The Tesla community is a mix of Tesla owners and fans from all around the world. In our experience, it is a caring and friendly community and we love being part of it. In this page, we highlight Tesla community members and share community driven events and initiatives that catch our attention as well as some in which we participated ourselves.

If you'd like to get more involved in the Tesla community, a good way of getting started is joining your local Tesla Owners Club.

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Behind the scenes: Jeda

April 3, 2020

We asked 100 Tesla owners some questions including what was their favorite aftermarket accessory, and the most popular accessories mentioned were Jeda’s Wireless Charging Pad and Hub. It can't be a coincidence! Learn more about Jeda and their creative product thinking strategies.

Behind the scenes: TesBros

March 24, 2020

Ji and JP are the ‘bros’ who started TesBros together back in January of 2019. How do they come up with new product ideas? How does their normal product development cycle looks like? And most importantly, why TesBros?

What are the best places to read about Tesla online

November 14, 2019

When I got my Model S, I had no idea where to go to read about Tesla’s updates or about all the things Tesla I still didn’t know I didn’t know. If you’re like me and don't have enough with Tesla's blog, keep reading. I’m sharing with you my top 5 places where to read about Tesla online.

Earth Day EV Ride & Drive in Palo Alto

April 15, 2019

Last Saturday our family spent a really nice morning attending the Earth Day EV Ride & Drive in Palo Alto. I heard about it through the Tesla Owners Silicon Valley group and decided to volunteer some of my time to share with people the wonders of having an electric vehicle.

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Past Tesletter articles

2020 Chasing Sunsets Calendar

Megan - we featured a few of her pictures a few issues ago - is releasing a stunning Tesla Model 3 calendar on Kickstarter. If you like Teslas in pretty pictures this one is probably for you!

Read more: Kickstarter

From issue #81

97 year old in a Tesla

Not new, but I recently ran into this video because the person on the video (the grandfather of the author) passed away a few weeks ago (he was 100 years old!).

From issue #59

[Video] Model Y - Tesla's Ventilator

Tesla Engineering has published an update on the Tesla ventilator to help hospitals taking care of patients with COVID-19. Amazing to see the Model 3 center display touchscreen, infotainment computer, and vehicle controllers, powering a ventilator. By utilizing car parts Tesla is aiming to not take away from medical supplies. Way to go, Tesla!

From issue #106

CANserver Development

Madmolecule from Tesla Owners online was able to, by tapping into the CAN Bus of their Model 3, display some information in the small screens that he fitted in the vent opening. Really impressive stuff!

From issue #149

Celebrating Tesletter's issue #100

Woohoo! We made it to Tesletter’s issue #100 🎉 It seems like it was yesterday, but it’s been almost two years! It’s been a great journey and one thing that is clear to us is that Tesla not only makes incredible cars but also has the power of bringing together amazing human beings which, together, form a terrific community. The Tesla community is huge and we’re humbled to be part of it 🙏

To celebrate our issue #100, we wanted to pay a little tribute to the community by featuring some stories of its members. Zoom in for a closer look at it ;-)

Read more: Tesletter

From issue #100

Check out this Tarantino-inspired 'Death Proof' Tesla Model 3

Lots of Tesla owners try to make their vehicle unique, Jaimee Newberry has customized her Model 3 to resemble the iconic car from Death Proof.

BTW, if you have a creative child you probably want to check out Jaimme’s project

Read more: Evannex

From issue #73

Correcting the Internet

Four hour charging times, ‘special’ doors that won’t open in tight spaces, and other myths about Tesla cars… explained by Tesla owners. 😎 🤓

From issue #123

Elon Musk: A Kid's Book About Inventions

This is what happens when a children’s book author gets a Tesla, you end up with a children’s book about Elon. The illustrations are too cute, we are definitely getting this for our daughters! 💕

From issue #141

Find Tesla inventory cars

Lasse Edvardsen shared with us the site that he created about a year ago that make easier finding Tesla Inventory cars. In his own words “I have a lot of inventory that other inventory sites don’t have. This is especially true for the UK, USA, and Norway.”. Good job Lasse!

See list

From issue #19

Giveaway Alert: Win a 'DeskWedge'

For those of you with the ability to work remotely- and t’s a lot of us right now- can you imagine working from anywhere your Tesla can drive you? This week we’re partnering with ‘ScentWedge’ to present you their latest creation: ‘DeskWedge’, a wooden work surface that is designed for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y and fits perfectly in the center console. Get inspired by watching this video.

