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The Tesla Model 3 comes in many different flavors: Performance, All-Wheel Drive, and Standard or Long Range. Safety is the most important part of the overall Model 3 design, but its interiors are equally amazing. You can use your smartphone as a key, and access all driver controls in the central 15-inch touchscreen. The all-glass roof extends from front to back, creating a sense of openness from every seat. Learn more about Tesla Model 3 and check out Model 3 Order and Delivery FAQ here.

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Model 3 with chrome delete
Model 3 Track Mode

Blog posts related to Model 3

Behind the scenes: Jeda

April 3, 2020

We asked 100 Tesla owners some questions including what was their favorite aftermarket accessory, and the most popular accessories mentioned were Jeda’s Wireless Charging Pad and Hub. It can't be a coincidence! Learn more about Jeda and their creative product thinking strategies.

Tesla's Track Mode V2

March 5, 2020

Tesla Track Mode V2 is being released as part of the latest update 2020.8.1 and it's available for the Performance Model 3 (standard and stealth).

TeslaBros 15% off coupon code

December 23, 2019

High quality vinyl accessories for your Tesla. Use coupon code 'tesletter15' to get 15% off at TeslaBros entire store.

Best Tesla Model 3 Cyber Monday deals, over $500 in savings

December 1, 2019

We've partnered with a few brands and are bringing you over $500 in savings on the following Tesla Model 3 accessories. Enjoy!

Top Model 3 Accessories

October 17, 2019

If you’ve just got delivery of your Tesla and are looking for some of the best Model 3 accessories to consider buying, you’ve reached the right place. Also, congratulations on your new Model 3! The following are products that we recommend because we really like them.

Videos about Model 3

Past Tesletter articles

[Pics] All you wanted to know about the Model 3 Zero-G forged wheels

Ian Pavelko, AKA Mad Hungarian, got his hands on a new Model 3 Zero-G forged wheels and shares his insights about them on this Twitter thread. Ian is an expert on wheels, so you want to read this!

From issue #109

[Video] Model 3 battery and BMS signals

Very nerdy video about the Model 3 (and Y) battery pack while looking at the signals that explain how the BMS thinks.

From issue #109

[Video] Model Y Teardown: Front of the Vehicle (New Aeroshield, Crash Safety Design)

Aeroshields between the Model Y and Model 3 comparison, hood alignment, and more detail on engine bay rail reinforcements catered toward Small Offset Rigid Barrier (SORB) impact testing.

From issue #106

$35,000 Tesla Model 3 available and other changes

Last Thursday (Feb 28th) Tesla introduced their highly expected $35k Model 3! The Standard Range Model 3 has 220 miles of range, a top speed of 130 mph, and 0-60 mph acceleration of 5.6. At the same time, they introduced the Standard Range Plus, revisited a bunch of prices and announced that Tesla would be closing most of their retail stores soon and selling exclusively online.

While we understand that selling exclusively online lets Tesla reduce the price of their cars by 6%, we probably wouldn’t own a Model S if it wasn’t because we did a test drive at the Tesla store in Walnut Creek.

Read more: Tesla

From issue #49

2.0 Center Console in a 2018 Model 3

This owner describes the process of getting the new center console in their 2018 Model 3. Reading all that they had to do, the process doesn’t seem easy, but if you are one of those who really dislike the old console, take a look. Some of the work necessary includes replacing the wire harness, and having to place wireless chargers from Amazon and put them behind the charger pad.

From issue #235

2018 Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Performance quick test review

All the test numbers on the latest Dual Motor Model 3.

Read more: Motortrend

From issue #25

2018 Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Performance review: first taste

“We pile into the compact confines of the Model 3, which looks the same as any other, except for having a combined 450 hp and 471 lb-ft of torque. That sort of power should put its performance on par with a BMW M3 super sedan.”

Read more: Motortrend

From issue #18

2018.24.1 brings summon, WiFi, and cabin overheat protection to the Model 3

The latest software update brings these long-waited features to the M3 in addition to speed limit mode and TACC on-ramp off-ramp released for MX and MS as well.

Read more about 2018.24.1

From issue #14

2021 American-Made Index: Which Cars Are the Most American?

In this year’s list, Model 3 is #1 and Model Y #3. Not bad for a car that a lot of Americans don’t even think is made in the USA.

From issue #170

2021 Tesla Model 3 cold-weather testing (Part 1)

Bjørn Nyland tests a 2021 Model 3, equipped with the new heat pump, handling extremely cold temperatures.

From issue #145

2023.2.0.5 Tesla Release Notes

These are the notes provided by Greentheonly:

  • Sentry mode will pulse headlamps on Model 3 and Model Y when a threat is detected.
  • Model 3 and Model Y will have heated steering wheels with the option for high and low settings, as discussed previously.
  • Speed sign recognition will be available for Model 3 and Model Y vehicles equipped with HW3 in Germany and Spain.
From issue #251

2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland First Drive: Making Real Improvements

MotorTrend got their hands on a Model 3 Highland. The car retained its battery and motors but showcased exterior changes, tighter panel gaps improving aerodynamics, and enhanced aesthetic appeal. Interior modifications include replacing the former “wood” trim with textured cloth, introducing touch-sensitive buttons on the steering wheel, and remodeling of the rear seats for better comfort. Despite retaining the same motors, the 2024 model offers a quieter ride, significantly reducing road, tire, and wind noise for a luxurious driving experience. The article also contains a gallery of really high-quality photos of the car.

From issue #288

2024 Tesla Model 3 Refresh: The perfect starter EV!

MKBHD got to spend some time with the new Model 3, his conclusion? It’s a great car. He even calls it the ‘mini Model S,’ definitely a great option for those looking for a cheaper alternative than the S.

From issue #302

2024.3.15 brings FSD v12 to the new Model 3 and Legacy Model S and X

Tesla’s latest software update, 2024.3.15, is expanding FSD v12 to include legacy Models S and X, along with the new Model 3. v12 replaces 300k+ lines of explicit C++ for a single end-to-end neural network.

From issue #312

4 Easy fixes for rattling/creaking noises for Tesla Model 3

Great compilation of tricks and fixes in case your Model 3 isn’t as quiet as you’d like.

From issue #93

A comprehensive guide on preparing for, taking delivery of, and owning a Model 3

“I couldn’t find a good resource for the soup-to-nuts process of buying a Model 3, so I made one. This document is adapted from Will Fealey’s UK-based guide on the Model S.” Thank you Myke!

Read more: GitHub

From issue #16

A refreshed Model 3 was spotted without any side mirrors, testing new camera locations

A refreshed Tesla Model 3 was spotted in Palo Alto lacking side mirrors and featuring new camera placements (rear window, trunk, side repeaters). Speculation suggests this could be for robotaxi purposes or testing of future model camera configurations.

From issue #317

A/C odor removal and cleaning

A bunch of Model 3 owners have complained recently about a strange odor coming out of their A/C when they first start the car. The smell seems to go away after a few minutes but it is still really annoying. Tesla wouldn’t cover it under the warranty, but TMC user Lanzer just shared his trick to get rid of it.

Read more: TMC Forum

From issue #63

Accelerator pedal position vs. torque output (pedal mapping)

Reddit user u/Wugz has captured about 2 hours of manual driving while going through various low/high speeds/pedal positions and binned it by Accelerator Pedal Position (0-10%, 10-20%, etc). The resulting plot shows the approximate pedal mapping of torque at various speeds. If you are a data nerd 🤓, I recommend you read the whole post where the author shares his findings.

From issue #128

Adding FSD accelerates your delivery estimate for non-performance 3s and Ys

The rumor is that Tesla is working on their very own App Store, I can’t wait to see what developers would do with something like that.

From issue #207

AliExpress Turbine Hub Caps for Model 3

According to the author, the quality seems pretty good. The price for the USA is $188, not bad at all, and they look good in the picture.

From issue #229

All model 3s now qualify for the $7,500 federal rebate in the US

Great news! If you qualify for the federal rebate, all Model 3s now qualify as well. Prior to this adjustment, the Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive didn’t qualify, and the other two models were only eligible for a $3,750 rebate. If you’re currently in the market for a new Tesla, please consider using our referral code:

From issue #270

Are ventilated seats coming to the Model 3?

In a recent leak, new rumors suggest that the updated Model 3 (also known as Model Highland) will feature ventilated seats, ambient lighting, and an upgraded sound system.

From issue #271

Auto-lifting Tesla Model 3 frunk

The Tesla Model 3 frunk releases on its own (with the push of a button on the touch screen or mobile app), but it doesn’t pop open. i1Tesla figured out that you can order inexpensive gas spring struts on Amazon that will make the frunk lift on its own.

From issue #25

Autocross - Tesla Model 3 Performance

Pretty cool to see how well the Model 3 Performance handles the course. The Model 3 is 100% stock except for the wheels and tires. The author used RaceRender to render the CSV data generated by Track Mode on top of the video.

From issue #124

Autopilot saved this owner's Model 3

Video of a Model 3 on Autopilot- according to the driver- avoiding a pickup truck. You can see the almost incident from two different angles. That was close!

