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As proud Tesla owners and fans, at Tesletter we’ve designed some cool t-shirts to go with our car. Our most popular designs inlcude ‘My car updates’, ‘Tesla, not a horse’, ‘Solar powered’, and ‘The future is electric’.

Check out all of our designs at Tesletter’s online t-shirt shop: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/tesletter

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Tesla Tour 2019 T-shirt by Tesletter

December 6, 2019

We've designed a t-shirt with all the new features and awesomeness released by Tesla in 2019. Expected shipment end of January 2020. We hope you like it!

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Giveaway Alert: 'The future is electric/now' new t-shirt

We’re introducing a new t-shirt. If it sounds familiar, that’s because it’s a variant of the existing ‘The future is electric’, with a back that says ‘The future is now’. We hope you like it and if you do, you can enter our next giveaway to win one. Check out pinned tweet to participate. We’ll announce the winners next Wednesday. Good luck!

From issue #82

Giveaway Alert: Win a 'My car updates' t-shirt

Who doesn’t love the fact that their car gets software updates? Share it with the world thanks to our best-selling t-shirt which turns out to be a great conversation starter! We’re giving away 2 ‘My car updates’ t-shirt to 2 lucky winners, this week. Check out pinned tweet to participate, and good luck!

From issue #121

Last week to get our ‘Tesla on Tour 2019’ t-shirt!

This is the last week to get our ‘Tesla on Tour 2019’ t-shirt showcasing all the awesomeness released by Tesla in 2019. We ship worldwide :)

Grab your ‘Tesla on Tour t-shirt 2019’ here

From issue #93

My car runs on ☀️, new t-shirt design

“My car updates” keeps on being our best selling t-shirt (and one of our favorites), but that doesn’t mean we don’t keep coming up with new ideas. Today, we present you our latest addition to the family: “My car runs on ☀️”.

Tell us what you think on Twitter and check out this and other designs on our Spreadshirt Shop.

PS. Thanks TeslaRaj for not only purchasing a bunch of them, but also rocking them at your videos so often!

From issue #73

Not a horse, new t-shirt design

“Tesla (not a horse)” is a design that we introduced a while back but that we had to stop offering since we ran into some problems to print it. Today we’re making available a new design using the same concept, enjoy!

See more: Tesletter’s Spreadshirt online shop

From issue #75

Plaid Mode Tee

Tesla released a new Plaid Model t-shirt on their store, get yours while they are still in stock!

Go to Tesla shop: Men’s tee | Women’s tee

From issue #83

Say it with a t-shirt

Check out our new tee, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

I want this!

From issue #97

Tesla on Tour 2019 t-shirt

A couple of weeks ago we shared with all of you a t-shirt we’ve designed for the end of the year. You still have time to grab one, and we’ve made two changes:

  • We’re happy to share that it can be shipped anywhere in the world
  • We’ve changed the design a bit to align it with the style of the Tesla Owners clubs (thank you, William!)

Grab your ‘Tesla on Tour t-shirt 2019’ here

From issue #91

Tesla on Tour 2019 T-shirt

We’ve designed a t-shirt with all the new features and awesomeness released by Tesla in 2019. It’s going to be available till mid-January, get yours now! We hope you like it :)

Read more: Tesletter

From issue #89

Tesla on Tour 2019 t-shirt, design finished

Now that 2019 is over, we’ve finalized the design of our ‘Tesla on Tour 2019’ t-shirt. It’ll be available for purchase until mid-January, grab yours before it’s too late.

Happy New Year, wishing you all a terrific 2020!

Grab your ‘Tesla on Tour t-shirt 2019’ here

From issue #92

Tesletter merchandising

We’ve started a new venture selling t-shirts that, as Tesla fans, we’d love to wear. If you like them and want to support the Tesletter, please consider purchasing one :)

Below are a couple of designs we’re introducing this week.

From issue #56

Tesletter merchandising is here!

We got inspired and started a t-shirt shop to share our love about Tesla with our designs. Hope you like them and enjoy wearing them as much as we do.

If you like them, help us spreading the word and tweeting your favorite design!

Visit Tesletter’s Teespring shop

From issue #55

Your car just got updated

Treat yourself with this t-shirt 😁

From issue #79