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ABetterRoutePlanner is working on a mobile app

This is, in my opinion, the best route planner for EVs. I use it when I want to take a specific route or plan a trip from my couch. The developer behind the app just announced that they are working on an Android and iOS app. The app is in an early release right now but it’s functional and great to have the option to use it from a smartphone 😊

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From issue #92

ABRP lets you enter negative charge rates to simulate camp mode

A great hack for A Better Route Planner. If you like using camp mode or want to factor in the phantom drain, Reddit user u/xdert/ shared this trick that he discovered while playing with the app to see how long he could spend the night on the route in camp mode. He tried to set a waypoint on a parking lot, selected ‘charge here’, and put in -1kw during 8 hours… and it worked!

From issue #142

Amazon launches Ring Car Connect

Ring just launched a new device for your car that can extend Tesla’s Sentry Mode capabilities. Ring Car Connect gets plugged into your Tesla (all models) and taps into its cameras which can then be used in real-time. What kind of features are we talking about? If you’re familiar with Ring’s doorbell camera, we’re talking about similar things: motion and sound alerts, photo capture, cloud storage, etc. I believe Tesla is going to get there sooner or later, but it seems a good move on Ring’s side to win in the car security space outside the Tesla world.

From issue #131

Announcing: teslabout open beta

Teslabout is a modern web application for viewing live and historical metrics for your Tesla. One thing that stood out when I first looked at this app is how beautifully designed it is. Teslabout offers a free plan as well as a premium plan to access historical data.

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From issue #97

Check out Tesletter's mobile app 📱

For those of you who don’t love email, we also have a mobile app. It works both for Android and iOS and it’s available to all of our patrons. In this video, we do a quick tour of it. I hope you like it!

From issue #96

Find Tesla inventory cars

Lasse Edvardsen shared with us the site that he created about a year ago that make easier finding Tesla Inventory cars. In his own words “I have a lot of inventory that other inventory sites don’t have. This is especially true for the UK, USA, and Norway.”. Good job Lasse!

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From issue #19

Giveaway Alert: Win a Stats for Tesla license

We’re partnering with Stats for Tesla to give away 3 licenses for their popular iOS mobile app for Tesla. Use Siri to interact with your car, check out gas savings, see the percentage of users in each firmware version, and more! Check out pinned tweet to participate. Good luck!

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From issue #95

Giveaway Alert: Win a Tronity 1-year license

Tronity is a cloud platform to analyze your car’s data. We like Tronity because they are particularly focused on data protection and security and because they’re contributing to make the charging infrastructure more transparent. They also support multiple EV manufacturers (not only Tesla).

This week, we’re partnering with them to offer 3 1-year Tronity licenses. Check out pinned tweet to participate.

If you’re curious, create an account on Tronity using this link to get 4-week trial for being a Tesletter subscriber. Enjoy!

From issue #102

Play every PC game in your Tesla

RainwayApp brings you the joy of being able to play any PC game you want in your Tesla (while parked). You’ll need to create a ‘Dashboard’ in a PC (just once) to be able to access the games from any browser. Including your Tesla’s.

From issue #102

Stats Menu Bar: For Tesla cars

The well known Stats app just released their desktop app (Mac only). If you want to check the battery status and remaining range right on your desktop without having to pull up your phone, this app is for you.

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From issue #59

Tesla Mate

Some people like the idea of logging information about their car but they don’t want to install 3rd party apps that they don’t control. If that is your case, you should try Tesla Mate. The downside is that it requires some tech chops and for you to host the code.

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From issue #87

Tesla's new leasing experience

Tesla is moving its lease experience to the Tesla Account. According to an email Tesla sent to owners, the change will be happening early in 2021 and it will also include new management options such as extending or transferring the lease, purchasing your car, selling to non-Tesla dealers, reporting a total loss and requesting an early lease termination.

From issue #142

TeslaMate – Tesla logger (step-by-step Docker installation guide – DigitalOcean)

Last week we talked about TeslaMate. This week we’re sharing a step-by-step guide put together by Satheesh (one of our subscribers) to help you get it up and running. If you are interested but don’t know how to start, give it a try!

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From issue #88 offering full-screen apps is a free service for Tesla owners that allows you to easily view different streaming media apps in full screen vs. just in the small browser window. To use it, open on the web browser of your Tesla (MCU2 only) and tap on “Enable Full Screen”, that should launch the Youtube App in full screen and then redirect you to

Just this past week, I was telling Vanessa about creating a site exactly like this one. Glad to see someone has done it already!

From issue #95

Tessie for iOS & Android: Make life with a Tesla even better

I love seeing Tesla owners coming up with their own product ideas, both hardware, and software. This week I came across this new app (Tessie) and it looks gorgeous! It also has some smart notifications that I like, for instance, it alerts you if there is supposed to rain and your windows are open. You can read more about their approach to security and other things in this Reddit post.

From issue #152

The ultimate Tesla web app

Mother Frunker - yeah you read that correctly 🤣- has developed a web app with several useful apps and shortcuts right there on his Model 3. It all started as a way for him to quickly access Reddit while charging, and as he started adding more functionality, he decided to release it so we all can use it. Take a look at the video and check the app by visiting from the browser in your car.

From issue #61