Holiday gift ideas for Tesla owners

Holiday gift ideas for Tesla owners

The holiday season has started and if you’ve landed here, I’m guessing you’re looking for a gift or two. Most likely a gift for a Tesla owner. If that’s the case, we got you covered, keep reading.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite gadgets, apparel items, and all sorts of different fun gifts for Tesla owners and fans.

In addition, some of our favorite brands are offering exclusive holiday discounts to our readers, don’t miss them!

Best gift ideas for Tesla owners

Here’s my selection, I hope you like it!

'My car updates' t-shirt

Not a coincidence that this is our best selling t-shirt. It comes in men’s and women’s cut and lots of colors.

I want this!

'Tesla on Tour 2019' t-shirt

We designed a t-shirt to showcase all the features and awesomeness released by Tesla in 2019.

I want this!

'Tesla Parking Only' sign

Because fun cars deserve fun accessories. This is certainly a crowd pleaser.

I want this!

Tesla coffee mug

This is a favorite for sure. My coffee already tastes better.

I want this!

Personalized tumbler

We just got ours and are loving them. You can customize both sides!

I want this!

Smartphone Supercharger

For the romantics who *need* a Supercharger at home.

I want this!

3D illusion LED lamp

This is a very cool and artistic lamp designed by Evannex. It comes in one of these two renders: the Tesla “T” or a 3D representation of a Model 3.

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Model 3 exclusive prints

We love love love @MinimalDuck's shots. These are sold by Teslarati and would be perfect to decorate any Tesla Model 3 owner office.

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Personalized plate frame

Any excuse is good to get a personalized plate frame. These are engraved, of good quality, and turnaround times are fast.

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Exclusive discounts in Tesla accessories

The best wraps you will find for your dashboard, console, chrome delete, you name it. Great quality products and excellent customer service.

Get 15% off at Teslabros

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Tesmanian's all-weather mats and soft cooler are two great accessories for anyone’s Model 3.
Check them out!

Get 10% off at Tesmanian

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If you've finally decided it's time for a power frunk/trunk, Hansshow has you covered. This can be a great DIY project or you can have one of their installers to help you. Easy peasy.
Available for Model 3/ Model S/ Model X.

Get 15% off at Hansshow

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Because we 💚 Tesla

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