Best Tesla Model 3 Cyber Monday deals, over $500 in savings

Best Tesla Model 3 Cyber Monday deals, over $500 in savings

Today is probably the best day of the year to treat yourself and get your Model 3 all those accessories to make it even more awesome. We’ve partnered with a few brands and are bringing you over $500 in savings on the following Tesla Model 3 accessories. Enjoy!

Chrome Delete

Save $87 in one of TeslaBros' signature products, their Chrome Delete. Made of premium vynil, tested and cut for perfect fit and finish.


$50 + 15% off

Coupon code: Tesletter15

Car cover

Evannex car cover has been custom-designed for the Tesla Model 3. It is cut to fit Model 3 contours and has a mesh opening to allow appropriate cooling air flow while charging your vehicle. It also has a specific opening to accommodate the Model 3 charging door.


$5 off on any order over $50

Coupon code: BFCM

Carbon Fiber Front Spoiler (Laguna Seca Edition)

Teslarati and Maier Racing bring you this exclusive Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Front Spoiler handmade in California. Check out additional discounts when combining with a rear spoiler.


$50 + 25% off first order

Coupon code: Tesletter

Jeda Pad

Wireless phone charger. Simply drop off your phone and the Jeda Wireless Pad will start charging — wirelessly.


$30 off

Coupon code: CYBRPAD

USB/MicroSD for TeslaCam

Last day to get the USB/MicroSD for TeslaCam at a discounted price.


10% off USB/MicroSD

No code required

Ultra-Bright LED Puddle Lights (pair)

Abstract Ocean's puddle lights are the brightest puddle lights available, of great quality, and they're super easy to install.


20% off

Coupon code: elfdriving

Touchscreen protector

Elon Accessories screen protector for the Model 3 is invisible, easy-on-eyes, high-definition, fingerprint-proof, fits perfectly, it's easy to install, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.


15% off

Coupon code: THANKS19


Tesla Model 3 air freshener made of natural wood. The code is valid for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


15% off

Coupon code: tesletter15

Cooler box (frunk)

Great discount on Tesmanian's cooler box designed for the Model 3 frunk. The code is valid all week until Monday Dec. 2nd.


40% off their cooler box

Coupon code: Tcooler40

Drop Lock

Add an extra layer of safety to your Model 3 with this clean, simple, and easy to install rear seat lockset. The code is valid from Thursday Nov. 28th through Monday Dec. 2nd.


10% off

Coupon code: cyberlock

Electric Frunk

Last day to get Tesla Offer's Electric Frunk discounted to $399. Check out their website for more deals on some of their other best selling products.


$399 Electric Frunk

No code required

License plate mount (SnapPlate by Living Tesla)

Fast, easy-install, easy-remove, tool-less, paint-safe, grille-safe, radiator-safe, Autopilot-safe front license plate mount for the Tesla Model 3. The code is valid from Friday Dec. 29th through Monday Dec. 2nd.


10% off

Coupon code: Tesletter10

License plate mount (The Bandit)

Check out The Bandit's license plate mount for the Model 3.


$10 off all products

Coupon code: tesletter

Tesletter Shop

All of our t-shirts and mugs (yes, we have mugs too now!) are discounted from Thursday Nov. 28th through Monday Dec. 2nd.


15% off

No code required.

Because we 💚 Tesla

Our Model S rocks so much that we designed some sweet t-shirts to go with it. Check out all of our designs at

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