Ev charging

Most EVs can take in about 32 amps, adding around 25 miles of range per hour of charging. The quickest charging time occurs usually between 20% and 80% of a full charge.

ChargePoint and EVgo are two of the largest and more popular EV fast charging networks. Tesla has its own fast charging network called Supercharging. The original V1 and V2 Tesla supercharging stations charge with up to 150 kW of power distributed between two cars with a maximum of 150 kW per car, depending on version. V3 supercharging statios peak rates of up to 250kW per car.

Here's a tool that we love to calculate how much charging your Tesla costs and how long is it going to take.

Pictures of EV Charging

Tesla Mobile Connector
Tesla Supercharger

Blog posts related to Ev charging

Home charging setup (US and Canada)

April 30, 2020

One of the first questions that comes up when buying a Tesla is home charging. Do I need to spend money on installing a new power outlet and how much? Here's some helpful guidance on the alternatives out there for charging an EV at home- specifically a Tesla- in the United States and Canada.

What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.8.1

March 5, 2020

Tesla is rolling out update version 2020.8.1 with third-party charging stations in the in-car navigation system, track mode v2 for the Performance Model 2, regen braking for the newer Raven models, and more.

Videos about Ev charging

Past Tesletter articles

0 to 97% in 52 minute

Ryan shared his experience on Twitter. One interesting bit, other than the overall speed- which seems a bit faster- is that the car immediately started charging at 205kW instead of taking time to ramp up.

From issue #223

150kW Supercharger mega test

They took 6 cars to the Supercharger in the middle of the night to do a 5% to 90% charge test with the new 2019.12 software that unlocks 150kW peak rate.

From issue #58

8 dos and don’ts for courteous electric charging

EVgo has published a great article about charging ettiquete and while not all of it applies to Tesla, it’s pretty helpful. The most important things in the article for me are: a) charging spaces are for charging and b) keep the space tidy.

BTW Peter Coombe (@justIVfun on Twitter) is running an iniciative called AdoptASupercharger (@TeslaAdopt on Twitter) to keep Superchargers clean. Reach out to him if you want to volunteer your time to keep your local Spercharger tidy.

Read more: EVgo

From issue #74

A closer look at the Semi 750 kW charger

Excellent close-up images of the charging port and connector have been captured. The connector appears to be version v2, however, Tesla has already introduced a newer version. We can anticipate the rollout of version v3 in the future as these chargers continue to expand.

From issue #252

A closer look at the V4 Supercharger Magic Dock and payment terminal

We shared this addition in the past, but now there are some close-up pictures of how it would look like. The combination of the Magi Doc and the payment terminal will make it much more convenient for non-Tesla owners to charge at Superchargers.

From issue #287

A Tesla Semi drives into a Tesla Owners' meetup ... on accident!

This FritoLay semi-truck was stopping for lunch when it ran into a Tesla owners’ meetup, causing them go bananas. The driver wasn’t able to say much as they have contacts in place, but he did confirm that the semi-truck doesn’t have FSD (at least for now) and mentioned how great it is to be seated in the middle of the cabin.

From issue #256

A touchless, robotic charging set up

This innovation agency has created a robot to charge a Model 3. It is still an early version but the plan according to the employee who posted the video on Reddit is to integrate a sensor and camera to detect the car’s approach.

From issue #122

ABetterRoutePlanner introduces a bunch of new features and exclusive features for Premium subscribers

One of our favorite tools for road trip planning, ABetterRoutePlanner, is introducing a Premium subscription and a bunch of cool new features with their latest software update. This is what ABRP 4.0 has to offer for Premium subscribers:

Weather forecasts and real time weather, which automatically affects the plan
Real time traffic to give you more realistic driving times
Live charger availability and forecasts for Tesla Superchargers

From issue #107

Affordable and convenient way to get Tesla cables off the garage floor, trip-free charging from above

A while back I asked folks on Twitter about their garages and @paulbraren shared a pretty cool solution that I loved to avoid tripping with the cables on the floor. He recently published a short video where you can see it in action.

