What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.24.6

What’s in Tesla’s software update 2020.24.6

Tesla’s latest Early Access only update (2020.24.5.1) is over and they have started rolling out a new software update, 2020.24.6, which introduces new cabin camera and green lights follow (amongst other things) to everyone. Not sure which improvements your Tesla is getting? Check it out here.

This is what the new update brings us:

What's in the 2020.24.6 update

  • Traffic light and stop sign control (beta) improvements. The news here is that Autopilot no longer expects driver confirmation to continue through a green taffic light. This is great considering it’s only been two months since this feature got introduced for the first time.
  • Backup camera improvements. You can now also simultaneously see the cameras from the sides when you’re in backup mode.
  • Dashcam viewer improvements. Sentry Mode is great but it’s still difficult to just get to the action when events are triggered/recorded. In an attempt to improve that, Tesla is now indicating when the event report was triggered with a red dot in the videos recorded.
  • TuneIn improvements. A heard some folks complaining about not being able to resume podcasts where they left it at. The new improvements doesn’t address this directly, but at least you can now adjust the speed of the playback up to 2x. The new changes also make it easier to browse and discover new content on TuneIn, both music and podcasts.
  • Walk-Away door lock improvements. You can now disable this when parked at home.
  • New language support. Portuguese has been added.
  • Cabin camera. Let’s see it in more detail below.

Cabin camera

Back in April we shared this tweet from @greentheonly where he unveiled some information about the ‘secret’ cabin-camera. Now, with 2020.24.6, the cabin-camera is no longer a mistery and you can opt-in to have this camera record in the event of an emergency or accident scenario.

The camera comes built-in above the rearview mirror (Model 3 and Model Y only) and the purpose of its existince, at least for now, is to help engineers develop safety features and enhancements in the future by looking at the visual information captured.

How to enable/disable the new cabin camera?
Go to Controls > Safety & Security > DATA SHARING > Allow Cabin Camera Analytics.

Who gets what

Feature Model Autopilot/MCU requirements
Green light follow All models Hardware 3 (FSD)
Dashcam viewer, red spot to indicate action All models MCU2 only
TuneIn, playback up to 2x All models none
Disable walk-away door lock while at home All models none
Cabin camera Model 3, Model Y none
Backup camera All models MCU2 only

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