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[Pics] All you wanted to know about the Model 3 Zero-G forged wheels

Ian Pavelko, AKA Mad Hungarian, got his hands on a new Model 3 Zero-G forged wheels and shares his insights about them on this Twitter thread. Ian is an expert on wheels, so you want to read this!

From issue #109

[Pics] Waiting for the Arachnid Wheels from the referral program?

Tesla recently updated their referral page which now instructs customers to schedule a service appointment for the “Install of Model 3 Referral Wheels". It might be that your service center doesn’t have them yet, but it’s worth reaching out to see what they say. Also, check out the pictures, they look 🔥🔥🔥

From issue #108

First look at the Model 3 forged performance wheels

Ok, these look a-ma-zing! After some delay, Tesla might be getting ready to get these to those who selected them as a prize for their referrals. Thank you @BLKMDL3 and @Model3Owners for sharing!

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From issue #97

How much does wheel size impact an electric car's driving range?

Tl;dr. Smaller wheels extend your range and are better for the environment. Check out this comparison of a Model Y with 20-inches and 18-inch wheels.

From issue #138

New 18 Aero wheels?

This Model 3, probably part of the refresh project called Project Highland, comes with new 18" Aero wheels. These ones are matte black and hint at another change to be released soon for the car. Personally, I never liked the original Aero wheels, and I hope these are an improvement over them.

From issue #256

New black Arachnid wheels and ventilated seats

Tesla is bringing back the previously discontinued ventilated seats and it is making new black Arachnid wheels available from the ordering process. (Previously, they were only available through the referral process). For now, they’re available both for the Model S and the Model X but only for the P100D.

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From issue #9

New Model 3 center console and wheels

New wheels for the Model 3 have been spotted. A new console design as well. Lots of changes going on in the 2021 Model 3. I don’t particularly love the new center console, but I’m also a Model S owner, so what do I know 🤷‍♂️ What do you think, yay or nay?

From issue #133

New Tesla Model 3 18 inch wheels with cover removed

I personally prefer them over the previous Aero wheels. What’s your opinion?

From issue #282

Tesla wheels and tires by i1Tesla 📹

Every time that I’ve got change my tires/wheels I get overwhelmed with options. i1Tesla shares his views on what’s better and compares a few options while talking about performance, efficiency, cost, longevity, brands, etc. Thank you, Brian, for helping us see the light!

From issue #120

The 2021 Model 3 has the same new Bluetooth TPMS as Model Y

Contrary to early reports they are 100% auto-learning, no pre-programming required. No TPMS reset button so when you swap your tires just start driving and the tire pressure will auto-learn.

From issue #138