Raven Model S and Model X were launched in April 2019. The Raven models introduce new electric batteries for the Model S and the Model X (like the Model 3 ones) that increase their Long Range versions up to 370 miles and 325 miles per charge respectively. It also introduces a full adaptive suspension which translates in very noticeable changes making the rides smoother. In February 2020, Tesla announced the range of their Long Range versions will go up with a new Long Range Plus version.

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What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.12.10

April 22, 2020

Tesla latest software update 2020.12.10 cojntains minor improvements and bug fixes only, It DOES NOT introduce the new Traffic light and stop sign detection yet (still for Early Access Program only).

What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.12.5

April 7, 2020

Tesla has started rolling out the latest software update, 2020.12.5, to owners outside the private Beta. As anticipated last week, the main new feature introduced in 2020.12.5 is the 'Dashcam Viewer' which allows to view Sentry Mode and Dashcam videos directly in your car's main screen.

All about the Model S and Model X Long Range Plus versions

March 6, 2020

The Tesla Model S and Model X Long Range Plus come with a range boost that gets them up to 390 miles and 351 miles on a single charge respectively.

What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.8.1

March 5, 2020

Tesla is rolling out update version 2020.8.1 with third-party charging stations in the in-car navigation system, track mode v2 for the Performance Model 2, regen braking for the newer Raven models, and more.

Tesla Raven Model S and Model X

October 22, 2019

What is Tesla Raven? In April 2019 Tesla introduced new versions of both Model S and Model X- codenamed as 'Raven'- which included a new adaptative suspension system and an overall increase in range. In February 2020, Tesla announced new EPA range estimates for the Raven Long Range Plus versions.

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2019 Tesla Model S LR review: Looks can be deceiving

Good summary about the new goodies in the new 2019 Tesla Model S (Raven). Even though I’d recommend you to skip to 1:30 and to ignore the comments about how outdated the interior looks, I still think it’s a good video about the new features added to the car.

From issue #66

Advanced air suspension settings and visualization

The latest software update, 2020.32.1, introduces some advanced configuration settings for air suspension to the Raven Model S and Model X. No more randomly saving settings by default and other enhancements. Check it out!

From issue #124

New Model X Long Range Plus

The new Model X Long Range Plus is here. Or at least this is the first one I’ve seen online. Thank you chadever for sharing! Check out the wireless charger and the battery charged up to 351 miles.

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From issue #101

New Raven suspension visualization

A couple of weeks ago, with the latest Software Update, Tesla introduced more details for the suspension system of Tesla Raven. Here is a visualization on the IC screen of it in action. Cool!

From issue #128

[Video] Cheetah Launch Mode Testing and Dashcam Viewer in action

DragTimes has tested the new Cheetah Launch Mode with a Raven Model S and shared their impressions in this video: «Easier to engage launch mode and stays on longer before disengaging (~10seconds vs ~5seconds previously); can do more 14 mile consecutive runs before it starts to have overheating issues». See it in action!

From issue #107