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Tesla Service Centers are operated by Tesla and appointments can be scheduled through the Tesla Mobile App. However, Tesla claims that 80% of repairs can be done outside the Service Center, since they can run remote diagnostics, provide updates with fixes over-the-air, and also offer Mobile Service.

To find the closest Service Center to you, go to Tesla's Service Center website.

What happens if there are no Tesla Service Centers in your area? Check out the Tesla-approved external body shop network.

If you're looking for more information on how often should you get your Tesla serviced and related costs, check out our maintenance costs section.

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Tesla Service Center in Berkeley, CA
Tesla Service Center entrance in Berkeley, CA

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5 things to know before buying a Tesla

September 1, 2020

When I took delivery of my Model S the staff member who helped me said: Remember, a Tesla is still a car. Every time I talk to someone new to Tesla I use that piece of advice. This post is about things that are fundamentally different in a Tesla, about both the car and the experience of buying one.

How to schedule a service appointment with Tesla

August 21, 2020

The best way to schedule, cancel, or change a service appointment with Tesla, is using the Tesla Mobile app. The app will show all the service centers with appointment dates available around you, including mobile service options.

Tesla maintenance costs and service frequency

February 10, 2020

There isn’t a one-year or a two-year service as such, but Tesla recommends checking quite a few things at the two-year mark. Here’s a list, the cost, and how to schedule an appointment via Tesla's mobile app.

My first experience at a Tesla Service Center

October 16, 2019

Today I had my first experience at a Tesla Service Center (in Berkeley, CA) and I have to say that I am really impressed with Tesla’s customer service. Want to know why? Keep reading.

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Past Tesletter articles

Always here always with every Tesla owner - Tesla Service

China is well known for its many EV companies, and in there Tesla needs to step up its support game to compete with the rest. This video of Tesla China showcases how great their customer support it is in China, where customers can still call in to ask their questions. I kind of miss better customer support here in the States 😢

From issue #199

Another great experience at a Service Center

Great to see more and more cases of owners happy with their experience at a Service Center. Our experiences have always been pretty good, but we know the waiting times in some places are less than ideal so it’s good to see things are improving one service appointment at a time.

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From issue #104

Collision repair is now available at Tesla Service Centers

Great news! We got this notification in our inbox in the Tesla app. This should alleviate some of the small repairs that body shops take too long to repair, as well as to bring the price down. If you have any experience with the service center taking care of small collisions please share your experience with us!

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From issue #89

First Tesla owned collision repair center in Canada

This is great news for folks in the Ontario area. In my experience, Tesla’s collision center in San Jose, California, is cheaper than the 3rd party ones in the area.

From issue #219

Improvements coming for the Tesla Service in North America

Last Saturday, Elon seemed to be working on improving the service experience in North America. His goal is that 2/3s of the cars can get service the same day, no wait. As someone who has had to wait for weeks for service appointments (luckily nothing critical), this is great news!

From issue #219

Live chat with Tesla support

On Monday we woke up to our Tesla showing the infamous “12v battery needs service” message so I decided to call Tesla. I had some problems and after 20+ minutes waiting my call dropped (this happened 3 times). During the call the recording that said I could use the live chat on but I visited it a few times and I didn’t see it. Later in the day, I decided to give it another try and after clicking on one of the support articles… there it was, a live chat icon!

After a few seconds, Trevor was there to help me. I only had to provide my VIN number and he was able to pull some data from the car and answer all my questions. It’s pretty cool seeing Tesla improving some aspects of their customer service like this, specially now that due to high sales this is suffering a bit.

Note: The chat icon doesn’t seem to come up on mobile and I couldn’t see it again after 9pm.

Tesla support

From issue #35

Ride along with Tesla Mobile Service and fix some electric cars

Tesla Mobile Service is a great idea and in addition to being very convenient, it allows Tesla to scale their service without the need of real state. A couple of interesting points in the video:

  • Tesla is going to start using Model X for bigger jobs
  • 30% of airbag recalls are handled by Mobile Service

Enjoy the ride along and watch the video on Youtube

From issue #64

Safety measures currently being taken at Service Centers

Great to see that Tesla is taking safety measures and ensuring excellent communication with customers during these unprecedented times. Thank you Chad (@mortchad) for sharing!

From issue #106

Scheduling collision repair with Tesla Service

Tesla has officially announced that their service centers and their mobile service are now offering minor collision repairs. And you can do request it via the mobile app. This is really good news since it is one of the most common repairs. We actually recently had to replace our fender and bumper after hitting a pole getting out of a parking space, here you can read more about it.

From issue #66

Self-serve service appointments online

Tesla has opened up a new self-serve model for owners of its electric cars, giving them the ability to book service appointments online without needing to call or email the company.

Read more: Teslarati

From issue #24

Service Centers to specialize in certain Tesla Models to improve service experience

Tesla is starting to dedicate Service centers to certain models and has started implementing this strategy in Orange County. Honestly, I think it is a smart strategy to split these since the S and X don’t share many parts with the Model 3.

It’s great to see how Tesla keeps on testing out different strategies to improve the service experience.

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From issue #99

Service scheduling via mobile app now allows you to attach images per each category

The latest version of Tesla’s mobile app allows you to attach images per category when opening a ticket. Will video attachments be next?

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From issue #102

Should Tesla pay you if they reschedule your appointment last minute?

