Tesla come fairly well equiped, but they can still use some accesorizing. Some accessories are specific to the Model 3, Model Y, Model X, and Model S, some are specific to Tesla, and some are not specific to Tesla.

Tesla has an online shop where you can find their most popular accessories but there are also a few well-known websites where you can find custom and quality aftermarket interior and exterior accessories for your Tesla such as consoles, screen protectors, floor mats, lighting/sound upgrades, car covers, and more.

We've compiled a list of our top recommended accessories by Tesla model:

Some of the more popular Tesla accessories include:

  • Interior: floor mats, frunk/trunk lifts, seat covers/protectors, consoles, sunshades, hooks, lightning upgraes, pedal covers, pet covers, trunk organizers, frunk coolers, window control covers, and door control covers.
  • Exterior: car covers, eco hitch, puddle lights, rim protectors, lug nuts and covers, valve stem caps, vinyl T accents, licence plate mounts, spoliers, camera covers, appliqués, chrome delete kits, charging adapters/accessories.

Pictures of Accessories

Chrome Delete Kit by TesBros
Wireless Phone Charger by Jeda
Front License Plate Mount by The Bandit and Teslarati
SSD and USB storage for Sentry by PureTesla

Blog posts related to Accessories

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After almost three years of ownership, the door handle of my Model S (driver's door) recently broke. Here's how much it cost to fix it and how much it can cost if you're no longer covered by Tesla's basic warranty.

Top accessories for your Model Y

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If you’ve just got delivery of your Model Y and are looking for some of the best accessories to consider buying, you’ve reached the right place. Also, congratulations on your new Model Y! The following are products that we recommend because we really like them.

Model Y tow hitch options

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You're a Model Y owner and are considering a tow hitch for carrying bikes, camping gear, coolers, snow equipment, and even towing a trailer. Should you go with the $300 aftermarket option or with Tesla's $1,000 package? Learn more about both.

Tesla gift ideas and discounts for Father's Day

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Best Father's Day gift ideas and special discounts for Tesla owners and fans.

Behind the scenes: Jeda

April 3, 2020

We asked 100 Tesla owners some questions including what was their favorite aftermarket accessory, and the most popular accessories mentioned were Jeda’s Wireless Charging Pad and Hub. It can't be a coincidence! Learn more about Jeda and their creative product thinking strategies.

Behind the scenes: TesBros

March 24, 2020

Ji and JP are the ‘bros’ who started TesBros together back in January of 2019. How do they come up with new product ideas? How does their normal product development cycle looks like? And most importantly, why TesBros?

Our experience with a DIY Chrome Delete Kit in a Tesla Model S

March 16, 2020

Here are my top 5 tips to help you install a DIY Chrome Delete Kit. If you have no previous experience with vinyl wraps (and hello 👋this was us), arm yourself with patience but let me tell you something: you can do it.

How to wash your chrome deleted Tesla

March 9, 2020

Hand washing or pressure washing? Here's how to wash your chrome deleted Tesla to avoid damaing the vinyl.

Gift ideas for Tesla owners (updated)

February 25, 2020

Best gift ideas for yourself or for other Tesla owners, put together with feedback from the community and our own experience as a Model S owners.

TeslaBros 15% off coupon code

December 23, 2019

High quality vinyl accessories for your Tesla. Use coupon code 'tesletter15' to get 15% off at TeslaBros entire store.

Holiday gift ideas for Tesla owners

December 13, 2019

We’ve put together a list of our favorite gadgets, apparel items, and all sorts of different fun gifts for Tesla owners and fans. In addition, some of our favorite brands are offering exclusive holiday discounts to our readers, check them out.

Best Tesla Model 3 Cyber Monday deals, over $500 in savings

December 1, 2019

We've partnered with a few brands and are bringing you over $500 in savings on the following Tesla Model 3 accessories. Enjoy!

Tesla accessories deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019

November 24, 2019

Exclusive Tesla accessories Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts for Tesletter subscribers.

Get your Tesla ready for the winter

November 18, 2019

When it comes to preparing your car for the winter, Teslas have some specifics that you may not know about. If this is your first winter with a Tesla, we’ve collected a few useful tips and tricks for you to survive the cold weather. Keep reading.

Top accessories for your Model X

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If you just got delivery of your Model X you may be asking yourself what are the best accessories to get for your Tesla. I am going to share some of my favorite accessories for the Tesla Model X.

