Tesletter Supporters Page - Thank You

Tesletter Supporters Page - Thank You

These are the amazing humang beings and brands who support us and make it possible that we send and keep improving Tesletter every week. If you’d like to become one of our supporters, visit our Patreon page.


Kris McGinnes, Tesla Para Todos, Sunil Joseph, Steven Willmott, Anirudh Kurra, Nuria De Francisco, Andy D, John R, Tesla Ideas, Jay L, Larry F, Jeanette R, Paul S, Kevin C, Jim E, Mario S, John R, Robert K, and Sultanh A.


Producer Supporters

  • Teslascope. Teslascope provides all Tesla vehicle owners with a trove of easy-to-use tools, detailed analytics about your driving habits, charging sessions, and so much more.
  • TinkerTry. IT Pro Paul Braren has his detailed technical articles about his 26,000+ miles of 2018 Tesla Model 3 experience at TinkerTry.com and 4K videos in his YouTube channel. His home in Wethersfield Connecticut is now gasoline free, with his wife now enjoying her 2020 Tesla Model 3 SR+.
  • Gerald D.

Thank you!!!!

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