From issue #98

Boosted supercharging rate confirmed on 2018 S75D w/ ver 2019.12.1

Along with the preconditioning of the battery, Tesla is delivering an additional 14 kW charging peak for the cars with the 75kWh battery. Honestly, I love how our cars keep getting better and better.

Read more: TMC Forum

From issue #57

CCS adapter seems to be a bit disappointing

According to the first reports, the charging rate is never going to go past 60-70kW. I hope this is a software limitation and they improve it later on as they test it more.

From issue #187

CCS to Tesla connector adapter

It seems that Tesla Korea is about to start selling an adapter to connect the CCS combo to the Tesla connector. Since the Korean connector is the same as the one in North America, maybe Tesla sells it here in the future?

From issue #185

CHAdeMO adapter now $400

Depending on where you live and what your charging options are this CHAdeMO adapter may be a good option and is now $50 cheaper.

From issue #150

Changes coming to 'Destination Charger' program

The main change introduced is the ability to let businesses collect payments for charging. Tesla now leaves purchase and installation up to the business, but that will be the total cost for businesses that opt in to charge through electric costs. There will not be any fear of getting surprised by the ongoing costs of customers using it. That’s way easier to fit into a budget for all kinds of businesses.

From issue #124

Charge smarter and get rewarded for it

SmartCharge New York has launched a new program to help EV owners reduce the cost of charging and enhance electric grid efficiency and resiliency. The gist of it is that you get rewards for charging in the Con Edison service territory and off-peak hours, which let you earn up to $1,000.

Read more: FleetCarma

From issue #90

ChargePoint launches $1 billion effort to add EV chargers across rural America

ChargePoint and NATSO are planning to spend $1 billion dollars to add charging to truck stops across the country. This is great news and a huge step towards implementing a robust charging infrastructure in key traveling areas across the center rural America. Go more charging options!

Read more: CleanTechnica

From issue #98

ChargePoint’s EV network rolls out support for Tesla’s NACS connector

ChargePoint is rolling out support for Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector, enabling AC and DC charging for Tesla vehicles on its network. The rollout begins immediately, with cable upgrade kits for existing DC fast chargers to be delivered in November. This initiative aligns with the broader auto industry’s move toward adopting the NACS standard, making EV charging more accessible.

From issue #289

Charging costs of a Model 3 traveling between states

Last week we highlighted a story about road trips and Tesla, this week I wanted to highlight charging during a road trip. According to this Model 3 owner who recently traveled between Maryland and Washington state and back (6,300 miles!), he only spent ~$350 in charging the car. This same trip would’ve cost about ~$586 with a mid-size gas car in the US. If you’re curious to know the rest of the trip conditions and facts, check out the post.

From issue #127

China’s NIO expands mobile charging service to all electric cars, including Tesla

NIO released a mobile charging service that recently expanded to other cars including Tesla. Honestly, I think something like this would make a lot of sense in the US. You could just park anywhere and a van would come and charge your car, brilliant!

Read more: Twitter

From issue #55

DC charging limits lifted in Europe

Teslas in Europe come with the CCS Combo connector- which is standard across EVs and charging stations there- but until now, Tesla was limiting the max kWh allowed in DC chargers, not anymore! Pictures in the tweets.

From issue #144

DIY garage Tesla Level 2 charger 📹

We always like it when people share their garage customizations. From original ways to get the cables off the garage floor to cool decorations, here’s a new video of an owner who build himself a Tesla Level 2 charger in his garage.

From issue #118

DIY retracting charging cable

If you are interested in something like what is shown on the video look at the post for more details.

Read more: TMC Forum

From issue #76

Electric cars are changing the cost of driving

If you own an electric car you probably know by now how the economics of it are different from ICE cars. EVs have fewer moving parts, don’t need to replace oil twice a year, and the price of electricity is much lower and controlled than gas, as the article states “The potential savings are huge. Fleet owners’ biggest expenses after depreciation (44%) are fuel (22%) and maintenance and repairs (11%), according to Deloitte. EVs could slash those by more than half.” As an example of this, the article shows how the maintenance cost for an electric Ford Focus is $386 versus $1,805 to maintain the gas version.

