Are Tesla seats made of leather? What type of screens do the different Tesla Models have? What are the best Tesla interior accessories? Do Teslas have cameras inside (spoiler alert: they do)? Here you can find answers to these and other questions about Tesla interiors. Have a question? Can’t find the answer? Shoot us an email!

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Past Tesletter articles

2.0 Center Console in a 2018 Model 3

This owner describes the process of getting the new center console in their 2018 Model 3. Reading all that they had to do, the process doesn’t seem easy, but if you are one of those who really dislike the old console, take a look. Some of the work necessary includes replacing the wire harness, and having to place wireless chargers from Amazon and put them behind the charger pad.

From issue #235

2023.44.1 - Front camera washer, new JS player, and interior camera-activated HOV

Green poked around the new 2023.44.1 firmware (as always) and discovered a few really interesting details:

  • Not only will some models carry a front camera, but there will also be a button to wash it.
  • Addition of Shaka Player, an open-source JS player for different media.
  • Enabling the use of the cabin camera to turn on and off the HOV lane use.
  • Media playback speeds added (1.25x and 1.5x) that will be useful when listening to podcasts.
From issue #293

3D printed Model 3 console insert with USB ports and a coin holder

u/crujones43 shared on Reddit his designs, you can see them here:

If you have access to a 3D printer and want to print it yourself, he also made the files available for free. If you don’t want the coin holder, here is the same design without it.

Read more: Reddit

From issue #59

A closer look at steering wheel customization and text size adjustments

As mentioned earlier, the software update 2023.12 comes with a range of new features and improvements, including the option to customize the steering wheel controls and adjust text size in the vehicle’s user interface. With the new update, drivers can now personalize the functions of the scroll buttons on the steering wheel, providing greater control over the vehicle’s various systems. Moreover, the update also allows adjusting text size in different parts of the vehicle’s UI, such as the instrument cluster and infotainment display. It’s exciting to see new ways of personalizing menus being introduced.

From issue #262

Are ventilated seats coming to the Model 3?

In a recent leak, new rumors suggest that the updated Model 3 (also known as Model Highland) will feature ventilated seats, ambient lighting, and an upgraded sound system.

From issue #271

Back row heated seats for the Model 3 SR+

New upgrade option for SR+ owners to get back row heated seats for $300. Up until now, this option was only available for owners with the premium interior but it was knowns that the SR+ had the heaters and were just disabled via software.

Read more: Reddit

From issue #99

Ben sat on a Model Y

Twitter user macbentosh was able to sit on a Model Y, here are his observations:

  • Rear seats collapsed with buttons on the left side
  • Rear seats appeared to slide forwards and back
  • Headspace is 1-2” less than the X
  • The second room as wide as a Model S

Read more: Twitter

From issue #95

Door unlatch with 2022.36

If your car is in 2022.36 or later, make sure you update your app to have the door unlatch feature. Now that winter is close, I’m sure this feature is really appreciated by those of you in colder climates, if the drivers handle freezes, you can unlatch the door from the app and open the rest from the inside.

From issue #238

Exclusive first look at Tesla MS and MX interior refresh: going spartan like M3

Electrek has had access to some early designs and it seems that Tesla is going to bring the spartan minimalist Model 3 interior design to the Model S and Model X while keeping some more premium features in the more expensive flagship vehicles.

See pics and read more: Electrek

From issue #19

Final update: '21 Model Y Tesla HEPA retrofit

We talked about this retrofit a few newsletters ago, now this is the final update of the DIY Model Y HEPA Retrofit. Honestly, if someone offers this at a decent price, I will most likely get it for my Model Y.

From issue #222

For parents with a Model 3: 3 car seats across in the back seat

If you want to install three car seats, you are going to need to secure all of them with the seat belt for them to fit. It will be tight but it can be done, especially if you get European car seats, as cars in Europe are generally a bit smaller. Note: If you are going to install car seats for the first time in your Tesla, I can’t recommend enough for you to use a seat cover as well, this is the one that we use.

From issue #160

Fremont Tesla Model Y gets new door panels, matrix headlights on long-range

We’ve seen this before in the Model Ys from Berlin and Shangai, the interior panels of the door come with Alcantara, as well as adding new wood panels along the front doors. They also include the matrix LED headlights, something that we saw before in the Performance version.