From issue #125

Autopilot tracks some interesting attributes

Greentheonly revealed a few videos where Autopilot is tagging things like ‘policeman pedestrian’, ‘construction pedestrian’, or ‘school bus’. It also tries to read the labels on the stop signals, like ‘all-way’. I love seeing what AP sees 😃

From issue #163

Battery degradation: Effects of temperature on battery (Model 3/Y)

Interested in real-world data to determine the impact of the temperature in battery degradation? This is your video. As you will see, the improvements introduced in the Model Y 2020 are great and battery degradation in this car is even less than in previous Model 3 models. Shoutout to @teslagong and @kkvr2823 for this new YouTube series.

From issue #137

Bikes, speeders, and construction with FSD Beta & a trip to Santa Cruz without interventions

We love FSD Beta videos, here’s two more from last week:

From issue #138

Calculate your loan (M3 vs. MS)

Model S or Model 3, which one should you get? Use this comparison spreadsheet to compare costs. Thanks nberardi!

Read more: Spreadsheet - Reddit

From issue #11

Canada's first coast-to-coast non-stop EV road trip

Ian Pavelko and Trevor Page from @Model3Owners are going to be taking turns driving day and night to perform Canada’s first coast-to-coast EV road trip. They want to obliterate the misconception that electric vehicles are not made for long-distance and harsh weather. Way to go!

The adventure was scheduled to start on Feb 23r but unfortunately, due to Ian getting bad flu (we hope you feel better soon!) it’s been postponed one week. Stay tuned!

Read more: Twitter

From issue #100

Check out this Tarantino-inspired 'Death Proof' Tesla Model 3

Lots of Tesla owners try to make their vehicle unique, Jaimee Newberry has customized her Model 3 to resemble the iconic car from Death Proof.

BTW, if you have a creative child you probably want to check out Jaimme’s project

Read more: Evannex

From issue #73

Cost of ownership after 37,611 miles in 16 months

The refreshed Model S isn’t that different on the outside, but the inside has completely being reimagined. This article goes Another great video by AI DRIVR, this time showing us Walnut Creek (we live really close by!) through the eyes of FSD. I love the creativity of overlaying the FSD visuals in the video.
A total of 9000kwh consumed, it would have cost $2,340 only charging the car (a Model 3) at home, but it actually cost $600 combining home, Supercharging, and free L2 charging. This is $6,169 less than his previously owned Toyota, and $3,537 less than his previously owned Jetta 🤑🤑🤑

From issue #162

DIY Chrome delete for your Model 3

For $80 with 3M 1080 Satin Black Vinyl.

From issue #34

DIY Retrofit CCS compatibility for Model 3

A reader from Tesletter recently asked me about the CCS retrofit for their Model 3. If you are the kind of person who likes tinkering with their Tesla, this article explains how to DIY.

From issue #221

Do It Yourself - Model 3

Tesla just released a bunch of DIY articles for Model 3 owners, check them out!

Read more: Tesla

From issue #60

Elon Musk says Tesla Model 3 and Model Y do not have plans for an air suspension

Earlier this week we got news that Tesla leaked a new air suspension coming for the Model 3. Soon after, Elon Musk denied the news and said on Twitter that only the Model S/X and Cybertruck have/will have air suspension.

Read more: Twitter

From issue #98

Factory reset takes 2 minutes and wipes everything

In case you were wondering what is the best way of deleting all your data from your Tesla before selling it, the answer is doing a factory reset. It is easy and quick, it takes only two minutes.

From issue #169

FAQ for prospective Model 3 buyers

One of the main problems on EV adoption is the lack of awareness and its misconceptions. This is why Brenden Mulligan - long time Tesletter subscriber - has created this fantastic article to respond to the FAQ for perspective M3 buyers. Good job Brenden!

Read more: Medium

From issue #59

Feynlab ceramic coating in a new Model 3

Thinking about protecting your car? This new owner did PPF, Feynlab Ceramic Coating, and Madico tint. We’re proud sponsors of Feynlab, they have more than 150 installers in the US, and requesting a quote is free and very easy to do online.

From issue #194

First glimpse of the new Model 3 Performance (Ludicrous)

The new Model 3 Performance (Ludicrous) was spotted fully unveiled in Valencia, Spain, displaying exclusive features such as performance seats, unique wheel designs with aero caps, red brake calipers, and a Ludicrous badge. It also sports a sleek front splitter, lowered suspension, and a rear spoiler. My theory is that this probably hints at an imminent unveiling.

From issue #306

First look at Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus’ faster charging speed in action

After the 2019.40.* updates that introduced Supercharging improvements for Model 3 MR, SR and SR+ cars, the first reports are starting to fly around. @TeslaOwnersLV (with an SR+) has reported seeing charging rates of 600 mph in a V2 Supercharger. Before the update, his charging rate usually leveled off at around 100-106 kW. Way to go Tesla!

Read more: Teslarati

From issue #90

First Model 3 and Y with MCU3

New Model 3 and Ys with MCU3 starting to be built and delivered in North America. And they come with a few other new and exciting things:

  • MCU3, Infotainment Computer with AMD Ryzen
  • 12v battery
  • Brand new front camera housing
From issue #196

First report of a M3 pausing the music because of ambulance an approaching

Kenneth Moore reported on Twitter that his M3 paused the music when an ambulance approached them and resumed it when it was out of ear shot. This is the first time that we’ve heard about something like this. Have you seen it happen before?

Read more: Twitter

From issue #55

Franz & Lars Talk New Model 3

Franz von Holzhausen and Lars Moravy provide insights into the technical improvements of the new Model 3, such as a leaner front-end design for increased aerodynamic efficiency, updated taillights, and new wheels with tires optimized for lower rolling resistance without sacrificing grip. They emphasize safety, customer happiness, and efficiency as top design priorities and highlight active safety features and battery longevity as key aspects. The new Model 3, especially the RWD, is more expensive than what people think, with a $2,999 down payment, a lease comes to around $329 per month.

From issue #308

FSD Beta ducking into open parking spaces to allow opposing traffic to go by

FSD Beta is getting better and better. Check out this video by @kimpaquette of her Model 3 ducking into open parking spaces to allow opposing traffic to go by. Yay, Joules 👏

From issue #143

FW 2019.8.3 appears to increase Model 3's battery heater from 2.5 to 6 kW

The Model 3 comes with a battery that turns on when the temperature of the battery pack goes below a certain threshold (about +5°C/41F in u/Wugz observations), but only when your car is charging or preheating. Prior to 2019.8.3, the measured amount of power used by the heater was ~2.5 kW, but on 2019.8.3 u/Wugz observed an increment up to 6 kW. According to his calculations, that decreases the amount of time to wait before charging by as much as 60%. Thanks for sharing this u/Wugz!

Read more: Reddit

From issue #53

Giveaway Alert: Win a Jeda USB Hub Console

This week, we’re partnering with Jeda to give away one of their new USB Hub Console, designed for the newer console in the Model 3 and Y, and with the ability to charge AirPods, the Apple Watch, and many more gadgets. Check out our pinned tweet to participate, good luck!

From issue #170

Go on an adventure with your Model Y

Who wants to go on an adventure with their Tesla? I mean, what’s not to like about going on a road trip in the safety of your car, especially in these crazy times. And if you do, you may want to consider adding a hitch to your Model Y (or Model 3).

Check out this Model Y tow hitch with 3,500 lbs of towing capacity, lightweight, made in the US, and very affordable (save over $600 compared to Tesla’s). Start your adventure today!

From issue #114

He Said, She Said - Tesla Model 3 Users Guide

A Writer and a Software Engineer buy a Tesla Model 3…now there’s a User’s Guide! This is a fun and easy read for Model 3 owners and anyone thinking of getting a Tesla. I like that it covers the most common questions about owning/driving a Tesla but also discusses real-life examples.

See more: Amazon

From issue #87

Heat pump test of 2021 Model 3 vs. 2019 Model 3

TL;DW. At 3°C (37.4°F) outside, the 2021 Model 3 heat pump uses 1% per hour on a LR (730ish watts). The heater that used to come with the Moded 3 uses 3% per hour (2,150ish watts), 15Wh/km, or 24Wh/mi. This is a big difference in cold climates.

From issue #141

Heated wipers coming soon to the Tesla Model 3/Y in China

A feature that used to be exclusive to the Model S is about to make its way to the 2022 Model 3 and Model Y in China – heated wipers. If the past is a window into the future, we should expect to see this in a few months in the US-made Model 3s and Ys.

From issue #197

Hidden Features of the Model 3/Y

After 2.5 years of Tesla ownership, Andy Slye shares his ultimate list of top 30 Tesla tips and tricks for the Model 3 and the Model Y. Here’s some of them (check out the full list in the description of the video):

  • How to watch streaming in full-screen mode (apart from the built-in streaming services like Netflix or Hulu)
  • Priority device - no more reading your partner’s text messages when you’re the one driving! :P
  • What are the best voice commands
  • Some great accessories
  • … and the list goes on and on"
From issue #146

High beam updates in 2024.2 for the new Model 3

The 2024.2 update brings security enhancements but also introduces new functionality for the new Model 3: adaptive high beams. By using the cameras to detect other road users and selectively dimming individual pixels of the headlights, it allows for the high beams to remain on longer, enabling better visibility at night without bothering others.

From issue #301

High Voltage | Unplugged at Pikes Peak

Behind the scenes documentary by @klwtts released yesterday. Check out this amazing short film about Unplugged Performance & Randy Pobst’s effort at the 98th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Keep the adrenaline going until the Plaid event later today!

From issue #167

Highland ambient light

Nice video demonstrating how the ambient light selection works in the new Model 3 Highland.