Read more: Quartz

From issue #86

Ever wanted to filter Airbnb houses with EV chargers?

The Reddit user u/shlomoww created a filter to do just that, simply go to his page and to Airbnb from there. 🙌🙌🙌🙌

From issue #152

First look at Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus’ faster charging speed in action

After the 2019.40.* updates that introduced Supercharging improvements for Model 3 MR, SR and SR+ cars, the first reports are starting to fly around. @TeslaOwnersLV (with an SR+) has reported seeing charging rates of 600 mph in a V2 Supercharger. Before the update, his charging rate usually leveled off at around 100-106 kW. Way to go Tesla!

Read more: Teslarati

From issue #90

Frozen Tesla charge port

After freezing rain Trevor shows us how the preheat feature helps to defrost his Model 3. Well, everything but the charge port. If I’m not mistaken - being in the Bay Area there aren’t many cold days here - starting to charge the vehicle would have resulted in the charge port being defrosted as well.

From issue #94

Germany forces all petrol stations to provide electric car charging

Germany has recently announced they’re planning on forcing petrol stations to provide electric car charging as well. They are committed to making the EV numbers go up and they are starting by trying to reduce range anxietyanxiety- they have identified that 97% of the reason why people aren’t buying electric cars is range anxiety. Germany is also planning on investing 2.5 billion euros on battery cell production and charging infrastructure.

Read more: Reuters

From issue #115

Google Maps adds detailed EV charging station listings

Google Maps is working to improve the experience of finding charging stations for electric vehicles. Optimized search and listings surface more detailed information like ports availability, and supports Tesla, ChargePoint, and several other networks around the world.

Read more: 5to9Google

From issue #29

Google Maps can now search for electric vehicle charging stations by plug type

Earlier this year, Google added the ability to search for charging stations. Now, they are introducing the ability to filter results based on what type of plugs are available. It’s great to see how Google is catching up with key features for EV owners like this one.

Read more: Android Police

From issue #90

Handy dandy charging calculator

Easy and useful. I’m only missing a setting to select different models since not all models charge at the same speed.

See the calculator

From issue #85

Here’s how much battery is drained if a Tesla is left unplugged for 32 days

Can you leave your car unplugged for a month? The article mentions a video from TeslaJoy. In the video, Joy lost only 15% of its SoC when parked straight for 32 days without Sentry Mode but with Cabin Overheat Protection on, although given the temperature in LA in December, it probably didn’t trigger.

From issue #198

Home charging setup: Tesla charger mounted to their ceiling

It looks clean and practical, good idea!

From issue #172

How much does it cost to charge a Tesla?

“Compare The Market” offers a very general overview of electricity rates and calculates how much it would cost to charge up a Tesla. All calculations are based on a MS with a 100 kWh battery charge & 259 miles per charge. The cheapest country is Chile where it costs $2.70 per 100 miles. The most expensive is Denmark where it costs $13.13 per 100 miles.

Read more: Compare The Market

From issue #64

How to order CCS1 to Tesla adapter from Korea

Do you need a CCS1 to Tesla Adapter? Sadly, Tesla doesn’t sell this in the USA, but seems that you can buy it from Tesla in Korea and get it shipped to you in the USA. I wonder if Tesla will change this if the number of US orders goes up.

From issue #214

How to set charging limits on your Tesla

We’ve started a Youtube channel with videos explaining the coolest features of our Model S in a simple way. Subscribe to the channel to get updates.

From issue #57

Hyundai Ioniq and Taycan charging at Tesla Superchargers

Good demo of how the app works for non-Tesla owners charging their EVs. Owners can pay a subscription of 13 euros per month ($15) to charge at the same price as Teslas or otherwise they are charged double, at least in the video.

From issue #188

iOS app update v.4.11.0 now shows work charging rates as well

If you pay to charge at work and you use iOS, not Android yet, you can now configure the rate at your work location and the charge stats will count those accordingly.

From issue #225

Mobile app now offers nearby charging options

We wished for it last week and it’s become a reality. Tesla’s mobile app now offers nearby charging options including stalls available and nearby destination charging. Beautiful!