Top accessories for your Model S

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Top Model 3 Accessories

October 17, 2019

If you’ve just got delivery of your Tesla and are looking for some of the best Model 3 accessories to consider buying, you’ve reached the right place. Also, congratulations on your new Model 3! The following are products that we recommend because we really like them.

Videos about Accessories

Past Tesletter articles

360 surround view + HDMI kit testing

For $775 this kit from BearBu would give you a 360 view of your car. It took LowTech two days to install it but the result are pretty cool. I would recommend you to watch the video and look at how the cameras look from outside.

From issue #55

3D Maxpider Model 3/S/X/ all-weather floor mats

Model 3 owners who don’t have rear floor mats yet, new Model 3/S/X owners without floor mats, here’s something for you. Get one of the best all-weather floor mats in the market at a discounted price, sold individually or by parts (rear, front, row 1, row 2). We haven’t tried them ourselves but people that we trust have only good things to say about them.

The Model Y version is coming very soon, stay tuned!

Get the discounted 3D Maxpider floor mats now


From issue #112

3D printed Model 3 console insert with USB ports and a coin holder

u/crujones43 shared on Reddit his designs, you can see them here:

If you have access to a 3D printer and want to print it yourself, he also made the files available for free. If you don’t want the coin holder, here is the same design without it.

Read more: Reddit

From issue #59

About the Tesla logo in the wheel cap

The Tesla logo on the wheel cap points to the valve stem. Just like a Porsche. In case you don’t know yet, I’m a big fan of these small details. Also, the black performance wheels look 🔥🔥🔥

From issue #128

Are you designing your car soon? Here's a list of musts and nice-to-have accessories

Thank andy2na for this list to help you make decisions when designing your Tesla. If you’re still waiting, hopefully you’ll need this soon!

See Google Doc

From issue #15

Cheap door seals reduce Model 3 noise and dirty door sills

There’s been a lot of controversy about if these door seals reduce the road noise or not. LivingTesla has ran an experiment and posted the results for all us to know. Spoiler alert: while it reduces the difference in volume it isn’t that noticeable, but they make a nicer sound when closing the doors :)

From issue #67

Curb rush? Protect your rims with these wheel bands for Tesla

We recently have been in a couple of small accidents and scratched our rims, so we have decided to buy these bands to hide the damange and protect our rims from more curb rush. If you are interested you can find them on Evannex, use our discount code «tesla tesletter» to get $10 off when you order them. They are available for the Model S, Model 3, and Model X.

From issue #68

Don't forget to change your cabin filter

Tesla recommends replacing your cabin filters after 2 years of use. However, sometimes it needs to be replaced earlier due to a nasty smell (I’ve heard people refer to it both as a vinegar smell and a stinky sock) that is known to appear in the Model 3. And if you happen to be in the market for new filters, I recommend these HEPA cabin filters with activated charcoal to combat bad odors.

From issue #121

First look at the Model 3 forged performance wheels

Ok, these look a-ma-zing! After some delay, Tesla might be getting ready to get these to those who selected them as a prize for their referrals. Thank you @BLKMDL3 and @Model3Owners for sharing!

Read more: Tesla Owners Online

From issue #97

Get 15% off Model 3/S/X Power frunk and trunk

Today is the last day to get 15% off Hansshow power frunk and trunk. This is the perfect DIY for the holidays for those of you who like this kind of project. Free shipping anywhere in the world. Use discount code ‘tesletter’ at checkout.

Love it? Buy it now! Model 3 | Model S | Model X


From issue #91

Getting ready for the winter weather!

Need a safe jack to get ready for swapping winter tires? We got you. A Tesla-specific jack pad is included with each stand. Fits Tesla’s official lifting point for Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y. Purchase 2 and get FREE shipping. Easy peasy.

From issue #127

Gift ideas for Tesla owners and fans

If you’re looking for gift ideas for the Tesla owners and fans in your life, look no more, we’ve got you covered. This week, we have also launched new t-shirts and onesies (thank you @raphy_martinez for the idea!) that we think you’ll like.

Looking for wraps, coolers, or mats? Check out Teslabros and Tesmanian exclusive deals for Tesletter readers!