From issue #291

Highland now available in the USA

It’s here! The refreshed Model 3 (aka Highland) is now available in the USA. If you were waiting for it, order yours now.

With this addition, Tesla removed the Model 3 from the referral program for now, but if you are purchasing another Tesla and you need a referral code, consider using ours to get 3 months of FSD for free:

From issue #299

Highland vs legacy Model 3 specs

A side-by-side comparison of the specs, and it’s worth checking out!

From issue #282

Homelink button area is now transparent in reverse

Several Model 3/Y owners had complained that their Homelink menu kind of got in the way while backing up into the garage. In 2020.32.2, Tesla has introduced a small but important change, the Homelink button area is now transparent when in reverse so it doesn’t block the rear-view camera.

From issue #126

How far can the new Tesla Model 3 really go and what does that cost?

In this real-world test of the new Model 3, it impressively achieves over 320 miles on a trip with three passengers and heating, showcasing better highway efficiency than anticipated. As a comparison, the previous Long Range version delivers around 300 miles per charge at an efficiency of 4.5 miles per kilowatt-hour.

From issue #303

How to jack up your M3 when doing a wheel change

The Model 3 has small jack points, messing up when changing the tires could puncture the battery liner. How should it be done?

Read more: Reddit

From issue #13

I test-drove the new Model 3

We discovered this weekend that our local showroom not only had a new Tesla Model 3 on display with the configuration of our order (blue, black interior, RWD) but that they were also doing demo drives, so we booked one as soon as we could. The car is great, though the experience could have been improved. I liked the blind spot indicators, the steering wheel, and the seats (yay ventilated seats!), and I didn’t miss the stalks at all, although it was a short drive. You can read more about my experience, including some of the lowlights, in the link.

Check if your local showroom has one available and book your test drive:

From issue #301

Illuminated door sills

Tesla just released really cool illuminated door sills for the Model 3 and Model Y. I really like these! If you want to send me a gift, here’s an idea 😉

From issue #181

Infographic with main differences between Model 3 and Model Y 📷

Very nice and clean infographic showing the main differences between the performance versions of the Model 3 and the Model Y.

From issue #105

Informational thread about the upcoming Tesla Highland (Model 3 Redesign)

Our friends at Teslascope have compiled a Twitter thread about the rumored Model 3 redesign, snippets of which we’ve shared in this newsletter:

  • Highland represents a complete overhaul of the Tesla Model 3, featuring not only a significant exterior refresh but also substantial interior updates.
  • Numerous additions are expected, including a steer-by-wire Yoke, matrix LEDs, and redesigned ambient lights.
  • The interior of Highland is anticipated to feel fresher, more modern, and much more similar to the recent Model S and X redesigns.
  • It will incorporate a new front fascia and a new bumper camera.

The timeline and method of the new Model 3’s launch remain unclear.

From issue #273

Inside Elon Musk's underground loop tunnels in Las Vegas

We normally don’t mention the Boring company in this newsletter, but since they opened up their underground loop in Las Vegas to the public and it is full of Teslas (shocking!), we thought we should include this piece. It truly looks like the future 🤩🤩🤩

From issue #159

Is the 2021 Model 3 that much quieter?

Noise test to compare the refreshed 2021 Model 3 with double pane front windows with the current Model without them. After driving both on a couple of different surfaces, @rsymonsltd concludes that the difference is not too big and it also doesn’t feel like that. Interesting comparison nonetheless.

From issue #141

Jeda USB Hub Console

Up until now, Jeda’s accessories were for Model 3 and Model Y with the old console, well, not anymore! Jeda announced this week their new USB Hub Console, designed for the newer console and with the ability to charge AirPods, the Apple Watch, and many more gadgets!

From issue #167

Jeda's Model Y/3 new console tray

Really cool new accessory from our friends at Jeda. This new console tray, for the pre 2021 interior, not only holds all your belongings but also charges your Apple Watch and/or Airpods. Use the code “tesletter” to get $20 off. Enjoy!

From issue #155

Life with Model 3

Tesla has created this page as a way of showing future owners how much fun current owners have with their cars. Here’s a couple of cool videos:

From issue #82

List of all the per profile and universal settings for a Model 3

One thing I love about Tesla is it has options for everything. One thing I don’t love is, often, documentation is lacking. In the Model S, I can see which driver profile settings are stored, but that’s not the case for the Model 3. @jchybow has recently shared a list on Twiter with all the settings that are saved to the active driver profile and the rest of the settings which are ‘universal’ (meaning they don’t change when switching the driver profile). Very helpful, thanks for sharing!

From issue #118

Long Range Model 3 and Y price increased (again)

Another $1k increase for both the LR Model 3 and Model Y. They start at $49,990 and $53,990 respectively. To put this in perspective, we bought our Model Y LR back in March priced at $49,990, $4k less than its price today 😱

From issue #174

M3 AWD also available on standard battery

Elon recently confirmed on Twitter that the Model 3 AWD will also be available on standard battery. Woooot?!

Read more: Reddit

From issue #21

MagSafe Compatible Dual Wireless Charger for 2017-2020 Tesla Model 3/Y

[Sponsored] We’re excited to share that our friends at TWRAPS have just launched a dual wireless charger designed specifically for the 2017-2020 Tesla Model 3 and Y, and it’s compatible with MagSafe iPhones. This charger features a design that ensures your phone stays in place, thanks to its MagSafe compatibility. Its two-level design can accommodate newer iPhones with larger cameras and ensures your device stays charged at all times. I’ve personally found that my iPhone 14 Pro barely charges on the stock wireless charger that came with my Tesla, so this new product is a game-changer.

If you’ve been looking for a wireless charger for your Tesla, today is your lucky day! You can get a 20% discount on this product by using the code RECHARGE.

From issue #264

Making Model 3 even better

Great video by Tesla on the changes made to the new Model 3. As Franz mentions in the video, they trimmed the ‘baby fat’ of the car, making its lines more aggressive, improving performance, noise reduction, and many other aspects. I love that Tesla releases these types of videos!

From issue #305

MIC Model 3 will soon come from the factory with 'Full Chrome Delete'

According to some docs filed by Tesla China, the Model 3 will soon come with full a black trim. This is exactly how the Model Y comes here in North America, maybe Tesla will make modifications to the Model 3 here in NA to be like that too. If you ask me, I think the black trim makes it look sportier and I really like it.

From issue #126

Model 3 - Stop rattling from tweeter - fast & easy

In case this happens to you here is an easy fix.

From issue #69

Model 3 2-year review

This review is interesting because it’s not only a 2-year review but a follow-up of a 1-year review by the same owner of the same Model 3 and you can see a side by side comparison of what has changed in this second year of ownership.

From issue #130

Model 3 admissible for import in Canada from US

I have no idea if it even makes sense, but at least is good to know that Model 3s are admissible for import in Canada without modifications, as well as original roadsters from VIN #501 through #1420. Model S and Model X - for what I understand - require some modifications.

Read more: Reddit

From issue #75

Model 3 and Y to lose steering wheel stalks; gain touch-sensitive wheel a la Model S

According to @ChrisZheng001, Model 3 and Model Y will be releasing a new steering wheel. According to him, the new steering wheel will remove the stalks and incorporate touch-sensitive controls, like the refreshed Model S and Model X. Personally, unless they improve the buttons, by giving them haptic feedback and probably some physical indicator that allows me to find them without looking, this isn’t great news. Let’s see if this rumor actually becomes true.

From issue #231

Model 3 Blind Spot Indicator revealed

The blind spot indicator we discussed last week is a red light that illuminates on each side of the car. It’s positioned near the rearview mirror, but inside the cabin. I believe this is a major enhancement. Kudos to Tesla!

From issue #283

Model 3 buyers in Ontario can now officially get the $14,000 EV incentive again until September 10

A judge in Ontario has sided with Tesla and agreed that the government was discriminating against the company when it excluded Tesla from the phase-out period of the removal of the province’s EV incentives. (…) Now, if Tesla delivers their cars by September 10, it looks like they should be able to take advantage of the $14,000 EV incentive like buyers of any other EVs in the province.

Read more: Electrek

From issue #24

Model 3 Cybertruck Side by Side

It looks huge next to the Model 3!

From issue #287

Model 3 DIY Wireless Phone Charger (no tools needed)

There are a few wireless phone chargers for the Model 3 already in the market but doing it yourself is always cool. Great job reflexiveblue documenting the process!

Read more: imgur Gallery

From issue #20

Model 3 Dual Motor AWD and Performance versions announced

In the rare event you haven’t heard yet, Tesla finally released the specs and opened the orders for the long-awaited Model 3 dual motor all-wheel-drive and performance versions.

Dual Motor AWD
  • Range: 310 miles
  • 0 to 60 mph acceleration: 4.5 seconds
  • Top speed: 140 mph
  • Price: $5,000 for AWD option
  • Range: 310 miles
  • 0 to 60 mph acceleration: 3.5 seconds
  • Top speed: 155 mph
  • Price: $78,000 (without autopilot)

Read more: Electrek

From issue #9

Model 3 efficiency with wheel caps off by Bjørn

Bjørn just did some testing about the efficiency of the Model 3 with the Aero Caps on and off. The difference that he noticed is 299 Wh/mi (186 Wh/km) with caps off and 288 Wh/mi with caps on, roughly a 4% increase.

