Tesla uses Google Maps as the base for the Tesla maps. Navigation and data about routes use a different source, a company called MapBox.

There are multiple ways of using Google Maps on a Tesla, the easiest is probably searching for a place on Google Maps on your smartphone and sharing the location to your Tesla. In order to achieve that, once you have the destination, tap on the 'share' icon and then select the Tesla app.

You don't need Tesla's Premium Connectivity in order to get basic navigation features, but you do need it if you want to also get access to Life Traffic Visualizations and Satellite-View Maps.

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Automatic Navigation Settings

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[New feature] Automatic Navigation

November 13, 2019

Automatic Navigation is a new feature introduced in version 2019.36.2.1 which consists of starting a route to a likely destination when you get in your car. This translates into...

Do I have the new Tesla maps?

August 5, 2018

Tesla started rolling their own navigation. What it's not so clear is who's getting the new maps and who's not. For now, all we know is it's being rolled out in the United States and Mexico only. Tesla is telling people that they started rolling it out only in California but...

Videos about Navigation

Comparing Tesla Navigation to Google Maps and Waze

I compare Tesla Navigation to Google Maps and Waze.

Everything You Need to Know About Tesla Navigation

Everything you need to know on how to use the Tesla Navigation inside of Tesla cars. Its integrated with the cars operation to show driving directions and charging stations along your trip. It's voice operated, as is all of the other car functions.

Tesla Navigation Shortcut: Swipe to go home

Short video to show this sweet shortcut on your Tesla to navigate home or to work.

Past Tesletter articles

2018.14 & New Maps: Traffic-Based Navigation

Tesla is rolling out their own traffic-based navigation. People who are receiving 2018.14 and have the new maps are now able to enroll in traffic-based navigation and share their anonymized data with other Teslas.

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From issue #3

ABetterRoutePlanner introduces a bunch of new features and exclusive features for Premium subscribers

One of our favorite tools for road trip planning, ABetterRoutePlanner, is introducing a Premium subscription and a bunch of cool new features with their latest software update. This is what ABRP 4.0 has to offer for Premium subscribers:

Weather forecasts and real time weather, which automatically affects the plan Real time traffic to give you more realistic driving times Live charger availability and forecasts for Tesla Superchargers

From issue #107

ABetterRoutePlanner is working on a mobile app

This is, in my opinion, the best route planner for EVs. I use it when I want to take a specific route or plan a trip from my couch. The developer behind the app just announced that they are working on an Android and iOS app. The app is in an early release right now but it’s functional and great to have the option to use it from a smartphone 😊

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From issue #92

But really, where are the new Tesla maps being rolled out first?

As you may already know, Tesla is currently rolling out its new navigation. What it’s not so clear is who’s getting the new maps and who’s not. In an effort to collect all places where fellow Tesla owners are getting the new maps, we’ve put together this map which shows cases reported to us.

Help us improve it, add yourself to the map.

New Tesla Maps

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From issue #4

Does Smart Summon use maps data?

I’m not going to spoil it to you, but watch this cool video with drones and everything by @tesla_talks in collaboration with @trevlan006 and @teslamilton

From issue #102

Elon Musk says that the new navigation starts rolling out this weekend

New nav starts rolling out this weekend. Should be considered a mature beta at first, so won’t be perfect, but will improve rapidly. With the old system, we were stuck with legacy 3rd party black box code and stale data. No way to improve.

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From issue #1

How does the new navigation work?

While the new maps are still being rolled out, some Tesla owners have kindly shared their observations about them so far (thanks bob_p!).

The main difference spotted is the way the navigation is calculated. In Nav 2.0 the calculation of the route is done online so having updated maps is not a big deal anymore.

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From issue #5

Navigation share for Tesla (free Android app)

Free Android app that lets you share navigation from your phone to your car from multiple sites. Didn’t V9 include this feature? Yes. Did this feature work on most apps other than Google Maps? Unfortunately not, so this is a great alternative!