From issue #229

FSD Beta v12 comes with Automatic Speed Offset

Nice finding by Whole Mars Catalog. In the Autopilot menu, there is a new feature in FSD v12 that allows Autopilot to drive at the speed it determines is most natural. This feature should help with roads where the normal speed of traffic isn’t the one seen in the signals. I have one near home that is the start of an onramp to the highway; in theory, the speed is ~25mph, but everyone starts accelerating to be on the highway at 65mph. It’s dangerous to go at 25mph and, to be honest, it will irritate all other drivers.

From issue #301

Future NN to control the HVAC

Have you been in traffic and get the fumes of the ICE cars around you? This Twitter user suggested that Tesla could create a NN to learn about some of the air around us and automatically switch modes. Elon replied ‘Ok’.

From issue #183

Giveaway Alert: Win a pair of premium puddle lights for your Tesla

We’ve partnered with Tesla Puddle Lights @lightmytesla to give away TWO pairs of Premium Puddle Lights (good for any Tesla model!). Check out the pinned tweet to participate. We will announce the winners on December 9th.

From issue #140

Heated steering wheel will be standard in all Model Ys

You’ve heard it right, and this includes the Model Y Standard Range! I know folks who drive a Model 3 have been asking for this upgrade for a while. Great to have it in the Model Y- especially for those living in areas with cold winters!- hopefully it will arrive at other models soon.

Thanks to @Yelloe1213 we know that if your Model Y has the silver scroll wheels that means you have the heated steering wheel as well.

From issue #146

Hot weather improvements coming soon to enable a custom Cabin Overheat Protection threshold

With record heatwaves mainly everywhere, Tesla’s Cabin Overheat Protection should now more than ever protect your electronics from too much heat. According to a tweet from Elon, Tesla is adding the ability to adjust its activation temperature, currently, it activates when the car is above 104F (40C).

From issue #224

How to automate your Tesla

TeslaRaj did a really good job explaining how to use NFC tags with iPhone to automate some aspects of his Tesla in the morning. Raj was kind enough to feature us at the beginning of the video, thank you Raj!

From issue #82

Jeda charger iPhone 12 MagSafe mod

If your Jeda wireless pad charger is not lining up right on the charger and you often have to slide it up a little to get it to start charging, here’s a solution for you. Get some adhesive MagSafe magnets from AliExpress and a roll of adhesive-backed microfiber to cover the magnets and hold them in place on the mat. Put it all together, wrapped and trimmed on the edges (you could use an Exacto knife), and voilà. Thank you u/TheKobayashiMoron for sharing this $20 project!

From issue #138

Many interior configurations for Model S and X will be gone after November 1st

Elon announced on Twitter that to simplify the production many of the current interiors for the Model S and the Model X are going to disappear after November 1st. If you were thinking about getting a Model S or X it may be time to do it now so you can get the configuration that you wanted and still take advantage of the full tax credit.

Read more: Twitter

From issue #30

Model 3 and Y to lose steering wheel stalks; gain touch-sensitive wheel a la Model S

According to @ChrisZheng001, Model 3 and Model Y will be releasing a new steering wheel. According to him, the new steering wheel will remove the stalks and incorporate touch-sensitive controls, like the refreshed Model S and Model X. Personally, unless they improve the buttons, by giving them haptic feedback and probably some physical indicator that allows me to find them without looking, this isn’t great news. Let’s see if this rumor actually becomes true.

From issue #231

Model 3 cabin filter air quality test and alternatives

This Model 3 owner fixed the smell coming out of his Model 3 air filters but unfortunately, the smell is back. In this video, he shares his perspective on why he thinks this is going to be an annual maintenance item to add to your list. He also shares the results of an air quality test with the OEM filters and compares it with some aftermarket ones. If you’re in the market for new filters, I recommend these HEPA cabin filters with activated charcoal to combat bad odors.

From issue #125

Model 3 seat testing

This video shows Model 3 seat testing, 40,000 cycles (the equivalent of 12 years of seat use!).

From issue #44

Model 3 updates will include a heated radar

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve shared a lot of stuff related to the Model 3 refresh coming in 2021. The latest discoveries shared by @greentheonly point out something we had not seen yet, a heated radar that would have an impact on FSD. The other hidden gem seems to be a heated steering wheel, a very cool feature for folks living in cold areas. As usual, we still don’t know when or how these features will become available, but we know the software is getting ready for the car to have them!

