Tesla Performance have a faster acceleration times than the Long Range (LR) versions. In addition, the Model 3 comes with ‘Track Mode’, which allows owners to customize its handling, providing even more control over how their car behaves on track.

Check out the acceleration times by Tesla Model:

  • Model Y: 0-60 mph in 4.8s (LR) or in 3.5s (Performance)
  • Model 3: 0-60 mph in 4.2s (LR) or in 3.1s (Performance)
  • Model S: 0-60 mph in 3.7s (LR), in 2.3s (Performance), or <2s (Plaid)
  • Model X: 0-60 mph in 4.4s (LR) or in 2.6s (Performance)

Blog posts related to Performance

Tesla Model S Plaid

September 23, 2020

The Tesla Model S Plaid comes equipped with a tri-motor powertrain, 200 mph of top speed, over 520 miles of range, and able to go from 0 to 60 mph in less than 2 seconds. Available to pre-order since Sep. 22nd. Deliveries to start in late 2021. Starting at $139,990.

Tesla's Track Mode V2

March 5, 2020

Tesla Track Mode V2 is being released as part of the latest update 2020.8.1 and it's available for the Performance Model 3 (standard and stealth).

Videos about Performance

Past Tesletter articles

[Video] Houdini Tesla Track Mode rendering from a CSV

With the release of Track Model v2, Tesla also introduced the ability to store track sessions, including video and a bunch data, but they didn’t release is a way of visualizing it. This is why Reddit’s user u/CAPSLOCKCHAMP has built a Python script to parse the Track Mode 2 information from a .csv file to make a visualization of the data in a program called Houdini. Houdini is really good for this type of procedural animation combined with data, the end result is pretty impressive.

From issue #106

[Video] Upgrading a Model S 75D

Rich Rebuilds swaps the battery, the motor, and the computer of a Model S 75D and replaces it from the ones from a P100D. Pretty insane.

From issue #108

2018 Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Performance review: first taste

“We pile into the compact confines of the Model 3, which looks the same as any other, except for having a combined 450 hp and 471 lb-ft of torque. That sort of power should put its performance on par with a BMW M3 super sedan.”

Read more: Motortrend

From issue #18

Autocross - Tesla Model 3 Performance

Pretty cool to see how well the Model 3 Performance handles the course. The Model 3 is 100% stock except for the wheels and tires. The author used RaceRender to render the CSV data generated by Track Mode on top of the video.

From issue #124

Delivery estimate from Model S Plaid+ changes to mid 2022

It used to say end of 2021 and now it’s mid 2022. I’m not sure if demand is really high or if they are just delaying it, interesting nonetheless.

From issue #155

Giveaway Alert: Win a Frunk Cooler for your Tesla

It’s giveaway week again! Going out and about with your Tesla? Need a cooler to take snacks and drinks with you while keeping them at the right temperature? Participate in this week’s giveaway (on Twitter) and win this awesome frunk cooler by Evannex.

From issue #156

How battery temperature affects performance


  • Colder battery = less regen, power and slower charge
  • Lower SOC = faster charge / better regen if cold
  • High SOC = less regen / charge speed even with a warm battery
  • Charging to 80% vs. 90% daily might be worth it just for the slight regen increase at lower temperatures
From issue #100

Model 3 Dual Motor and Performance starting production in July 2018

According to Elon Musk’s Twitter account “Tesla will enable orders end of next week for dual motor AWD & performance. Starting production of those in July. Air suspension prob next year.”

Read more: Twitter

From issue #8

Model 3 Dual Motor AWD and Performance versions announced

In the rare event you haven’t heard yet, Tesla finally released the specs and opened the orders for the long-awaited Model 3 dual motor all-wheel-drive and performance versions.

Dual Motor AWD
  • Range: 310 miles
  • 0 to 60 mph acceleration: 4.5 seconds
  • Top speed: 140 mph
  • Price: $5,000 for AWD option
  • Range: 310 miles
  • 0 to 60 mph acceleration: 3.5 seconds
  • Top speed: 155 mph
  • Price: $78,000 (without autopilot)

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From issue #9

Model 3 launching to 200 km/h 27 times in a row

Bjørn is back, this time with a video where he launches his Model 3 27 times in a row. He picked into the CAN Bus to render some interesting stats alongside with his video.

From issue #83

Model 3 Performance pictures

Shared by ‘The Tesla Show’ podcast. Thanks! We really like how neat the black and white interior looks in the M3P.

From issue #19

Model 3 Track Package and Track Mode V2

New Performance package for the Model 3. It includes track-focused brake fluid, high-performance brake pads and 20" Zero-G Performance Wheels (which may affect range). Costs $5,500.

On top of that Tesla is releasing the Track Mode V2. In this version, they’re giving the driver a lot of freedom to tweak how the car responds and other interesting features like recoding video, built-in-lap timer, and more.

What do you think? I personally think that those rims look 🔥🔥🔥 See it in action on a track.

From issue #101

Model S Plaid vs. Model 3 Performance - 1/4 mile visualized

Great visualization, compared to the Model S Plaid the Model 3 Personance seems slow. P.S. This is from before Tesla announced the refresh, it’s even faster now!

From issue #148

Model Y Performance 1/4 mile run 📹

Brian from i1Tesla puts a Model Y Performance against a Model 3 Performance and a Model X Performance and here’s what he has found out.

From issue #105

Model Y, Peformance or LR AWD? 📹

The Model Y with the Performance upgrade adds $8,000 to the cost of a LR AWD Model Y with 19” Gemini or $6,000 if you compare it to a LR AWD with 20” Induction wheels. But… is it worth the investment? I guess the answer is it depends on what you’re looking for but according to this comparison by ‘The Kilowatts’, if you’re looking for the extra performance, it’s totally worth it since the two are not that different in terms of range.

