New eMMC failure warning in 2020.40.9.2

New eMMC failure warning in 2020.40.9.2

If you’re a Model S or Model X owner, you’ve probably heard about the eMMC (Multi-Media Card Memory) failure (and if not, you can read more about it here). It seems like, after finding a way to just having to replace the eMMC- instead of the whole media control unit (2 screens), Tesla is making changes to at least warn owners before the failure occurs.

According to @greentheonly one of the latest Tesla software updates, 2020.40.9.2 (here you can see the release notes for 2020.40), has added a warning message in the UI. The new message would appear in the touchscreen when you are experiencing eMMC failure before it’s too late.

Earlier this month, Tesla reached out to all elegible owners to offer free repairs or reimbursements if applicable. Below is the email that I received.

I think it’s really good that Tesla is introducing these type of warnings. You could argue they should’ve done it earlier and I wish my MCU wouldn’t fail in the first place. But, since that can’t be changed, seeing Tesla acknowledging the failure and actually doing something about it makes me be hopeful of a better customer service.

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