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Changes in the Model 3 pricing and lineup (again)

Tesla has decided to pull the plug on their $35k version of the M3 (SR). Honestly, given the difference in price, I personally think SR+ gives you more bang for your buck. Going forward, Tesla also factored Autopilot as part of the price and included it in all cars. If you are interested in the SR version, you can still order it off menu at a store or via phone. If you are getting a new Tesla and need a referral code, you can use ours

In another surprising move, they started a leasing program for M3. If you think this is a good option, you have to know there’s a catch. You can’t purchase the car at the end of the lease, you would need to return it since Tesla is planning on using those for their future float of autonomous taxis. Did we say we are so much looking forward to see what they present on Monday related to Autopilot?

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From issue #55

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range ($35,400) starting to be delivered with software-locked range & features — Should you buy?

CleanTechnica got heir hands on a real Model 3 SR and did an in depth analysis. If you are thinking about getting one we recommend you to read the article. If you are ordering and don’t have a referral code, you can use ours to get $1,000 of free Supercharging

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From issue #61