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Tesla Shareholders Meeting 2019

June 12, 2019

Last Tuesday I was able to attend the Tesla Shareholders Meeting for the first time. It was an incredible experience and I feel blessed I got to meet so many great folks in real life.

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A closer look at the Semi 750 kW charger

Excellent close-up images of the charging port and connector have been captured. The connector appears to be version v2, however, Tesla has already introduced a newer version. We can anticipate the rollout of version v3 in the future as these chargers continue to expand.

From issue #252

A tesla full of Teslas

Great photo of the entire Tesla lineup: a Semi hauling a Model S, a Model X, three Model 3s, a Model Y, and a Cybertruck.

From issue #283

A Tesla Semi drives into a Tesla Owners' meetup ... on accident!

This FritoLay semi-truck was stopping for lunch when it ran into a Tesla owners’ meetup, causing them go bananas. The driver wasn’t able to say much as they have contacts in place, but he did confirm that the semi-truck doesn’t have FSD (at least for now) and mentioned how great it is to be seated in the middle of the cabin.

From issue #256

First production Semis just spotted

Seems that Tesla built a factory for the Semis right next to Giga Nevada and in the photos, we can see what appears to be the first production Semis 😱

From issue #194

New information about the Semi

Tesla’s closed the reservations for the Semi but has updated the Semi’s website. Some new information includes that it can recover 70% of range in 30 minutes, using Tesla’s Semi Chargers.

From issue #230

New Tesla Semi Truck...'Sneak Peek'

Ryan from the Kilowatts ran into this truck in Sacramento just a few days ago and now a trucker run into it and filmed it, the commentary is interesting nonetheless

From issue #150

Pepsi shows off its 21 Tesla Semi

In a video published this week, a Pepsi Tesla truck driver mentioned that operating the vehicle is as simple as using a smartphone, feeling comfortable within 30 minutes, and even noting its superior turning radius. Pepsi runs their Tesla Semis for 12 hours daily, with some covering long haul routes of 250-450 miles, underscoring their high-range capability when fully loaded. The Semis can be charged efficiently, with a jump from 5-10% to 95% taking merely 20-30 minutes.

From issue #279

Pepsi Tesla Semi operation details

According to Pepsi, the Tesla Semi can travel up to 425 miles on a single charge while pulling a 45,000-pound trailer.

From issue #273

Pepsi-branded Tesla Semi spotted in the wild

A Pepsi-branded Tesla Semi was recently sighted on the road, and according to the driver, it was their first day driving it. The driver expressed their appreciation for how smoothly the Semi drove but complained about difficulties with using the app.

From issue #263

Quick recap video of the Tesla Semi Event

If you’ve ever seen Arash’s (aka Minimal Duck) pictures or videos, you know that he has great talent and creates beautiful content. Arash was lucky enough to get invited to the Semi event. He produced and uploaded a video of the event, so go watch it!

From issue #245

Semi 👀

Some new details about the Semi from Greentheonly:

  • The battery is rated at 1000 V.
  • The drive units are cooled with what Tesla calls “mega cooling” modules.
  • The axles are called Torque and Efficiency.

The tweets contain multiple images of the battery and other systems in the Semi.

From issue #248

Semi getting ready for 'volume production'

The last news we got about Tesla’s Semi is that it’s scheduled for launch in 2021. But we know little about when production is going to start or where. A few days ago, an internal email got leaked and Elon Musk said it’s about time to bring the Semi to ‘volume production’. It’s about time, so we hope to learn more about it soon!

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From issue #116

Semi on the road

The Semi that got painted at the Cyber Rodeo, was just spotted westbound 80 near Colfax, CA.

From issue #226

Semi testing in Fremont

Love the Semi, I can’t wait to see them on the road!

From issue #157

Silent Beast | Semi Stoplight Acceleration Sound

What is more beautiful than a really powerful vehicle accelerating really fast but completely silent? Well, at least I love it 🙂

From issue #279

Tesla App includes Semi Assets

The latest version of the Tesla app is getting ready for the first Semi deliveries, in December.