From issue #135

Model 3 vinyl wrap template

Awesome templates for Model 3 interior. If you don’t have access to a vinyl plotter you can also purchase a pre-made kit. Highly recommended you use an automotive grade vinyl. Enjoy!

Read more: GitHub

From issue #14

Model 3' new backseat for better ride comfort

The cushions for side support are significantly bigger on the new backseat than the original one. It should make for a more comfortable sitting experience for rear passengers in the Model 3.

Read more: [Electrek]( From issue #11

Model S 70D and a Model S P85+ comparison and battery degradation 📹

Both Model S have over 100,000 miles in the odometer and their battery degradation is only 3-4% in the case of the 70D and around 8% in the case of the P85+. Not bad! The video compares these two ‘vintage’ models in terms of how well they’ve aged.

Read more: InsideEVs

From issue #115

Model S and Model X cars built now have the center-screen tilting functionality

Ryan McCaffrey mentioned that he got rock-solid confirmation that the new Model S and Model X are now built with the center-screen tilting functionality. As shown in previous videos, past cars had the physical parts but were missing motors to actually move them.

From issue #214

Model S/X refresh: you can activate the center console shifter by briefly pressing both scroll wheels

The new Model S and X don’t come with a stalk to select gears, instead, they come with what Tesla calls a “smart shift”. This system tries to understand your car’s surroundings to pick the right gear for you, if the car is wrong you can override that using the center console. In the case the center console isn’t working correctly, there are other selectors that turn on under the wireless phone charging area, and in case those don’t turn on, you can activate them by briefly pressing both scroll wheels.

From issue #218

Model Y 7-seater with 3 car seats

Depending on your family this configuration might work for you. In the picture, we can see two seats in the third row and an infant seat in the middle row. Thank you u/Cessna172Pilot for sharing!

From issue #163

Model Y door labels

Have you ever had to explain a passenger in your Model 3 how to open the door? Did you end up getting a door label kit like this one? No more! Tesla has started properly labeling the door handles in the Model Y, hoping they will make this change in Model 3 as well. 

From issue #123

Model Y new center console

It seems that some new Model Ys are now delivered in the US with the new center console that was first seen in China. Neat!

From issue #151

More details about the third row in the Model Y

More people checking out the third row. A 5’ 4" woman fits well there, her 6’ husband touches the roof with his head. Another couple, 5’6 and wife 5’2”, tried it with a 6’ tall passenger in the 2nd row, and a 6’ tall driver and felt they had adequate legroom. See pictures in the tweets!

From issue #147

New Model 3 center console and wheels

New wheels for the Model 3 have been spotted. A new console design as well. Lots of changes going on in the 2021 Model 3. I don’t particularly love the new center console, but I’m also a Model S owner, so what do I know 🤷‍♂️ What do you think, yay or nay?

From issue #133

New Model Y wood trim

Nice addition to the Model Y finishes. I personally prefer the black finish, but this seems to me like a good opportunity for Tesbros to come up with new wrap ideas 😉).

From issue #145

New normal operating sounds and examples

Tesla has added a new section about ’normal’ operating sounds that also comes with examples. Great addition especially for new Tesla owners so they know they exist and nothing’s wrong with your Tesla. I find particularly good the chime on green for traffic lights and I normally can’t handle any sounds coming out from the car.

From issue #231

New oak decor and graphite trim

Check out the pictures, thank you Mat Jensen for sharing!

Read more: Twitter

From issue #10

New swivel screen for Tesla Model S Plaid

We included a video of the swivel last week, here is another one but with more detail. What do you think? Do you think it’s useful?

From issue #215

News for the Model S and the Model X

Greentheonly discovered a few bits pointing to new hardware coming to the Model S and the Model X imminently:

  • Two new battery types in several configs, no word about the capacity yet
  • Integrated inductive phone charger (Qi)
  • New charge port type
  • New suspension version, not a new suspension but an iteration in the one released a few months ago
  • New lumbar support, maybe new seats?
  • Is there an interior redesign coming? Who knows 🤷‍♀️ But it seems that the S and the X are getting some love for sure!