From issue #43

Model 3 headlight old and new module comparison

Compared to the old Model 3 headlight module, the new one:

  • Has lenses that make light beam more focused
  • Is brighter
  • Can illuminate farther
From issue #136

Model 3 Highland @ Tesla Store in Paris

Nice gallery of photos of the Model 3 Highland, this one located at a Tesla Store in Paris. I really like how sharp the front of the car looks with the new bumper and headlights. However, I’m not sure if my kids will fight more over the rear screen and who gets to use it.

From issue #284

Model 3 Highland seeing in California

This isn’t something new, except this time it isn’t wearing any covering. Some people don’t like the new front; I personally think it’s 🔥.

From issue #288

Model 3 launching to 200 km/h 27 times in a row

Bjørn is back, this time with a video where he launches his Model 3 27 times in a row. He picked into the CAN Bus to render some interesting stats alongside with his video.

From issue #83

Model 3 MIC LR AWD and Performance announced

Tesla has announced the prices for the new MIC Model 3 AWD LR and Performance models (prices below are before subsidies):

  • LR AWD - RMB 366,550 (52,000 USD)
  • Performance - RMB 419,800 (59,500 USD)

This seems to be a good move to make the Model 3 MIC more competitive, since the price of the Long Range version is ‘only’ 13% more than the Standard Range version. In the US, the cost of the Model 3 LR is 25% more than the SR+ version.

From issue #107

Model 3 now starts at $36,990

Tesla just lowered the price of their SR+ by $1,000. This change makes it $35,400 in California once you apply the Clean Fuel Reward. Note that the tweet also points at the SR Model Y getting a discount, more in the next entry.

From issue #152

Model 3 owner makes their own hooks for his frunk

This Model 3 owner was bummed by the fact that Tesla removed the hooks in the frunk and decided to 3D print his own for his Model 3 from Q3 2020. If you’re also missing this accessory, and have a 2017-2020 Model 3 (not the new version!) here’s some you can buy on Amazon.

From issue #145

Model 3 owners share the audio preferences

The consensus seems to be that the audio is a little front-heavy - so people faded it halfway to the back, boosted bass and treble slightly. dirtyfries also suggests to turn immersive to high since it enables the A-pillar speakers.

Read more: Reddit

From issue #3

Model 3 paint correction with Feynlab Self Healing Ceramic Coating

Model 3 paint correction with a two-step process: Spraying with Feynlab Panel Prep and then applying one layer of Feynlab Self Heal Lite and one layer of Feynlab Ceramic Coating as a top coat to give it that extra glossy and slickness. The main advantage compared to PPF such as XPEL is that this one lasts longer. Note that this is a certified installer only product.

From issue #130

Model 3 Performance pictures

Shared by ‘The Tesla Show’ podcast. Thanks! We really like how neat the black and white interior looks in the M3P.

From issue #19

Model 3 powered liftgate retrofit

If your Model 3 was made before 2021 and you never had a powered liftgate retrofit done by one of the third-party sellers, you can now have it done by Tesla for $800. The price includes shipping to a Service Center and installation.

From issue #284

Model 3 rear drive unit ins and outs

These guys are diving a bit deeper into the Drive Unit parts of a Tesla Model 3 than what Sandy Munro or other folks did when they tore down the Model 3. Check out the motor components, differential, oil cooling, inverter, heat exchanger, stator, rotor, and more.

From issue #128

Model 3 Refresh

Rumors have been circulating on social media and Tesla forums about a possible refresh of the Model 3 electric vehicle. Some Tesla fans and potential buyers speculate that the company may introduce a new version of the Model 3 with updated features and design elements. However, Tesla has not officially confirmed any potential refresh, and it remains unclear if or when any updates may be announced. Recently, an image of the possible refreshed Model 3 was leaked on the internet, showing a Model 3 with Tesla Roadster-inspired headlights. What do you think about it? Do you like the new design?

From issue #263

Model 3 remote control car

Another cool DIY built by another creative Model 3 owner. 3D printed body, Silver Midnight Metallic paint 😎 So awesome!

From issue #160

Model 3 resale value is over 5 times better than the industry average

An interesting study conducted by the car search engine, which analyzed over 6.9 million car sales to identify which vehicles experienced the most and least depreciation in the past three years. As it turns out, the Tesla Model 3 is able to retain its value over five times better than other EVs in the market.

From issue #121

Model 3 seat testing

This video shows Model 3 seat testing, 40,000 cycles (the equivalent of 12 years of seat use!).

From issue #44

Model 3 software update

Two additions in this release:

  • Your M3 now supports key fobs (available to purchase in the Tesla store)
  • Regenerative braking has been improved (only for M3 RWD)
From issue #31

Model 3 trunk water leak fix 📷

A new trunk flip seal for the Model 3 has been spotted on the MIC version to prevent water to leak in the trunk. Check out the picture.

From issue #119

Model 3 updates will include a heated radar

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve shared a lot of stuff related to the Model 3 refresh coming in 2021. The latest discoveries shared by @greentheonly point out something we had not seen yet, a heated radar that would have an impact on FSD. The other hidden gem seems to be a heated steering wheel, a very cool feature for folks living in cold areas. As usual, we still don’t know when or how these features will become available, but we know the software is getting ready for the car to have them!

From issue #135

Model 3 v 8.2 will introduced improvements reported by users

Model 3 version 8.2 will allow Tesla owners to report bugs via voice, select a song from the Tesla app, and receive blind spot notifications, according to Elon Musk’s tweet.

Read more: Twitter

From issue #10

Model 3 v9 dash cam footage

The dash cam feature includes one camera and no sound but the quality of the image in the video is pretty good. Some people say it’s using the narrow camera to compensate for the lack of definition on the other cameras. The narrow camera has better quality but it lacks some wider angle. Judge it yourself.

From issue #27

Model 3 vinyl wrap template

Awesome templates for Model 3 interior. If you don’t have access to a vinyl plotter you can also purchase a pre-made kit. Highly recommended you use an automotive grade vinyl. Enjoy!

Read more: GitHub

From issue #14

Model 3' new backseat for better ride comfort

The cushions for side support are significantly bigger on the new backseat than the original one. It should make for a more comfortable sitting experience for rear passengers in the Model 3.

Read more: [Electrek]( From issue #11

Model Y door labels

Have you ever had to explain a passenger in your Model 3 how to open the door? Did you end up getting a door label kit like this one? No more! Tesla has started properly labeling the door handles in the Model Y, hoping they will make this change in Model 3 as well. 

From issue #123

Model Y/3 2020/21 recall

The A/C sensors are going bad so if you think you have any problems with your Model Y/3 A/C, you can make an appointment through the mobile app or ask Tesla about it during your next service appointment.

From issue #153

More changes in the Model 3 interiors (and more pictures!)

More and more details of the Model 3 2021 refresh are becoming available (more pictures as well 😉). A new one is that it seems Tesla is getting rid of the ‘piano black’ on the doors. I personally didn’t like it that much, so for me, it’s a good move 👌 What do you think?

From issue #137

More highland pictures

This is the first major refresh of the Model 3, and I must admit, it looks fantastic.

From issue #282

More rumors about the Model 3 heat pump entering in production soon

First, it was the smaller trunk, then Tesla placed a huge order for heat pumps from a Chinese supplier, and finally, a leaked a list of significant changes coming to the Model 3, including the Octovalve and heat pump. Now, Tesla’s official Parts Catalog is showing different Model 3 ‘Cabin HVAC’ system instructions for after October 5, 2020. Still not officially confirmed but it seems pretty real.

From issue #132

New 18 Aero wheels?

This Model 3, probably part of the refresh project called Project Highland, comes with new 18" Aero wheels. These ones are matte black and hint at another change to be released soon for the car. Personally, I never liked the original Aero wheels, and I hope these are an improvement over them.

From issue #256

New 2021 Model 3 came with a flash drive pre-installed in the glovebox

It was about time that Tesla allowed new owners to store Dashcam and Sentry Mode videos without having to purchase any accessories. I really hope that, in the future, Tesla offers a paid plan to store and access videos in the cloud!

From issue #142

New cells boost Tesla Model 3 battery capacity to 82 kWh

According to the discussion on, the recently refreshed Tesla Model 3 is equipped with more energy-dense battery cells (by several percent) and a total capacity of 82 kWh. The new pack would be roughly 3 kWh or 3.8% more energy-dense and apply to the Long Range version only. One would assume the same improvements will come to the Model Y LR as well.

From issue #137

New Jeda Wireless Pad V3 (Model 3/Y)

In case you missed this or you’re new to Tesla, a few weeks ago Jeda launched a new version of their wireless pad, both for the Model 3 and the Model Y. There are cheaper wireless pads for your Tesla in the market, but there aren’t better ones. The new capabilities of the V3 include:

  • Increased charing area
  • Fastest charging speeds
  • Three way charging (1 horizontal and 2 portrait positions)
  • Wired charging option
From issue #119

New M3s are coming without center console USB-C and wireless charging due to shortage of chips

Sadly, given the current chip shortage, Tesla had to deliver at least a few cars without USB-C ports or wireless charging (no cables). Other owners have reported Tesla proactively saying that, of course, they will retrofit that when there is stock free of charge.

From issue #190

New Model 3 - Adaptive High Beam (Update 2024.2)

Really impressive video of the adaptive high beams in the new Model 3. It’s worth checking out! I’m sure other owners with matrix headlights are now waiting for a software update that brings the same functionality to their car, assuming they can operate in this way.