From issue #242

Tesla Semi and Megacharger

A close-up video of a Tesla Semi at a Megacharger has been captured. The Semi appears formidable, and I couldn’t help but notice that the cable of the Megacharger is quite thin, as was mentioned during the first deliveries of the Semi.

From issue #249

Tesla Semi at Silver Springs

It seems to be quickly accelerating from stopping at the roundabout. I can’t wait to see some of these on the road!

From issue #240

Tesla Semi charger spotted in Vegas

I have the feeling that we are going to see these more and more often now.

From issue #279

Tesla Semi drives 500 miles

Here is a sped-up version of the 500-mile drive of the Semi, fully loaded, on a single charge. According to the presentation, the Semi was capable of traveling 500 miles without stopping to charge while pulling 82,000 pounds. Impressive, right? And that’s not all - Tesla’s new Megacharger will be able to charge the Semi’s battery up to 80% in just 30 minutes, at a power level of 1 MW. Holy smokes!

From issue #245

Tesla Semi electric truck to have up to 621 miles of range

Elon Musk made new comments (here’s the interview in case you missed it last week) about Tesla’s upcoming electric semi truck, and said that the vehicle will eventually have up to 1,000 km (621 miles) of range. This new range is going to be achieved, thanks to Tesla’s new in-house battery cells and battery pack technology.

From issue #140

Tesla Semi in Phoenix

The Frito Lay Tesla Semi made an appearance at the Super Bowl Experience in downtown Phoenix over the past weekend, and a Redditor was able to snap a few pictures.

From issue #254

Tesla Semi is a beast

The first deliveries are happening today (Dec. 1st), and that is exciting! It is also exciting that they just completed a 500-mile drive with a Tesla Semi weighing in at 81,000 lbs.

From issue #244

Tesla Semi is operating at approximately 75,000 lbs and the truck is meeting or exceeding the range estimates

Honestly, I can’t wait for Tesla to release the Semi and start seeing it on the road.

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From issue #73

Tesla semi proves capability with over 1,000 miles driven in a day

The Tesla Semi, an electric freight truck, has demonstrated exceptional capability by traveling more than 1,000 miles in a single day. PepsiCo, operating about 21 Tesla Semis at its Sacramento center, confirmed this efficiency in real-world use and independent testing. Each Semi can cover 500 miles on a single charge, with drivers expressing greater satisfaction with the electric truck compared to their diesel counterparts. It’s great to see this performance, and I hope Tesla can produce more and that other companies adopt them as well.

From issue #302

Tesla semi this year, Cybertruck next

Finally, after almost 5 years, Elon said that Tesla will be delivering a 500-mile range Semi Truck this year, and Cybertruck next year. Some folks read this tweet as if the Cybertruck will also have a 500-mile range, what do you think?

From issue #229

Tesla Semi: New update on test program, improvements, and the timeline for electric truck

Some folks with Semi reservations got an update from Tesla on the Tesla Semi program. In their email Tesla wrote:

“Greetings again from the Tesla Truck Team! We recently wrapped up a great year, in which we achieved record production and deliveries, GAAP profitability, completed Gigafactory Shanghai ahead of schedule, launched new solar and energy products, and confirmed that we are on track to produce limited volumes of the Tesla Semi in the second half of 2020.”

This confirms that Tesla plans on starting the limited production of the Semi in the second half of the year. 🚚

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From issue #94

Tesla to start production of the Semi

Elon announced this on Twitter, they are starting production of the Tesla Semi Truck and will deliver the first ones to Pepsi on December 1st. This is great news on many fronts! The Tesla Semi seems like a great product that entering a big market that has no EV presence and also hints at Tesla being over the hump on their battery production, which was always a constraint for the project. Looking forward to seeing these on the road soon!

From issue #237

Three Tesla Semi pre-production spotted

I can’t wait to see these on the roads!

From issue #232

Twelve Tesla Semis

Twelve Tesla Semis at the Frito Lay Factory in Modesto.

From issue #252

UPS test drive of the Semi

A Tesla Semi is on your to visit potential customers and UPS is taking a look at the electric truck. They took a test drive and said it’s “one smooth ride”. UPS is one of Tesla Semi’ largest reservation holders with 125 electric trucks on order.

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From issue #23