passenger footwell, and glove box lights. A perfect DIY project for the weekend!

If you would like to sponsor Tesletter, please reach out!

From issue #107

Unibody casting manufacturing system for the Model Y

Tesla just patented a new vehicle frame casting machine to produce the frame of the Model Y in almost one single piece 😱😱

Read more: Twitter

From issue #69

Universal battery pack coming to Model 3/Y soon

What does ‘universal’ mean? Basically, Tesla is going to update the Model 3 production lines in the US passing on the Model Y battery manufacturing improvements and eventually incorporating the Model Y heat pump in the Model 3 as well. No timelines have been shared yet.

From issue #122

Update on the Model Y 7-seater

According to Elon on Twitter, Tesla is ahead of schedule with the Model Y 7-seater: production planned to start in November, first deliveries in December 2020. Yes! Thank you John @teslaownerssv for asking about this.

From issue #133

US Model 3/Y price history since 2021

Nice historical price charts and the price reduction is really impressive when seen in perspective.

From issue #250

Waiting time estimate at Superchargers

The new FSD Beta came with another addition, now you can see the estimated waiting time directly on the central screen, cool!

From issue #138

We took delivery of our 7-seater Model Y... AMA!

Yesterday, we took delivery of our new 7-seater LR AWD Model Y with 20" Induction Wheels. We were sad to say by to Chispas (our Dec 2017 Model S 75) but so happy to get the new tech and lots of new features! Sharing a few first impressions:

  • Vanessa, who is 5’ 4", fits well in the third row with enough legroom for everyone. I’m 6’ and I was able to sit in the second and first rows comfortably while she was in the third row. Picture in the tweet
  • Love the look of white on white with the 20" wheels
  • One pedal driving, OMG OMG
  • Cameras and dashcam viewer, so nice, I feel like I finally can properly use Sentry Mode
  • A bit of a rougher drive but not noisy
  • The sound system is so much better (we drove home blasting Metallica, Motörhead, and Pantera 🤘)
  • Still getting used to not having the IC screen and missing the turn-by-turn directions of the S
  • And last but not least, the delivery experience was great, the car is flawless

We’re preparing some posts sharing more details and pictures. Have questions? Ask away!

From issue #153

What does the cabin camera in the Model 3/Y try to detect

An interesting finding by @greentheonly. Not that it changes anything, but pretty cool to know!

  • Blinded
  • Dark
  • Eyes closed
  • Eyes down
  • Eyes nominal
  • Eyes up
  • Head down
  • Head trunk
  • Looking left
  • Looking right
  • Phone use
  • Sunglasses eyes likely nominal
  • Sunglasses luckily eyes down
From issue #133

Win a Tesla Model Y Performance and $10,000 cash

Visit, enter the sweepstakes now and get 500 free entries with promo code TESLETTER. Donations will support the Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage’s mission to end intimate partner violence.

From issue #188