See app in Google Play

From issue #29

New AP update 2018.21.9 - Off ramps & interchanges

Model X

The author of the video says: «Notice the speed limit on autopilot slows down automatically. Previously, when I had the autopilot on when I was using this off ramp, it would just drop from whatever speed I was going to 45MPH very abruptly and that was it. Now it is very gradual. I tried another time with a longer ramp and it slowed down more gradually and got down to around 25MPH.»»

Model 3
From issue #12

New Tesla Maps started rolling out last weekend

The new navigation just started rolling out in USA and Mexico. The new maps are downloaded via wifi and independently from the new firmware. The new navigation shows up on the IC, while the Google Maps in the MCU remain the same.

verygreen informs that «has a super flexible backend with a whole bunch of functionality that Tesla decided not to expose in UI (like preferred route types, multiple voices, multi-stop routes (exposed via supercharger stops) and so on).»

Once the new navigation gets activated these are the release notes:

From issue #2

Release notes for 2019.36

This is what version 2019.36, currently only in early access, will bring us:

  • Regen works all the way to zero. Before, it only worked above 5 mph
  • You can now set a time to stop charging at a certain time
  • Scheduled departure: Finish charging + turning the climate control
  • A power increase of 5%
  • Automatic navigation: Automatically routes you to the location associated with your upcoming calendar events

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From issue #83

Seeing the world in Autopilot

Here’s a couple of pretty cool videos showing a visualization of the Tesla interpreted radar data. The size of the circle indicates how close the object is while the color represents the type (green - moving, orange - stationary, yellow - stopped). It is neat to be able to see what the radar sees, great work verygreen and DamianXVI!

From issue #13

Tesla partners with Baidu to provide map services

A Baidu representative said in an email to Electrek:

“Baidu Maps has partnered with Tesla as its map data services provider in the Chinese mainland. Our newly released Scalable Vector Graphics API can provide map display, real-time traffic conditions, point of interest retrievals & other data services for Tesla owners, aiming to enhance their driving experience.”

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From issue #95

TeslaWaze is back

And it’s better.

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From issue #17

TeslaWaze site will no longer be available starting June 2018

TeslaWaze is one of Tesla owner’s favorite apps for navigation, and while we think the tone of their message isn’t the best, we’re all pretty sad that they’re shutting down. Is it dreaming too much to think that maybe Google could do something to help here?

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From issue #8

Tesla’s navigation will ‘soon’ suggest destinations based on calendar integration

«Elon Musk says that a long-anticipated feature is coming soon: the integration of your calendar inside your car to give navigation the ability to suggest destinations based on calendar events.»

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From issue #22

V9 released to early testers

Here are the highlights from the release notes and pictures:

  • Model 3 gets calendar integration, energy graph, and web browser.
  • EAP includes «tesla navigate on autopilot» (restricted to the US for now). When active, a single blue line indicates the path ahead, keeping your car in the lane. Gray lines highlight lane changes for a more efficient driving route. Navigate on Autopilot will also automatically steer toward and take the correct highway interchanges and exits based on your destination.
  • Start navigation on your car by using the share button in your favorite apps on iOS. A.K.A. send addresses to the car!
  • Passengers can control the media and cycle through their media favorites.
  • Whenever there’s a software update available for your vehicle, you can conveniently start the update from your phone.
  • Atari games.
  • New application launcher that brings all the apps together in one place.
  • No trace of the dash cam feature (but keep reading) :)
  • Only in US, Canada, and Mexico: To improve Navigation’s ability to provide relevant instructions, select whether or not your vehicle is eligible for high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes. When enabled, Navigation routes you though HOV lanes. When disabled, Navigation avoids routing you through HOV lanes.

We can’t wait for v9 to be released to the people which according to a recent tweet from Elon can be as soon as at the end of the week!

All the release notes with all the variations by version and territory can be found here.

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From issue #26