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Additional $1,500 EV rebate in California

If you’re in California, there is still time to take advantage of the latest $1,500 EV rebate- California Clean Fuel Reward - including additional local incentives and carpool lane access.

From issue #138

Elon Musk warns Tesla may stop taking orders on some vehicles due to 'ridiculous' demand

In a recent interview, Elon said that Tesla might stop taking orders for anything beyond a certain period of time, right now the waiting time for most orders is 1 year. If they change the system, I wonder how they would do it, new orders open up at midnight 3 months in advance or something like that? One big problem with orders that take 1 year or close, is that I’m sure a decent percent changes their mind in the process and it also drives away some demand because they need a car sooner.

From issue #216

Model 3 has lowered the price in the US

Tesla just updated the price of its Model 3 SR+ lowering it to $37,990 (-$2k) in the US. Prices elsewhere remain untouched, at least for now.

Model S/Model X LR and Performance versions’ price has also been lowered to $74,990 and $79,990 respectively (-$5k), but they no longer come with free Supercharging.

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From issue #113

One year of free Supercharging for new Model 3 and Model Y owners

In an effort to bump end-of-the-year sales, Tesla is offering one year of free Supercharging with Model Y and Model 3 purchases. To qualify for it, the purchase needs to be between Dec. 12th and Dec. 31st, and Standard Range Plus (SR+) variant is not included. Hope they make it to the 500,000 vehicles sold in 2020! If you are shopping for a new Tesla and we have been useful to you, please use our referral code

From issue #142

Performance Version AWD is being rolled out before regular AWD version

Per conversation on Twitter, it seems like Tesla is trying to sell higher price versions first in order to avoid negative margins.

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From issue #10

Tesla finds loophole around New Mexico’s ban on direct car sales

If you are a Tesla owner or a future owner in New Mexico, this is great news! Tesla partnered with a Native American tribe, Nambé Pueblo, and was able to build on their land – which is not subject to state law.

From issue #181

Tesla improves service in Norway as EV sales continue to climb

Tesla has had a bunch of complaints lately about Service and Delivery in Norway. Tesla’s strained distribution and service centers have meant long lines and complaints to authorities. Tesla’s reaction has been to share that “they are building new service centers in many locations, dedicated trucks for fast services, etc., which increases the value proposition for Tesla’s customers in Norway.”

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From issue #19

Tesla Model S wins MotorTrend’s ultimate car of the year award

The 2013 Model S just got named the ultimate car of the year beating all the other cars of the year that the publication has picked since 1949 when they first introduced the prize. MotorTrend wrote “No vehicle we’ve awarded, be it Car of the Year, Import Car of the Year, SUV of the Year, or Truck of the Year, can equal the impact, performance, and engineering excellence that is our Ultimate Car of the Year winner, the 2013 Tesla Model S".

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From issue #68

Tesla offering another end-of-quarter incentive for existing owners

Tesla is offering existing owners a new incentive to purchase from its inventory: a complimentary paint or interior upgrade. This is part of a push to boost Q1 sales and complements the previously mentioned promotions ike Full Self-Driving transfers and up to 10,000 miles of free Supercharging credits. To qualify, delivery must be taken before March 31, 2024.

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From issue #308

Tesla removes lease buyout option for all vehicles

Model 3 and Model Y leases already came without an option to purchase the car at the end of the lease, and now, Tesla has extended this option to the Model S and X. One can assume that Tesla has figured out it is better for them to take the car back and use their used program to increase profits.

From issue #212

Tesla's new leasing experience

Tesla is moving its lease experience to the Tesla Account. According to an email Tesla sent to owners, the change will be happening early in 2021 and it will also include new management options such as extending or transferring the lease, purchasing your car, selling to non-Tesla dealers, reporting a total loss and requesting an early lease termination.

From issue #142

U.S. plug in vehicle sales Dec 2010 to present

Nice visualization of the EV sales overtime in the US.

From issue #61

Update on Tesla Stores and Pricing

Tesla announced last week that they were moving all their sales online. This week they announced a change of plans and will be closing only half of the stores that they first intended. As a result of keeping significantly more stores open, Tesla will need to raise vehicle prices by about 3% on average worldwide except for SR Model 3 that will keep the $35k price tag. The price increase is going out on Monday, March 18th, so if you were thinking about buying a Tesla and want to take advantage of the lower prices go ahead and order before Monday!

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From issue #50

Upgrade your SR to SR+ for $2,000

I believe we’ve shared this in the past, but since is one of these obscure things that you only know if someone tells you, here it is again. If you own a Model 3 SR you can upgrade it to SR+ by paying $2,000. To do that you need to create a service request, select software, and say in the description that you would like to upgrade. In a couple of days, Tesla will reach out to you and finalize the transaction.

From issue #160

US Sales 2018 Q1: Model 3 vs. BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz

The Model 3 has already surpassed the Audi A4 in sales.

U.S. Sales, 2018 Q1

  • Audi A4 (includes S4): 7,906
  • BMW 3-series (sedan, wagon, GT, M3): 13,651
  • Mercedes-Benz C-Class (sedan, coupe, convertible, AMG Cxx): 13,350
  • Tesla Model 3: 8,180

If Tesla achieves their production goal for Q2 they would be at the top of the list.

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From issue #2

Want a Model 3 this year? Order before Dec 8th

If you are in the continental US, order before Dec 8th to get your Tesla this year and also the $1,875 federal credit. Use our referral code for 1,000 free Supercharging miles

From issue #88

You can now register your Tesla directly in Texas

It was about time. I was expecting some changes since Tesla moved their HQ to Texas and opened Giga Texas. Now, Teslas purchased in the state of Texas can pay sales tax and fees directly to Tesla, instead of having to do it yourself and pay the sales tax to the state directly. This is just a step to reduce friction when buying a Tesla in Texas.

From issue #292