From issue #302

New Model 3 center console and wheels

New wheels for the Model 3 have been spotted. A new console design as well. Lots of changes going on in the 2021 Model 3. I don’t particularly love the new center console, but I’m also a Model S owner, so what do I know 🤷‍♂️ What do you think, yay or nay?

From issue #133

New Model 3 come with a wireless phone charging pad and USB C ports

By now, everyone who’s been following the Model Y deliveries knows that Model Ys come with a wireless charging pad. What I did not know is that new Model 3s being delivered right now also include the wireless charging pad as well as USB-C ports. I read about it on a Facebook Group the other day and was gladly surprised to see how fast changes in the newer models make it to the existing ones.

From issue #116

New Model 3 Mid Range battery

Tesla made a change in their Model 3 offering this past week. They stopped selling the Long Range RWD Model 3 and started selling a Mid Range RWD instead (leaving the AWD as their only Long Range option). With this change, the cheapest of the Model 3s starts at $46K. If you take into consideration that if you order now you most likely would qualify for the full $7,500K federal tax incentive, this leaves the car at $39K + taxes which isn’t much more than the future cheaper $35K M3 version. And it gives you ~40 more miles of range :)

If you were interested in the Long Range RWD but were holding off, it seems like it’s still available off-menu for a couple more days, you could go to a Tesla store and get it!

Read more: Tesla

From issue #30

New Model 3 rumors

There are rumors of a new Model 3 MIC which could potentially introduce the following improvements:

  • New steering wheel
  • Center console 2.0 (whatever this means)
  • New headlights and tail lights
  • Power lift trunk
  • Chrome delete
  • Octovalve
  • Double-layer glass for better noise isolation
From issue #129

New Model 3 RWD and LR available for 1.99% APR for 36-month financing from June 6 to 16

Tesla is offering 1.99% APR financing for 36 months on the Model 3 RWD and LR from June 6 to 16. It’s a great opportunity to get one if you are on the fence about it!

From issue #319

New Model 3 with 353 miles of range

Apart from the updates shared above, specs on Tesla’s site reveal a new AWD Model 3 with 353 miles of range, nice! Thank you, Rafael (@Teslatino) for the tip.

From issue #134

New snake jazz/elevator music sounds

Custom sounds for external speakers are around the corner. Check out the snake jazz preview featured in this video. Fun! 🎷

From issue #126

New Tesla Model 3 - What's changed?

The new Model 3 is available in Europe and China but not the US. In the video, Carnow provides a thorough walkthrough of the new additions. Some of these include a 30% noise reduction, a rear screen, ventilated front seats, no stalks, and numerous external and internal cosmetic changes.

From issue #282

New Tesla Model 3 18 inch wheels with cover removed

I personally prefer them over the previous Aero wheels. What’s your opinion?

From issue #282

New Tesla Model 3 excels in 70 mph range test

Dan from What’s Inside? conducted a range test of the new Model 3 Long Range. Charged to 100%, the Model 3 Long Range displayed an estimated 333 miles. Dan tested it at 70mph and managed to travel 327 miles before the battery indicator showed 0%. This result is an impressive 98% of the predicted range and 95.8% of the EPA range of 341 miles. This performance is particularly noteworthy considering that EPA range is calculated under optimal conditions, while in this test, the temperature was a bit lower, between 50 and 60°F.

From issue #302

New Tesla Model 3 Performance specs revealed

Leaked details of the Tesla Model 3 Performance variant indicate it retains the weight of the previous model and sports a 355V nominal voltage LG battery pack. Updates to the electric powerhouse include maintaining the 158kW front motor and introducing a new 303kW motor that peaks at 110kph, suggesting an improved high-speed performance.

From issue #308

New UI coming to Model 3 and Y

Elon confirmed it on Twitter: “updated UI coming with FSD wide release”. Whenever this release arrives, and know we have been waiting for it for a while, it will also include the new visualizations to understand what the car is seeing and what it plans to do a bit better.

From issue #171

New vs old Model 3 frunk design

A few weeks ago we saw the pictures of a new frunk, there is a comparison from the Owners Manual. Will the Model 3 come with a heat pump soon?

From issue #127

No more knee airbags on Highland

The Highland also introduced changes to the airbags, removing the knee airbags and adding a new one between the driver and passenger. Some Redditors pointed out that multiple studies suggest knee airbags may cause more injuries than they prevent. Regardless, it’s a notable change worth mentioning.

From issue #283

Non-owners are starting to get delivery of their Model 3

thekalki reports getting delivery of a Model 3 despite being a non-owner.

Read more:

From issue #1

Non-performance 3 & Y suspension in production now has improved comfort

Another tweet from Elon. I’ve heard multiple people complaining about the stiffness of the Model 3 and Y suspension. Seems that Tesla is working on a new suspension with improved comfort, without sacrificing handling.

From issue #238

Official list of upgrades for the new Model 3

This list of updates is coming directly from a Tesla sales rep. Check it out: a power liftgate, black trim (A.K.A. chrome delete), USB-C ports in the glovebox, and more.

From issue #134

One year of free Supercharging for new Model 3 and Model Y owners

In an effort to bump end-of-the-year sales, Tesla is offering one year of free Supercharging with Model Y and Model 3 purchases. To qualify for it, the purchase needs to be between Dec. 12th and Dec. 31st, and Standard Range Plus (SR+) variant is not included. Hope they make it to the 500,000 vehicles sold in 2020! If you are shopping for a new Tesla and we have been useful to you, please use our referral code

From issue #142

Overtake acceleration

jchybow shared this on Twitter. I honestly hadn’t heard about overtake acceleration before, good to know!

Read more: Twitter

From issue #74

Pedestrian warning sound in a Model 3

New Model 3s are now being delivered with a speaker for pedestrian warning sounds. Here is the sound that it makes when driving at less than 18.6 mph (30 km/h).

From issue #77

Pedestrian warning system retrofits, now available

If you own a Model 3 or Model Y from before Tesla introduced the external speaker (Sep 2020 for the Model 3 and Aug 2020 for the Y), you can now schedule a service appointment and get it retrofitted for $200. Model S and Model X owners will have to wait, at least for now.

From issue #162

Performance Model 3 top speed at Transport Canada test track

Trevor, from Tesla Owners Online, and Ian Pavelko, took a Model 3 into track. Spoiler: the Model 3 Performance peaked at 163mph or 262kmh.

From issue #74

Power usage insights in a Model 3

This video goes through different systems in the Model 3- HVAC, games, wipers, accelerating, driving- and shows how much power each one of them consumes. Apart from the engines, what uses the most power is the heating/ventilation system. If you are ever in a situation where you need to save some power in the car, lower the temperature from the inside and keep it well below the outside temperature, then manually set the fan speed to prevent the heater to heat from the HVAC.

From issue #126

Project Highland to be confirmed next month?

According to Chinese media sources, Tesla’s Project Highland, which we recently discussed, might be confirmed as early as next month, with the first deliveries expected in September. Personally, at this point, I prefer to keep my excitement in check in case it doesn’t happen.

From issue #273

Protect your rockers

Rockers are one of the parts that get the most damage from chips and debris, even more so if you live in cold climates with snow and salt on the roads. Our friends from Tesbros just released their Model 3/Y PPF Rockers kits and are running a 20% sale until this Sunday 3/7 at midnight Pacific.

From issue #153

Quick bandit for Model 3/Y & HEPA filter bundle

“Quick Bandit” is a Tesla front license plate bracket that can be installed and removed in seconds. It’s been very successful with the Model 3 and now it’s also available for the Model Y. Made in California by @tonytesla4life, a member of the Tesla community who we’ve had the pleasure of meeting IRL and we love working with. If you happen to be in the market for a front license plate bracket and also need to change your cabin air filters (or are going to have to do it soon), get the bundle and save $20. (Or you can also get the HEPA cabin air filters separately and watch @Seasonedtech replace them in under 4 minutes!).

From issue #129

Real-life charging: 83 miles with 5 min of charging in a Model 3 Performance

This test was conducted at a v3 Supercharger and resulted in the car’s battery level increasing from 4% to 27% in just 5 minutes. With the increased battery capacity, the owner was able to travel 83 miles in real-world conditions, which is quite impressive.

From issue #252

Rear lighted applique installed today: makes my Model 3 unique

The famous artsci is back, this time lighting up the back of his Model 3 as he previously did with his Model S. You can find the WIP here.

From issue #48

Refresh Model 3 steering wheel

Check out this new video of the alleged Project Highland. In it, we can see a Model 3 with a steering wheel that bears a striking resemblance to one from the Semi. At exactly 2:00, we get a clear view of the steering wheel, and at 3:22, we see the driver using the screen to select reverse, much like in the Model S and X. So, it’s safe to assume that this version will likely not have stalks either.

From issue #267

Refreshed 3 vs the old Model 3

Sawyer just tweeted a detailed list of what is new in the Model 3 Highland, which can be ordered in the US since last week. If you are interested, take a look!

From issue #300

Repair cost estimate for hail-damaged Model 3

This Model 3 owner had hail damages (check out the pics 🙈🙈🙈) and Tesla and got an initial estimate of $25k to repair it. He has started a thread on Reddit sharing information and interactions with the insurance (Progressive). Hopefully, you don’t have to go through this, but if you do, or are in a similar boat, I hope this information is helpful.

