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3D Maxpider Model 3/S/X/ all-weather floor mats

Model 3 owners who don’t have rear floor mats yet, new Model 3/S/X owners without floor mats, here’s something for you. Get one of the best all-weather floor mats in the market at a discounted price, sold individually or by parts (rear, front, row 1, row 2). We haven’t tried them ourselves but people that we trust have only good things to say about them.

The Model Y version is coming very soon, stay tuned!

Get the discounted 3D Maxpider floor mats now


From issue #112

Giveaway Alert: Tesmanian Model 3 floor mats

You probably remember a video that we featured a couple of weeks ago in which TeslaRaj poured 5 gallons of water into his trunk to test some new mats. If you’re new to Tesletter, or just want to watch it again, here is the video. After watching this video (and many others), we decided to reach out to Vincent, and he agreed on sponsoring this week’s giveaway (thanks Vincent 🙏). If you are in the market for new all-weather interior mats, especially now that rain/snow is coming, check out the floor mats by Tesmanian.

As usual, check out our pinned tweet to participate. And good luck!

From issue #80

Tesla all-weather mats for Model S at half the price

We recently bought these set of mats for the trunk and we’re so happy with the purchase. They seem to come directly from Weathertech (the company that manufactures them for Tesla) and they cost only $135 (they cost $200 if you buy them on the Tesla website). As you can see they look legit and they fit perfectly. If you are in the market for some all-weather mats now that winter is coming, these are great ones.

From issue #28

TeslaRaj pours 5 galons of water in his trunk

Even if you aren’t looking for new mats, don’t miss out on watching how TeslaRaj pours five galons of water in his trunk 🤣 These mats by Teslamian are designed by Vincent and seem like a good option if you are in the market for all-weather floor mats.

Thanks Raj for rocking our My Car Updates t-shirt.

From issue #78

Tesmanian all-weather floor mats and interior liners (10% off)

Winter is here and with winter rain and snow, protect your Model 3 with these great all-wether floor mats. Tesmanian’s all-weather mats are custom-designed for Tesla Model 3, made of premium materials, and very, very resistant. If you have doubts and still haven’t seen TeslaRaj’s video pouring 5 gallons of water in his trunk, check it out.

To top it off, you can get 10% off with the code TESLETTER at checkout.


From issue #92