Want to win a ‘DeskWedge’? Head to Twitter, RT, and follow to participate! Winners will be announced next Wednesday.

From issue #125

Giveaway Alert: Win a 'Tesla Parking Only' wooden sign

RT and follow @tesletter on Twitter for a chance to win a ‘Tesla Parking Only’ wooden sign to decorate your garage. A fun car deserves fun accessories. We’re giving away 2 signs to 2 lucky WINNERS. Good luck!

From issue #128

Giveaway Alert: Win a copy of 'Elon Musk: A Kid's Book About Inventions'

We’re giving away 3 copies of ‘Elon Musk: A Kid’s Book About Inventions’ a very nice children’s book created by a fellow Tesla owner. Head to Twitter and check out the pinned tweet to learn more about how to participate. We’ll be announcing the winners on Wednesday, Dec. 23rd. Good luck!

From issue #142

Giveaway Alert: Win a lighted T for your Tesla

This week we’re partnering with Evannex to give away a lighted T for your Tesla (you choose the model). Check out pinned tweet to participate. Good luck!

From issue #150

Giveaway Alert: Win a set of mud flaps (2 winners)

Like to drive your Tesla in the snow or in the mud? Or just to protect your baby from road debris? Participate in this week’s giveaway to win a set of mud flaps by Evannex. Check out pinned tweet to enter.

From issue #164

Giveaway Alert: Win a Tesla Community Mosaic Puzzle 🧩

The prize of this giveaway is something that quite a few of you have asked for: a puzzle of the Tesla Community Mosaic Poster. Specifically, a 1014 piece puzzle 😱 Check out pinned tweet to participate!

P.S. You can purchase the poster here (we’ll be donating the profits to theTesla Owners of Silicon Valley and Tesla Owners East Bay Clubs). The puzzle is not available to purchase (yet), stay tuned!

From issue #107

Giveaway Alert: Win the original Tesla community poster 📷

This week we’re giving away a print of the original Tesla community poster that we put together to celebrate Tesletter’s issue #100. This has never been available and we only have two copies of it!

Check out pinned tweet to participate!

From issue #115

Grammy award-winning producer Diplo makes beats in his Tesla

The artist Diplo recently shared on Twitter he makes music with TRAX in his Tesla and claimed “you don’t need an expensive studio to make great music… just an expensive car”. True! And Tesla is not just any expensive car, it’s designed for it to offer the most fun that you can have in a car 😎

From issue #149

Great job fellow Tesla owners👏👏👏

As part of what is now a tradition, a lot of fellow owners used their free time to go to a Tesla delivery center and talk to folks waiting to pick up their Teslas on the last day of the year. As an example of these owners’ dedication, TeslaRaj spent six hours on New Year’s Eve giving orientations to new owners until he lost his voice and had to go home. Good job folks ❤️

P.S. Thank you to all who shared the ‘New owner orientation guide PDF’ we put together.

From issue #92

Help us with some 💚 messages?

It’s the end of the quarter, and @tesla service centers are crazy busy. This Saturday we’ll be delivering donuts in San Jose as part of @teslaownersSV. We want to collect positive thoughts from the community, print them, and deliver altogether. We’re sure the Tesla employees will really appreciate this! Help us with some 💚 messages? Shoot us an email!

From issue #65

Holiday gift ideas for Tesla owners

One more year, we’ve gone through our favorite list of gadgets, apparel items, and all sorts of fun items, and have put together this holiday gift guide for Tesla owners and enthusiasts. Some of the brands that we love are also offering discounts during the holidays, check them below. I hope you like our ideas for the Tesla lover in your life!

From issue #142

How much could you make by hosting your car on Turo?

Our friends from The Kilowatts have put together a deep dive with the most common questions as well as some of their revenue numbers after renting their cars for 350 trips on Turo. This is a must-watch if you are considering renting on Turo or wondering how it works.

From issue #174

Human side of Tesla Autopilot

Professor Lex Fridman -we published one of his surveys a while ago- just released his paper on driver functional vigilance during Tesla Autopilot.

Read paper

From issue #54

Join hundreds of EV enthusiast in EVs and Tea in Miami

Next February 8th, Evannex, MyEV, and InsideEVs are organizing what is going to be the biggest EV event on the East Coast. Some of the guests include Trevor Page from Tesla Owners Online, Rafael Santoni (aka Teslatino), and Michael Bodner (aka Teslatunity). You can’t miss it!