From issue #122

Rumors of a Model 3 AWD SR+ coming soon

Rumors say there will soon be a Model 3 AWD SR+ which I assume will have less range than the current RWD SR+ but will also be a bit more affordable. We shall see.

From issue #131

Screenshot of an internal document on the Model 3 battery

wk057 published an internal doc on the M3 battery that reveals that there is only two batteries, one with 50kWh and another with 75kWh. Honestly, this seems kind of surprising given the range they can squeeze from them.

Read more: TMC Forum

From issue #56

Setting for blind spot indicators

In this picture of the new Model 3 Highland settings, there’s an option for a ‘blind spot indicator’. I’m curious about its implementation in this new version. Will it be on the screen? Will they use the ambient lights, as some Redditors have suggested? Or will it be an indicator in the rearview mirrors, as seen in other cars? What are your thoughts? My guess is that it will be a physical indicator somewhere other than the screen; otherwise, other Teslas could receive the same feature.

From issue #282

Several Model 3 with heat pump & octovalve at Fremont

We had heard rumors about this but nothing confirmed until now. Tesla introduced many improvements during the production of the Model Y, and we were all hoping they would be applied to the Model 3 as well, or at least the most relevant ones. Now we see that the first modernized Model 3s produced at Fremont—with heat pump and octovalve—were just delivered to Europe.

From issue #129

Side-by-side Model 3 old vs. new

Great side-by-side comparison of the old Model 3 and the new Highland version. Overall, the exterior looks sharper, and I like the new interior. However, I’m generally not a big fan of ambient lighting. I’ll need to see it in person.

From issue #282

Some new photos of the new wooden trim on the door panels from the 2021 MIC M3

Here there are new photos of the 2021 MIC M3 with the wooden trims on the doors, I’m personally not sure if I like it or not, what do you think?

From issue #152

Spreadsheet comparing the time spent in road trips for Model 3 SR/MR/LR

u/ChemtrailDreams has published a spreadsheet comparing the time spent (or saved) driving a certain distance by the different versions of the Model 3. There is a bunch of interesting data there, for example, this Seattle - San Francisco (815 miles) trip:

  • SR 16:23:00
  • MR: 15:26:00
  • LR (with Aero): 14:57:00

So the difference between the Standard Range and the Long Range in a 815 miles road trip is 1 hour and 26 minutes. Worth the $18k difference (the LR being more expensive Model 3)? Well, that honestly depends on you and the options that you would add to the SR plus factoring in the tax incentive. In any case, it’s worth looking at these numbers and thinking about it when purchasing a Model 3.

See more: Google Spreadsheet

From issue #32

Take a look at the new power liftgate for the new Model 3 power trunk

Straight out of Tesla’s Fremont factory in California 😍

From issue #134

Takeaways after 1 year with a Tesla Taxi

This Spanish taxi driver has shared his honest experience after a year driving a Tesla Model 3 for work. The videos are in Spanish, so here’s a quick summary:

  • Saved 10k euros after 1 year and 100km/62 mi
  • Charging/Gas cost: 0.5€-1€/100km vs. 12-13€/100km 115cv Diesel
  • Purchase cost: 48k euros (including tax deduction) vs. 20.000€
  • Battery degradation after 100 km: 3-4% (degradation happened mostly between 30,000 and 60,000 km)
  • Only maintenance was changing the tires
  • Only con is that not everyone figures out how to open the doors
  • Why Tesla (instead of other EV): Range/ charging infrastructure and easier to homologate as a taxi
From issue #127

Tesla 360° ride along at Willow Springs Raceway 📹

Ride along with @fromwhereicharge in his Track prepped Tesla Model 3 on the Big Willow Race Track. Very cool, thank you for letting us ride with you!

From issue #119

Tesla activates Heated Wiper Park in Fremont-made Model 3/Y with 2022.4.5

Several owners with Model 3s and Model Ys delivered in January 2022 are seeing the option to activate heated wipers update updating to 2022.4.5. Cool!

From issue #202

Tesla begins offering Model 3 SR+ reservation holders in North America the option to switch to LFP battery

If you were waiting for an SR+ and you don’t mind the change, the range of the battery is a bit lower but in theory, you can charge to 100% without degradation, you can now switch to one of these. Take a look!

From issue #179

Tesla begins remotely activating heated steering wheels and rear seats in (new?) SR+ Model 3s

Great news for SR+ owners, Tesla started activating the heated steering wheel and the heated rear seats for some. More exactly, it appears that only owners with cars delivered after November 1, 2021, have so far reported receiving the upgrade.

From issue #190

Tesla China 🇨🇳 received the green light to sell and deliver a ‘Made in China’ Model 3

We should be really close to the first deliveries of the ‘Made in China’ Model 3. Actually, this week we’ve seen pictures of freight carriers loaded with Model 3s in China.

Read more: Tesmanian

From issue #89

Tesla China is subtly flexing the MIC Model 3's stellar build quality

Cool closeup pictures showing how good the quality of the Model 3 MIC is.

From issue #95

Tesla China now offers Model 3 power trunk retrofit

Tesla China started offering retrofits for the power trunk of the Model 3 for around $630. Not bad compared to the aftermarket kits out there and the cost of labor.

From issue #204

Tesla developing revamped Model 3 under 'Project Highland'

It is just a matter of time until Tesla brings all the production improvements to the Model 3.

From issue #244

Tesla Giga Berlin’s new paint colors revealed in the mobile app

The new 4.2.1 update contains three new colors: Deep Crimson Multicoat, Abyss Blue Multicoat, and Mercury Silver Metallic.

From issue #188

Tesla hacker unlocks performance upgrade

A company called Ingenext is offering Model 3 Performance software upgrades at a discounted price ($1,100 instead of $2,000). They are not only selling ‘Acceleration boost’ but also including some additional capabilities like ‘Drift mode’. While is neat to see people unlocking stuff in our Tesla’s I have no doubt that Tesla could issue a software update to make this upgrade stop working.

Ingenext is also offering the upgrade to Model 3 Dual Motor cars with the caveat that you’d lose the ability to receive software updates. That would be a deal-breaker for me, but I assume if they are offering this there must be some demand for it 🤷‍♂️

Read more: Electrek

From issue #116

Tesla hackers receive $200k and Model 3 for new exploit

Whitehat hackers from Synacktiv have earned $200,000 and a Tesla Model 3 after successfully exploiting a vulnerability involving Tesla’s ECU and vehicle CAN BUS at the Pwn2Own event in Vancouver. These types of incentives are really important—and many others in the tech industry have programs/rewards like this—and it underscores Tesla’s approach to automotive cybersecurity. It highlights a proactive stance that rewards hackers for beefing up Tesla’s defenses against potential ‘fleet-wide hacks’—a scenario Elon Musk has previously expressed concerns about.

From issue #310

Tesla Highland Spotted

Another video of the highly anticipated and rumored Model 3 refresh. Here’s what we’ve heard about it so far:

  • Highland represents a complete overhaul of the Tesla Model 3, not only offering a significant exterior refresh but also extensive interior updates.
  • Several additions are expected, such as a steer-by-wire Yoke, matrix LEDs, and redesigned ambient lights.
  • Highland’s interior is anticipated to be fresher, more modern, and closely aligned with the recent Model S and X redesigns.
  • It will introduce a new front fascia and a new bumper camera.
From issue #279

Tesla is at the apex of the used electric vehicle market

Recently, the price of used vehicles skyrocketed and Teslas are selling even faster than the rest, take a look at the details in this article.

From issue #169

Tesla landed in Chile

Orders are now open, and Tesla has installed kiosks in Santiago where people can experience the cars. For now, only the Model 3 and the Model Y can be ordered, and the estimated delivery date is April - May. Dale, revísalo!

From issue #303

Tesla launches new Model 3 Performance

Tesla announces the launch of the new Model 3 Performance, boasting impressive specs like 0-60 mph in just 2.9 seconds, 510 hp, and a top speed of 163 mph. Notable enhancements include a performance-tuned chassis for added stiffness, a 4th-gen drive unit for increased power and torque, forged 20" wheels for better corner traction, and an adaptive damping system. The new performance version features a more aerodynamic design and new sports seats, similar to the new Plaid ones.

From issue #314

Tesla M3 cost calculator

Includes ‘Performace’ option. Thank you budlande for recovering this, updating, and sharing!

More: Google spreadsheet

From issue #9

Tesla Model 3 - Jay Leno's Garage

Jay Leno featured the 2024 Tesla Model 3 on his show, with Tesla’s Chief of Design and Chief Engineer discussing improvements in design, aerodynamics, and engineering. The redesigned Model 3 offers better aerodynamics with a drag coefficient of 0.219, enhanced safety with greater crash protection, and an upgraded interior including new screens and ventilated seats. Despite its advancements and a range of 341 miles, the price remains under $50,000, further cementing Tesla’s commitment to affordability and American manufacturing.

As a recent owner of one of these new Model 3s, I have to say that the efficiency and accuracy are pretty impressive, and the ride comfort is amazing. Love the car!

From issue #307

Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ spotted testing in the U.S. uncovered

The Tesla Model 3 “Highland” has been spotted testing in the U.S. without any disguise, indicating it’s in a late stage of development. Although the model has been released in other markets, its U.S. launch is pending, possibly awaiting regulatory approval, and is speculated for early 2024. Tesla has not officially announced a release date for the U.S. market.

