Blind spots

Tesla cars do have blind spot detection these days (although they didn't have it in the past). It works a bit different than in other cars, where an orange light in the side mirrors indicate if there's a car in the lane next to you.

Tesla's blind spot monitoring system uses cameras and sensors, and shows vehicles in blind spot on the touchscreen.

In addition, you can also configure a 'Blind Spot Chime' so it's not necessary to look at the touchscreen to know a car is in a blind spot.

Pictures of Blind Spots

Tesla Blind spots. Pic source: Teslarati
Blind spots Tesla V9

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Tesla blind-spot warning

February 4, 2020

A common question amongst new Tesla owners is how does the blind-spot warning work. Most new cars these days have a light and an audible warning right on the side mirrors. This is not something you can find in a Tesla.

Videos about Blind spots

Past Tesletter articles

Comparing side mirrors blind spots - American vs European Tesla MS

This video is an oldie but goodie. As Europeans driving in the US we thought that blind spots in the US were bigger because lanes are wider. It turns out that there is a pretty big difference between the side mirrors in the American and European Tesla Model S too.

From issue #21

Firmware 2019.4 includes blind spot warning chime and mirror auto fold based on location

Tesla released 2019.4 over the weekend to what it seems a small group of Model 3s. The new features are:

  • Blind spot warning chime: In addition to the red line the car, it would also have an audible chime if there is an obstacle in your target lane
  • Auto-Folding mirrors based on location: You can know remember when to fold an unfold your mirrors, perfect for narrow garages!

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From issue #46

Interface will change in v9, says Elon Musk

User requests changes in the interface to avoid blindspots. Elon Musk says it’s coming in version 9. Here’s the design proposed by the user on Twitter:

Read more: [Twitter]( From issue #12

Model 3 v 8.2 will introduced improvements reported by users

Model 3 version 8.2 will allow Tesla owners to report bugs via voice, select a song from the Tesla app, and receive blind spot notifications, according to Elon Musk’s tweet.

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From issue #10

What's new in beta 2018.21

Tesla release versions odd numbers have historically been betas only pushed to a handfull number of users (3 - 5 according to Teslafi) under an NDA. Last time that a beta was rolled out was a few weeks before the NN rewrote, so we have high hopes that this one includes something big as well. The lucky ones who have rooted their Tesla are dropping some bits of info on TMC, see below (Thanks BigD0g and dennis_d for all the info!):

  • Screen showing blind spot messages and detection (read more)
  • Improvement on how AP handles road dividers (read more)
  • AP2 running 2018.21 showing cars in adjacent lanes (ala AP1) (video)
Read more: [TMC Forum]( From issue #10