Read more: TMC Forum

From issue #37

Mobile charger price reduction

After confirming that the mobile charger won’t come with the cars and possibly afterreading many many complaints on Twitter, Elon announced that Tesla will be dropping the price of the connector to $200 and they will make it easy to order with the car.

From issue #212

Mobile chargers won't be included with new cars anymore

I have to say I’m highly disappointed by this change, as I’m certain this is going to negatively affect first-time users that aren’t super informed. I wish they would give folks an option to opt-out from receiving the mobile charger in exchange for store credit, rather than having to purchase it separately. According to Elon on Twitter, the usage statistics were super low, although I personally know a lot of owners who use it as their regular charging method 🤷‍♂️.

From issue #212

More FSD Beta videos [2020.40.8.12]

A new recap of short FSD Beta videos running the latest update 2020.40.8.12:

  • Roundabout testing. Still not perfect but doing a pretty good job, all things considered!
  • Avoiding road debris. I feel like FSD is definitely getting better at avoiding objects in the middle of the road. What do you think?
  • Charging port open & close FSD beta new UI. The new UI changes coming with the FSD beta make the user experience more intuitive, for example, when opening and closing the charging port.
From issue #136

My Tesla Garage

Some folks have really dope garages, after posting a nice picture on Reddit, I got this video from TeslaQuadCities:

From issue #93

New Smart Splitters by NeoCharge

NeoCharge is rolling out newer versions of their Smart Splitters (Dual Car and Dryer Splitter) which are now available on their website. If you’re not familiar with what they do, their Dryer Splitter allows you to share your existing NEMA plug (NEMA 10-30 appliance or a NEMA 14-30) between your appliances and your EV car. The best thing is you can take the splitter anywhere and it doesn’t require panel upgrades.

They are also offering a $20 discount to Tesletter readers with the code ‘TESLETTER’ at checkout. Get $20 off NeoCharge’s Smart Splitters

From issue #116

New Tesla wall connector

A new Tesla wall connector is on the Tesla Shop, it not only has a longer cord but it comes with Wi-Fi connection:

“Monitor your charge with the Tesla app and receive notifications when complete. Wi-Fi connectivity enables over-the-air firmware updates and remote service if necessary.”

Read more: Tesla Shop

From issue #94

Non-Tesla Supercharger memberships launch in the U.S. ahead of network opening to other EVs

Seems that someone at Tesla published this ahead of schedule. The published membership is offered at $0.99 which, if you are going to use the chargers, is a no-brainer since it offers a lower price per kWh.

From issue #229

Non-Tesla Supercharger Pilot

Starting November 1st, Tesla opened 10 locations in the Netherlands to non-Tesla cars. To use them, you need to have Tesla’s app 4.2.3 or a newer version on your phone.

From issue #188

Opening the North American Charging Standard

Tesla connector is the most common charging connector in North America, in vehicles outnumbering CCS two-to-one. In an effort to help others adapt their connector and plug, Tesla just open-sourced their designs for what Tesla calls North American Charging Standard (NACS). The name is a bit pretentious, given that they are not the standard, but I hope others pick up on Tesla’s connector as it is smaller and lighter.

From issue #242

PG&E rate plan change adds seven hours to off-peak charging

If you are in Northern California and currently have the EV-A rate plan from PG&E, we’ve got news for you. There’s a new plan where the cheapest off-peak rate is from midnight to 3pm at $0.16 / kWh. This plan used to go from 11pm until 6am on weekdays (no change on weekends) and at $0.13 / kWh. In other words, you get more hours of a low price although it’s a bit higher than the previous off-peak rate. At the same time, this rate reduces the cost during peak hours to $0.47 / kWh. Depending on how you use your electricity this change may actually be an increase on your bill, so be aware.

Read more: Tesla Forum

From issue #76

Retractable charger setup

We’re always looking for cool hacks to improve our charging situation at home. Here’s a cool trick.

From issue #133

Signature Black Wall Connectors start being delivered in Europe

SwissFamilyTesla got his referral award Signature Black Wall Connector a few weeks ago. He got confirmation from Tesla that it is the first one delivered in Switzerland.