From issue #90

Giveaway Alert: Scent Wedge’s air freshener, new ‘Big Sur’ scent

We’re partnering with Scent Wedge to give away 3 Model 3 air fresheners of their newest scent, Big Sur. Check out pinned tweet to participate! We’ll announce the winners next Wednesday, Jan. 15th.

Check out this cool video, you can almost smell it!

From issue #93

Giveaway Alert: Tesmanian Model 3 floor mats

You probably remember a video that we featured a couple of weeks ago in which TeslaRaj poured 5 gallons of water into his trunk to test some new mats. If you’re new to Tesletter, or just want to watch it again, here is the video. After watching this video (and many others), we decided to reach out to Vincent, and he agreed on sponsoring this week’s giveaway (thanks Vincent 🙏). If you are in the market for new all-weather interior mats, especially now that rain/snow is coming, check out the floor mats by Tesmanian.

As usual, check out our pinned tweet to participate. And good luck!

From issue #80

Giveaway Alert: Win a 'DeskWedge'

For those of you with the ability to work remotely- and t’s a lot of us right now- can you imagine working from anywhere your Tesla can drive you? This week we’re partnering with ‘ScentWedge’ to present you their latest creation: ‘DeskWedge’, a wooden work surface that is designed for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y and fits perfectly in the center console. Get inspired by watching this video.

Want to win a ‘DeskWedge’? Head to Twitter, RT, and follow to participate! Winners will be announced next Wednesday.

From issue #125

Giveaway Alert: Win a 'My car updates' t-shirt

Who doesn’t love the fact that their car gets software updates? Share it with the world thanks to our best-selling t-shirt which turns out to be a great conversation starter! We’re giving away 2 ‘My car updates’ t-shirt to 2 lucky winners, this week. Check out pinned tweet to participate, and good luck!

From issue #121

Giveaway Alert: Win a 'Tesla Parking Only' wooden sign

RT and follow @tesletter on Twitter for a chance to win a ‘Tesla Parking Only’ wooden sign to decorate your garage. A fun car deserves fun accessories. We’re giving away 2 signs to 2 lucky WINNERS. Good luck!

From issue #128

Giveaway Alert: Win a Jeda Model 3 USB Hub!

We’re partnering with Jeda to give away a Model 3 USB Hub. RT and follow @tesletter on Twitter to participate. The winner will be announced on October 7th. Good luck 🍀

From issue #131

Giveaway Alert: Win a Jeda USB Hub

We’re excited to partner again with Jeda to give away a Jeda USB Hub for the Model 3 to a lucky winner.

  • 5-in-1 Hub with charging
  • Dashcam and Sentry ready
  • Easy magnetic opening (hidden to prevent thefts)

Check out pinned tweet to participate

From issue #99

Giveaway Alert: Win a Portable Mini Vacuum for your Tesla

This week we’re partnering with Evannex to give away a Portable Mini Vacuum for your Tesla. Very practical and rechargeable from the USB ports of your car. Want it? Check out our pinned tweet to participate, good luck!

From issue #113

Giveaway Alert: Win a SnapPlate for your Model 3

We’re starting the month giving away a SnapPlate for your Model 3. Easy to install and remove and Autopilot-safe, thank you SnapPlate for partnering with us! Check out pinned tweet to participate. We’ll announce the winners next Wednesday. Good luck!

Enter in the giveaway

From issue #84

Giveaway Alert: Win a SnapPlate for your Model 3, Model X, or Model Y

This week we’re partnering with LivingTesla to give away a SnapPlate removable front license plate mount, now available for the Model 3, Model X, and Model Y. SnapPlate installs and completely removes in seconds with nothing left behind. 3D printing magic (learn all about it). Check pinned tweet to participate, good luck!

From issue #105

Giveaway Alert: Win a SnapPlate for your Tesla

We’re partnering with LivingTesla to give away a SnapPlate front license plate mount (all models available). RT and follow @tesletter on Twitter to participate. The winner will be announced on October 21st.

From issue #133

Giveaway alert: Win a Jeda Wireless Pad

We’re stoked to be partnering with Jeda for our next giveaway for which we’re giving away one Jeda Wireless Pad for the Model 3. We’ll announce the winner on Twitter next Wednesday, check out pinned tweet to participate. Good luck!