Read more: EVs & Tea event page

From issue #95

Join your local Tesla Owner club

Local Tesla Owner Clubs are great resources for folks as well as for helping Tesla- at least in some locations- with deliveries. Local clubs usually do meetups, help with events like Earth Day, and in general help accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy. I personally know the folks who run three of the clubs in my area (Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and East Bay) and the one in South Florida, and I can say they are all amazing human beings who use their personal time (and money) to help other Tesla owners. If you don’t know about your local Tesla Owner Club yet, I recommend a search here. And if there isn’t one in your area, maybe you can be the one starting it!

Read more: Tesla

From issue #95

Life with Model 3

Tesla has created this page as a way of showing future owners how much fun current owners have with their cars. Here’s a couple of cool videos:

From issue #82

Like Tesletter? Support our newsletter 🙏

We recently celebrated Tesletter’s 3 year anniversary and it seems as it was only yesterday when we decided to start with it! It’s been a great ride and we couldn’t be happier to be part of the Tesla community and contributing with our selection of curated content every week. If you like what we do and would like to support our project, go check out our Patreon page. Thank you for reading every week <3

From issue #159

Look at this beauty!

People take amazing pictures of their cars but Megan Gale’s are next level, look at her amazing pics!

From issue #65

Model 3 Owners Club is organizing test drives for potential new buyers

The Model 3 Owners Club is facilitating test drives/rides for potential new buyers with existing owners on their forum. When the referral program went away a few weeks ago a lot of people thought that it was the end of Tesla owners helping each other, they couldn’t have been more wrong! If you are a Model 3 Owner and want to help, add yourself to the map in the link below.

Thank you Model 3 Owners community and thanks Trev!

See more: Model 3 Owners Club Forum

From issue #49

MoreTesla, tracking feature requests for Tesla

Fred, a fellow member of the Tesla Silicon Valley group, has created this fantastic site to keep track of the feature requests for Tesla. Putting it up on his words “There are of course already several Tesla forums out there, but none seem to be able to keep folks on track. When the occasional feature request thread is started, 3-4 messages in the thread has usually derailed. So I set out explicitly to not create yet another forum. By limiting comments to one pretty issue and tearing them as optional explanations or clarifications, I’ve had good success keeping folks on message, i.e. kind of the opposite of YouTube comments :)”

Good job Fred!

Read more: MoreTesla

From issue #51

My Tesla Garage

Some folks have really dope garages, after posting a nice picture on Reddit, I got this video from TeslaQuadCities:

From issue #93

Redesigned instrument panel UI

Reddit user u/jentheunicorns proposed a nice looking redesign for the instrument panel that includes flexible viewing modes. Personally, I think it looks much more consistent and I love the idea of the different sizes.

From issue #145

Ride The Lightning episode #200

Ryan McCaffrey has been recording his podcast (Ride The Lightning) for about 4 years. For his episode #200 he was able to pull an interview with Elon Musk himself. I highly recommend you to listen to the podcast, Ryan does a fantastic job at moving the interview along while letting Elon have thoughful answers. You can tell by the interview that Ryan’s full time job includes interviewing people and he is really good at it.

Listen to the podcast: Ride The Lightning

From issue #62

Slack community for Tesla Owners

Check it out to chat with other tesla owners and don’t forget to join your your city’s channel

Slack channel

From issue #26

Some feature requests to improve winter ownership

Here is a cool list of improvements for Teslas in cold weather, would you like to see other stuff in there?

From issue #154

Starman Docking with the International Space Station 📹

We really enjoyed this short video and want more (Eli gives us more!). Luckily for us (and for you after you watch the video), this is the Episode 2 of The Adventures of Starman: Big Oil Strikes Back! and the comic is available here.

Watch video: YouTube

From issue #115

Step by Step Guide on How to Fix Minor Scratches on your Tesla for under $20

Our friend Ji, from Tesbros, just released a great guide on how to fix minor scratches in your Tesla (or any other vehicle) for as low as $20. Thanks for the tips, Ji!