See more

From issue #26

Small lock hole on 'circuit electrique' plugs

Nice idea to avoid strangers to unplug cars from L2 chargers. I just wish it would be less complicated (you need to have a lock with you) and not that easy to mess with the charger (lock it when not in use, lock it when plugged in someone else’s car, etc.).

Read more: Facebook

From issue #87

Supercharger network will open to other EVs later this year

This week Elon also confirmed on Twitter, in a reply to our friend Rafael (Teslatino), what up until now were mainly just rumors about Tesla opening their Supercharger network to other EVs. It looks like it’s going to happen later this year. While there are some mixed opinions in the community, and it seems like the majority of Tesla owners aren’t that happy about other cars taking the charging spots, in my opinion, making the Supercharger network accessible to others at a premium will not only help accelerate the world’s transition to EVs but also, hopefully, fund the opening of new Supercharging stations around the globe.

From issue #173

Supercharging across Canada in an epic coast-to-coast nonstop road trip

Ian Pavelko and Trevor Page from Tesla Owners Online have finally been able to complete this epic coast-to-coast nonstop road trip across Canada. It took them 73 hours… who said EVs can’t be used in cold weather? Or bad for road trips? This is amazing and will for sure help a lot of people realize EVs are a solid choice and are here to stay. Check out their video sharing the good and the bad of this adventure.

From issue #103

Tesla accidentally reveals Magic Dock, hints the first Supercharger with CCS compatibility in the US will be in Hawthorne

After opening up its Supercharger network in Europe, it is only a matter of time before Tesla opens up their US Supercharging network as well. An accidental update in the Supercharger map has hinted that the first Supercharger with CCS compatibility might be located in Hawthorne, California. Additionally, Tesla has added Hawthorne as an option under the “Charge Your Non-Tesla” menu in the mobile app. Upon proceeding through the process to select a stall, Tesla shared an image of the Magic Dock, which appears to be a system that adds a CCS adapter to the charging cable, but the exact details are still unknown.

From issue #251

Tesla App 4.16 brings big improvements to Charge Stats

In the newest version of the Tesla app, you can now view the historical charging history month by month or year by year, giving you a better understanding of your charging habits and savings.

From issue #247

Tesla app v3.10.2 released, shows a new range estimate while setting charge limit

As you move the slider of the charging limit, now the Tesla mobile app shows an estimate of how many miles that translates to.

REad more: Reddit

From issue #87

Tesla China’s annual charging travel report

Impressive! Tesla China’s Charging Network provided more than 23.91 million charges to 500k+ owners in 2021. This reduced the CO2 emissions by 1.01 million tons. I would like to see the same data from the different geos, either way, great stuff!

From issue #198

Tesla is adding automatic payment at chargers to facilitate apartment charging and more

Tesla has recently been making moves to enable payments at charging stations in its Destination Charging network, but it also enables charging electric vehicles at apartments. Hopefully, this encourages more places to include chargers!

From issue #139

Tesla lowers Supercharger rates in California, Florida, and other states, as well as some European countries

Not that long ago Tesla raised their Supercharger rates in several countries. This week, Tesla lowered Supercharger fees at some stations in several states across the USA and Europe, some as much as $0.05 per kWh.

From issue #244

Tesla may soon charge congestion fees at busy Supercharger stations

Tesla’s latest software update hints at a forthcoming congestion fee at busy Supercharger stations, aimed at managing increased traffic due to the North American Charging Standard’s adoption by other automakers. The fee is triggered when drivers choose to charge beyond 80% at these high-usage stations. The exact fee amount is not disclosed, but it’s speculated that it might follow the idle fee structure, which is charged per minute when charging above 80% and doubles if the station is fully occupied.

From issue #289

Tesla Model 3 200kW IONITY vs. 120kw Tesla Supercharger

It is always great seeing others releasing fast charging stations so we can all travel to more places.

From issue #67

Tesla Model 3 charging at 125-126kw on a 175kw charger

The new CCS superchargers are fast, look the graph of this Model 3 in FastNed (Netherlands).