From issue #290

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y go through the latest round of price increases

Yet another price change (as it often happens). Tesla has increased the Model 3 SR+ and LR AWD by $500, now starting at $38,490 and $47,490 respectively, and the Model 3 Performance by $1,000. The price of the Model Y LR AWD has increased by $500 as well.

From issue #159

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y will likely not get their stalks deleted

According to Tesla’s Chief Designer, Franz von Holzhausen in a recent interview on Ride the Lightning mentioned above, he stated that while the company is always exploring potential improvements, there is currently no perceived need or demand for a change to the Model 3 and Model Y’s stalk controls.

From issue #250

Tesla Model 3 big trailer test and review

Tesla offers a tow hitch as an extra for the Model 3 in Europe, here is a review by Bjorn Nyland.

From issue #69

Tesla Model 3 deliveries now include working USB-C ports again

Great news for those of you waiting to take delivery of a new Model 3 soon, seems that Tesla was able to unblock the chip shortage and it is now delivering new Model 3s with USB-C ports. I hope everyone who got one without them had the retrofitted already.

From issue #191

Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor 1/4 mile with an acceleration boost

This was the author’s best time of the day with 11.813 at 119.27 mph.

From issue #96

Tesla Model 3 in third person

According to the author he filmed this with an Insta360 attached to his car with a stick. Pretty cool!

From issue #53

Tesla Model 3 key fob available on Tesla Shop

You can purchase a key fob for your Model 3 for $150. Accoding to a few early reports the key fob doesn’t support summon or passive entry, it is unclear if it is because the car lacks the necessary components or if this will be something that they’ll activate via software later on. If these features are important to you, you probably are better off waiting.

Here is a video of the unboxing, paring, and demo of the Tesla Model 3 key fob.

See more: Tesla Shop

From issue #33

Tesla Model 3 Long Range is now eligible for $7.5 K tax credit

Exciting news for those eyeing the Model 3 Long Range – it’s now fully eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit in the US, making it a more enticing deal. This change narrows its price gap with the Model 3 RWD, which lacks the credit due to its Chinese-sourced LFP batteries. Meanwhile, in Canada, Tesla adjusted the Model 3 RWD’s pricing in response to BC’s revised rebate criteria.

From issue #320

Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous: Debut Scheduled for May

The Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous is set to debut in May, offering a significant performance boost with two new motors and suspension enhancements. An insider confirms the substantial speed improvements, while a team from Fremont successfully tackled initial challenges in motor adaptability in China. I also really like the new Ludicrous badge, similar to the one for Plaid but, you know, for Ludicrous speed.

From issue #307

Tesla Model 3 maintenance costs, warranty info, and service items - One year later

TeslaJoy - I’m proud to say she is a subscriber to this newsletter, hi Joy! - has published a fantastic video about her first year of owning a Model 3 and what that her maintenance costs have been.

From issue #81

Tesla Model 3 Performance acceleration tests 90-10%'

Really interested in seeing how the acceleration degrades in cold weather as the SOC gets lower.

From issue #150

Tesla Model 3 Performance Highland may get a new motor

Since Tesla released the highly anticipated Highland, there have been rumors that they might not be making a Performance version anymore. I personally doubt this, as the Performance version has the best margin for Tesla among the different Model 3 options. This week, a document posted on Twitter suggested that the Performance version will not only exist but will actually come with some kind of new motor. The VIN breakdown now contains a new letter for it. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

From issue #285

Tesla Model 3 Performance locked in for early 2024 debut

With the introduction of Highland, Tesla didn’t introduce a Performance variant, but we all knew it was only a matter of time before Tesla would release it, given that the Performance trim is the one with the highest margins. According to this article, Tesla’s Model 3 Performance is set to make a comeback in early 2024, featuring significant upgrades. The new model is expected to have a more aggressive body kit, interior design tweaks, trim upgrades, and an evolved Track mode.

From issue #293

Tesla Model 3 Performance white interior at no cost

Tesla increased the price of the Model 3 Performance by $1,000, bumping it from $53,990 to $54,990. This marks the second price rise since its launch in April, raising concerns of affordability while still benefiting from the $7,500 EV tax credit. Additionally, Tesla has adjusted prices for various interior options, with the white interior for the Performance model now costing no extra.

From issue #317

Tesla Model 3 popularity on Turo mirrors consumer demand

For a while, I considered purchasing a Tesla and paying it out renting it on Turo. I ended up not doing so since, ultimately, it required too much work and I just didn’t have the time to fully evaluate if it would financially make sense for my particular situation. In case you’ve wondered about it too, here are some interesting numbers from this article about Turo:

  • It has gone from 67 Tesla to +10K in 6 years (2014 to 2020)
  • The majority of those listings are Model 3
  • Model X is tops in the earnings category, followed by the Chevrolet Corvette and by the Model 3
From issue #123

Tesla Model 3 pulls 35 miles of extra range after its LFP battery charge display drops to zero

We know that cars always have a bit of extra juice to protect the battery but also to not leave you stranded on the road if you cut it too close, but this is usually around 5 extra miles or so. In this test in a Tesla with the LFP batteries, the ones in the standard range Model 3 and Y, the driver was able to get 35 extra miles out of their battery after the display indicated no more miles left.

From issue #237

Tesla Model 3 with pure vision Autopilot gains IIHS’ Top Safety Pick+ rating

Another big win for Pure Vision this week. When it was released IIHS told Tesla they had to retest it to get the safety rating. The retest just happened and Tesla got an excellent rating. According to a tweet Elon, they are coming back next week to get a perfect score.

From issue #170

Tesla now replacing bubbling Model 3 headrests as a ‘goodwill’ gesture

You might have seen folks complaining about bubbles on the headrest of their cars, maybe you even suffered it yourself. According to Drive Tesla Canada, Tesla is now offering a replacement as ‘goodwill’ although they are warning folks that they are using the same material, so if this was caused by a hair product or something else, it might happen again.

From issue #168

Tesla official wraps for 2023+ Model 3 and Model Y

With all the photos of the Cybertruck in different wraps, we were expecting this to be an option for it, but we weren’t expecting it to be an option for the Model 3 and Model Y. Now, on the Tesla shop, you can pick from 7 different wraps. I have to warn you, the prices are not cheap—ranging between $7,500 and $8,000. The page includes a disclaimer stating that this is only available for Teslas from 2023 or newer, and the participating Tesla Service Centers are West Covina and Carlsbad, both in California.

The page also shows a clear wrap option from $5,000, but the link doesn’t work.

From issue #287

Tesla owner’s manual hints ventilated seats may come to the Model 3/Y

The Model 3 and Y owner’s manual just got updated and it includes some language that indicates they might start offering (or including as default) ventilated seats. If this is true, that would be great, I tried the refreshed S with ventilated seats and I loved them.

From issue #198

Tesla Parts Catalog confirms Tesla is working on a Performance version

We can see in the Parts Catalog multiple elements, like sports brakes, suspension, and new wheels. In the images, it seems to also have a Ludicrous badge, will we be seeing a Tesla Model 3 Lucidrous? In case you don’t know Ludicrous is faster than light speed but slower than Plaid.

From issue #289

Tesla reveals new self-driving Autopilot hardware 3.0 computer diagram ahead of launch

A source told Electrek that Tesla updated the Model 3 wiring diagrams in its internal service documentation on January 9th to include the new Autopilot 3.0 computer as the new standard ECU in Model 3.

An interesting new piece of information is that in the diagram we can see how the chip has connectors for a second radar although current models only have mounted a forward facing radar.

Read more: Electrek

From issue #43

Tesla Shareholder Meeting

Here’s a summary of last Tuesday’s Tesla Shareholder Meeting with the things we got most excited about:

  • Tesla planning on opening their own body shops. First 10 to open by the end of June 2018!
  • Model Y planned for first half of 2020 (with maybe no steering wheel? :O)
    M3 test drives at some Tesla showroom locations by the end of June 2018. All stores in North America will have - M3s by the end of July 2018.
  • New Gigafactory in Shangai, the first outside the US

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From issue #11

Tesla starts rolling out Model 3 key fob to a few owners

A few weeks ago we talked about Electrek confirming the key fob for the M3. Well, now they’re reporting that a small number of users are getting them. Some people have reported problems using their phone as a key with several Android devices, and although Tesla has been taking care of these problems, the key fobs may be the so much needed solution.

Read more: Electrek

From issue #30

Tesla tailgating table

I love the creativity of the Tesla community, this Tesla owner has designed his own Tesla tailgating table with an umbrella and everything. And the table also serves as a lid for the sub trunk of his Model 3. It’s made of bamboo and it costs around $200. Very creative and very practical for camping trips!

From issue #160

Tesla to demolish the existing Model 3 production line

Tesla has filed paperwork to demolish a production line at its Fremont Factory, possibly in preparation for the mass production of the updated Highland Model 3. The new Model 3 is expected to have a revised front-end design and several other changes.

From issue #267

Tesla to match best rate from your bank in the US

If you’re purchasing a new Tesla soon, know that they will match your rate if you can demonstrate valid approval for a lower rate from your third-party bank. In our case, Tesla’s rate was better even though our bank turned out to be the same that Tesla was using 🤷‍♂️ Thank you @ElonAccessories for sharing this information on Twitter!

