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Announcements from the Tesla Q2 2018 results conference call

We don’t cover Tesla’s stock, financial results, or other stuff that isn’t their product but this time during the Q2 call, they made really cool product announcements:

  • v9 would include on-ramp off-ramp AP with automatic lane change when possible
  • Hardware 3 will be introduced next year. According to the announcement, the new hardware is a chip designed in-house. This chip is designed explicitly for neural network processing. There are drop-in replacements for the Model S, Model X, and Model 3. According to Elon, the current Nvidia hardware can process 200fps while this new one can process over 2000fps.
  • The coast-to-coast trip on AP won’t happen soon. The AP team is focused on “safety features” like recognizing stop signs and traffic lights in a super reliable way. They don’t want to distract the team or do it with a predefined hardcoded route, so it’s going to have to wait.
From issue #19

Battery charging data from 801 Teslas

Through the ABRP data collection by generous users, ‘A Better Routeplanner’ has build some models for use in the route planning. The data used is based on 4600 Supercharging sessions from 801 Tesla Vehicles!

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From issue #12

Camping party mode is coming

It is not a secret that lots of Tesla owners like to go on road trips and camping in their cars. Soon we will be able to keep the music on while we are around the campfire, charge our devices even when not using the card, and more.

See what Elon said on Twitter about it

From issue #19

Canada's first coast-to-coast non-stop EV road trip

Ian Pavelko and Trevor Page from @Model3Owners are going to be taking turns driving day and night to perform Canada’s first coast-to-coast EV road trip. They want to obliterate the misconception that electric vehicles are not made for long-distance and harsh weather. Way to go!

The adventure was scheduled to start on Feb 23r but unfortunately, due to Ian getting bad flu (we hope you feel better soon!) it’s been postponed one week. Stay tuned!

Read more: Twitter

From issue #100

Charging costs of a Model 3 traveling between states

Last week we highlighted a story about road trips and Tesla, this week I wanted to highlight charging during a road trip. According to this Model 3 owner who recently traveled between Maryland and Washington state and back (6,300 miles!), he only spent ~$350 in charging the car. This same trip would’ve cost about ~$586 with a mid-size gas car in the US. If you’re curious to know the rest of the trip conditions and facts, check out the post.

From issue #127

Coast to coast mode included in the latest firmwareNoAP finally available in Canada

According to greentheonly (aka verygreen) it comes disabled by default, but 18.48 version includes ‘Coast to coast mode’, although it can’t be enabled by ’normal means’ (he’s still looking into it).

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From issue #39

Ideas for your next Tesla road trip

As charging infrastructure grows across the country, electric car manufacturers are reassuring owners that long road trips are just as feasible as with fossil-fuel powered vehicles.

To illustrate this, USA TODAY asked electric car maker Tesla to identify charging options on five popular long distance routes across the country.

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From issue #10

Model S custom bed

No, this isn’t the type of bed for kids with the shape of a Model S, although that would be amazing! This guy built a custom bed for the back of his Model S.

From issue #84

Spreadsheet comparing the time spent in road trips for Model 3 SR/MR/LR

u/ChemtrailDreams has published a spreadsheet comparing the time spent (or saved) driving a certain distance by the different versions of the Model 3. There is a bunch of interesting data there, for example, this Seattle - San Francisco (815 miles) trip:

  • SR 16:23:00
  • MR: 15:26:00
  • LR (with Aero): 14:57:00

So the difference between the Standard Range and the Long Range in a 815 miles road trip is 1 hour and 26 minutes. Worth the $18k difference (the LR being more expensive Model 3)? Well, that honestly depends on you and the options that you would add to the SR plus factoring in the tax incentive. In any case, it’s worth looking at these numbers and thinking about it when purchasing a Model 3.

See more: Google Spreadsheet

From issue #32

Stats of a 100 day/15k mile cross-country trip in a Model X

Every time I talk to someone who isn’t familiar with EVs or Tesla is ‘but … am I going to be able to go on road trips?’ Range and long-distance trips are a big question mark for a lot of future EV owners, but you can totally do it on a Tesla, and it’s not even a rare thing. u/octane097 shared their tip, 100 days, 15 miles, 70 Supercharger stops, and 95% of driving using AP led to… zero problems! The post has a lot of stats and the pictures of the route and the trip, check it out!

From issue #126

Supercharging across Canada in an epic coast-to-coast nonstop road trip

Ian Pavelko and Trevor Page from Tesla Owners Online have finally been able to complete this epic coast-to-coast nonstop road trip across Canada. It took them 73 hours… who said EVs can’t be used in cold weather? Or bad for road trips? This is amazing and will for sure help a lot of people realize EVs are a solid choice and are here to stay. Check out their video sharing the good and the bad of this adventure.

From issue #103

The future of the great American road trip is electric

Taking on the state’s most iconic highway in what has become—for better or for worse—the state’s most iconic car.

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From issue #12

Tips for long distance trips with a Tesla

Using RV parkings (with real toilets and hot showers!), going for walks during charge stops, keeping it flexible for ‘surprise’ destinations, and having lunch at Superchargers are some of the recommendations shared by Tesla drivers.

Read more: Reddit

From issue #6

Travel times on Model S cars vs ICE cars

How much more longer are long trips with a Tesla compared to other ICE cars? One extra hour for a five hour trip and three extra hours for an 11 hour trip are some of the times reported by Tesla drivers. If you’re worried about trips getting longer with a Tesla just think about how for an 11 hour trip you’re probably going to stop to eat something at some point anyway.

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From issue #8