Last week we talked about Tesla starting to charge owners for rescheduling their appointment within 24 hours, and a lot of owners were furious about it because Tesla also cancels appointments within 24 hours. This week Elon admitted on Twitter that this should be reciprocal, and Tesla should credit owners $100 if Tesla cancels within 24 hours.

From issue #233

Tesla App now allows you to select your concern when requesting service

A new version of the app now shows options to add your concern when requesting a new service appointment. Hopefully, this would redirect the concern to the right people early on.

From issue #212

Tesla cars now pre-order faulty parts automatically

Now, if your Tesla detects a faulty system it will not only alert you but pre-order the parts and ship them to your closest service center 😱. Pretty amazing!

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From issue #58

Tesla charging $100 ‘Reschedule Fee’ for last minute service appointment changes

In this screenshot from @BLKMDL3, Tesla is saying that they are going to charge him $100 for rescheduling the service appointment within 24 hours of the appointment. In principle, I don’t think I disagree with the policy, but at the same time, sh*t happens, so maybe some system where you get charged if you reschedule more than X times would be better and punish those abusing the system.

From issue #232

Tesla collision certified shop: Part delays are getting a lot better

This is great news since it is a real concern for future and current owners and Tesla said this was a major focus for them in 2019. A Reddit user who happens to be part of a new Tesla collision certified shop, said the following:

“Now Tesla started a wholesale ordering system that gets us parts drop shipped at about the same speed as the German vehicles we traditionally repair. Part costs are also substantially less expensive for these vehicles versus their European rivals.”

And when he was asked about how hard or easy are Teslas to get repaired, he asnwered:

“Surprisingly, they are quite easy to work on compared to other aluminum high end cars. We also have an actual repair database for the vehicles now, which makes writing up the repair estimates as easy as any mass produced car.”

Honestly the thread is full of interesting comments posted by the original poster, I recommend you to read it.

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From issue #63

Tesla finds loophole around New Mexico’s ban on direct car sales

If you are a Tesla owner or a future owner in New Mexico, this is great news! Tesla partnered with a Native American tribe, Nambé Pueblo, and was able to build on their land – which is not subject to state law.

From issue #181

Tesla is bringing most collision repairs in-house

A couple of weeks ago we talked about an awesome body repair experience at Tesla Atlanta. According to Elon Musk’s tweet the motivation behind this decision is to improve customer satsfaction as third parties usually take weeks to months for repairs. Yay Tesla.

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From issue #26

Tesla is doing recall inspections while people supercharging

The Twitter user Dealer of Happiness ran into Tesla doing recall inspections at a Supercharger, the technician was able to take care of 3 Model 3s in 15 minutes. Great idea if you ask me!

From issue #200

Tesla is enhancing its mobile app by allowing owners to request service for top issues

Elon just announced on Twitter that Tesla is adding the capability of requesting top service issues via the mobile app. According to Elon, the goal is to allow Tesla Rangers to get to you quickly with a top-of-the-line service loaner. We’re not sure if this is going to happen or when but we surely are excited about it!

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From issue #34

Tesla is piloting Mobile Service online self-scheduling

We are big fans of the mobile service, we have used it once, and it was a terrific experience. Anything that includes extending it, we support it.

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From issue #51

Tesla is seriously working on service with auto issue detection, towing call/loaner, and stock parts

During the Q4 investors call Elon said that “service is his number one priority”.

“I want to note that one of our major priorities this quarter is improving service operations. Really, from my standpoint, when I think about what my priorities are this quarter, it’s improving service in North America.”

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From issue #46

Tesla owners can soon request service from their mobile app

Elon Musk said that Tesla owners would soon be able to request service through their smartphones. He also added that the use of the mobile-based service would require no paperwork on the part of the electric cars’ owners.

Learn more: Teslarati

From issue #9

Tesla service checklist

Curious too know what gets checked and how when your Tesla is serviced? Check out this cool video by James and Kate.

From issue #11

Tesla service manuals are now free

If you are one of those people who like tinkering with their Teslas, this is great news. Last week Tesla made their service manuals, body repair, and other service-related content free of charge. For reference, this kind of service usually costs over $3k a year and now you can do it yourself.

From issue #217

Tesla service website

Tesla has opened the service manuals to all states, sadly it is still a paid service, even if it is for personal use. Hopefully they drop them or even make it free for owners. Right now, the prices are:

  • 1 Hour - $31.88
  • 24 Hours - $106.25
  • One Month - $371.88
  • One Year - $3,187.50

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From issue #42

Tesla to provide more loaners in high dense areas

Elon Musk said on Twitter they’ll take action to try and get more loaners in high dense areas in response to a tweet from @teslaownersSV. Specifically, Palo Alto (California) has 15 loaners which aren’t enough for that service center’s demand. Uber credits are great, but repairs can take weeks in which case both Tesla owners and Tesla would definitely benefit from more loaners being available.

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From issue #99

Tesla working on same-hour service

Elon tweeted on Saturday that he was excited to be working on Tesla to offer same-hour service as often as possible. He even mentioned that Tesla will be applying Formula 1 pit crew techniques to Teslas, to this, I need to see it first to believe it 😊

From issue #226

Tesla’s Elon Musk pledges to expedite service center openings

Service seems to be one of the areas where Tesla still needs to scale a bit more - mobile service is great but sometimes you need a full-service center - as they keep on selling cars. Good to see that Elon is on top of this issue.

From issue #179

Your Tesla can now self-diagnose problems while scheduling service appointments

When requesting a service appointment in certain categories, now the app triggers the car diagnostics and informs you when a fault is present and service is required.

From issue #225