Holiday gift ideas for Tesla owners (2020 Edition)

Holiday gift ideas for Tesla owners (2020 Edition)

One more year, we’ve gone through our favorite list of gadgets, apparel items, and all sorts of fun items, and have put together this holiday gift guide for Tesla owners and fans.

Some of the brands that we love are also offering discounts during the holidays, check them below.

I hope you like our ideas for the Tesla lover in your life!

Best gift ideas for Tesla owners

Here’s my selection, I hope you like it!

Elon Musk: A Kid's Book About Inventions

What happens when a children’s book author gets a Tesla 😊 She couldn't find a children's book about Elon Musk that she liked, so she wrote one!

I want this!

The Adventures of Starman Comic Collection

By purchasing these comics you will be supporting a small business that it’s all about inspiring children and adults to dream about a better future.

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Zero emissions masks
(what a year!)

100% cotton face mask for the mouth and nose. Designed to be comfortable, breathable, moisture-wicking, and fast-drying.

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Tesla parking only wooden sign

Fun cars deserve fun accessories. Engraved on a PureBond Maple Plywood.

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Tesla logo wooden sign

Very popular amongst Tesla owners and fans. Handcrafted, it'll look amazing in your garage or office.

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Licence plate reindeer kit

Make your Tesla look festive with Living Tesla’s license plate reindeer kit by LivingTesla.

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Teslaring rings and bracelets

Handcrafted key rings and bracelets for Tesla. Super convenient. Get 10% with the code ‘teslaringtesletter’.

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“My car updates” t-shirt

This is our best-selling t-shirt. Everyone agrees it makes a great conversation starter.

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Personalized plate frame

Personalize this engraved plate frame. Great quality and fast turnaround times.

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Supercharger phone charger

Fun office accessory to never run out of battery.

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Tesla water bottle

Stainless steel water bottle. 600mL / 20oz of liquid. BPA free. And so sleek!

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Tesla Model 3 print “Starlight”

We <3 @MinimalDuck's shots. Perfect to decorate a Tesla owner's office.

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The best wraps you will find for your dashboard, console, chrome delete, you name it. And a brand new line of biodegradable and eco conscious car cleaning products.

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Tesmanian's Tesla accessories for all models offer comfort and convenience for you and your passengers while protecting your upholstery from spills, wear and tear.

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