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'I would say it's safe to assume the Model 3 battery is fire-proof'

Yaro_S, a reddit user that rebuilds Teslas, took these pictures of the battery of a Model 3 that hit a pole at 60mph. By now, we all know that Teslas are less likely to catch fire than normal ICE vehicles, but even more so the Model 3, according to Yaro_S. «None of the cells combusted. There is one that looks like it got to a very hot temperature and started to melt but did not burn.» I find that remarkable, given the damage shown in the picture.

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From issue #71

Concerned about your battery degradation?

Battery Compare is an iOS app is brought to you by the creator of StatsApp, the app helps you understand how your current battery and car configuration compares to cars with the same characteristics and mileage.

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From issue #86

Hidden source code shows a new 'Tesla credit' section on the referral program page

It’s unclear what this hidden section is, maybe they extended the referral program to give folks credit to expend on Tesla services, maybe something else.

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From issue #93

How Tesla batteries work with PhD scholar Ravindra Kempaiah

Sean Mitchell did a terrific interview to Ravindra Kempaiah. This almost two hour long interview covers topics from how to make batteries to the process of manufacturing battery cells. The interview is full of interesting material but if you are interested in a particular part of the process, Sean did the amazing job of including titles and links to the different sections of this video in the description. Thanks Sean for the great content and for making it easy to browse!

From issue #62

How Tesla’s next-gen battery will change the game using Maxwell’s technology

Great in-depth explanation about what was the technology that Maxwell was working on and how Tesla could use it to revolutionize batteries.

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From issue #96

M3 AWD also available on standard battery

Elon recently confirmed on Twitter that the Model 3 AWD will also be available on standard battery. Woooot?!

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From issue #21

Model S battery degradation data

According to data published by Marteen Steinburg the degradation rate is 1% / 50.000km and on average, the batteries have 91% remaining at 270.000 km (170,000 miles).

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From issue #4

News for the Model S and the Model X

Greentheonly discovered a few bits pointing to new hardware coming to the Model S and the Model X imminently:

  • Two new battery types in several configs, no word about the capacity yet
  • Integrated inductive phone charger (Qi)
  • New charge port type
  • New suspension version, not a new suspension but an iteration in the one released a few months ago
  • New lumbar support, maybe new seats?
  • Is there an interior redesign coming? Who knows 🤷‍♀️ But it seems that the S and the X are getting some love for sure!

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From issue #96

Precondition battery

Winter is coming and with that some rough times for batteries. Here are some tips from Tam about Teslas and cold weather.

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From issue #27

Tesla Gigafactory 1: Panasonic ready to ramp up battery production to 54 GWh

Tesla is expected to start producing Model Y and Semis in 2020. With that, plus Model 3s and a bump on Tesla energy, they’re going to need all the batteries they can produce. If this is true, GF1 will be going from 35 GWh to 54 GWh, which is a lot.

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From issue #92

Tesla Gigafactory VP opens up about battery production

Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada is currently only 30% and is already a 1.9-million-square-foot building with 5.3 million square feet of operating space on three floors. Tesla currently produces there as many batteries as the rest of the world production combined and this is key to achieve Tesla’s mission to accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable energy and transport system. Here is an interesting interview with their VP of of Operations at the Tesla Gigafactory.

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From issue #66

Tesla battery longevity

The creator of the Stats App has written an article about battery longevity, here are some interesting bits:

  • The degradation is typically more pronounced when the car is new and it levels off as the car gets older
  • Battery capacity measurement is inherently noisy
  • Fluctuations in max rated range are normal

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From issue #93

Tesla battery researcher unveils new cell that could last one million miles in ‘robot taxis’

Big news on the battery longevity front. A research partner has released a new paper on a battery cell that could last over one million miles. Elon has stated in the past that the drive unit is designed, tested, and validated for one million miles of operation but that they may need to replace some modules of the battery pack to get to that since it should last between 300,00 and 500,00 miles. Jeff Dahn - the lead researcher and someone that we featured in the past - and his team have been extensively testing these cells and they think - based on the results - that a new type of battery could power an electric car for over 1.6 million kilometers or 1 million miles.

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From issue #76

Tesla rolls out improved Model S/X battery thermal management software

After a recent fire in Hong Kong, Tesla is releasing an improved battery thermal management for the Model S and Model X as a precautionary measure. While fires in Teslas happen, we have to remind ourselves that a fire in a Tesla is ten times less likely to experience a fire than a gas car.

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From issue #60

Tesla's battery pack - Technical explanation

Three part video series in which SavageStormAir explains the core of the Tesla’s battery technology, the battery pack.

From issue #5