Check out our pinned tweet to participate

From issue #88

Go on an adventure with your Model Y

Who wants to go on an adventure with their Tesla? I mean, what’s not to like about going on a road trip in the safety of your car, especially in these crazy times. And if you do, you may want to consider adding a hitch to your Model Y (or Model 3).

Check out this Model Y tow hitch with 3,500 lbs of towing capacity, lightweight, made in the US, and very affordable (save over $600 compared to Tesla’s). Start your adventure today!

From issue #114

HEPA Cabin air filter replacement, set of 2 (Sponsor)

The Model 3 and the Model Y don’t come with Bioweapon Defense Mode, but you can easily get a HEPA cabin filter and have the same high quality and odor-free filtered air in your Tesla. Useful in Covid-19 times but also if you have allergies, for example.

From issue #110

How much does towing affect range?

From the article, thank you u/supomgloljk for sharing!

  • Model X 75
  • Towing a 2,700 lbs trailer, about 5,000 lbs when loaded
  • At 65mph, gets on average a 5 to 1 ratio (e.g. in a 200 mi trip can’t go further than about 40 mi without charging
From issue #132

How to automate your Tesla

TeslaRaj did a really good job explaining how to use NFC tags with iPhone to automate some aspects of his Tesla in the morning. Raj was kind enough to feature us at the beginning of the video, thank you Raj!

From issue #82

Install a hitch for your Tesla Model 3

Trevor from Tesla Owners Online shows how to install the installation of Torklift Central EcoHitch in his Model 3. As Trevor said, the car was designed to have a hitch. I just want to add that you should inform yourself before deciding to install a tow hitch since Tesla says in the manual to not do it. Good job Trevor!

From issue #82

Is the Performance Spoiler functional?

Sunil from Tesla Unplugged asked Tesla if the Performance spoiler was also functional, and they didn’t really give him an answer. After 9 months of collecting data, he’s sharing the results in this video.

From issue #99

Jeda Wireless Pad

A couple of weeks ago we partnered with Jeda to give away a Jeda Wireless Pad and it turned out to be one of our more popular contests. Model 3 owners love this wireless charger, and if they do, it must be for a reason. Or for many reasons: easy to install, non slippery, great design and UX, and compatible with most mobile devices in the market.

Love it? Buy it now!


From issue #90

Magnetic USB-C adapters

Not sure why Apple ever stopped selling magnetic battery chargers, it’s a brilliant feature. Glad that someone thought about this and implemented the same principle in USB-C adapters that we can use. Here’s the one recommended in the Twitter thread initiated by @mcjamez, thanks for sharing!

From issue #121

Making our Tesla smarter with Echo Auto and Alexa

Vanessa decided to try out Amazon Echo Auto. Amazon Echo Auto is the incarnation of their smart assistant - Alexa - in your car. To demo it, she picked a few useful skills and designed a useful routine as well. Watch the video and subscribe to our channel if you haven’t done it yet.

From issue #83

MicroHUD showing battery power and motor torque 📹

TechTesla shares their microHUD showing battery power and motor torque directly from the bus. This HUD is wireless and it can be programmed to show other signals too. Pretty cool!

From issue #105

Model 3 Track Package and Track Mode V2

New Performance package for the Model 3. It includes track-focused brake fluid, high-performance brake pads and 20» Zero-G Performance Wheels (which may affect range). Costs $5,500.

On top of that Tesla is releasing the Track Mode V2. In this version, they’re giving the driver a lot of freedom to tweak how the car responds and other interesting features like recoding video, built-in-lap timer, and more.

What do you think? I personally think that those rims look 🔥🔥🔥 See it in action on a track.

From issue #101

Model 3 cabin filter air quality test and alternatives

This Model 3 owner fixed the smell coming out of his Model 3 air filters but unfortunately, the smell is back. In this video, he shares his perspective on why he thinks this is going to be an annual maintenance item to add to your list. He also shares the results of an air quality test with the OEM filters and compares it with some aftermarket ones. If you’re in the market for new filters, I recommend these HEPA cabin filters with activated charcoal to combat bad odors.

From issue #125

Model 3 light wiring guide and review

I love seeing these DIY posts, the result is nice with the exception of some wires sticking out of the center console:

Read more: Reddit

From issue #93

Model S Roof Rack - Glass Roof

The Roof Rack accessory used to only be available for the pano roof. But since Tesla discontinued the pano roof, they are now releasing a roof rack compatible with the all glass roof.

