What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.44

What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.44

A new Tesla software update has just started rolling out: firmware version 2020.44. It contains quite a few new things regarding audio streaming available to all Tesla models, as well as an enhancement to voice commands and a Launch Mode improvement for Raven Model S and Model X.

Here are the release notes of a Tesla Model S (pre-Raven) in the United States:

What's new in the 2020.44 update

Tesla’s latest update 2020.44 introduces the following changes compared to the previous version 2020.40:

  • Autopilot Set Speed. Previously, you could set an “offset” speed limit which was a fixed amount (e.g. 5mi/h) over the speed limit for when Autopilot or Traffic Aware Cruise Control (TACC) was engaged. Now, it is possible to set it as a percentage, customizable up to 30% above the speed limit.
  • Spotify Improvements. Finally, podcasts in the Spotify app have arrived! As well as collaborative playlists and a new UI to make it easier to find and play content from your Spotify library.
  • Media Search Improvements. If you’re like me and normally use the search feature in your Tesla, you’d be happy to learn this update introduces search results re-arranged and displayed based on the media source you are currently listening to. Another small but very helpful change that just makes it easier for us to listen to music in our Teslas. Here’s a screenshot of the new search results shared by @teslascope on Twitter:
Tesla media search results
Image source: @teslascope on Twitter
  • Media Sources. Related to the previous one, media search results will exclude all hidden media sources. Go to the Audio Settings > Sources to hide the sources that you do not use. See image below:
  • Launch Mode Improvements. Refined motor controls to increase high-speed power, improving acceleration. For Raven Model S and Model X only. Let us know if you have a chance of testing this one!
  • Voice Command Language. It is now possible to set a voice command language different than the touchscreen language. Comes in handy for bilingual families like ours. Nice touch.

Who gets what

Feature Model Requirements
Autopilot Set Speed All models none
Spotify Improvements All models none
Media Search Improvements All models none
Media Sources All models none
Launch Mode Improvements Model S, Model X Raven
Voice Command Language All models none

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