Read more: Reddit

From issue #46

Tesla Model 3 gets CHAdeMO adapter

Depending on where you live or where you are planning on traveling to, this might be really important. It is always good to have the option to charge at more spots!

Read more: CleanTechnica

From issue #67

Tesla Model 3 gets CHAdeMO adapter

Depending on where you live or where you are planning on traveling to, this might be really important. It is always good to have the option to charge at more spots!

Read more: CleanTechnica

From issue #68

Tesla Model Y becomes a hotel amenity

Thanks to ride-sharing platform Envoy, this hotel in Miami is offering a Tesla Model Y as a shared car for hotel guests. Cool perk!

From issue #212

Tesla Models to offer bi-directional charging capability by 2025

Many EVs offer bi-directional charging, which enables them to charge other EVs or power your home if your electrical installation allows it. During Investor Day last week, Tesla mentioned that they will be adding this capability to their cars in 2025. I know many of you have been asking about it for some time already, so it’s exciting to hear that it’s finally coming!

From issue #257

Tesla Owners Club Australia completed country wide charging network

A group of dedicated Tesla owners and drivers has built an electric vehicle charging network that spans Australia, providing any and all EV drivers with a usable charging route while they wait for governments and industry to catch up.

Read more: reneweconomy.com.au

From issue #11

Tesla owners with no garage, how’s life like without at-home charging?

Don’t have a garage and are considering a Tesla? If so, read this post. Do you have a Tesla but not a garage? Maybe you want to share your experiences.

Read more: Reddit

From issue #68

Tesla partners with EVgo to deploy Tesla connectors on their nationwide charging network

It’s always great news to hear that Tesla cars will be able to charge in more and more places. This time Tesla and EVgo have partnered to start including Tesla connectors at EVgo charging stations. Honestly, this would be even better if they start by adding them to chargers where Tesla needs them the most because of the lack of Superchargers, but anywhere is good!

Read more: Electrek

From issue #91

Tesla ramps up first V3 Supercharger installations for Europe

Tesla V3 Superchargers for Europe being made in the Buffalo Gigafactory 2 are planned to arrive in Europe in early April. We’re not sure what’s going to happen with their installation due to current events, but we hope that France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Italy and the Netherlands can get their promised permanent V3 Superchargers soon.

From issue #106

Tesla releases a software update to help unfreeze charge port

This seems to be a Model 3 only. From the release notes: “When you set mobile preconditioning to HI, the climate system will better thaw your charge port in freezing conditions”

Read more: Electrek

From issue #40

Tesla removes the daily/trip charging recommendation to 80% in the Model 3 MIC

The first Model 3 MIC has been delivered in Europe and, since you can always charge it to 100%, Tesla removed the daily/trip recommendation.

From issue #141

Tesla simplifies finding Superchargers for towing

Tesla owners who frequently tow trailers will appreciate an upcoming software update that will make it easier to locate trailer-friendly Supercharger stalls. The update promises to add these specific stalls to the in-vehicle UI, a move spearheaded by Cybertruck Lead Engineer Wes Morrill. This feature is particularly timely, with the Model Y and imminent Cybertruck designed for towing, and the summer travel season arriving soon.

From issue #309

Tesla Superchargers are being made accessible to other electric cars

Tesla’s Supercharging network is not only beneficial to Tesla but also to other EVs. A true fact, although not so well known by most, is that Superchargers and in fact being made accessible to other electric vehicles.

From issue #143

Tesla testing their cars for extreme heat

The Tesla quality engineers head to Dubai at the hottest time of the year to test the cars for extreme heat and durability. Temperatures in Dubai can reach over 50 C (122 F).

From issue #267

Tesla to install charging stations at 2,000 Hiltons in North America

More great news for Tesla owners in North America, specially for those that are frequent users of Hilton Hotels. Telsa and Hilton just announcement an agreement to install 20,000 charging stations in 2,000 Hilton properties in the US, Mexico, and Canada. perfect for those spending the night at the property!

