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Contest Alert: Win a Chrome Delete Kit

We’re beyond thrilled to be partnering with Tesla Bros for this contest. We’re giving away a Chrome Delete Kit for your Model 3, check out our pinned tweet to participate!

We’ll announce the winner next Wednesday, good luck everyone!

From issue #71

DIY Chrome delete for your Model 3

For $80 with 3M 1080 Satin Black Vinyl.

From issue #34

Teslabros Premium Chrome Delete Kit

Thinking in applying Chrome Delete to your Model 3? Teslabros’ DIY Chrome Delete Kit is high-quality premium vinyl, easy to apply, and honestly, it looks amazing. I just wish it’d be available for the Model S. Want to see more? Check out MotherFrunker’s YouTube review.


From issue #85

[DIY] Chrome delete Tesla Model 3 (easy vinyl wrap)

If you are thinking about doing your own chrome delete for your M3 you can see how to do it here.

From issue #62