Read more: Twitter

From issue #96

No gear stalk? No problem

I guess I wasn’t the only one wondering how shifting gears was going to work in the new S and X with no stalk. In my opinion, having to use the screen all the time was going to be too out of the way. According to Elon, the car can guess the direction based on obstacles, maps, etc. and you can always override it using the touchscreen. I’m always impressed with how much Tesla keeps innovating and how bold some of its decisions are. I assume this is something other Teslas should be able to get via software updates.

From issue #149

No ice scrapers needed

One of the best features of Tesla is the ability to turn on the climate control before heading to your car. In the video, Tesla highlights the defrost functionality, which is handy now during winter. Another trick is to use the scheduled departure feature to have your car nice and cozy in the morning.

From issue #301

Official list of upgrades for the new Model 3

This list of updates is coming directly from a Tesla sales rep. Check it out: a power liftgate, black trim (A.K.A. chrome delete), USB-C ports in the glovebox, and more.

From issue #134

Pictures and videos showing the new Model Y 7-seater

Tesla has only published one photo of the rear seats of the new Model Y 7-seater. There’s also a video which you can see here. If you ask me, the picture is not very good, it looks like there’s no leg space at all. I have reached out to Tesla to ask for more pictures of the third row without success, but here are some that have been leaked.

From issue #146

Plaid S backseat screen in action

The screen seems pretty responsive and allows the passengers in the back to control their airflow, heated seats, as well as playing multimedia. I would like to see how easy it is to reach it and if young kids can do it. Also, is it possible to control that screen from the front?

From issue #168

Protect your Tesla with Feynlab

One of the things I regret the most about my Model S is not properly protecting its paint and seats when I first bought it.

Don’t do like me, and check out Feynlab. They offer a complete line of car kit and ceramic coaters for both do-it-yourselfers and professional detailers.

And have you heard about their world’s first self-healing coating?

Images by: Vehicle Enhancement Protection & Appearance (VEPA), official Feynlab installer, Pleasanton, CA

Learn more: Feynlab


From issue #96

Rear Heated seat price decreased to $200

According to multiple folks on Reddit, the price of the rear heated seats for SR+ owners is now $200. If your car also includes the option to have a heated steering wheel, the price is $300.

From issue #193

Redesigned Model S and Model X are here

The rumors of the Model S/X refresh finally turned into reality and were announced yesterday at Tesla’s earnings call. Here are some highlights:

  • The exterior will remain very close to the current desing, maybe a tad more aggressive with a bigger diffuser and a front vent
  • Like the other models, it includes a black trim and a heat pump
  • Horizontal 17" display, instrument cluster display, and a screen for the second row
  • A 22-speaker, 960-watt audio system with active noise canceling
  • It offers a yoke and a more traditional steering wheel option, both of them with no stalks; all controls are via buttons in the steering wheel or the screen
  • Crazy fast, the base model 0-60 is 3.1s while the Plaid version 0-60 is 1.9s and its top speed 200mph
  • The prices of the base model and Plaid-equivalent to the previous performance- are now $10k more

I thought I was going to trade in my 2017 Model S for a new Model Y, but now I’m going to need to rethink what to do. If you are thinking about ordering it and want 1,000 miles of free Supercharging, consider use my referral code

From issue #148

Refreshed Model S with stalks?

Github’s user @rawdigits doesn’t dislike the yoke, but he doesn’t like haptic controls so he embarked on the adventure of adding physical stalks to the car and document the process on Github. If you are in the same situation, take a look!

From issue #185

Remote view of the cabin camera from the app

Now, with the holiday update, you can stream the cabin camera directly on your phone. This is especially useful for those using Dog Mode, but also if you want to check the interior for any other reason, such as to see if you forgot something in your car or to check for a Sentry alert.

From issue #246

Running the heat for at least an hour solves the problem of air conditioning smelling bad for many people

I haven’t personally verified this, but if you have the problem of a smelly smell coming out of your HVAC and you don’t want to keep replacing your filters, seems that running the heat at the highest setting for a few hours eliminates the odor. If you try, let us know the results.

From issue #224

Screen tilting in action

As we just mentioned, seems that Tesla is shipping new cars with the missing components. Here is a video of a refreshed Model S using the tilting functionality 😱

From issue #214

Side-by-side Model 3 old vs. new

Great side-by-side comparison of the old Model 3 and the new Highland version. Overall, the exterior looks sharper, and I like the new interior. However, I’m generally not a big fan of ambient lighting. I’ll need to see it in person.

