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Get your Tesla ready for the winter

November 18, 2019

When it comes to preparing your car for the winter, Teslas have some specifics that you may not know about. If this is your first winter with a Tesla, we’ve collected a few useful tips and tricks for you to survive the cold weather. Keep reading.

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A quick tip: rename one of the trips to 'since last rotation'

Smart and easy tip, just rename one of the trips on your Tesla Trip Counter (Controls > Trips) to “since last tire rotation” and, that way, you will have an easy way of remembering when was the last time that you rotated/replaced your tires.

From issue #242

Factory reset takes 2 minutes and wipes everything

In case you were wondering what is the best way of deleting all your data from your Tesla before selling it, the answer is doing a factory reset. It is easy and quick, it takes only two minutes.

From issue #169

Frozen Tesla charge port

After freezing rain Trevor shows us how the preheat feature helps to defrost his Model 3. Well, everything but the charge port. If I’m not mistaken - being in the Bay Area there aren’t many cold days here - starting to charge the vehicle would have resulted in the charge port being defrosted as well.

From issue #94

Hidden Features of the Model 3/Y

After 2.5 years of Tesla ownership, Andy Slye shares his ultimate list of top 30 Tesla tips and tricks for the Model 3 and the Model Y. Here’s some of them (check out the full list in the description of the video):

  • How to watch streaming in full-screen mode (apart from the built-in streaming services like Netflix or Hulu)
  • Priority device - no more reading your partner’s text messages when you’re the one driving! :P
  • What are the best voice commands
  • Some great accessories
  • … and the list goes on and on"
From issue #146

How to fix an oily/stained window trim in 3 minutes

Thanks to this Redditor, we now know that using Weiman Stainless Steel cleaner works to get rid of the oily stains in the window trim. According to multiple comments, those stains can be the result of the triple foam applied by some car washes, if this happens to you, just remember this trick!

From issue #231

Power user move for v9 climate control

Tip and Trick: Long-pressing on the fan icon will toggle the climate control on and off.

Read more: Reddit

From issue #32

Trick to rewind and fast forward in YouTube

Video streaming apps (YouTube, Netflix) can be slow sometimes when responding to touch, and for that, Reddit user u/Kimorin/ has shared the following trick: you can use the left wheel to rewind and fast forward instead. Nice one!

From issue #142

Unlock all doors by pressing the park button a 2nd time

If you have disabled the “unlock on park” setting for security reasons, a second press of the park button would unlock all doors making it convenient to pick up someone/something from the back.

Read more: Reddit

From issue #69