See more: YouTube

From issue #116

New Model S Plaid

They did it. Yesterday, Tesla announced the new Model S Plaid with a tri-motor powertrain and the specs are even better than what we were hoping for. It can already be pre-ordered online (since yesterday) and deliveries are planned for later in 2021.

  • 520 mi range

  • 200 mph top speed
  • <2.0 seconds 0-60 mph

If Plaid is going to be so awesome, why a Roadster, you’d ask yourself. Someone also asked Elon Musk on Twitter. His answer: it’s going to be even better.

From issue #130

New tires for the 2022 Model Y Performance

The 2022 Model Y Performance now comes with Michelin Pilot All Season 4 tires from the factory. Nice addition!

From issue #193

Performance Model 3 spoiler installation

If you purchased a Performance Model 3 and are still waiting for Tesla to call to get your spoiler installed, you can stop waiting. Just schedule a service appointment and they’ll come to you and get the job done.

I don’t have a link for you and I have a Model S, not Performance Model 3, but a friend just did this and since it seems that some people didn’t know about it, I thought I’d share.

From issue #78

Performance Model 3 top speed at Transport Canada test track

Trevor, from Tesla Owners Online, and Ian Pavelko, took a Model 3 into track. Spoiler: the Model 3 Performance peaked at 163mph or 262kmh.

From issue #74

Performance Version AWD is being rolled out before regular AWD version

Per conversation on Twitter, it seems like Tesla is trying to sell higher price versions first in order to avoid negative margins.

Read more: Reddit

From issue #10

Plaid and Plaid+ with torque vectoring

Good catch by u/AndrasHatvani, the upgrades listed on for the Plaid and Plaid+ versions include ‘Torque Vectoring’. If you don’t know what this means, and I have to confess I didn’t either before reading this, it means that it will come with a motor on each rear wheel, allowing the car to overdrive the outside wheel and pull the car when turning.

From issue #155

Plaid Model S spotted in Palo Alto 👀

Ryan, from The Kilowatts, recently ran into a wider Model S with manufacturer plates going around in Palo Alto. These are some of the things that he was able to observe: wider body, chrome delete, rear diffuser, and new wheels. What do you think?

From issue #145

S3XY comparison

This article offers a unique perspective by a Tesla owner who has owned a Model S, a Model X, a Model 3, and since recently, also a Model Y. He compares each model to the Model Y and offers his verdict in terms of aesthetics, functionality, interior volume, technology, performance, and driveability.

From issue #107

Tesla “uncorks” early Model X 100D with more power, faster acceleration

A Tesla Model X 100D recently received a software update that “uncorked” more performance from the luxury all-electric SUV. The update, which was featured in a recent DragTimes video on YouTube, allowed the Model X 100D to attain a better speed and power output compared to before.

Read more: Teslarati

From issue #16

Tesla breaks down the range of Model 3 Performance with different wheels

Tesla has published the EPA numbers for the Model 3 for 2020, they’ve split the range of the performance version by wheels.

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From issue #85

Tesla hacker unlocks performance upgrade

A company called Ingenext is offering Model 3 Performance software upgrades at a discounted price ($1,100 instead of $2,000). They are not only selling ‘Acceleration boost’ but also including some additional capabilities like ‘Drift mode’. While is neat to see people unlocking stuff in our Tesla’s I have no doubt that Tesla could issue a software update to make this upgrade stop working.

Ingenext is also offering the upgrade to Model 3 Dual Motor cars with the caveat that you’d lose the ability to receive software updates. That would be a deal-breaker for me, but I assume if they are offering this there must be some demand for it 🤷‍♂️

Read more: Electrek

From issue #116

Tesla Model 3 Performance acceleration tests 90-10%'

Really interested in seeing how the acceleration degrades in cold weather as the SOC gets lower.

From issue #150

Tesla vs Tesla vs Tesla, who wins?

Fun video of the Tesla Performance family (3, S, X) in a drag race, a rolling race, and a brake test.

From issue #101

The World's Quickest Cars: Lucid Air Sapphire vs Bugatti Chiron vs Tesla Plaid

The Lucid Air Sapphire has set a new record for the world’s quickest-accelerating production car, with a quarter-mile time of 9.1 seconds at 156 mph. It outperformed the previous record holder, the Tesla Model S Plaid, which recorded a quarter-mile time of 9.3 seconds at 152 mph. The Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport recorded a quarter-mile time of 9.3 seconds at 156 mph, while the Ducati Panigale V4 SP2 motorcycle recorded a quarter-mile time of 9.3 seconds at 157 mph. The Lucid Air Sapphire is now the acceleration king among production cars with four wheels, followed by the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport in second place.

From issue #248

Track Mode for Model 3 is here!

2018.42.8 brings with it ‘Track Mode’ for all the M3P regardless of having PUP or not. ‘Track Mode’ enables Tesla’s performance-oriented stability control and powertrain settings configured for track driving.

Read more: Tesla Blog

From issue #33

UnpluggedTesla carbon fiber front diffuser for the Tesla Model S

When it comes down to high-performance accessories for your Tesla, Unplugged Performance is a clear leader. This Carbon Fiber Front Diffuser is designed to improve performance for Model S owners. It reduces drag and adds downforce, but can also be used for daily driving with its removable carbon fiber Aero Pads. The pads protect the diffuser and can be replaced as they wear. It is designed for use with the Model S-APEX and all Model S models.

From issue #248