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2021 Tesla Model S Plaid: InsideEVs 70 MPH range test

According to the tests from InsideEVs, they got exactly 300 miles with the Plaid S and the 21-inch Arachnid wheels.

From issue #189

Doug Demuro & Marques Brownlee discuss Model S Plaid

We have included each of their videos reviewing the Plaid, this time they discuss their impressions together, take a look!

From issue #178

Jay Breaks a world record in a Tesla Plaid

Finally, the video of Jay Leno breaking the world record for the 1/4 mile with an impressive 9.247 seconds, from 9.4 seconds. By the time the video was posted another Tesla owner achieved 8.994 seconds with a modified Model S Plaid. Holy smokes!

From issue #189

Jay Leno’s Garage to feature record-setting Tesla Model S Plaid

On November 10, 2021, at 10:00 pm EST (7:00 pm PST), Jay Leno’s Garage will be airing the footage of the Tesla Model S Plaid officially setting the record as the fastest production car over the 1/4 mile.

From issue #186

Model S Plaid Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit

Tesla just released a carbon ceramic brake kit for the Model S Plaid. These brakes give the Model S better track performance. The price, however, might be a bit steep for some, $20,000 🤑

From issue #192

Model S Plaid vs Raven Comparison

What is the difference between the Raven and the Plaid Model S, you ask? DragTimes just did a video on that.

From issue #174

Plaid is ~460V at 90% SOC. Just charged 15% > 90% in 35 minutes

Or what is the same, it added ~260 miles of range in just 35 min, not bad at all!

From issue #171

Tesla Model S Plaid is 2,5x times faster from 100-200 kph (62 mph-125 mph) than the Model 3 Performance

And we all thought the Model 3 Performance was fast. This car is a missile!

From issue #170

Tesla Model S Plaid just set an official world speed record for a production electric car at Nurburgring

You can experience the fastest EV to track Nurburgring from inside the car in this video. This Model S Plaid was almost straight from the factory, Elon Musk said they will be back with some racing modifications soon.

From issue #181

Tesla Model S Plaid vs Porsche Taycan Turbo S 1/4 Mile Drag Race

Were you wondering how the new Plaid did against the Taycan? DragTimes just tested it. Spoiler alert, the Taycan owner ordered a Plaid Model S on the spot after seeing it in action.

From issue #175

Tesla Model Y orders open in Europe

GigeBerlin isn’t ready yet, but if you are in Europe and want a Model Y, you can order it now and get it MIC. If you are considering ordering a Tesla, and we have helped you, please consider using our referral code

From issue #172

Tesla Plaid - 12-volt Lithium Battery

The 12-volt battery has historically been one of the most problematic points for Tesla. In my case, I had to have it replaced under guarantee a year or so after I got delivery of my car. In order to correct this, Tesla is now including a 12-volt lithium battery in the refreshed Model S. Here is a teardown of the battery.

From issue #189

Tesla Plaid - Battery torn open

Pack’s data obtained from the BMS:

  • Beginning of Life Pack Energy: 99KWh
  • Nominal Energy Remaining: 32KWh
  • Nominal Full Pack Energy: 95KWh
  • Charge Total: 1564.13KWh
  • Discharge Total: 1484.05KWh
From issue #186

Tesla Plaid S trolls a Lamborghini on the track

They are close, but that is because the driver of the Plaid S stops pressing on the pedal at times 😂

From issue #176

The Tesla Model S Plaid is the world’s fastest (and coolest) sedan

A great in-depth review by Doug DeMuro. Go to 31:58 to see his reaction to the acceleration 😂 “It is nothing that I’ve ever driven, ever, ever!”

From issue #177

What has two thumbwheels and is fully functional?

Ryan Huber transformed his Plaid Model S with the Yoke into what he calls Plaid Plus Plus using the steering wheel and stalks from the Model 3. In the video, you can see it is fully functional. Wait until the very end 😂

From issue #189