From issue #152

Submit your pictures for our community mosaic poster by March 31st

Thank you to everyone who is sharing pics of their cars with us for the community mosaic poster. Quick update on that:

  • We’re going to be collecting images to be included in the mosaic until 3/31
  • The poster should be available to purchase online on 4/2

If you already submitted a picture or were in the first mosaic, no need to resend :)

Submit your pictures

From issue #103

Support Tesletter on Patreon

As you may or may not know, Tesletter is a small family business run by Ignacio (@plunchete) and Vanessa (@deepbane). We love putting together this letter every week and if you like it too and feel like supporting us, you can do that through our Patreon page. We’re beyond grateful for our subscribers and we are humbled that people read this newsletter, just thank you! 🙏

From issue #141

Support Tesletter, become our Patron

Tesletter is free but if you like what we do, please consider supporting our efforts becoming our Patron. There is a lot of effort that goes into creating Tesletter, becoming one of Tesletter’s Patrons is a small gesture that certainly helps us. As a plus, you’ll also get access to our mobile app.

From issue #108

Taking care of our Superchargers - Way to go TOSJV!

From the San Joaquin Valley club leadership: “Members of the area have agreed to donate their time to the disposal. Going forward all cans will have the club website QR code. That can be used to join our club or email us if a can is full.” Please support your local Tesla Owner Clubs 🙏 You can find a list of clubs (and contact information) here.

From issue #128

Tesla Autonomy Day

Tesla spent almost four hours on Monday presenting to investors the current state of FSD. Luckily for the rest of us, the event was livestreamed.

Tesla covered their hardware, the famous HW3 designed in-house; their software, including an intro to NNs by Andreij Karpathy; and their future plans for a robo-taxi fleet. Honestly, the presentation was deeply technical and it didn’t seemed addressed to investors that much. If you are the type of person who likes learning about the nerdy details I encourage you to watch the entire presentation, it’s really worthy.

From issue #56

Tesla community members helping with the fight against COVID-19

There are people everywhere trying to do everything they can to fight Covid-19 and the Tesla community is no exception. We wanted to highlight a few Tesla community members (who we happen to know personally or well) who are making exceptional contributions to help support Covid-19 patients and hospitals taking care of them 👏

From issue #106

Tesla LEGO Cybertruck

Trevor, from Tesla Owners Online, updated his designed of the Tesla LEGO Cybertruck to be a bit longer. Read the post for a Bricklink Want List that you can use to get all the parts you need as well as some cool pictures, and a PDF with the instructions. Thank you Trevor!

From issue #147

Tesla Parade Guinness World Record Attempt

Calling all Tesla owners in the Southeast of the US: Participate in the longest Tesla parade, be part of a new Guinness World record, and help raise awareness to fight human trafficking. Save the date: December 12, 2020.

From issue #130

Tesla Shareholders Meeting 2019

As you know, we don’t write about Tesla stock but this week we attended the Shareholders Meeting and wrote about it since they shared a bunch of information about Tesla’s current plans and future roadmap. Also, we were able to see the Model Y, the new Roadster, the Semi, and the first production Model S in person and OMG they are 🔥🔥🔥 We took a few pictures too!

Read our write up and see more pics!

From issue #63

Tesla to host Autonomy Investor Day

“Tesla will host investors on the morning of April 19th at our headquarters in Palo Alto to provide a deep dive into our self-driving technology and road map.” Tesla, if you are listening, we are investors and would love to attend! You can send us our invite to [email protected]

Read more: Tesla

From issue #53

Tesla voice commands list updated

It had been a while since this app had been updated. We get it, life happens! But it’s updated now and it’s got to 170 voice commands, wow!

From issue #135 is looking for volunteer Tesla owners is a brand-new, enthusiast supported website designed to allow anyone interested in a Tesla to arrange a test ride from a nearby volunteer owner. There is no charge to either owners or buyers to use this site.

As we all know, almost everyone who ever rides in a Tesla wants to own one for themselves. Tesla only has showrooms in about half of all US states and even in states which do have a showroom, large segments of the population live a considerable distance away from that showroom. tries to alleviate this problem by signing up volunteer owners who share the desire to convert the world to sustainable transportation and who would be willing to occasionally go for a test ride and spend a brief amount of time answering questions about Teslas and electric vehicles in general.

Of course, when the new Tesla buyer purchases a Tesla using your referral code, you earn 1,000 free Supercharger miles under the Tesla referral program currently in effect.

For a limited time, Tesla Ride Finder is also offering a $50 bonus to all volunteer owners whose test rides result in the purchase of new Teslas.

Read more: TeslaRideFinder

From issue #94

Tesletter's issue #100 mosaic poster is happening. Submit your pictures!

After a few of you gave us the idea on Twitter, we’ve decided to make it happen. We’re going to extend the mosaic with more pictures (submit yours here!) and make the poster available for purchasing online soon.

