Combined charging system

Past Tesletter articles

CCS charger in European Model 3

We have talked about this for weeks, here is the first real image of the CCS port on a European Model 3.

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From issue #43

First CCS Supercharger in Norway

In Homestrand (Norway), 4 of 16 stalls have now dual chargers. First M3’s are expected in February.

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From issue #41

Tesla Model 3 charging at 125-126kw on a 175kw charger

The new CCS superchargers are fast, look the graph of this Model 3 in FastNed (Netherlands).

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From issue #46

Tesla Model S Takes 135 kW using CCS combo 2 adapter

A Tesla owner from the Netherlands tried his Model S 100D (not Raven) after the car was retrofitted with hardware for CCS and got to a stable 135kW. This is great news since it increases the number of fast charging locations that Tesla’s can use in Europe (the CCS connector is the default connector for EVs there).

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From issue #67

Tesla launches CCS adapter for Model S and X in Europe

All Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles produced after May 1st, 2019 have the technical capability to charge at CCS Combo 2 charging sites with the use of a CCS Combo 2 adapter. Tesla also confirmed that they will start offering retrofits for older Model S and X soon ($500). This is good news if you own a Model S or X and the Supercharger network isn’t great in your area. If you can do all your charging on the road using the Supercharger network tho, it doesn’t seem to me like you need to purchase since all Superchargers have the «Tesla connector».

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From issue #59

Tesla to open up CCS fast charging for European Model 3, Model S and Model X

Awesome news for future Tesla owners in Europe! Tesla is embracing the standard which enables Teslas to use other networks in Europe without special adapters.

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From issue #34