See more: Tesla Shop

From issue #48

Model S custom bed

No, this isn’t the type of bed for kids with the shape of a Model S, although that would be amazing! This guy built a custom bed for the back of his Model S.

From issue #84

Model Y $1000 tow package vs $300 aftermarket hitch 📹

Is the factory tow package worth the extra $700? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. Our friends at LivingTesla do a great job of explaining it all in this video.

If you decide to go with the aftermarket tow hitch for your Model Y, here’s the one we recommend.

From issue #118

New Chrome delete kit for the Model S and the Model X

Teslabros has just launched two new chrome delete kits for… wait for it… the Model S and the Model X! We’re so happy about it that we haven’t been able to decide which color we want just yet.

They are well known for their vinyl products. Apart from their popular Model 3 Chrome delete kit, they have lots of other cool wraps for the dashboard, the console, the door sills, the steering wheel, you name it!

Get 25% off with the code ‘WrapUp’ at checkout.

I want this!

From issue #97

New Jeda Wireless Pad V3 (Model 3/Y)

In case you missed this or you’re new to Tesla, a few weeks ago Jeda launched a new version of their wireless pad, both for the Model 3 and the Model Y. There are cheaper wireless pads for your Tesla in the market, but there aren’t better ones. The new capabilities of the V3 include:

  • Increased charing area
  • Fastest charging speeds
  • Three way charging (1 horizontal and 2 portrait positions)
  • Wired charging option
From issue #119

New Model 3 come with a wireless phone charging pad and USB C ports

By now, everyone who’s been following the Model Y deliveries knows that Model Ys come with a wireless charging pad. What I did not know is that new Model 3s being delivered right now also include the wireless charging pad as well as USB-C ports. I read about it on a Facebook Group the other day and was gladly surprised to see how fast changes in the newer models make it to the existing ones.

From issue #116

New TESBROS Shop on Amazon, get 50% off any Chrome Delete Kit to celebrate!

TeslaBros is rebranding to TESBROS and opening an Amazon Store. To celebrate the launch, they are offering their Chrome Delete Kits at an awesome price:

  • Model 3 Chrome Delete Kit: $139.95
  • Model S/X Chrome Delete Kit: $149.95 (US only)

We recently installed the Chrome Delete kit in our Model S- we’ll be publishing an article soon- and couldn’t be happier about it, it looks amazing! I’m not going to lie, it takes patience. But once you get the hang of it, smoothing the vinyl almost becomes therapeutic.

Get your Chrome Delete Kit: Model 3 | Model S | Model X


From issue #101

New Tesla wall connector

A new Tesla wall connector is on the Tesla Shop, it not only has a longer cord but it comes with Wi-Fi connection:

«Monitor your charge with the Tesla app and receive notifications when complete. Wi-Fi connectivity enables over-the-air firmware updates and remote service if necessary.»

Read more: Tesla Shop

From issue #94

New owner? Check out this PDF and a list of must-have accessories we've put together

We recently updated our PDF for new Tesla owners which comes in very handy when you first get your hands on the steering wheel and realize you’re still driving a car, but a very different one from what you’re used to. The PDF also contains some good tips that even experienced Tesla owners may not know about. Finally, check out our must-have recommended accessories for new owners (links by model can be found at the very end of the PDF). A quick few ideas here:

From issue #132

Orbital Kickstarter: Efficient 18 Wheel Covers for Tesla Model 3

I don’t own a Model 3 but if you do and, like me, don’t love the look of the Aero Wheel Covers, check out this new Kickstarter project called Orbital.

I find it very smart and honesty, these wheel covers look amazing. Early bird deals are expiring soon, so hurry up!

Read more: Kickstarter

From issue #100

Quick bandit for Model 3/Y & HEPA filter bundle

«Quick Bandit» is a Tesla front license plate bracket that can be installed and removed in seconds. It’s been very successful with the Model 3 and now it’s also available for the Model Y. Made in California by @tonytesla4life, a member of the Tesla community who we’ve had the pleasure of meeting IRL and we love working with. If you happen to be in the market for a front license plate bracket and also need to change your cabin air filters (or are going to have to do it soon), get the bundle and save $20. (Or you can also get the HEPA cabin air filters separately and watch @Seasonedtech replace them in under 4 minutes!).