If you need a referral code when purchasing a new Tesla you can use ours

Read more: Tesla

From issue #99

Tesla to replace wood trim on Model 3 with non-woven fabric

Tesla has recently announced that it will replace the wood trim in its Model 3 cars with non-woven fabric. The reason for the change is not known, but some speculate that it may be a cost-saving measure that also adds a more modern look. Personally, I have never loved the wood trim, and many aftermarket brands offer wrappers for owners to customize them. It would be wise to wait and see the quality and appearance of the new trim before making any conclusions.

From issue #255

Tesla Vision Park Assist with HW4 on new 2024 Model 3 vs HW3 with parking sensors

According to the author of this video, with the addition of High Fidelity Park Assist, the 2024 Model 3 performs as well, if not better, than the older Model 3 with ultrasonic sensors. The main problem he sees is that there is a blind spot right in front of the car and small objects below the front bumper can be a problem. If you have experienced both, what do you think? Is this accurate? We are taking delivery of our new Model 3 this weekend and we will be able to test this ourselves soon.

From issue #305

Tesla won’t stop until Model 3 has better braking than any remotely comparable car

Tesla Model 3 shows 60-0 mph braking weakness in CR tests, Elon Musk responds: “Looks like this can be fixed with a firmware update. Will be rolling that out in a few days. With further refinement, we can improve braking distance beyond initial specs. Tesla won’t stop until Model 3 has better braking than any remotely comparable car.”

Read more: Twitter

From issue #9

Tesla's Highland Model 3 is now in European inventory

Inventory cars offer a convenient option for those looking to skip the wait and get their desired model more quickly. It’s encouraging to see that the Highland is occasionally popping up in European inventories, providing another avenue for potential buyers on that continent.

From issue #287

Tesla's Model 3 Highland 'Ludicrous' discovered in configurator

Many Tesla enthusiasts are scrutinizing the Tesla App and website for possible new additions and leaks. In this case, they have spotted the Model 3 Ludicrous variant in the source code for the online configurator. Some of the details there seem to indicate a 310-mile range, a top speed of 162 mph, and a swift 0-60 mph acceleration time of 3.2 seconds. It’s possible these aren’t the real specs; we can’t be sure until Tesla officially releases it. In another hint, this source code appears in both the European and US versions of the store, so maybe in this case, they plan a simultaneous release in both markets.

From issue #308

Tesla’s refreshed Model 3 includes ‘Active Hood’ pedestrian safety feature

Tesla’s updated Model 3 now features a new “Active Hood” safety system, designed to enhance pedestrian protection during collisions. This system automatically raises the hood’s rear portion by about 80 mm when an impact with a pedestrian or cyclist is detected at speeds between 30 and 52 km/h. The Active Hood’s deployment triggers a touchscreen alert and a collision chime, and it requires service center attention afterward. The system, which uses sensors and algorithms, was previously available in the Tesla Model S and X, but not in the pre-refresh Model 3. Other added safety features include double dampeners on the trunk and metal hooks for door alignment in crashes.

From issue #293

The option to convert your Model 3 AWD into a P3D might be available online soon

At least this is what memetz from TMC was told when decided to contact support to ask for the option. According to the support agent who replied to memetz’s message, “Once logged in you will be able to view pricing and availability for the upgrade once it becomes available. There will also be a communication of its availability once available.”

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From issue #84

The Tesla Model 3's Aero Wheel Covers improve efficiency way more than we expected

We shared a test by Bjørn a few months ago in which he showed similar results to this new test by ‘Car and Driver’.

Read more: Car and Drive

From issue #91

The ultimate Tesla web app

Mother Frunker - yeah you read that correctly 🤣- has developed a web app with several useful apps and shortcuts right there on his Model 3. It all started as a way for him to quickly access Reddit while charging, and as he started adding more functionality, he decided to release it so we all can use it. Take a look at the video and check the app by visiting from the browser in your car.

From issue #61

The unofficial getting started guide to your new favorite car (Model 3)

Brenden Mulligan has put together and shared with us this great guide for Model 3 owners. “You’ve just taken delivery of your brand new Tesla Model 3. You already know it’s the best car you’ve ever owned. But you can’t figure out how the hell to make it do all the cool stuff you’ve heard about. That’s what this post is for.”

And thanks for the shoutout to our Tesletter :-D

Read more: Medium

From issue #16

This design flaw makes Tesla’s Model 3 smell bad

If you, like many of us, are affected by the bad odor in your Model 3 or Model Y, this video discusses a moisture issue in the car’s cabin caused by aggressive air intake through a duct with a drainage port. It suggests removing the duct to allow water to pass through completely. The video also recommends adding an aftermarket gasket to prevent water from windshield wipers from entering, proposes software adjustments by Tesla to slow down the wipers and air intake fan during rain, and emphasizes the importance of using car wash mode to prevent the fan from inadvertently pulling in moisture.

From issue #291

Tilted Tesla touchscreen - Model 3

Brian from i1Tesla shows us an accessory to tilt the screen of the Model 3. Brian always has crazy mods like this one!

From issue #83

Track Mode for Model 3 is here!

2018.42.8 brings with it ‘Track Mode’ for all the M3P regardless of having PUP or not. ‘Track Mode’ enables Tesla’s performance-oriented stability control and powertrain settings configured for track driving.

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From issue #33

Trick for M3 phone dock so smartphone + case can fit

Thank you lexiheft for posting on Youtube so we could share it on the Tesletter!

From issue #11

Ultra-bright LED lights for the Model 3/Y (Sponsor)

These Ultra-bright LED lights are one of the most popular accessories for any Tesla Model. We got the ones for the trunk of our Model S and they are super easy to install. Teslarati is bringing you a full DIY kit for the  Model 3 and the Model Y which includes puddle lights, lights for the driver and passenger footwell, and glove box lights. A perfect DIY project for the weekend!

If you would like to sponsor Tesletter, please reach out!

From issue #107

Ultra-premium carbon fiber aero package for the Model 3

We’re proud to be highlighting Teslarati’s ultra-premium Carbon Fiber aero package for the Tesla Model 3 that’s been a big hit among Tesla Corsa racers and the general Model 3 owners community.

Track-proven (winners circle at both Tesla Corsa and Laguna Seca REFUEL), this gorgeous looking Model 3 front spoiler and accompanying rear spoiler is 100% handmade in California, looks as great as it performs, and certainly aimed at owners that won’t settle for anything less than the best for their Model 3.

For a limited time only, get 10% OFF using the coupon code ‘Tesletter’.

See more: Teslarati’s Shop (get 10% off any product)


From issue #98

Universal battery pack coming to Model 3/Y soon

What does ‘universal’ mean? Basically, Tesla is going to update the Model 3 production lines in the US passing on the Model Y battery manufacturing improvements and eventually incorporating the Model Y heat pump in the Model 3 as well. No timelines have been shared yet.

From issue #122

Unplugged Performance at Pikes Peak

In this video, Ben Schaffer from Unplugged Performance shares a unique and inspiring story of how they fought and ‘resurrected’ their Model 3 after an accident, to still be able to race at Pikes Peak last weekend. In this second video, you can follow the process of fixing the car overnight at @eurocarscollison. Awesome job 👏👏👏

From issue #127

Upgrade your SR to SR+ for $2,000

I believe we’ve shared this in the past, but since is one of these obscure things that you only know if someone tells you, here it is again. If you own a Model 3 SR you can upgrade it to SR+ by paying $2,000. To do that you need to create a service request, select software, and say in the description that you would like to upgrade. In a couple of days, Tesla will reach out to you and finalize the transaction.

From issue #160

Upgraded Tesla Model 3 Performance spotted with new exterior design

Our friend The Kilowatts spotted a Model 3 Performance prototype in San Francisco last weekend. In the photo, despite having camouflage, we can see the Model 3 having a new split in the front bumper. If the recent speculation holds, an announcement might come later this month, potentially followed by the commencement of deliveries in March.

From issue #301

US Model 3/Y price history since 2021

Nice historical price charts and the price reduction is really impressive when seen in perspective.

From issue #250

US Sales 2018 Q1: Model 3 vs. BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz

The Model 3 has already surpassed the Audi A4 in sales.

U.S. Sales, 2018 Q1

  • Audi A4 (includes S4): 7,906
  • BMW 3-series (sedan, wagon, GT, M3): 13,651
  • Mercedes-Benz C-Class (sedan, coupe, convertible, AMG Cxx): 13,350
  • Tesla Model 3: 8,180

If Tesla achieves their production goal for Q2 they would be at the top of the list.

Read more: Reddit

From issue #2

USA Model 3 interior now matches the MIC Model 3 interior with an updated door design

Tesla has updated its configurator to reflect on the new Model 3 interior with the white trim. I personally like it with the white panel better, what do you think?

From issue #159

V3 Supercharging curve (M3LR vs. MS Plaid)

Interesting to see the Plaid Model S keeping the peak kW for 5% more SOC and having higher values for another 5%, which translates into faster charging.

From issue #170

Video of the new Model 3 console

See the new Model 3 console in action. People are loving it or hating it… which team are you on?

From issue #134

What does the cabin camera in the Model 3/Y try to detect

An interesting finding by @greentheonly. Not that it changes anything, but pretty cool to know!

  • Blinded
  • Dark
  • Eyes closed
  • Eyes down
  • Eyes nominal
  • Eyes up
  • Head down
  • Head trunk
  • Looking left
  • Looking right
  • Phone use
  • Sunglasses eyes likely nominal
  • Sunglasses luckily eyes down
From issue #133