Top Model 3 Accessories

Top Model 3 Accessories

If you’ve just got delivery of your Tesla and are looking for some of the best Model 3 accessories to consider buying, you’ve reached the right place. Also, congratulations on your new Model 3!

The following are products that we recommend because we really like them. We’ve either tried them ourselves or we have gotten good feedback about them by someone we trust. So please, enjoy:

Model 3 accessories
  1. USB for Sentry and Dashcam videos
    The top accessory I always recommend is a USB to be able to store and manage Sentry and Dashcam videos. There’s no other way of watching the videos stored with event reports if you don’t have a properly formatted USB plugged in your Tesla.
    For iPhone and iPad, I recommend SanDisk iXpand USB. This is one of the fastest options (available since iOS 13.0) and it’s compatible with the most popular mobile apps to watch and manage Sentry videos out there. A very good alternative to the iXpand (and very complete!) is PureTesla's TeslaCam for iOS Bundle. It comes ready to use and it doesn't only work with iPhone/iPad via a microSD reader and Lightning port adapter, but it's also compatible with Mac, PC and Android.

    For Android, we recommend this SD Card Reader USB by UGREEN. If you want it ready to use, you can get PureTesla's USB/MicroSD already preconfigured for TeslaCam or even better, their ultimate TeslaCam solution in terms of reliability and storage, PureTesla's TeslaCam SSD Extreme.
  2. Wall charger adapters
    This will change depending on your needs, your Tesla comes with a 110-volt charger, but that can only charge at 4 o 5 mph, so you may need extra chargers/adapters. Here’s what we know and recommend for charging in the US:
    • NEMA 14-50. Recommended by Tesla (it came with our Model S when we got it in Dec. 2017). We can’t use it at home since we don’t have enough power to install this kind of power outlet. Also useful to charge at campgrounds.
    • NEMA 14-30. For chargers with less voltage, this is the one that came with our installation at home.
    • NEMA 10-30. If you already have a power outlet for your dryer in your garage, use this adapter to charge your Tesla. We like this one for when we’re traveling.
    Tesla offers a Gen 2 NEMA Adapter bundle that contains all of these and others. You can also buy them individually on the Tesla shop website.
  3. DIY Chrome Delete Kit (and other vinyl wraps)
    Premium vinyl quality, top notch customer support. TesBros' DIY Chrome Delete Kit currently has a special offer and you can get it for just $139.95 (you won't find a better price!). They also have lots of other premium quality vinyl wraps (center console, dashboard, door sill, you name it!).
  4. Ultra-bright LED lights (DIY full kit)
    Ultra-bright LED lights are by the far the #1 most popular upgrade for any Tesla owner. Super easy DIY plug-n-play install, 16X brighter than the dim factory lights, and at a very affordable price. Sold by Teslarati, made by Abstract Ocean.
  5. Wireless phone charger
    A really nice to have, especially if you spend a lot of time in your car. Check out Jeda’s wireless pad to charge your phone.
  6. Emergency tire repair kit
    Since we don’t have a spare tire in our Tesla, and even though Tesla has Roadside Assistance available 24 hours a day, 365, carrying an emergency tire repair kit is never a bad idea. We have this one from Slime.
  7. All-weather mats
    A very good alternative to the Tesla ones are these sold by Tesmanian: interior, trunk, and frunk. We also recommend this video for a good laugh (and an awesome product review).
  8. Screen protector
    It aligns perfectly with the Tesla Model 3 touchscreen, matte-finished, and it’s made of anti-glare, scratch-resistant tempered glass. Sold by Elon Accessories.
  9. Air Freshener
    I don't own a Model 3 but people rave about Scent Wedge's air freshener. It's exclusive designed for the Model 3, all of the scents are natural and earthy, and there are many many options and bundles available.
  10. Trunk organizer
    Evannex's trunk organizer provides a partitioning system so you can make the most out of your Model 3's trunk space. Awesome accessory to avoid the clutter and keep your stuff organized.

    (Also, use the code 'TESLETTER' at checkout to get $10 off any order of $100 or more at Evannex).
  11. Door and emergency lever label set
    It’s a common problem to have passengers pull the emergency lever instead of the door handles. Get this easy to install stickers by Tesla Bros to prevent that to happen.
  12. License plate mount
    EveryAmp's SnapPlate is a fast, easy-install, easy-remove, tool-less, paint-safe, grille-safe, radiator-safe, Autopilot-safe front license plate mount for the Tesla Model 3.

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