From issue #129

Rear lighted applique installed today: makes my Model 3 unique

The famous artsci is back, this time lighting up the back of his Model 3 as he previously did with his Model S. You can find the WIP here.

From issue #48

Screen Protector by Abstract Ocean

If, like us, you’re in the market for a new screen protector, check Abstract Ocean’s. They are made of tempered glass, have six layers of protection, and are available for all models (yay!). Their matte version looks perfect to minimize glare and hide fingerprints.


From issue #86

Signature Black Wall Connectors start being delivered in Europe

SwissFamilyTesla got his referral award Signature Black Wall Connector a few weeks ago. He got confirmation from Tesla that it is the first one delivered in Switzerland.

See more

From issue #26

Small lock hole on 'circuit electrique' plugs

Nice idea to avoid strangers to unplug cars from L2 chargers. I just wish it would be less complicated (you need to have a lock with you) and not that easy to mess with the charger (lock it when not in use, lock it when plugged in someone else’s car, etc.).

Read more: Facebook

From issue #87

Spectra Photosync window film

Learn more about Spectra Photosync window film which is capable of rejecting most of the IR, not just the basic 800-1000nm of the spectrum that most window «tints» on the market cover.

Read more: TMC Forums

From issue #6

Tesla Arcade wireless controller

These two work great for the games and you don’t have to have wires all over:

From issue #82

Tesla Model 3 all-weather floor liners

Tesla has released their all-weather floor liners manufactured by Weathertech. It is interesting that these mats are 100% recyclable and free of cadmium, lead, latex, and PVC. If you don’t have all-weather floor mats for your Model 3 yet, these are probably a good option.

Shop at Tesla

From issue #72

Tesla Parts Catalog now open to the public

Tesla has opened their parts catalog which puts them at the same level than other major vehicle manufacturers. OP allhands says «I do wish they provided pricing outright and made ordering easier on the Tesla site. Other car manufacturers have made online ordering really easy in their parts catalogs.» But still, this is a big step for a better customer experience. Way to go Tesla!

Read more: Reddit

From issue #31

Tesla accessories deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019

We’ve partnered with a few brands and are bringing you exclusive Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts for Tesletter subscribers when purchasing all sorts of different accessories for your Tesla. If you’re looking for any specific item, now it’s the time and I’m sure you’ll find a good deal in here.

14 brands to choose the best of the best accesories from. Gear up!

See all deals: Tesletter

From issue #87

Tesla all-weather mats for Model S at half the price

We recently bought these set of mats for the trunk and we’re so happy with the purchase. They seem to come directly from Weathertech (the company that manufactures them for Tesla) and they cost only $135 (they cost $200 if you buy them on the Tesla website). As you can see they look legit and they fit perfectly. If you are in the market for some all-weather mats now that winter is coming, these are great ones.

From issue #28

Tesla opens an Amazon store

Tesla launched an Amazon store to sell their merchandise which means we can now get our Tesla merchandise at Amazon Prime speed (2 days baby!). If you are feeling generous and want to send us a black mug we won’t say no :P

See Tesla Store on Amazon

From issue #45

Tesla update lets you lock Sentry Mode/TeslaCam storage in glovebox

Tesla recently introduced ‘Glovebox PIN’ to secure access to it with a 4-digit pin. As part of the Model 3 2021 refresh, Tesla is also planning on updating the interior of the car to get a USB port on the top left corner of the glovebox. Together, these changes will allow owners to securely lock their Sentry Mode/TeslaCam storage device in the glovebox. Very cool!

For current Model 3 and Model Y owners, you still have the option to get the Jeda USB hub, which enables you to hide the storage device in a hub that seems part of the car and also gives you extra USB ports.

From issue #133

TeslaBros released new products

If you have a Model 3 you probably have heard about TeslaBros - if you haven’t, don’t worry, that’s why Tesletter exists 😉. Well, this week they just released their new doorhandle and door sill wrap. We follow TeslaBros on Twitter and can tell you that they have been working on their wrap for the door handle for weeks! These guys are really OCD and they haven’t stopped until they got what - at least looks like - the perfect wrap for the Model 3 handles.

We’ve contacted TeslaBros and got a discount coupon for our subscribers, enjoy!