From issue #282

Spectra Photosync window film

Learn more about Spectra Photosync window film which is capable of rejecting most of the IR, not just the basic 800-1000nm of the spectrum that most window “tints” on the market cover.

Read more: TMC Forums

From issue #6

Tesla – AC vs. fans vs. windows energy consumption tested

Testing a Model Y showed that using the AC to maintain a 66°F cabin only increased energy use by 3.4% versus just fans, while lowering windows 1/3 at 70MPH added 9.7% versus fans-only and 6.1% over AC, indicating the impact of aerodynamics. Even with AC, the Model Y achieved an impressively low 277 Wh/mi energy consumption for a compact SUV on the summer highway.

From issue #277

Tesla accessories deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020

It’s that time of the year again and I feel we’ve been taking advantage of discounts all month but nothing can’t beat Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales so… One more year, we’ve partnered with a few brands that we love to bring you the best deals in Tesla accessories. Are you ready?

From issue #139

Tesla activates Heated Wiper Park in Fremont-made Model 3/Y with 2022.4.5

Several owners with Model 3s and Model Ys delivered in January 2022 are seeing the option to activate heated wipers update updating to 2022.4.5. Cool!

From issue #202

Tesla App and 2021.44.5 show Cabin Overheat Protection

It isn’t that I frequently want to change the cabin overheat protection, but it is convenient to have that available to change via the app, and that, is what’s coming up soon in future versions.

From issue #194

Tesla begins five-seater Model X deliveries in the US

Earlier this year, Tesla prioritized the six-seater configuration above all others, but it seems that they are already delivering five-seaters in the US. Now, if my friend Jose could get his seven-seater soon, that would be really appreciated.

From issue #208

Tesla begins remotely activating heated steering wheels and rear seats in (new?) SR+ Model 3s

Great news for SR+ owners, Tesla started activating the heated steering wheel and the heated rear seats for some. More exactly, it appears that only owners with cars delivered after November 1, 2021, have so far reported receiving the upgrade.

From issue #190

Tesla HEPA filter | Keeping your cabin air clean

New video from Tesla about the HEPA filter. They put a Model Y in a controlled environment with a few red smoke grenades and the HEPA filter is able to avoid the red smoke in the car, pretty impressive!

From issue #200

Tesla introduces new Model S Plaid sport seats

Tesla rolls out all-new Sport Seats for the Model S Plaid, offering a track-inspired design with enhanced lateral support. Features include performance suede for better grip and exclusive Plaid décor, 12-way adjustability, and heating/ventilation. These seats will be standard in all Model S Plaids from April 1, 2024.

From issue #313

Tesla is liquidating Model S and Model X inventory by the end of the month, as refresh nears

More rumors of a possible refresh- we’ve been hearing those since we bought our Model S in late 2017. Electrek is reporting that Tesla has instructed employees to sell all Model S and Model X inventory in stores across all markets. The rumor is that Tesla is going to announce the refresh during the earnings call on January 27.

From issue #147

Tesla is planning a big boost to driver monitoring

In a Twitter thread by @greentheonly, he explains how Tesla is now tracking additional information such as the number of recent yawns and blinks by the driver and the duration of each blink. This data is all used to calculate the driver’s level of drowsiness or fatigue. It remains unclear how the car will utilize this information, but according to what Green has discovered, Tesla plans to apply this feature even when the car is not operating on Autopilot.

From issue #267

Tesla Model 3 all-weather floor liners

Tesla has released their all-weather floor liners manufactured by Weathertech. It is interesting that these mats are 100% recyclable and free of cadmium, lead, latex, and PVC. If you don’t have all-weather floor mats for your Model 3 yet, these are probably a good option.

Shop at Tesla

From issue #72

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y will likely not get their stalks deleted

According to Tesla’s Chief Designer, Franz von Holzhausen in a recent interview on Ride the Lightning mentioned above, he stated that while the company is always exploring potential improvements, there is currently no perceived need or demand for a change to the Model 3 and Model Y’s stalk controls.