This poster represents the Tesla community, that is why we’re planning on donating the profits to our local Tesla Owners clubs @teslaownersSV and @TeslaOwnersEBay.

More on where to purchase the poster soon!

Submit your pictures here

From issue #101

The Adventures of Starman: Inspiring children and adults to dream about a better future (Sponsor)

If you’re a fan of SpaceX and Tesla and you don’t know The Adventures of Starman, what are you waiting for? Created by Eli Burton, his illustrations and pictures are out of this world- like, really! You can follow Starman’s travels and causes on Twitter and Instagram @reallifestarman. If you’re lucky enough, you may even be able to meet him in real life!

By purchasing these comics you will be supporting a small business that it’s all about inspiring children and adults to dream about a better future. Check out their online store with comics, t-shirts, posters, and more!

If you would like to sponsor Tesletter, please let me know!

From issue #109

The Tesla community mosaic poster is here

5 issues and 400 pictures later, our Tesla community mosaic poster is here. The poster is available to purchase online starting today. Profits will be donated to @teslaownersSV and @TeslaOwnersEBay.

Thank you to everyone who has participated submitting their pictures (I hope we haven’t missed anyone in the credits list, but if we have, please let us know!).

If you would like to sponsor Tesletter, please letme know by replying to this email!

From issue #105

Their Tesla kept this family from freezing last night

A lot is said about EVs and catastrophes, in particular, uninformed people like to make fun of what would happen to an EV when the power goes out. Well, this family in Texas (infant included) was able to warm themselves up in their Tesla when their power- and main way of heating their home- went out for six hours. The temperature outside was in the single (Fahrenheit) digits 🥶

From issue #151

They won a Tesla Model Y through the referral program!

We’ve heard about a couple of winners of the Model Y via the referral program before, but this time our friend @Tesla_Raj has interviewed a couple who won and received a free Model Y, cool!

From issue #126

TOO Podcast Episode 105

Sandy Munro joins the folks from the Tesla Owners Online podcast for an episode. He talks about his background and Tesla.

From issue #172

TOSV founder talks about the latest FSD update

Our good friend John from Tesla Owners Silicon Valley was featured in an article talking about the club and the latest FSD Beta update. John has been one of the few people who have publicly been testing the FSD Beta and has put a bunch of videos out there to show the rest of us what the beta is capable of.

From issue #151

TWraps, DIY PPF wraps for your Tesla

Have I said before that I love how many entrepreneurs are there in the Tesla Community? Our really good friend, and also the first Tesla referral that we ever had, recently replaced his Model 3 P with a refreshed Model S Long Range. After not finding great options to protect his new car, he decided to start his own business selling DIY PPF and vinyl kits for the new Model S and is now extending the products to the rest of the cars. Take a look and support one of us!

Get 15% off TWraps with the code TESLETTER

From issue #184

Updating all cars at the same time

Anyone else is thinking of the movie I, Robot?

From issue #150

Video recap from the EVs and Tea event

If you weren’t able to make it to the EVs and Tea event last month- the largest EV event on the east coast- check out this recap and video published by Evannex. Lots of electric vehicles, lots of familiar faces, and lots of fun.

From issue #102

We attended the Earth Day EV Ride & Drive in Palo Alto

Last Saturday our family spent a really nice morning attending the Earth Day EV Ride & Drivin Palo Alto. I heard about it through the Tesla Owners Silicon Valley group and decided to volunteer some of my time to share with people the wonders of having an electric vehicle. Meanwhile, our girls had fun in the park, dancing, playing, and learning new things about how to better take care of our planet.

Read more: Tesletter

From issue #55

Whoever did this, thank you for being awesome

Nice gesture at a busy Supercharger. Thank you u/infinite-dark for sharing.

Read more: Reddit

From issue #100

You can get a piece of the famous Truckla and help #BlackLivesMatter 📷

Simone (@SimoneGiertz) is auctioning spare parts of her Truckla and will be donating all the proceeds to @Blklivesmatter and various bail funds. This community is awesome and this is just another proof of it 🖤

From issue #114

Your chance to help delivery happiness this Christmas (for SV Tesla Owners)

There is an opportunity to help out with Q4/year end delivery push at the SF Van Ness location. The Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley have been invited by Tesla to help. All you have to do is:

  1. Sign up to be a member at (you have to be in the club to volunteer)
  2. Grab a slot on this sign-up sheet once you’re signed up

If you are not in the Bay Area and want to help just contact your local Tesla store and see how you can help in the last big push of the year!

From issue #38