  • Coupon: TesletterHandlesIt
  • Discount: 20% discount in the door handle and the door sill wraps
  • Valid until: May 28th.

Note: Tesletter is making no money whatsoever from this product.

See more: Handle wrap and Sill wrap

From issue #60

TeslaRaj pours 5 galons of water in his trunk

Even if you aren’t looking for new mats, don’t miss out on watching how TeslaRaj pours five galons of water in his trunk 🤣 These mats by Teslamian are designed by Vincent and seem like a good option if you are in the market for all-weather floor mats.

Thanks Raj for rocking our My Car Updates t-shirt.

From issue #78

Teslarati’s ‘Safe Jack’ for Model 3, S, X

Not carrying a spare tire is not a reason not to own a car jack, they’re great for tire rotations and winter wheel swaps, but also for DIY red brake caliper painting, cleaning the wheel wells, and even swapping suspension components (Model 3 especially - lowering springs, coil-overs).

Teslarati is bringing you an exclusive Racing Red Edition of the popular 3-TON jack stand used by Tesla owners worldwide. A Tesla-specific jack pad is included with each stand. Fits Tesla’s official lifting point for Model S, Model 3, and Model X.

Yes, you heard right, Teslarati has its own online shop and it’s great, check it out!

Read more: Teslarati Shop


From issue #88

Tesmanian all-weather floor mats and interior liners (10% off)

Winter is here and with winter rain and snow, protect your Model 3 with these great all-wether floor mats. Tesmanian’s all-weather mats are custom-designed for Tesla Model 3, made of premium materials, and very, very resistant. If you have doubts and still haven’t seen TeslaRaj’s video pouring 5 gallons of water in his trunk, check it out.

To top it off, you can get 10% off with the code TESLETTER at checkout.


From issue #92

The Tesla Model 3's Aero Wheel Covers improve efficiency way more than we expected

We shared a test by Bjørn a few months ago in which he showed similar results to this new test by ‘Car and Driver’.

Read more: Car and Drive

From issue #91

Ultra-bright LED lights for the Model 3/Y (Sponsor)

These Ultra-bright LED lights are one of the most popular accessories for any Tesla Model. We got the ones for the trunk of our Model S and they are super easy to install. Teslarati is bringing you a full DIY kit for the  Model 3 and the Model Y which includes puddle lights, lights for the driver and passenger footwell, and glove box lights. A perfect DIY project for the weekend!

If you would like to sponsor Tesletter, please reach out!

From issue #107

Ultra-premium carbon fiber aero package for the Model 3

We’re proud to be highlighting Teslarati’s ultra-premium Carbon Fiber aero package for the Tesla Model 3 that’s been a big hit among Tesla Corsa racers and the general Model 3 owners community.

Track-proven (winners circle at both Tesla Corsa and Laguna Seca REFUEL), this gorgeous looking Model 3 front spoiler and accompanying rear spoiler is 100% handmade in California, looks as great as it performs, and certainly aimed at owners that won’t settle for anything less than the best for their Model 3.

For a limited time only, get 10% OFF using the coupon code ‘Tesletter’.

See more: Teslarati’s Shop (get 10% off any product)


From issue #98

Wall Connector with 14-50 Plug back in stock

Tesla listed it a few months ago and then took it down. Now it’s back but with the following note «Limited inventory available. Once current stock is sold, this product will no longer be available.»

From issue #76

Want a free pair of Ultra-Bright LED Puddle Lights?

Participate in our June contest! You only need to be a subscriber and RT this tweet. Last month we gave away one of our amazing t-shirts, congratulations @BillKohl4. This month we’ve partnered with Abstract Ocean and you can win an amazing pair of puddle lights. Good luck!

From issue #64

What are your favorite accessories?

Video of a Model 3 on Autopilot- according to the driver- avoiding a pickup truck. You can see the almost incident from two different angles. That was close!

From issue #125

You can order the Model 3 front trunk grocery clips from Tesla

The 2020 Model 3s no longer have the grocery clips in the frunk, which were there for holding grocery and takeout bags. If your car came without the clips, you can order them from the Tesla store for $1.10 each.

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From issue #97

[Video] Arduino controlled side glow fibers

Check out the process of installing 40 individually controlled LEDs on to side glow fiber optics of a (Purple) Model 3. Incredible work by Nate Mccomb 👏 Thanks for sharing!

From issue #110