Past Tesletter articles

4 Easy fixes for rattling/creaking noises for Tesla Model 3

Great compilation of tricks and fixes in case your Model 3 isn’t as quiet as you’d like.

From issue #93

A/C odor removal and cleaning

A bunch of Model 3 owners have complained recently about a strange odor coming out of their A/C when they first start the car. The smell seems to go away after a few minutes but it is still really annoying. Tesla wouldn’t cover it under the warranty, but TMC user Lanzer just shared his trick to get rid of it.

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From issue #63

Auto-lifting Tesla Model 3 frunk

The Tesla Model 3 frunk releases on its own (with the push of a button on the touch screen or mobile app), but it doesn’t pop open. i1Tesla figured out that you can order inexpensive gas spring struts on Amazon that will make the frunk lift on its own.

From issue #25

Build a smart USB drive for your Tesla dash cam

drfrank explains how to setup a Raspberry Pi Zero W so that your Tesla thinks it’s a USB drive and writes dash cam footage to it. You can configure it so when you get home the Raspberry Pi connects to your WiFi and uploads your cam footage to your server. Pretty cool, uh?

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From issue #28

DIY Chrome delete for your Model 3

For $80 with 3M 1080 Satin Black Vinyl.

From issue #34

DIY garage Tesla Level 2 charger 📹

We always like it when people share their garage customizations. From original ways to get the cables off the garage floor to cool decorations, here’s a new video of an owner who build himself a Tesla Level 2 charger in his garage.

From issue #118

DIY retracting charging cable

If you are interested in something like what is shown on the video look at the post for more details.

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From issue #76

DIY two-tone slipstream wheels

Tesla offers these for $2,000 but this Reddit user did them with 3M vinyl for $50. What do you think?

From issue #69

DIY: Tesla Sound Dampening

This DIY was originally posted on the Facebook group Tesla Tips & Tricks by [Nenad Bejat]( Thank you Nenad Bejat for sharing with Tesletter’s readers!

tl;dr Yes, it works. Yes, music quality increases tenfold. Yes, all rattle noise disappears. Door closing sounds more compact and «expensive». Lowers wind noise.

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From issue #8

Dissolved a spare M3 key card in acetone and put its RFID chip and antenna in a small, generic key fob

Have you ever wanted to have a key fob instead of the key card for your Model 3? This Tesla owner transformed his key for about $10 (excluding the key cards).

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From issue #64

Do It Yourself - Model 3

Tesla just released a bunch of DIY articles for Model 3 owners, check them out!

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From issue #60

Fixed severed wheel sensor wires on a Tesla Model X

Good DIY in case this happens to you.

From issue #85

HW2.0 retrofit for MCU2, IC2, Tuner2, and FSD

A couple of months before Tesla announced the availability of the Infotainment upgrade, Kyle (@kyleday) finished this project to upgrade his Model S’ MCU and was even able to keep Tuner2 (which the official Tesla retrofit doesn’t offer).

In his words «I do not encourage you to repeat anything I have done. In fact, now that Tesla is offering the MCU2 and FSD Computer retrofits officially, I highly recommend you go do that.» But if you’re looking for good entertainment- with a successful outcome!- this is it. Thank you Kyle for sharing 🙏 Enjoy!

From issue #107

I turned my Tesla into a pickup truck

This video has been all over the Internet during the past two days. A Model 3 owner decided to modify her Model 3 and convert it in a pickup truck. This for sure is nothing like the future Tesla pickup truck (expected to be unveiled this summer) but it requires some serious skill and it’s the kind of content that we, at Tesletter, really love. Really impressive Simone!

From issue #64

Install a hitch for your Tesla Model 3

Trevor from Tesla Owners Online shows how to install the installation of Torklift Central EcoHitch in his Model 3. As Trevor said, the car was designed to have a hitch. I just want to add that you should inform yourself before deciding to install a tow hitch since Tesla says in the manual to not do it. Good job Trevor!

From issue #82

Installing new Race Deck Tiles

My friend Rafael (aka Teslatino) recently removed the old ceramic tiles from his garage floor (installed by a previous owner) which had been destroyed by his Model 3, and installed tough plastic tiles to renew the look and comfort of his garage. Great job, it looks amazing!

From issue #124

Johnny Cash's Rolls-Royce is now a converted Tesla with a touchscreen in the trunk

Johnny Cash’s 1970 Rolls-Royce has been converted into an electric car using a Tesla powertrain and other parts. The conversion was done by ShiftEV, which does a lot of these types of custom projects. Ok, this might be a bit off-topic for this newsletter but it was too cool to not add it ;)

What would be really cool is if Tesla someday decided to sell ‘conversion kits’. After all, this would align very well with its mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

From issue #124

MicroHUD showing battery power and motor torque 📹

TechTesla shares their microHUD showing battery power and motor torque directly from the bus. This HUD is wireless and it can be programmed to show other signals too. Pretty cool!

From issue #105

Model 3 DIY Wireless Phone Charger (no tools needed)

There are a few wireless phone chargers for the Model 3 already in the market but doing it yourself is always cool. Great job reflexiveblue documenting the process!

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From issue #20

Model 3 hitch installation trailer wiring tips

Tesla offers the tow hitch as an extra in Europe - no idea why only in Europe - but it seems to be shipping cars with the necessary wiring here in the US too. If you are thinking about getting an aftermarket tow hitch, and you have these wires, that will make the installation much easier.

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From issue #81

Model 3 light wiring guide and review

I love seeing these DIY posts, the result is nice with the exception of some wires sticking out of the center console:

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From issue #93

Model 3 vinyl wrap template

Awesome templates for Model 3 interior. If you don’t have access to a vinyl plotter you can also purchase a pre-made kit. Highly recommended you use an automotive grade vinyl. Enjoy!

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From issue #14

Model S custom bed

No, this isn’t the type of bed for kids with the shape of a Model S, although that would be amazing! This guy built a custom bed for the back of his Model S.

From issue #84

Retractable charger setup

We’re always looking for cool hacks to improve our charging situation at home. Here’s a cool trick.

From issue #133

Tesla Model 3 replace rear window and remove door panel

After having his window smashed, stilweezy decided to repair it himself and recorded the entire process. I hope this doesn’t happen to any of you, but with the increment on smash and grabs (specially in the Bay Area), this is useful.

From issue #59

Tilted Tesla touchscreen - Model 3

Brian from i1Tesla shows us an accessory to tilt the screen of the Model 3. Brian always has crazy mods like this one!

From issue #83

Trick for M3 phone dock so smartphone + case can fit

Thank you lexiheft for posting on Youtube so we could share it on the Tesletter!

From issue #11

[DIY] Chrome delete Tesla Model 3 (easy vinyl wrap)

If you are thinking about doing your own chrome delete for your M3 you can see how to do it here.

From issue #62

[Video] Arduino controlled side glow fibers

Check out the process of installing 40 individually controlled LEDs on to side glow fiber optics of a (Purple) Model 3. Incredible work by Nate Mccomb 👏 Thanks for sharing!

From issue #110

[Video] Houdini Tesla Track Mode rendering from a CSV

With the release of Track Model v2, Tesla also introduced the ability to store track sessions, including video and a bunch data, but they didn’t release is a way of visualizing it. This is why Reddit’s user u/CAPSLOCKCHAMP has built a Python script to parse the Track Mode 2 information from a .csv file to make a visualization of the data in a program called Houdini. Houdini is really good for this type of procedural animation combined with data, the end result is pretty impressive.

From issue #106