From issue #250

Tesla Model 3 deliveries now include working USB-C ports again

Great news for those of you waiting to take delivery of a new Model 3 soon, seems that Tesla was able to unblock the chip shortage and it is now delivering new Model 3s with USB-C ports. I hope everyone who got one without them had the retrofitted already.

From issue #191

Tesla Model 3 Interior packages compared

TroyTeslike created a nicer visualization of a table published on Reddit.

From issue #52

Tesla Model Y gets new door bin lights, carpeted rear door sills, and more

Love seeing constant changes and improvements in these cars.

From issue #212

Tesla owner’s manual hints ventilated seats may come to the Model 3/Y

The Model 3 and Y owner’s manual just got updated and it includes some language that indicates they might start offering (or including as default) ventilated seats. If this is true, that would be great, I tried the refreshed S with ventilated seats and I loved them.

From issue #198

Tesla to add low, high, and auto settings to the heated steering wheel

In their post-holiday update, Tesla is adding the ability to set the heated steering wheel too low, high, or auto, similar to what they already do with the heated seats. At this time, there is no information on whether all Teslas equipped with a heated steering wheel will have the low and high options or only newer ones. We will have to wait and see.

From issue #251

Tesla update improves Automatic Emergency Braking safety

Tesla has released a new software update that improves the safety of the automatic emergency braking (AEB) system in its vehicles. The update adds the ability for the vehicle to stop when backing up and by increasing the top speed it can operate. Tesla owners can now benefit from an even safer driving experience with this new update.

From issue #265

Tesla's 2023.26 Update: Enhanced HVAC and Camera Features

The Tesla 2023.26 update brings about several new features including improvements to the HVAC system and backup camera, discovered by user NinerByNature. The HVAC system now automatically lowers fan speed to reduce ambient noise during phone calls. The update also allows users to reposition the backup camera feed on the touchscreen based on personal preference

From issue #278

Tesla's new scroll wheel customizations

We’re excited to share a first look at Tesla’s latest feature, which allows users to customize the action associated with the left scroll wheel. This new feature is designed to enhance convenience when adjusting certain functions, and we think it will be a great addition for Tesla owners.

From issue #264

Tesla’s controversial yoke steering wheel Is now a paid option

Tesla has recently updated their online configurator, and the round steering wheel is now the default option. If you prefer the Yoke, you’ll need to pay an additional $250. It’s interesting to note that opinions on the Yoke are quite polarizing, with some people loving it while others hate it. However, many users who have tried the Yoke for a bit eventually get used to it and swear to never go back to a traditional steering wheel.

From issue #265

The most customizable steering wheels on the internet, now available for Model 3 Highland @ PimpMyEV

[Sponsored] With over 5,000 custom steering wheels built and delivered to customers for Tesla Model S, 3, X, Y, PimpMyEV just launched the Model 3 Highland Yoke and Round steering wheel for the masses. Check out their huge selection of steering wheels, their attention to detail and track record for customer satisfaction.

From issue #315

Tired of adjusting your side mirrors? Tesla will help

In a response to @ICannot_Enough, where he suggested that Tesla could automatically adjust the side mirror settings based on the position of the driver’s eyes and a comparison against the fleet’s own data, Elon said that Tesla will add that feature to the feature. It sounds cool, but I wonder how long it will take Tesla to implement it, and if it will be accurate. They do have the technology, the engineering, and the data required to do this.

From issue #230

Transfer audio to vehicle

It’s annoying when calls transfer to the car when you might not want that, maybe you are still not getting into the car, maybe your significant other is taking the car somewhere, etc. In a future software update, Tesla is adding a feature that will show a prompt on the screen so you can choose to transfer the audio from your phone to your car.

From issue #243

Video of the new Model 3 console

See the new Model 3 console in action. People are loving it or hating it… which team are you on?

From issue #134

Wipers will get super good

We’ve heard this before, but Elon reiterated it in response to Whole Mars Catalog, who reported that the auto wipers in FSD Beta 11.4.2 worked flawlessly. Elon assured on Twitter that they would become ‘super good.’ Personally, I’ll reserve judgment until I see them cease turning on randomly or activating during misty conditions.

From issue #271

Wouldn't be cool for your Tesla to roll up the window when is going to rain?

That would be cool! And Elon said “sure” to this idea on Twitter.

From issue #218