Get your Tesla ready for the winter

Get your Tesla ready for the winter

When it comes to preparing your car for the winter, Teslas have some specificities that you should know about. Batteries are less efficient in cold temperatures, which can temporary reduce the range of your car. In cold weather, batteries can’t charge quickly, so regen braking is reduced. If this is your first winter with a Tesla, we’ve collected a few useful tips and tricks for you to survive the cold weather.


This is an obvious one and if you live in a place with really cold weather, you don’t only want all-weather tires but winter tires. If you are a Model 3 owner, back in September, we shared a really great comparison table of Model 3 compatible tires created by u/twinbee. Check out the winter section:

Driving and brakes

Set ‘Driving’ to chill mode. To avoid burning those winter tires that you just got.

Unless you got the one-pedal driving with the software update 2019.36, you may want to set regen to low. You do want to use your brakes.

Brake service is also a good idea to prevent future corrosion and brakes from getting jammed.

Preheating the interior and warming up the battery

When possible, use ‘Scheduled departure’, a new feature introduced in November 2019 and available to all Tesla cars. ‘Scheduled departure’ allows you to program your car to be ready when you need it. It will both warm up the batteries to ensure consistent regenerative braking and performance as well as it will start the climate control so the cabin is comfortable at the chosen departure time. We recently wrote a blog post about it, you can read more about how to use Tesla Scheduled Departure here.

Even if you preheat your car, pay special attention to the bottom of the side windows to ensure they can move before you touch the door handle.

Always be charging when you have the chance to do so. Preheat while charging to avoid using battery power for that purpose.

If not possible, or while driving, use the seat heaters instead of the cabin heater to consume battery capacity. If, in addition, you turn range mode on, this will limit the heat to the cabin and battery pack.


Don’t auto fold mirrors, they can freeze and get stuck folded.

Autopilot front cameras defrost

The front cameras of Autopilot have their own defrost, if you see snow in that area, get them checked.

Image source: u/canucknerd on Reddit

Create a ‘winter’ profile in your Tesla

Creating a ‘winter’ profile with all these settings will make it easier to swich and save yourself some time. Thank you @TeslaMilton for this tip! Check out his video ‘Model 3 Winter Driver Profile Setup’ for more details on how to set a ‘winter’ profile and what settings to enable/disable.

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