From issue #283

Tesla to open up CCS fast charging for European Model 3, Model S and Model X

Awesome news for future Tesla owners in Europe! Tesla is embracing the standard which enables Teslas to use other networks in Europe without special adapters.

Read more: Auto Express

From issue #34

Tesla to soon open their Supercharger network to all EVs in the UK

During the first Model Y Berlin deliveries, Elon mentioned that they want to complete the development of the We have seen this in other European countries and now, according to a UK government official, seems that the UK will be next!

From issue #210

Tesla V4 Supercharger with contactless credit card reader

Tesla Owners UK shared some pictures of a V4 Supercharger, which includes a contactless credit card reader. According to some Redditors, this is now a requirement in the European Union, even though the UK is no longer part of the EU. Regardless, if there’s a way for non-Tesla cars to charge without needing the app, it should make the process easier for them, although nothing beats the convenience of the plug and charge 😀

From issue #276

Tesla's J1772 wall connector now available at Best Buy

If there is a testament to the adoption of EVs is Best Buy offering EV chargers on their website. This isn’t the first time but it is the first time that they offer Tesla’s wall connector.

From issue #244

Tesla's non-Tesla Supercharger pilot program to open in the US in 2022

We’ve seen this happening in Europe as well, Tesla is slowly but steadily opening its charging network to non-Teslas. I tend to see this as a positive thing, another source of income for Tesla to expand faster, but I understand a lot of owners have their reservations about it, especially because many EVs would have to take many stalls to be able to plug in because of the position of their charge port.

From issue #224

Tesla's virtual power plant can now generate 100MWh in a single event

With a total of 6,691 homes in the VPP network, Tesla owners can generate ~100 MWh per event. Cool!

From issue #265

Teslas are efficient, but how efficient?

Did you know that a Tesla Model 3 can travel over a mile using the same amount of energy it takes to boil a pot of water? It can also go 4 times farther than a Toyota Corolla using the same amount of energy. Cool, right?

From issue #259

Third-generation Tesla Wall Connections can now charge others for using it

Not only they can charge others, but they are also findable in the Tesla App now. This is great for hotels, apartments, buildings, and offices, mainly all places that were using other solutions like Chargepoint before.

From issue #227

Undocumented changes in 2022.20 - Return of the arrival SoC in the overview

Finally! Tesla is moving the arrival SoC back to the overview, where it belongs. No more expanding directions just to see that information. Yes!

From issue #223

Unlimited charging overnight for $25 a month

Tesla Electric, exclusively in Texas, is offering a flat fee to charge your car at home at night for only $25 a month. In my case, I only charge at night due to the EV plan here in the Bay Area, and last month it cost me $130 according to the Tesla app.

From issue #278

Wall Connector and Mobile Charger prices dropped

The price went down to $400, from $495, for the wall charger, and to $200, from $400, for the mobile connector.

From issue #214

Wall Connector with 14-50 Plug back in stock

Tesla listed it a few months ago and then took it down. Now it’s back but with the following note “Limited inventory available. Once current stock is sold, this product will no longer be available.”

From issue #76

Weathertight UMC housing I built for the wife

If your UMC is outdoors, you might want to consider some type of enclosing to avoid it ending up breaking due to the weather conditions. This Reddit user showed us what he built for $85, “$30 for the post $30 for the stainless hardware $15 paint $10 electrical box and receptacle”.

From issue #163

Which US States have the most EV charging stations per vehicle?

In absolute numbers, California is first with nearly 37,000 units, but if we talk about the highest number per electric vehicle, the winning state is Vermont with 725 per 1,000 EVs.

From issue #165

You can now control who can use your Tesla Wall Connector

The v3 of the Tesla Wall Connector just received a software update that allows customizing who can use it. The options are, all vehicles, only Tesla, or authorized VINs only. Especially useful for those who have their charger outdoor.

From issue #219

You can now order the Wall Connector and Mobile Connector with your car

A couple of weeks ago, Tesla announced they were removing the mobile connector from their new cars, for purchases after April 17th, 2022. Now, as promised, Tesla has streamlined their purchase process to easily add on the mobile connector or the wall charger.

From issue #214